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I am not sexually turned on by large women. If someone is only slight above average I am or can be, but if someone is way overweight I am not. I am nice to everyone. I will be friends with women I am not turned on by, but if some women are mean I will avoid them. If large women THINK that they are entitled to have me be turned on by them, which I am beginning to understand is true of SOME, then it just can't be forced, and it won't cause me to suddenly feel attracted to them. I am attracted to a wide range of women but certain more extreme things turn me off, such as being very large. Being unhealthy turns me off in general. If a woman is addicted to drugs, that also turns me off very fast, even if she is in a shape that normally attracts me. I am on a low carb diet and am rapidly losing weight myself, even though I don't do much exercise. I would encourage larger people to reach a healthy weight.

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Blaine, Chef of the Poor,

While God does want us to be healthy (e.g. Proverbs 25.16: 'Hast thou found honey? eat so much as is sufficient for thee, lest thou be filled therewith, and vomit it.'), God doesn't judge by external appearances. 1 Samuel 16.7: '...The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”' God also made us to have differences and different sizes. As one Christian author/prophet noted: 'The Lord has given me a view of other worlds. Wings were given me, and an angel attended me from the city to a place that was bright and glorious. The grass of the place was living green, and the birds there warbled a sweet song. The inhabitants of the place were of all sizes; they were noble, majestic, and lovely...' (Ellen White, Early Writings, pp. 39, 40). Note that the inhabitants of these other worlds were not all the same size, God creates diversity. The Bible also clearly condemns fornication. 1 Corinthians 6: '9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, 10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.'

Stevie, Administrator of Space,

I don't believe in other worlds populated by humans. Just heaven and hell. Spiritual entities dwell in other DIMENSIONS, but not on other planets. No one in heaven is overweight.

Ellen White, I don't take her writings seriously. Some parts contradict scripture, therefore are not divinely inspired.

Elaine, CEO of Musclebeasts,

Ok you try to say that while God DOES want is to be healthy (implying that health isn't everything) then you quote a Proverb that indicates that one should not overeat? What is your point there? The Lord does not judge people by appearance in regard to salvation or righteousness. That IS true. My post is about who I am attracted to, not HOW God judges people or what HE judges them on. In the Resurrection I strongly believe EVERYONE will be at a PERFECT weight and size for their height. It would be a healthy weight by the medical charts.

The fact that God does not judge be appearance does NOT mean He REQUIRES ME to suddenly become attracted to larger women than what I am wired to be attracted to. How God judges people and what I AM ATTRACTED TO are like apples and oranges as far as I am concerned. I will admire very large woman with faith and a godly life, but it does mean I would never want to go to bed with her unless she lost some weight. I do not feel one bit of guilt over my attitude. As long as I also note and encourage good qualities in larger women, I don't feel guilty about not being sexually attracted to them. If my lack of attraction makes me not notice good qualities in them, THEN it is something I need to correct.

Fornication is not unmarried sex. The Greek and context of the bible does not bear this out. Fornication or lust is not sexual attraction. Fornication is the list of sexual sins in the Old Testament. It includes adultery (the taking of another mans WIFE), incest, bestiality, male homosexuality, and temple prostitution. Unmarried sex is absent from the list of sexual sins in the Old Testament. The fact that the modern English dictionary calls fornication unmarried sex means nothing to me. We need to define words in the bible by the bible itself, with context and ancient cultural contexts, not modern dictionaries. Temple prostitution is actually I BIG deal as a sin. Not just well I am paying this chick and screwing her in an unmarried state that is sorta a little worse because it is in a pagan temple, but the fact that it is in a pagan temple is a HUGE deal to God that brings quick wrath without repentance. Here is WHY...this is the ancient biblical narrative: Often the ancients believed that when you went with a temple prostitute it was believed you were having sex with a god or goddess through the prostitute as a proxy. This I believe is WHY the temple prostitution made God really angry. It gets worse...I read that sometimes the ancients used temple prostitution to celebrate a little incident from Genesis 6, where the sons of God saw the daughters of men (or in Hebrew, daughters of ADAM) and took them as wives, and bore children, the Nephilim or giants of old, often cannibals, often with 6 fingers and 6 toes). Even though these sons of God took human women as WIVES, the book of Jude still calls it FORNICATION. They were MARRIED but still committed FORNICATION. I think of all the sexual sins, this is the WORST. The angels are not supposed to have sexual relations with humans ever. It is an abomination to God. Let me put this way, this sin is so bad that presence of the Nephilim on the earth is a major reason for the flood of Noah. I also believe the angels mixed up the animals too to turn them into hybrids. After the flood the hybrid angel/people re-occurred and took up residence in Canaan as Canaanite tribes. Joshua and Caleb (who as great and godly man, had TWO concubines - girlfriends by modern understanding) were told to wipe out all the tribes of giants, men, women, children, soldiers, civilians, animals, no mercy, wipe them all out by a COMMAND of God, but with human tribes they fought, it was to be a military victory only and then they were to mercy on the civilian population. The Nephilim were never intended to exist so it makes sense God wanted them wiped out.

