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I am embarking on a great diet to change my life. I am going extremely low carb, very little table sugar, more meat, more fat, more vegetables, a little fruit. I am feeling better. I am losing weight. I am eating more "healthy fats" and I am less scared of fatty meat if I cut my carbs. In fact with a low carb diet I seem to need more fat calories to have enough energy to function well, but I think fat calories are healthier than carb calories. From recent research I think too many carbs are indicated in heart disease, diabetes, and even some cancers.

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Andy, Hero of the Poor,

Update on my diet, I am losing weight slowly but surely. I am also much less hungry after eating smaller amounts of food. If more women ate fewer carbs I would be attracted to far more women.

Adrian, Summoner of Justice,

I am able to control how much food I eat because the blood sugar spikes followed by insulin speaks is no longer there to keep me hungry when I really ate enough food and shouldn't be hungry.