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The bully always wins. Always. There's no stopping him. If you fight back, the results from whatever authority figures are around you are worse than if you just let him pick on you. Teachers, parents, cops, or whoever will always put you at fault for the bullying and will always threaten and humiliate you for trying to stop it.

So don't fight back. NEVER fight back. Parents, stop giving your kids stupid advice to stand up to bullying. Instead, teach them how to cope. Friends, stop telling your friends to quit taking it. Be there for them instead.

Accept it; the bully always wins, and always will. Nothing will ever change that. It's better to do nothing and have the snot beaten out of you than to fight back, because the consequences of fighting back are *ALWAYS* worse. Learn to lie there and take it like a man. There are no alternatives.

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George, Scout of Justice,

I have seen bullies stopped. I have witnessed when a victim decides enough is enough and have snapped on their bully with a violent explosion of unrelentless fury and beat the ever living shit out of them...leaving them curled in the fetal position, and were never bullied again by anyone.

Stand up for yourself, but be aware of who the witnesses might limit getting yourself in too much trouble.

Colin, Necromancer of the Irredeemably Moist,

Nope. Sorry you had that negative experience, but that doesn't mean the rest of us have to stop fighting back. For many of us the cost of stopping is higher than the cost of fighting - even if we don't actually win.

Ash, Sheriff of the Wicked,

This is not good advice. That kind of attitude will only perpetuate bullying. I don't know what situations you have personally been in but in my experience, things always improved when the bully was confronted and corrected. Sometimes it is better to ignore bullies and not give them the satisfaction but is someone is relentlessly being targeted by a bully, something has to be done to stop it. The bully does NOT always win.