Would you be here if you had one?

I seriously think suicide is a really weak thing to do, I mean if you "hate living " 😂 so much because of how people treat you , you should just stand up for yourself , why would you even let anyone talk down to you so much that you'll want to end your own life? Stop posting so much about how you wanna kill yourself and just ducking do it already, and if you can't then just stfu and enjoy life already you stupid emos 😙

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Dana, Clerk of the IT department,

You're right. the only think more pathetic than that, are the people who derive pleasure by being complete fucking cunts online. This is a 15 yo troll everyone don't take it harsh, and give it attention, cause that's what they're here for.

Andy, Funeral Director of Darkness,

Easy to believe but I'm ok with replying.

Andy, Funeral Director of Darkness,

No, I'm going to post as often as I want. If you're so ducking much stronger than us emos stop being so concerned about mere posts no matter how often they're repeated.

Peyton, Archaeologist of Musclebeasts,

Unfortunately it's not that easy of a problem to address. If it was the problem would already be solved. Actually in most cases of suicide it has nothing to do with the people around them, it's all about how they see themselves. There are also a lot of mental health issues that can be a contributing factor to the why. You don't get to decide what people get to think just because you're ignorant. You can't take something at face value and decide for everyone that it's stupid. How about people like me stand up to people like you so that the problem doesn't get worse, how does that sound. I'll push you down until you can't get up and I'll see how you feel and act. Knock your shit off.

Ash, Bard of the Lonely,

After sound, there should have been a question mark not a period.
Also, people like you? Lol that just shows you're one of them, just be quite and kill yourself, if you're going to do it, if not, just live on, and let people like us continue to be the reason for your depression and what not!

Brett, Hero of the Hungry,

Wow, so insecure with your own opinions you had to point out a simple grammatical error to justify being an asshole.... For the record this is not the writer of the original comment, but I admire them for telling you that you should be ashamed of what you've said. And for the record as someone who has attempted suicide, but was recesitated, when you go over that edge, every little thing you go through is important....

Ash, Bard of the Lonely,

Fseeee Should I be feeling bad for you? Just try again and shut up ! I don't care about how bad you feel about yourself or how bad people make you feel. You both are just attention seekers!