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I want comments from people on their weight vs. the amount of carbohydrate rich foods they do or don't consume. I also want to hear if people have an easier time losing weight or keeping it off if they limit their carbs but at the same time vs. little to no exercise. I think this is true, but having said that, some exercise is good for EVERYONE. It still has health benefits even if re-arranging what you eat makes it easier to stay more fit. If it is truly this easy to slim down, and by personal experience and with a few friends, it seems to be that easy, to cut your carbs. I am losing weight with a carb restricted diet with pathetic exercise regime. But if it is indeed this easy, I intend to educate a lot of people about it. Also if it is this easy then I am going to focus all of my sexual attention on more fit women only, or those who have lost a sufficient amount of weight to be attractive, even if a little bigger, and who are making progress towards their medically ideal weight. I do not even eat whole grains. Those are NOT a health food. Fruits and vegetables are truly healthy foods. Fruits do contain a lot of sugar, but limited fruit with exercise should be fine. Based on my knowledge now, and realizing that it is easy to lose weight and keep it off (even if the progress takes time, I have no interest at all in screwing really big women. I do not care if it seems cold. Big women get a handshake or a hug from me, with friendly conversation, but i cannot do physically more than that with them. A long time ago I did a temporary job in a hospital and I heard this diabetic woman really crying in pain. I wish as few people as possible go through that. and a high carb diet pushes people to be pre-disposed to diabetes, regardless of genetics.

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Aubrey, Historian of the Homeless,

I wonder if some larger people have "settled" and "accepted" their larger size because they tried everything they KNOW to lose weight and it hasn't worked. I think this is because most haven't thought of or believe in low carb dieting. It is working for me, it is working for friends of mine. A meal full of starches very quickly turns to blood sugar, and if it is more than your cells can use that day and the liver can store, it gets pushed into your fat cells very quickly. Because of our horrible modern diet that we are told is healthy, and we think is healthy, and thus never change it thinking that our modern diet is not contributing to making people larger and larger progressively. Then people begin to think they should not only accept being extremely overweight but also proud of it. This is like a type of Stockholm Syndrome. Instead people should try the low to no carb diet and add a little exercise and watch the results over some time. It has occurred to me recently that people are not losing weight and are gaining weight because they are eating what they THINK is a healthy diet but really isn't.

I tell you this much, that I am able to send and send sexual vibes with women, even from a great distance, even from around the world. If I focus and they focus enough it even almost feels like physical sex or even does. I would rather do that with a woman far away that I am attracted to than "settle" for a woman down the street that I am not attracted to. This ability is the ultimate leverage I have against any large woman that is upset that I am not turned on by her. I hope it is motivation to make positive changes, rather than to condemn anyone. If anyone is condemned it is because they condemn themselves, not because I try to be mean spirited to them. That some may not like what I say does is not going to stop me from saying it. I will say I am sorry that we have been lied to by people we thought we could trust in regards to medical and nutritional information. I will NOT say I am sorry for what I said here. I don't want to make big women feel bad about themselves. I just don't want to screw them. I do want them to get healthier. I do want to be honest and say that larger women would have a larger number of men not just being friendly to them, but sexually attracted to them if they DID lose some weight.

Lately too, I have come to the conclusion that if I can only find "taken" women that I am attracted to, and they are in an open relationship, I would rather do that than go after some woman that is too big for my tastes. I don't mind sharing an attractive woman with another guy .

Ari, Security Guard of the Lonely,

Being extra large as a lifestyle choice increases the chances of going to the grave faster and becomes a deathstyle.

Other men are truly insulting to large women. I prefer to be positive towards good qualities that large women DO have and try to encourage all larger people to a healthier weight.

I am really attracted to asian women because they are cute, but most are also more fit and at a healthy weight.

Here is a post on women and low carb diets: http :// www . womenshealthmag . com/weight-loss/low-carb-diet-weight-loss/slide/7

This should help and encourage all large women and men too, that wish to reach a healthy weight.

Ari, Security Guard of the Lonely,

I do understand that fruit sugar becomes blood sugar at a slower rate than starchy foods, especially potatoes and grains. It takes longer to digest fruit sugar.

Ari, Security Guard of the Lonely,

I didn't mean to imply I used to have sex with large women but stopped because I am losing weight. I had sex with some women in the past who were a little larger but not way overweight. Back when I did I was smaller myself. I am simply realizing that if I am not attracted physically to large women there is no reason to have sex with a large woman just because I might get more opportunities for sex that way.

How large a woman is too large for me to be attracted to may depend on a number of factors including the individual woman, but I am in no way turned on my by a very large woman.

I do respect larger women for their good qualities, but sorry of you interpret my not wanting to have sex with a woman who is too large for my tastes as a lack of respect. This is an issue that you need to work on...try to interpret things better.

Ari, Security Guard of the Lonely,

I do want to hear people's experiences on how fast or consistently they lose weight due to low or no carb diets. A new diet is better off in general becoming a new lifestyle, not something temporary.

If I am seen in public with a larger female friend who is friendly, smart, humorous, then I like being seen with her rather than it scaring me on what others think. We just won't hit the sack together later. That is all. Well if she is only slightly above average we might, but if she is huge, then no that won't happen.

Ari, Security Guard of the Lonely,

I have never had sex with very large women. I have had sexual activities with women a little on the larger side of what I usually prefer because they were pleasant and the emotional attraction turned me on mixed with being just a little larger than average.

