Would you be here if you had one?

I seriously think suicide is a really weak thing to do, I mean if you "hate living " 😂 so much because of how people treat you , you should just stand up for yourself , why would you even let anyone talk down to you so much that you'll want to end your own life? Stop posting so much about how you wanna kill yourself and just ducking do it already, and if you can't then just stfu and enjoy life already you stupid emos 😙

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Ash, Bard of the Lonely,

Fseeee Should I be feeling bad for you? Just try again and shut up ! I don't care about how bad you feel about yourself or how bad people make you feel. You both are just attention seekers!

Peyton, Archaeologist of Musclebeasts,

I'm the original commenter, and no I'm not suicidal. I'm a social worker who works to connect people to help. I work to help people get better so they can live functioning lives just like you. You shouldn't feel bad for them, but to be condicending like you is so much worse.