Would you be here if you had one?

In a video I saw an Antifa protester wearing a Guy Fawkes Mask. This particular protest I saw was peaceful, no rioting or violence. That is commendable. However that Antifa protester should not have been wearing that mask making people think he was part of Anonymous or representing Anonymous. Anonymous has a very loose membership, there is no database of members or sheet of paper to sign. However, if one is part of Anonymous but then joins with Antifa, they automatically sever their membership with Anonymous, wearing the mask does not make them a member of Anonymous. We would ask that Antifa protestors to not wear the Guy Fawkes mask or make people think they are part of Anonymous.

We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are the true resistance. Divided by zero, united as one. All political leaders, military people, and police officers fighting and working for a better America are on our side. If they fight for freedom, our Constitution, and the protection of our nation, then they are also part of Anonymous even if they do not always recognize it.

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Richard, Musician of the Forgotten Lands,

I have a thought that Donald Trump is a member of Anonymous by default. We in Anonymous have varying political and religious beliefs, but the things Donald Trump works for makes me think he stands up for the ideals of Anonymous. The only thing that would make me take a second thought of that is if he is not genuine, but so far it seems he very much is the real deal. He is the spearhead of the TRUE RESISTANCE.