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normal" behavior is what would have been considered shocking and dismaying only a few years ago. Americans are accepting a more liberal view of Child love . Ladies does size matter ? Stupid question right ? You have a choice 7 inches or 3 ? Now imagine what a 7 inch cock would look like to a 7 year old girl ? why are you depriving her of that ? As children are allowed to make sexually based decisions at younger and younger ages, we may be paving the way for widespread acceptance of pedophilia as a sexual orientation.and I am really excited about it. I can converse with a kid in public without worrying about being arrested . Queenpiggy Jenkins does Emma like Ice Cream ?

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Josh, Thief of the Homeless,

If you think you are free from the wrath of a righteous man you are wrong. Governments protect the weak parasaties like you with those laws. But what happens when your beloved government falls ?? All it takes is half a man to skull fuck you until you die, you subservient pig.

Dakota, Templar of the Forgotten Lands,

You’re a Sick peice of shit, I hope one day I can help rid the world of disgusting infestations likeyou.

Stevie, Soldier of the Irredeemably Moist,

I know you just being sarcastic, but 7 years old girl is just like unripe strawberry. Too sour or even bitter. 7 years old??! No breast, no curve, and most sadly no ass. How can you enjoy no ass ?!! I guess one who never truly experience what a great ass, a full and round early 20s tight teen ass, will ever know what heavens it brings. Have you seen those reef girls ass. Oh man..those are some asset. I used to date this one girl that competed in reef girls. She liked to tease me, she did all this reverse cow girl variation, oh man, holding out was just such a mental struggle. You want to look and grab hard on that ass, but you junior just won't cooperate. I sometime cheated by looking away and pinching my own ass. But oh man, that just gave my girl more fuel to tease my. "Slap my ass" then she would .....

Anyway. My point is, 7 years old girl, you need to wipe the ass. 20 years old girl, she herself will make sure the ass smell nice and be at its best condition for you to enjoy.

Josh, Sheriff of Wild Parties,

poster isn't being sarcastic. Promoting pedophilia for real

Rook, Peasant of Justice,

Kids become more aware of their sexuality at younger ages does not necessarily mean that adults should do sexual things with them. They should be taught what is healthy as their sexuality awakens.

Rook, Shepherd of Generosity,

That is too young.

But my 16yr old niece on the wife's side... she is so damn beautiful, and sexy, and so arousing.....

Stevie, Soldier of the Irredeemably Moist,

You dirty old man. Lucky you. I got no cute niece to adore.

Dakota, Paladin of the Unimaginable Terror,

One time she spent the night... next day I saw her tampon applicator in the bathroom trash... I stuck it in my mouth and sucked on it!

Just knowing it was in her tight teen pussy... mmmmmmmm

Josh, Thief of the Homeless,

pahahahahahahahahaha , you pathethic old frail man