Would you be here if you had one?

When getting older, one thinks about how their life should be. Being successful in their career, a well adjusted and tight knit family, maybe friends that would be there for them in their times of need. Whatever it is, it is what we thought life would be like. But then something called reality steps in. And when reality steps in, the vision is usually completely different from the actual. That successful career actual is a mediocre one, where you can be replaced at the whim of others far less skilled then you. The well adjusted and tight knit family turns out to have so many issues and are so distant that it would take days to reach one another. And the friends, well let's just say that most of them are fair weather. More like acquaintances. And when the going gets tough, they find fair weather elsewhere. Life as it should be differs completely from what it actually is. Some might call this a life lesson. Something to learn from and pass on in the form of wisdom. But the real thing here is that it's life. And as we get dealt our hands, they are just that, our hands. You can't count on anyone other then yourself to play that hand. Sometimes you get 4 aces and the world is just as you thought it would be. And sometimes you have 5 different cards of 4 different suits that don't make anything other then a losing situation. Just a thought tonight.

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