Would you be here if you had one?

Take them to a store everyday for a week and just stand off in a corner with them. Let 'em see what happens to the sales associates. Some of those associates are older - others are young and the kids might identify with that. Tell them: This is what happens if you don't do well in school.

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Peyton, Shepherd of Imagination,

A part of me knows where you're coming from. You want to teach them a lesson. At the same time, those people that work as sales associates could be unemployed, lazy asses and contribute to the reason why our economy is so fucked up, (I just love seeing all the young people in line outside the DES office on my way to work) but they're not. They get up and work these jobs for shitty pay to get treated like shit by shitty people. I would never belittle anyone who was trying to make an honest living even if they're older and work as sales associates. I respect that they choose to work rather than pan handle or steal. My kids have asked me why people are homeless and my response is that some people don't have the same opportunities to get an education and then there are others who did, but just wanted to be lazy. I DO say "If you want to be lazy, you might end up homeless, because lazy people never accomplish anything in life and you're not living in my house if you want to be a lazy adult."

Adrian, Guardian of the Rich,

I don't know what you're trying to say - as a person who works in retail I wish I could bring kids to my job so they could see and hear how I'm spoken to.