Would you be here if you had one?

I used to have the best of friends and now I have no one to confide in. I'm young and I'm sure life will bring many lows, but realizing you've lost relationships you once before held so dearly are gone, can't be anything but one of life's most depressing heartaches.

posted to life by Ari, Ship Master of the Satisfied (2 comments)

Brett, Knight of Space,

It is - but it's a pain that builds you in 2 ways. You will always know that you had something great. And you will know to take nothing for granted because everything ends.

Stevie, Magician of Space,

You remind me of my daughter whose full name isn't Ari but she's called that by her friends and my heart went out to you cuz she recently went through the same thing with loosing her best friend I did too at her young age as well it tore my heart apart till years later I had her when it was told to me I'd never be able to have any children the then I had another child 3 years later and later on he died the pain is always there but over time it gets better even though it never goes away completely. I do believe in God but have often said why why these things happen to us, and a preacher once quoted something from what I can't remember I don't go to church any more but all she said was Ours is not to wonder Why ours is but to do and die(or die) can't remember which is correct ,and I didn't know what to think or feel about that answer to this day loosing loved one and children is the worst pain you just have to hang in there keep going for I know my best friend would have wanted me to and yours too I'm sure sorry for your loss and my long response