God may well have intended for us to have different body types and sizes, but I have a really HARD time imagining God intends for a morbidly obese person to be so. That is often due to our Western diet of eating way too many carbs. What the USDA tells us is a healthy amount of carbs is way too many in reality. The food pyramid and the current food plate is a joke. Both charts are right in telling us to eat enough fruits and vegetables, but the carb portions are way too many for what pertains to real health and a healthy weight.

Stevie, Administrator of Space,

correction, you are implying God wants US to be healthy....

Stevie, Administrator of Space,

My bedding or desiring to bed only women at or below a certain size is MY lifestyle choice, you may interpret that has my putting large women down, but it is a wrong interpretation. We all have imperfections. We all should be willing to learn, grow and improve, to overcome problems and obstacles. This is a biblical worldview that I have.

Eileen, Attendant of the Wildlands,

It's MANY PEOPLE's lifestyle choice. The majority of males, no surprise, a common and easily predictable situation.

I can learn, grow, improve, overcome problems and obstacles without losing a pound.

Calling it biblical doesn't change the value of this post and the others like it.

Noone's trying to steal your admiration - not even possible. Narrating the story in that sense is just a ploy to cast fat women as some kind of unreasonable bad guy while you white hat your weight loss and your "healthy" ways.

Charlie, Garçon of the Wicked,

Well well well well, it seems that most men are naturally wired to be turned on by more fit women. You seem to assign a negative value to how I seem to be naturally wired to be. This is not fair. I do not accept your negative judgement of me based on that. I don't cast fat women as the bad guy in general. Many desire to lose weight but may not know or believe that a low carb diet will help them. I do cast fat women that think that all men should want sex with them and that if a man doesn't want sex with them, there is something wrong with that, as the bad guy. I do cast fat women that discourage others from losing weight as the bad guy.

I will never ever screw a woman that is above a weight that I find attractive. Nothing will ever change that. Statistically being too big does cause health problems. So in regard to health it is better to be closer to your ideal weight. MEDICAL EXPERTS have charts of healthy weight ranges at various heights. Do you think that is fiction, or based on real world research and study?

I have concluded the only reason it is possible for people to get too fat is because of mankind's fall into sin. Had Adam and Eve never taken that fruit, we would all be perpetually in perfect shape and health. In the next world all believers that were big now will be in perfect shape, even more perfect than fit people now. People's resurrection bodies will never be too fat, it won't be possible even if you tried to get fat.

If we were originally wired to be attracted to people as God originally intended people to be, then it makes sense that we are genetically programmed to be turned on be more fit people at a base rate. Granted that since then, various factors can change some of that, even out of God's mercy, people might be attracted to each other in spite of not being exactly ideal anymore.

Eileen, Attendant of the Wildlands,

No, I do NOT assign a negative value to your natural wiring.
My claim is that this post pretends to be about health when the main purpose seems to be to put down fat women. This post is part of people's need to have a whipping boy - esp one not likely to be well defended.

