Would you be here if you had one?

For the past couple years I’ve been told how I’m a bad person, horrible parent, and just a waste of space pretty much. I had it so engraved in my head that they were right and everyone around me deserved better. And then the dad of my son, yes his father, called me a fucking idiot.....and I just agreed. But no, I am not a fucking idiot and the fact that a father could say that about his sons mother who works her ass off and does everything for her son, well that’s not right. And that made me lose all respect for him and it will never come back most likely. Sucks cause we have a child together but if he said that behind my back who knows what else he’s said. Little does he know that I’ve never called him a bad name ever. No matter how mad I got, that’s not an excuse. He was the father of my son, the man I respected and trusted and knew would be a good dad. But now he’s just my sons father and that’s it. I get now how he can be happy with her, they’re more alike then I thought. Best wishes to them. I’m happy and it involves neither of them in my life and it never will. I’m finally happy and realizing I am the better person. And I do deserve a god dam apology but it’s the past and I don’t care anymore honestly. I have my son and he’s my everything. I’ve had more time with him then anyone has and they’ll realize that someday but I know I won’t have any regrets. I also have a new guy in my life who is also a single parent. It’s nice. Maybe it’ll work out maybe it won’t but I’m happy and he makes me laugh like no one has ever made me laugh before. It’s an amazing feeling. And he’s very physical which to me is exciting cause I shyed away from that for a long time but I’m ready to get it back on! My life is happy and exciting and just amazing. I’m so blessed with what I have and I wouldn’t change it for the world. So thank you to everyone who doubted me or called me names to my face or behind my back because you are the ones who made me truly realize I am better than you ever will be. Might sound like a bitch right now but it’s true. I was nice to every one of you for way to long, time to stand up for myself. So enjoy your lives hating on others and finding joy in their misery or blaming them for their own misery because it’s you that i actually feel pity for. Time to go and enjoy this thing called life :).

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Nikki, Guardian of Wild Parties,

Congrats to you. You deserve happiness for yourself.

Taylor, Merchant of the Wildlands,

Thank you!!!