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I keep telling myself that everything will be okay... that I will be okay but I'm so stressed... stressed with what my life will be like in the near future.. stressed about my relationship because I'm so insecure & jealous for all the WRONG reasons. stressed with my self image... just... inserts title when does my life get better? when do I stop blaming myself for thing and learn to let go. When?

posted to life by Addison, Historian of the Satisfied (4 comments)

Josh, CEO of the Poor,

As long as you are staying above water you are okay even if it's just barley. No body can tell you where you'll be in the future because if we could tell then life would be very different. All you can do is hope that you'll be okay babe. And what's with self image issues love no, no, no. No matter your size, race,age, gender you are gorgeous in your own right babe I used to hate myself until I accepted that I'm worthy and beautiful and I have them jiggling thighs honey but without them I'm not me. Love yourself the way you want to be loved.

Addison, Historian of the Satisfied,

I love this. Thank you.

Dakota, Supervisor of the Financial Services department,

It gets better when you stop letting your life rule your outcomes, it gets better when you make it better , I've just started doing this myself and honestly your life is in someone else's hands until you decide enough is enough.... positive thoughts xxxxxx

Addison, Historian of the Satisfied,

Thank you 😔