Would you be here if you had one?

I heard that Antifa may be planning an armed revolt late Oct to early November. I heard that they plan to first attack police stations to neutralize local police. If that actually succeeds, and they don't get themselves shot or arrested in the attempt, then they will still have to get through the National Guard, armed Patriot groups, and regular citizens with guns and conceal carry, and in an extreme emergency the US Army with Posse Comitatus temporarily suspended. My advice is to make the protests in early Nov peaceful, and even with no rioting. I know with Antifa that is asking a lot. If an armed revolt is attempted then more Antifa blood will be unnecessarily spilled. Trump is not going anywhere. Antifa wants a full blown Bolshevik revolution it seems. Funny how Putin seems to be a greater American Patriot than many Americans. My advice to Antifa is they will save many of their own lives by not going through with any plans for an armed revolt.

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Peyton, Pope of Generosity,

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Stevie, Bard of Generosity,

Peyton, you are a sick fuck, make sure you don't find a preteen girl in a household with a dad (or mom) with some big guns, in a conflict like Antifa is planning, he wouldn't call the police, they would just shoot you. In those circumstances things people normally would call the police about, they would instead just start shooting, they would at least feel justified over it, so be warned.

I don't have a preteen daughter but during an uprising I will shoot anyone attempting to rape a child, and I am not joking or musing. This is hypothetical only if I never run into a rape or attempted rape during a revolt or if Antifa comes to their senses and doesn't try it. Come to think of it, where I live (Wisconsin) it is legal to shoot someone to prevent or stop a violent felony, NOT JUST to stop someone from killing you or someone else, and this is during normal domestic peacetime, not just some attempted revolt where it will be difficult to get a police fast response. During a revolt I will also shoot people attempting to take my car or house. I will help people asking, but an armed incursion will get you shot.

Stevie, Bard of Generosity,

The more I read on chances that Antifa might actually be stupid enough to try an armed revolt, the more I feel like arming myself, AR-15 style rifles, extra ammo, a sidearm would be a good start. I like ammo with a high muzzle velocity. A high velocity .22 round does a lot of damage for its small size when it hits.

We need to understand that while the 2nd Amendment is meant for hunting, target shooting and sports with guns, and personal defense against regular criminals, it was ALSO and probably primarily intended to defend our nation and freedoms on a larger scale. If Antifa does somehow win, say goodbye to your freedom of speech, religion, political affiliation, also your economic freedoms. If they somehow win the best policy is to immediately plan a new revolution to remove them from power. I would not expect this blog to survive if they won, or at least it would be heavily monitored and regulated. Any opinions they don't approve of would be deleted.

I am in Wisconsin. My advice to Antifa is to keep any attempts at an armed revolt out of Wisconsin, or we will holding a lot of extra funerals suddenly. There is no collusion and conspiracy between myself and funeral home directors to get more business, keep the armed revolt business out of my state.

The best strategy for Antifa members to have no casualties on their side is to not even try the armed revolt.

I just read they are calling to seize land. I do rent, but any attempts to take my apartment from me will get them shot. Any attempts to take homes of family members or friends who own homes in my area will get them shot as well. I don't own many guns at the moment but I have a friend with more than enough to share with me, some of which can do a lot of damage once the bullet leaves the barrel and hits a human body.

Stevie, Bard of Generosity,

As a first line of defense my prayer is the planned uprising turns into a bunch of peaceful protests instead. If it does play out like I heard they planned it, Antifa should plan to take a lot of casualties. This is a good reason for law-abiding citizens to be allowed to own guns and have conceal carry. A video I watched the other day mentions that in Federal Law there are two Militia Acts, one from the 1790s, the other from 1903, which basically says that all able-bodied men between certain ages are automatically part of the US Militia, to be called upon, activated, and trained in any national emergency.

Stevie, Bard of Generosity,

The LAW says to defend the US Constitution against ALL enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC. Antifa had BETTER take the seriously to save their own lives or freedom from prison.