Would you be here if you had one?

Honestly my life is not the best I wish I knew a way out and way I wouldn't hurt anyone a life that joy was number one were love is endless and money wasn't important where I could breath and feel relaxed pain is not physical but mentally life is hard but why

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Nadine, Handmaid of the Wildlands,

love is already endless and money is not really important. Jesus already defeated sin that was caused by a man. We can be with satisfaction for we already have the way to God (read John 14:6)

Frankie, Musician of the Irredeemably Moist,

money is a bish. it ruins everyone, and love is false hope, lmao I think I just made things worse.

Frankie, Summoner of Generosity,


Frankie, Summoner of Generosity,

Because Eve went and ate that damn apple now we're all fucked. Keep your head up though. There is no way out. We must deal with what we have. Find the best out of nothing. Things seem like they will never get easier but it'll only be as easy as you let it.