Would you be here if you had one?

Last night I got wine wasted with some work friends and well..let's just say when a bunch of girls drink wine together we tend to get extremely emotional. Being hangover on wine is not fun at all. My hangover only goes away whenever I get lots of rest or puke my guts out. Lucky for me, It was rest. I finally got up a little past noon to feed my dog, fish, and myself. I was really excited to eat my leftover kale caesar salad and a piece of jalapeno brisket pizza. I probably drank a gallon of water afterwards but hey, gotta stay hydrated right? I finally got out the house and decided to study for my exam next week. I decided to go to my favorite coffee shop across town. With my windows rolled down and crisp breezes through my hair I felt relaxed. The most relaxed I've been in awhile. I took my time cruising to my destination and thought about myself and how much I have changed. I've learned to let go of the past no matter what it is and not regret any of it. I wouldn't do anything differently. The past me would think the new me is faking it but I can honestly say I am content. I truly enjoy the simple things in life. I don't overthink things and mentally I feel that everything has a place and will run it's course. The trick is to stay calm. Even though I might sound like a fortune cookie, I feel that every word is exactly how I feel about life at this moment. Enjoy life.

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Halley, Warrior of the Satisfied,

This is awesome. Love it.