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I saw a YouTube video of these women protesting on the street. They said that Trump said that ALL Mexicans were rapists because he talked about illegals that committed some rapes. Trump was OBVIOUSLY NOT TALKING ABOUT ALL MEXICANS. One stupid woman also said that ALL WHITE MALES were evil JUST BECAUSE they were white males. This woman has been brainwashed.

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Peyton, Farmer of the Satisfied,

Peyton, Farmer of the Satisfied,

ALL WHITE MALES are racist. It is a mindset that every white person, especially the males, are born up learning. White people are never warned about their place in the world. They are never warned about why another race might treat or look at us different. We are taught as minorities to watch out for the white man. On the other side of the fence, white people aren't taught where their place in the world is, they just live it. White people go through their life never experiencing actual racism. You all never have to think twice about why the store clerk keeps popping up at every aisle. You all never have to wonder why the cop is harassing you when you literally weren't doing anything. Those are actual experiences that minorities face growing up and have to get answers to. But when your parents say something along the lines of, "It's because you're skin color." or "well some people just don't like us because of our skin color." or "be quite. we're out here with these white folks. don't start acting out and scaring them." We are taught to not scare the innocent and fragile white man. We are taught to not offend or get in their way. And it may not be ALL, literally, but it is 99.99% of white people. It isn't being brainwashed, it's being aware of what is really going on in this country. Don't be that white person who chooses to ignore reality. I know some whites truly don't know how the other side lives. They aren't exposed to it. Just what they see on the news. But there are others who's eyes have been opened, yet they still choose to fight the truth. They fight it because as soon as they admit our oppression they are also admitting the part they play in it. Admitting to the white privilege they receive.

Adrian, Sous Chef of Time,

See That's why I watch the Gymnastics videos or the little girls dancing . Not just because of sexual desire yes that's part of but Babyteeth4 channel kinda silly but its much better than watching those protest check out Cayleigh Caldwell channel she's sweet . I won't subscribe to them but I'd love to see jillian and especially addie dance in the panties I'd send her money on that

Peyton, Farmer of the Satisfied,

You're a pervert if you are sexually attracted to little girls dancing. Please find Jesus in your heart and change for the better.