Would you be here if you had one?

I am a white girl.

According to society, I am oppressor and oppressed. Because I am white, that means I am a bigoted racist with privilege and arrogance. Because I am female, I must be constantly pushed down by men who hate my guts, who want to deny me everything.

Black women say I can't identify with the struggles of being female, because I am white. I don't understand their pain. White men say I do not get what it is like to be labeled a racist all the time, because I am female. I don't understand their pain.

I am a white girl. Maybe an oxymoron, but definitely a white girl.

Does a positive and a negative cancel out, leaving nothing? Or do they both coexist, continually grappling and attacking each other? Am I a white girl, who is cruel to everyone and hurt by everyone? Am I just another person, cruel to nobody and hurt by nobody?

Because I am a white girl, I've been labeled with two separate, very different labels. One sparkly pink and flashy. One dull and gray and looked down on. Do I have to pick one? Can I pick both?

Or what if I don't want either? What if I don't want to be oppressed or oppressor? Can I just rip off these tags and fashion something of my own?

I am a white girl. If I were a white man, I'd be all racist. If I were a black woman, I'd be all oppressed. But I am a little bit of both.

What exactly am I?

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Rook, Historian of the Irredeemably Moist,

Being white doesn't mean you are a bigoted racist. Who told you that? There are bigoted racists of all colors out there and there are plenty of people of all colors who aren't.

Let go of all of the labels and be yourself.

Ash, Alchemist of the Rich,

Over and over again we see it , Schools claim white racism and that explains everything. Blacks are victims of racism , but Video after video shows black violence , and then they wonder why some white kid shows up one day and commits a columbine style event. You niggers need to think that through., let that sink in . Dillon Roof shows up a 9 MM only had 9 rounds comes out 9 dead niggers. Treyvon shows up 9 MM shoots all 9 rounds into a crowed of 50 people and hits two. Let that sink in. white girl don't apologize to them. They are beneath you .

Rook, Historian of the Irredeemably Moist,

Treyvon did no such thing. You are making shit up. You must be Donald Trump.

Nadine, Shepherd of the Forgotten Lands,

What makes you think you're better than anyone else? The only person here who is beneath anyone is you. There is nothing greater or worse about any other race or religion. Nothing give your privileged ass any more weight, if anything your no more than a grain of salt in a world of water. Stop putting these toxic ideas into this women's mind and go back to you disgusting hole where you spur our racist nonsense.

Ash, Alchemist of the Rich,

What makes Whites better ? compare Nigeria to Moscow lol. Persia and Rome to Sudan or Somalia lol. In fact The only good piece of history in Africa is Egypt and Blacks didn't own it. Arabs did. That's past- Now ? Detroit Chicago - St.Louis we gave you those Cities and look what Blacks did there . If Trump really wants to make America Great again he'll send the feds to these places and burn them to the ground with the Niggers in them.

Rook, Historian of the Irredeemably Moist,

If you care and I am sure you don't, you can learn about why Africa didn't advance in the book, Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond.

Until you do some research, you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

You are evidence of racism in the 21st Century. You should tell your buddies in the Republican party how you really feel. They somehow think racism ended in the 20th century.

By the way, your wife called. She said to pick up the robes at the cleaners. She will meet you at the rally.

Nadine, Shepherd of the Forgotten Lands,

One I'm white dipshit, specifically polish. Two the development of a civilization isn't all about the military and economic power. It's also about their cultural development which places like Rome and Moscow pail in comparison to the original people. And as Americans this is something we lack, especially as white foke. It's this lack of cultural development that leads to racism and sexism across the world. If you look at history it was whites who destroyed the diversity in culture so no fucking shit they don't look as beautiful as other cities. If death and destruction of people's ways of life if what you consider superior then I guess you are as fucked up reason the world is at cross hairs with America. I love this country but as long as people like you exist then we are doomed as a whole race, a human race.

