Would you be here if you had one?

what it would be like to be dead and not have to deal with crap, I got out of an abusive relationship 9 months ago but im still fucked up and i was so sure i was gonna kill myself there. like i wouldnt say im suicidal at all now but i was very much back then if i had just overdosed or cut my wrists open like maybe i wouldnt be stuck with the residual effects today like i love being near people who love me again but jeez its really really exhausting sometimes. just living is exhausting now im constantly afraid.

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Reggie, Student of Darkness,

I don't know you but I do know that life is full of ups and downs there are unsuspecting twists and turns and to be honest some life experiences just plain suck! I have been in the thick of it and I know it isn't easy to be strong and sometimes life feels just too big but you can't let it beat you! Be stronger than your tribulations don't let them keep you down! When you feel alone know that you aren't there are people routing for you even if you don't know them from Adam! Keep your chin up it will all be okay!

Brett, Venture Capitalist of the Lonely,

Maybe you should kill yourself ! You're a ducking pathetic loser, I mean who ever the fuck u r , why would u even stay with someone who abused you ? Maybe you'll say you just really loved them , but do you think they loved you when they were hitting you ? I doubt it.. Suicide is for them weak.. So maybe you should kill yourself ! :)

Harper, Architect of Wild Parties,

I have been to the edge a few times. I know what you are feeling. Death always seems so beautiful for the one that is being taken by him. I believe its so peaceful and everything just stops. Nothing after nothing ever again and there is something so soothing about that. Now I am not ready for that and will more than likely life a whole lifetime because I want to try and make what I can see and what I can feel beautiful too. I want to make this "life" beautiful for me a d anyone I could possibly help out. I am here for you if you ever need me. Just post back