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Okay so recently i meet with my sister who lives in another state and was just talking. She then brings up a old friend from the past, nothing romantic on my end but i knew this kid when i was like 13. Back then he had this huge crush on me and even admitted he fell in love with me. But hey we were just kids at this age. Anyways , She comes to tell me like a year ago he asked about me and how i was doing , also if i was still in a relationship. Mind you at that time me and my sister weren't on good terms, so we weren't talking So she tells him i'm doing fine and all. But when she told me about this i ended up looking him on social media and seen he is actually doing pretty good with making his music and actually really cute ! Since then i cant stop thinking about re-connecting with him , you know to see how he is doing . But i know that my boyfriend who i have been in a relationship with for about 3 years in a half would have a issue with that . Side note: my boyfriend isn't the type to like me having any " guy friends" .Anyways, for the last couple of days my old friends has appeared in my dreams and you know we did " stuff " . But now i kinda feel guilty for even thinking of him that way while being in a relationship. And deep down i just feel like i just wanna know what it would feel like to be with someone else. And honestly guys its not that i am in a bad relationship like things are good between me and my boyfriend but i just don't know what to feel / think ? need some feedback !

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Ari, Architect of the IT department,

Don't leave Mr. Right for Mr. Right now. If you're in a good relationship, the thrill of something new isn't worth losing, a good man never goes out of style...thrilling new sex eventually turns into boring routine too, then you'll be stuck regretting it. If you're bored with your boyfriend, try something new or exciting. Change up the technique, not the boyfriend :)

Cosmo, Paladin of the IT department,

I think you’re just human . But if you do decide to explore your options definitely end it with your bf .

Ari, Counselor of Imagination,

You should re-connect, and see what his cock feels like in your mouth.

Charlie, Counselor of the Satisfied,

No, it is normal to have sexual thoughts and dreams. If one chooses a monogamous relationship the issue may be more of being drawn to actually desire to be with someone else on the side as opposed to thoughts and dreams.