Would you be here if you had one?

Mannequin from Scratch you can get a Onesie Bodysuit for Children then stuff it with pillows and shape it pillows and duct tape maybe go to thrift store pair of old pants and same thing stuff and sew then put on a long sleeve shirt stuff and sew -- then make the cast of the body with Plaster a Styrofoam head not hard to find . This is not hard but some of us really do LOVE children . and would hate to traumatize them (( so you call it )) Again, the motivation from U.S legislation is to protect young people from abuse. but A record number of child neglect cases are referred to authorities by children's charity the NSPCC. I at least will give a child a clean home clean clothes food and bath . Maybe not the kind of attention society likes but judging from the kiddy porn I've watched she would like it Tara I don't believe it "She disclosed that Huskey had been sexually abusing her for several years," However she literally walked up to him and said I want some cock - She wasn't traumatized until The Police showed up .

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