Would you be here if you had one?

My answer is in most circumstances, NO. However one circumstance where I am willing to kill others is to defend this nation. IF Antifa is stupid enough to try an armed revolt I am willing to shoot at them. I have prayed that Antifa's efforts on Nov 4 translates into just protests and even a little rioting that can easily be dealt with by riot police. For the safety of their own lives I pray they do not attempt an armed revolt. I don't want to ever have to fire a weapon at another human being, but I will do so to defend this nation, whether the enemies are foreign or DOMESTIC. I hope I am making myself perfectly clear.

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Aubrey, Keeper of the Lonely,

This has to do with a mass murderer. Joseph Testa was insanely psychotic. Killing to prevent people from taking your nation and freedom is completely different. Now it is true that the elites at the top have whipped up and brainwashed Antifa members to their current course of action. Then therefore if us patriotic citizens end up shooting any Antifa members attempting a revolt, their blood is on the hands of these elites. These elites are psychotic monsters that make Joseph Testa look like a pretender be comparison.

Aubrey, Bard of the Poor,

Joseph Testa turned people into hamburger meat . you think 200 murders there where 300 no body no crime . The old Gemini Lounge in Flatlands, Brooklyn. Roy DeMeo's headquarters had a big meat grinder They loved chopping up neighborhood (( mooley ))scum .