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My best friend is a selfish person. It's almost that time of year again October, which in tell brings fun activities and days such as Halloween. Three years ago my friend and I had nothing to do on Halloween so we searched for ideas and end up finding this Halloween activity that is costly but we had both always wanted to do. At the time I wasn't working and had absolutely no money for it but she begged me to go, so what did I do? I put together all the money I could scrap together over a couple of days in order to pay for it. Well now that time has come where we planned on going to the event again, but this time she doesn't have the funds to pay for it, and she pretty much shuts down the convo about it or says she cant right now. How is that fair for me? When I didn't have the funds she begged me still and I did everything I could to go but when the shoe is on the other foot she says nope, she cant do it. She always does this, makes her life and problems so much more important than mine, and this is in all life situations with her. I would go with someone else but she's my only best friend ugh. I love our friendship but her constantly making herself the most important one and never taking into consideration my feelings doesn't feel good. I need to find more friends to balance out our relationship, so I'm less dependent on her, thus not getting hurt as much because I have other people to do those things with. Now the hard part is finding those people lol.

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Stevie, Archaeologist of the Homeless,

smart idea to find a wider circle of friends

Lisa, Guardian of Space,

If people can't love you. YOu love them. Your bff is your bff maybe not because of her/his selfishness