Would you be here if you had one?

If Antifa starts an armed revolt in large numbers the police by themselves may not have the numbers to stop them. If the police are not enough, or they are ordered to stand down, then I would advocate for the National Guard to help out, and if necessary, armed patriots as a backup, and even just to defend themselves. Defending yourself against an armed Antifa revolt is a good way to thin their numbers at least. If the police are overwhelmed it would be good for them call for help from the National Guard rather than risk being wiped out or just being overrun by Antifa members. I had long thought I would fight Neo-Nazis with guns IF they revolted in large numbers or took over our country. They just don't have enough numbers to be a serious threat in that sense in spite of their desires. Concerning Antifa, even if they don't have enough to take control of the US, they are a bigger threat. If they only peacefully protest or even only riot and it is contained, I will personally just support efforts to contain them. If they break out in a mass armed revolt, and come near where I am at, then they are in seriously trouble from me personally, and that means me handling firearms if necessary.

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