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To Antifa, ALL Americans that believe that the US should be a sovereign nation, a believe in a free market economy, and even using free speech to say things they don't agree with, is Nazism and Racism. When they say they are anti-racist and anti-Nazi their being against (rightly) White Supremacist Nazi groups is just a SMALL part of what they are talking about, they are talking about all normal Americans. I saw a video where they were chanting "no more USA" at a protest. I would advovate that all Antifa members that commit crimes with rioting be thrown in jail, and GOD help them if they attempt an armed revolt, GOD HELP them, because if they attempt an armed revolt many of them will pass from this life into the next VERY fast as people defending the US can fire gun, and even truly fully automatic guns too. I am not sure they would deploy the gatling minigun in cities because of collateral damage, but if they caught revolutionary armies in open areas then they might use those kinds of guns. The gatling minigun has a wicked fast rate of fire with accuracy. If Antifa WANTED to be godly they would be protesting the globalist Illumanati powers that want to take away our nation. What they fail to realize is that electing Donald Trump is the spearhead of the TRUE REVOLUTION against the globalists and a major victory in the revolution that I AM PROUD to be a part of. I don't need to cover myself with a hood or hat and mask.

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Rook, Attendant of Time,

Nazis USED a free market economy, but a free market economy DOES NOT = NAZISM. If you believe that you are a fool. I am BOTH anti Nazi AND anti Communist. IF EITHER tried a violent revolt I would fight them, if EITHER won control of the White House I would fight and work to overthrow them. I would get my hands on the best military equipment I would. I would coordinate with friendly patriots. I hope I make myself understood. People that will take away our nation will not do so without great cost to themselves.

Rook, Attendant of Time,

I just found out Antifa wants to abolish GENDER. This is insanity. I tell you this, if they EVER gain control of some areas and attempt do physically and biologically remove gender from people by force, I will use my 2nd Amendment rights to protect those people or myself. If I hope for their sake Antifa members wise up and go back to verbal debates to try to get their ideas across. If they keep edging to more and more violence then people WILL defend themselves and their nation. I predict that even civilians using full auto weapons to put down an armed Antifa revolt will never be charged with gun crimes for possession and use of said weapons. Hopefully civilian gun owners and civilian militias will be a backup to the National Guard and possibly even regular army, but make no mistake, civilian patriots WILL back up the military wherever necessary.