Bobbie, Illusionist of Darkness,

Black women say you can't identity with us NOT because you're a white girl but because the hate we get is not just "oh she's a typical rude woman". No our insults are "if she wasn't dark she'd be pretty" "she has attitude, she ugly, she's ratchet, she looks like a roach" "they should stop wearing weaves it's not their hair they shouldn't show us their natural hair that shit is ugly" "such ugly features, such a big ugly nose" ohw do you remember the picture of the women from white to black 'let's rate them from beautiful to ugly" 'from smartest to dumbest'. Even when you s each for images for ugly women on Google guess what you gonna see boo? PEOPLE OF COLOUR NOT ONE WHITE PERSON. But guess what you gonna see when you search for beautiful women?????? White women. SO DO NOT EVER COMPARE YOUR STRUGGLES WITH THAT OF BLACK WOMEN. When people look at you they see a woman, but when people look at me the see a black woman. Our struggle has never and will never be the same. POINT BLANK. by the way do you know what black women are called 'poor struggling white girl'??? We are classified as the least desirable women on earth. SO HOW'S THAT FOR OPRESSION BOO????

Nadine, Shepherd of the Forgotten Lands,

If you're going to allow others to define what is beautiful then yes you're going to be oppressed. I'm a white man married to a black women so fuck you, black women are beautiful. If you want change then your stance shouldn't exclude other women based on race, you need to work at the social norms that our 1% dictate as the absolute rule. It won't be easy but if you don't try to work together then you will always be treated like dog shit. Focus on the real issue, not the petty attacks they use to divide you.

Dakota, Curator of the Wildlands,

Bitch just because you married a black woman doesn't mean you understand the struggles they go through. So fuck you for not acknowledging that this world till this day hates and looks down on black woman. Instead of turning a blind eye to the fact that our own black men put us down and praise other races for having our features. You dumbass educate yourself instead of trying to make it seem like the world doesn't consider us the last option. You little dumbfUckfield are the reason people pretend that there is no problems where black women are concerned, we know we're fucking goddesses we don't need your dusty white ass to tell us that, how do you think we became the strongest women? It's because we know how to ignore shit. Now go educate yourself instead of acting like many young black girls are not told tha they are too dark skinned. Damn I thought white people were ignorant to the problems of society. Now I know that white people are ignorant to things tha don't affect them or their lives. Bitch ass you can marry thousands of black women but that will never ever justify you ignorance to society. SO FUCKING YOU IN THE ASS WHITE BOY.

Nadine, Shepherd of the Forgotten Lands,

I have never turned a blind eye to the struggles of any group. Open you eyes from where you are to what your goals are. The problem in our country is that you let hate make you complacent, and you get even fucking angrier at people when things don't go your way. I'm a social worker, I've been in more court trials defending black women, LGBT, and other ethnic groups than any of my colleagues. My life is working to change the views of our country. You're right I've never lived through it, but I damn well know it because I'm neck deep in fighting for equality every day. So no, if you want to make change you need to get off your ass and help others change this so that your kids won't have to deal with your struggles.

Kadnyce, Venture Capitalist of the Hungry,

Jesus everything you say sounds like a collection of comment-section bullshit. You need to get out more and talk to people as individuals, instead of focusing on what "society" think about you, or about anything. Looking at society's opinions on various topic is depressing af.

Adrian, Merchant of the Wildlands,

"What exactly am I?"

You are desireable for sex!!!

Nadine, Shepherd of the Forgotten Lands,

And it's people like you, who carry on this is sexualzation of women that are the problem. Women aren't tools for us to use like a fucking dump every night. They are people like you and me, and until equality is truly met where neither is greater that the other people will stand to greet people like you.

Stevie, Engineer of Time,

No black women do NOT say that white women can't understand the struggles of being female. Black women sometimes say that when there is talk about the struggles of women - we are marginally mentioned.

Some say that black women are just jealous of white women, some say that black women are way lower on the totem pole than are white women - whether the discussion is about health, pay, education, or the dating / marriage situation.