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How do WOMEN feel about death sentence for rapists? Convinced or otherwise. And should women be allowed to kill men who are raping them? I DO there should be a harder punishment for rapists and death is the ultimate one. You didn't give her a choice when you took away her dignity there shouldn't be a choice for him as well

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Ash, Writer of the Idealistic,

Death sentence for rapist ? My God, aren't you a screwed up femmie . most of you little bitches call rape , just because a man looks at you. You going to kill him for looking ? If he is raping you and you have a big rock, yes bash his brains in . Just make sure it's self defense . Unless you're in a Muslim country where they mutilate the vagina and believe procreation comes from the Anus. See , i keep raping you with words !! Damn it. I would spank you if I could.

Andy, Musician of Musclebeasts,

Wait, I don't know if your dump or if you're Trumps puppet, but please look up what rape is in a dictionary babe. I don't think your 2 year old retarded mind is ready to understand DEFENITIONS. My Goodness the stupidity in this world. You have data to waste love? How about you educate yourself while your online. I'll use baby talk to make your retarded mind understand okay??. When someone touches your privates "you pipi or your huha" without permission it's SEXUAL HARRASMENT. when someone performs sexual stuff on you WITHOUT your permission or when you have said you don't want them to that's RAPE. God your stupid.

Allison, Garçon of the Idealistic,

Addressing your comments one at a time. Women have a tendency to go from one extreme to the other when it comes to how much punishment a rapist should get. So, there is no solid answer there and usually the only ones who will say anything about it are the one's who were either raped or had a friend who was raped, which usually falls into the term of vengeance rather than justice. Vengeance has a tendency to carry anger and rage with it rather than logic of balance. I have heard of stories about women from one extreme to the other where a woman did everything she could to tease a guy into a frenzy and then was upset when he jumped her(sorry, but that's stupid on her part, though still not right on his, yet at that point I don't think he's thinking straight, just like she may have not been either.) People are always surprised these days when humans behave like the animals they actually are. Why did they not used to be surprised by behavior like that? Were they smarter? Should they be allowed to kill a man while he is attempting to rape her? Sure, because in truth, you don't know how far he has snapped and he may kill her. Saying that a guy intentionally went out of his house and hunted down a girl he wanted to rape and knew it ahead of time. That person shouldn't be allowed to get out of prison for 20 years. But I also believe prison shouldn't be a social environment. They should be on a chain gang 5 days a week, and put away in a 8x6 room without socialization, but perhaps therapy to teach them to be normal if they were ever getting out again, and only their benign religious book of preference for company. That's simply because if it was harder on prisoners, then they wouldn't want to come back. Unless they killed or maimed a girl to the point of brain dead, then death is a ridiculous punishment showing just how evil and childish everyone is becoming. I've been out with around 100 women in my life time. 3/4 of them had been molested or raped and less than 1/2 of the perpetrators were prosecuted because the person who was raped wanted to put it behind them or forgave them. How many of them let it affect their lives AT ALL? 2 Yes, that is all, just 2 out of almost 75. Some of them use it as just a means of conversational sympathy but don't carry it further. I know that a couple of them might have caused the incident themselves, because that's just who they are. And what happens when someone wanted to have sex but they were underage? It's taken out of their hands. They were raped in the eyes of society because of course a kid under 18 should have those thoughts... but they do. I was officially "molested" multiple times as a teenage boy by multiple women and teen girls and I enjoyed every moment and I would never send those women to jail. I know of a guy who was jumped by a teen girl when he was 20ish and he didn't know how old she was, and she even said he was innocent of wrong doing, till her father got there, and everything changed. It's not that I don't agree that rapists, especially ones who have done it more than once should have tough penalties. But there is no simple answers, yet that is how people like to think, simple.