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I am such a happy person but life has really been dragging me down. I cry almost every other night and I look to people for some slight sense of light to give me motivation and everyone keeps shutting me down. I don't think I'm depressed, I just think my life keeps hitting me with events that tear me down and I don't know how much longer I can take it. I keep telling mysef that someday it'll get better and I just have to wait it out and someday I'll be happy but I've been waiting to be happy for years and my heart is honestly giving out. I'll go through days where I'm very sad and then I'll get back up and have happy moments and pretend everything is okay. But then I get back to this spot where I question my happiness and my purpose. I don't want to be sad anymore.

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Ash, Funeral Director of the Homeless,

Life is really hard to live. But you must face every challenges you have. Try looking at other people. Some people dont even have the privilege to have a phone, use the internet, but they keep on living. Just look at the brighter side and live.

~life is just a game.

Addison, Peasant of the Financial Services department,

Life really can just throw it all at you sometimes but keep your head high. I've been there were you feel like one thing happens then things just start to unravel and it's a rough feeling but don't let that win. Keep your spirits high things will get better dont give up!!

Charlie, Referee of the Wicked,

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Charlie, Referee of the Wicked,

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Charlie, Referee of the Wicked,

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Ash, Student of Space,

Im in the same boat as you, but trust me hold a little longer your happiness your seeking is coming soon, its not worth ending your life or doing something stupid becuase you havent livied your life to the fullest, instead of happniess finding you, you should be finding happniess. (j.p)

Shiki, Crusader of the IT department,

May sound useless or corny but maybe exercise? Well, more like a physical hobby of some kind. Something strenuous. When I was in your position - what am I saying, still there - physical activity has been the only thing that saves me.

We're built to benefit from physical responses to stress. Take a zumba or intensati or pilates class. If it makes you sweat it should also make you forget for a while - and that helps a bunch. Helps to clear your mind and when you cool down (exercise cool down that is), that could create space to think and get clarity.