Stevie, Administrator of Space,

When I hear news stories of someone that hit a 900 pounds and had to have a wall removed so that crews can get them to the hospital, then I react with laughter at first, but then pity and prayer that first they are brought out of immediate danger, but then get the help they get their lifestyle together so they can be healthier long term

It is far easier for me to accept a big person and to treat them with respect vs. accepting that I myself had gotten bigger a while ago and am now taking steps to take the extra fat off with my low carb diet. I really wasn't more than say, 50-60 pounds above my ideal weight, but for me that is too much and something I felt a need to accept only temporarily until I found ways to fix the proble,

Stevie, Administrator of Space,

Weight has a LOT to do with health. I agree a lot of health risks are degrees. Bigger may not mean you automatically increase your chances of certain diseases, just MORE likely. Some big people may live to be 95 with no diseases, and some thinner people may die at 60, but it is statistically better to be more in shape ESPECIALLY as people get older. Me not being sexually attracted to big women is NOT putting them down. It is just how I feel. I will not apologize for that. It is not meant to put people down. If people interpret not wanting to get them in the sack as putting them down, then if I am not sexually attracted to men, is that putting them down? I am not turned on by animals or children either, is that putting them down? So Eileen, your accusations against me will NEVER make me change how I feel. Your guilt trips are useless. Today in a store I saw a few women that attracted me and a few did not. I was friendly to the larger women that I engaged in brief conversation, but my eyes were all over the ones in better shape. Since there is increasing data on how much easier low carb dies make losing weight, try it. You may need to work at it. I think some people are accepting unhealthy weights for themselves because everything they tried in the past doesn't work, so they give up. There may be some medical conditions and such, but all other things being equal, a low carb diet plus some exercise will go a long way. People should accept themselves as they lose weight in process, and also if they reach a certain weight and can't go below it, they then should accept that, but don't go accepting the higher end of a weight range for yourself just because you tried things that didn't work and gave up. Even if someone bottoms out at a lower weight but is a little larger, it is better for both health and at least many men being attracted to a woman. I think some chubby chaser men might like a woman 250 to 300 for instance, but a woman at 400-600 they might not like that. I bet there are guys like that out there. That chubby chaser men exist is no reason to stay larger on purpose if you are specifically warned by a doctor to lose some weight. All things being equal a low carb makes losing weight easier. Some may still need to work at it a little more than others, but whatever level of work you do is then more effective. By the way the food pyramid or the new food plate is useless as a guide. Throw it away from your mind. Fruits and vegetables they recommend, absolutely eat...meats and proteins, absolutely eat....healthy fats and eve a smaller amount of fat in meat, eat that too.

I have a cynical view of why they are pushing so many grains and carbs that make people blimp out. It is dystopian. In the ancient world I do believe the Genesis 6 giants were the produts of fallen angels coming down, taking human form, and having children that grew into giants with human women.

Another prophetic passage in the Old Testament, in some translations including the Greek Septuagint, says that at the end of the age giants will return to bring judgement on the earth. Yes they are evil, but God releases evil entities or people to do destruction as judgement. Some of these giants were cannibals. I wonder if experts telling us to eat lots of carbs are useful idiots by evil entities that want to fatten people up to become LITERAL food sources to these giants. Ya it is kinda funny to think of big people trying to run away from hungry giants, but in the end that humor will become sheer terror unless we bend our knees and call out to the Lord. I do believe a healthy lifestyle IS obedience to God. Too much in the bible to make me think otherwise. That I will NEVER EVER apologize for.. take it or leave it, like it or lump it. It is how I live my life, and how I encourage others. If I truly care for larger people I WILL encourage them to be healthier. If I hated larger people I would tell them to keep doing things to make things worse and increase their chances of getting sick and dying early.

So pffffft all you want, this is what I believe....period...and how I feel in regards to my own personal attractions to women...period....done...anorexic women do turn me off too, a woman who is a living skeleton also turns me off..that is also dangerously unhealthy and often leads to an early grave.

When you eat excess carbs, which unless you do a LOT of exercise in a day, the USDA recommended daily amount is in excess, the starches turn to blood sugar fairly quickly that day and the cells use what they need, then some is stored in the liver, then after that, very quickly the excess gets pushed into fat cells. When you go low carb you are literally starving your fat cells of this blood sugar that THEY need to keep you bigger, hence why low carb diets help a lot with weight loss.

If I see a large woman eating a GIANT piece of meat, and a LARGE salad, I do think that if she keeps that up over some time with some patience, she may make herself more of a turn on to me than if she eats plates and bowls of pastas and breads.

On the flip side I wouldn't put it paste the elites to get the USDA to recommend way more carbs than we need in a day to fatten people up as food sources for the giants. The elites know about these giants that are hidden away and do plan to use them to do what they THINK is consolidating their control over the earth. Of course what they fail to take into account is that the return of the Lord is going to make their little empire very short lived, and it will be shattered into pieces beyond repair, and if they don't repent, all their wealth and power will fail to keep them from being thrown into a lake of fire to be tormented day and night.

