Would you be here if you had one?

Before you leave the house, you ask yourself "What will people think about me?" You buy new clothes, and you ask yourself "What will people think of me?" You want to express your true self, but you ask yourself the same exact question. Today we live in society based off that one question: "What will people think about me?" Why are people so worried to express their true selves? People are so concentrated on other people's opinion that they are afraid to show who they really are. The real question of society should be "Why?" Why do we have to impress others? Why can't we be ourselves? Why do people have to judge others, when they aren't perfect themselves? We all have these questions, but today's society is all about how we look on the outside, rather then who we are inside out, but why can't we change that. Our world can be full of positivity if we try. People can feel more secure, and express who they are. 
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Ari, Supervisor of the Homeless,

You must be quite young. What other people think of me affects whether or not I get a job, a loan, whether my ideas are given a chance at meetings, whether my kids are accepted in a neighborhood. It even affects whether my kids respect me, listen to me and follow my advice.

What people think of me affects whether or not I get a date or how I am treated on a date. What people think of me determines whether strangers see me as suspicious and do or do not call cops. It results in how I am treated when I walk into a store.

I find it exhausting to think about what other people think of me. I find it costly to ignore it.

Addison, Devourer of Time,

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