Would you be here if you had one?

Anonymous fights for freedom, Antifa fights to subjugate people in a communist dictatorship. Anonymous fights for national sovereignty and against a the New World Order, Antifa wants to abolish nation states in favor of world government. Anonymous favors peaceful protests, Antifa uses violence. The ideals of Anonymous and Antifa are polar opposites. Any Antifa members claiming to be part of Anonymous are fake Anonymous and are not welcome as long as they hold to the ideals of Antifa. Anonymous opposes real racism, real Nazism, and REAL fascism. Antifa opposes the fake versions of these. Antifa may have a lot of members, but Anonymous is legion. If Antifa is stupid enough to try an armed revolt many members of Anonymous will protest imminent danger with more aggressive forms of protest (that is at the point of a gun or knife). Antifa is a fake revolution unto slavery if they succeed. Anonymous represents the true revolution to protect our freedoms. People who stand up for the ideals of freedom are Anonymous. By that definition Donald Trump is Anonymous.

https : //[filtered hyperlink] . com/watch?v=IV-nrp3WsN8

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