One guy, probably a guy here, posted that he likes little girls. I suggested he call out to the Lord to save him, and then pray for power to shut down those desires, (I think worshiping God above anything else might be a key to change aberrant sexual desires per Romans chapter 1). He may need to pray and work at it. I get that if one desires children but keeps themselves from messing with them, that is a good, but it is only a first step, I see it as a holding pattern to keep yourself out of jail and also from incurring God's punishment and to give yourself some breathing room to work out your issues. Non-offending pedophiles should pray and work to overcome their desires rather than embracing their desires. It is good to not fantasize about children. I think some of these desires are powered by evil spirits so getting rid of the evil spirits from your life can make it easier to overcome these desires faster as well. I will say repentance from this is a good idea. The grace of Christ saves the soul by trusting Him. You do not want to go to hell with this sin, trust me on that...or you will endure a fiery tempest, like being thrown into a hurricane force firestorm. Many elites are into this and they use their wealth and power to avoid prison, but there is a Judge in the end that will not be fooled, and all of that wealth and power will mean nothing to him without faith towards God and repentance. You can avoid prison with wealth and power, or even by refraining from offending, but it is better to let the power of God renew you completely from the inside out. I do have some potential information however, that under our current administration, the time is coming where shield of the wealth and power of these elites will fail. Mansions will be raided with swat teams. Earlier in the 1900s I heard that Aleister Crowley unleashed a hordes of pedophile spirits over America. Locking up these elites may be a key to breaking this spirit. We must also pray against their power as well, since their power is probably also a shield for the elites, we should pray for it to be broken. Once the shield is broken, elites will be locked up. Then it won't be re-powered hopefully by new people trying to do the same thing and replace these elites with doing their own child trafficking. I know the subject here is health and my attraction to more fit women, but I wanted to commented on that guy who said he likes little girls. Well actually I do too, just not sexually.

Herein lies my attitude, I just naturally feel friendlier towards people that might struggle with desires against children than those who embrace them. A non-offending pedophile who embraces his desires for children is someone I need to pray for to repent,and when I hear jokes about such a person, I find it very funny, and make my own jokes about such people. A non-offending pedophile who wants to overcome his desires however, gets my prayers and mercy.

I feel the same way towards large women who want to become healthier. I will pray for and encourage them. Those who are proud of being large, who embrace being extra large, who pig out on extra food just to keep themselves large, and then think that ALL or MOST men had better desire them or else, THOSE kind of women, I pray for them to repent as well, and also don't feel bad about making or laughing at jokes about them either.

A large women struggling and trying to lose weight, but not knowing the information on low carb diets, I will gladly and respectfully share what I know with her.

Eileen, Attendant of the Wildlands,

Yes, I will pfffft all I want. Your reaction to seeing what women eat - ALSO doesn't change the real purpose of this post.

Stevie, Administrator of Space,

I do cringe when I see a smaller woman eating pasta and bread. I think then therefore there is a risk of her slowly getting bigger, even if the portions are modest.

Elaine, CEO of Musclebeasts,

My point being is that I LOVE it when I see even a BIG woman eating LARGER amounts of food that are less carb loaded, it tells me that she will begin to lose weight with less effort but yet have a satisfied appetite, rather than being frustrated with herself. She will feel more confident around men even BEFORE she reaches her IDEAL and HEALTHY WEIGHT.

Stevie, Administrator of Space,

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Eileen, Attendant of the Wildlands,

pffft, congrats.

Nothing to do with health. Just a chance to put someone else down.

Nikki, Peasant of the Poor,

That is sick

Rook, Shepherd of the Idealistic,

I like little girls

Stevie, Administrator of Space,

I will tell you that some very large women can put themselves together to be very pretty, making them more pleasing to look at. If they are friendly that means I will also talk with them and befriend them, but I will never take them to bed. If they lose weight to something more reasonable then they would turn me on to bed them.

Medical data shows that being big makes it more likely to get get heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

I keep hearing of many saying that people should accept their own fat bodies and not even try to lose weight. Most large people probably have never tried a low carb diet. Try it and see if you drop the pounds.