You put yourself off limits to me sexually as a large woman BECAUSE I am not sexually attracted to VERY large women? You THINK that is a punishment to me? REALLY? That is interesting. I don't have sex with large women because I am not attracted to that body type. There is nothing wrong with that. With your logic then maybe you do believe in gay conversion therapy for people who like the same sex. I am attracted to slim to average women, to maybe just a little larger, because of what turns ME on, nothing to do with what others think when I go out with a woman in public. A larger woman who is friendly and nice will always be just a friend to me, but I don't mind being seen with her in public, whether others know we are just friend or they think we are more.

I am visually attracted to slender to fit to average women. I could be stranded on a desert island with a woman and if I was going to have sex with her I would prefer a more fit woman. I wouldn't care that no one else would be around to know about it.

I never had sex with very large women to STOP having sex with them. Besides attractiveness, losing weight is better for health. The closer a woman is to both her ideal weight is both more attractive to me (subjective I get it, but still how I LIVE MY LIFE), but objectively, better for health. You dramatically reduce chances of joint pain, potential joint replacement, some cancers, and especially diabetes. Eating a lot of carbs increases the chances of developing type II diabetes.

I did mean to ask others if they are losing weight by cutting down or out on the carbs. You can skip the whole grains and eat fruits and vegetables for fiber instead. From what I read the form of fiber in fruits and vegetables is superior to the kind in whole grains.

I am rapidly losing weight with my low carb diet in spite of a pathetic exercise regime. If I step that up I will be more toned and will lose weight even faster. Last night I ate several pieces of chicken for dinner but no carbs, with the skin on it, and felt so good about it. It was delicious. I am not sticking the needle in eyes of larger women, I encouraging them to lose weight first for health reasons, then they might expand the number of men attracted to them. Sizest, don't make me laugh.

That woman crying in pain for her diabetes those years ago made me very sad for her situation. With a low carb diet even people with diabetes will find it much easier to manage and prevent a great many potential complications from the disease.

I am friendly to all women, large or not. It is not sizest for me to be sexually attracted only to slender to average, to maybe slightly bigger women, I don't care if you don't like it or larger women don't like make me want to talk about this more and more and more...but also give people tools and knowledge that might help them lose weight. Not every large person will get diabetes for sure or even if they do develop the worst complications from it, but you increase your chances of both. I like having my eyesight and both legs thank you very much. I would hope that all prefer that. People do get sick but may it not be from a poor lifestyle.

If I can't find local women that fit what I am attracted to then I will find them from farther away, if I have to travel or have them visit me, whether other states or from overseas even.

Not wanting to have sex with a larger woman does not mean I don't respect her. I will show every kind of respect to larger women, I do every day. I will not go to bed with her. If you interpret that as lacking respect it is your issue, not mine.

What I meant by focusing my sexual attention on more fit women or women at least closer to their ideal healthy weight is that I am realizing that I no longer need even consider going with a larger woman that I am not attracted to just to get with someone and get some action, but to indeed have a little patience and put more effort to find some women I am truly attracted to that I am compatible with in emotional and mental ways as well for good sexual relationships.

I get that large women can find men who like or prefer large women and be sexually and emotionally happy, but I think that is still too unhealthy to be a good thing.

I am emotionally attracted to people with better health, so this is also possibly why my subconscious prefers more fit women.

To me being a TRUE sizest is to be unfriendly or hateful to larger women. Not wanting to have sex with a larger woman, if you consider that sizest then your definition is laughably silly. Not wanting to have sex with a woman is no excuse to be mean to her, but the reason WHY you said I prefer fit women is not true of how I think. I think I know how and why I think and feel what I do better than you do. I am in my own head, you are not.

I would hope that chubby chaser men encourage their women to lose weight for health reasons, and maybe be just slightly bigger than massively bigger to where their health is at risk.

Have you TRIED a low carb diet, on a long term basis?

If I truly hated large women I would want them to get larger and larger until they died quickly from some health problems. Instead I want to give advice on what I am finding out seems to work for a lot of people on losing weight. I have quite a few friends who are dropping weight fast by limiting their carbs. That means limiting breads, pasta, potatoes, corn to a point, sugars, high fructose corn syrup. Eat more healthy fats for energy to make up for a lack of carbs, and even don't be afraid of some of the fat on meat. Fat does not make you fat unless you eat so much of it that you get sick. Excess carbs make people fat. I think the recommended amount of carbs is excessive.

Well if YOU try a low carb diet for a while, then feel free to post comments on how it works for you.

Max, Sheriff of the Wicked,

so the basic gist of this diatribe was not about what the title said at all.

It was about what sticking a needle in the eye of larger women for some reason? Sounds like one of those people who think that the so called sizeist movement needs to be redressed so that fat women continue to feel badly about themselves. "I do not apologize for what I said.." Who asked you to apologize?

We're not confuse about the fact that you and your ilk don't want us - you can keep your hugs and your "friendship" (as you call it) too. Claiming that because you've found it easy - NOW you're going to stop having sex with big women?? Really?

You're not having sex with big women because you, like most men, want the rank that some with being a slim women. You're attracted to slim women and have far more respect for them than you do for us.

We're putting ourselves off limits to you - pfft. We're living our lives and you decry our choices. Good for you. You're not alone in that - and this fake "it's really about knowing how much weight people lost" is BS.

Aubrey, Historian of the Homeless,

More and more American women are placing themselves off limits to me by gaining too much weight. It does not affect courtesy or friendliness, or being the long term friend zone, but in the case of big women it is NOT friends with benefits. I do not apologize for what I said here. Not at all. We need to stop listening to the lies of the medical and food industry and start living according to real research and what actually works in people's lives on the ground level. Comments please. I want to hear from both men and women who went low carb and the amount of weight lost by doing so.