Would you be here if you had one?

I am sure hell is on earth, we are born to struggle and be a slave to rules, you get old and before you know it your reaching new milestones in age but more and more you ask yourself "how did I get here, I have achieved nothing...I have so much more struggles to overcome..."

Life sucks, the good times only last a few seconds in the hours of stormy moments!

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Max, Real Estate Agent of Light,

I completely agree. I am still trying to make a difference for myself - but I'm growing older and more tired and I have less and less support from my "community". So, it's harder and harder to believe that there's a point to the effort. I make them mostly so I can say I did.

Josh, Scout of Time,

Life is what you make of it. Ultimately you are the master of your own destiny , if you want to just pack up and leave and dont look back. This is what people have been deprived of , atitude to change. People live miserable lives of slavery to the system because they are afraid of change. Change is the meaning of life , if you stop changing you are already dead.

Kadnyce, Handmaid of the Satisfied,

For both of this I'd like you both to take this piece of advise. Life is a test, it's never going to be easy and it won't always be fair. Winning comes down to your attitude and discipline. You don't always have to be happy but you should always know where your going and know that your gonna make it out the other side. This isn't a test you can fail, just keep your head up and march onward. And don't let others drag you down. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. You'll grow more when your surrounded by positive and intelligent people. Don't ever give up.

Nia, Warrior of Time,

I just posted something almost identical before reading this , thanks for understanding