Would you be here if you had one?

But it is the fucking Christians that want to regulate everyone's life that prevent mercy killing. My life sucks. I want to end it and your fucking laws prevent it. Get your laws off of my body. Small government, my ass. It is my life and I should have the choice. Nothing works. Medication, therapy and Jesus are all just placebos. ECT doesn't work either. I would kill myself, but I would just fuck it up and end up with brain damage. Should I do something so I get the death penalty? I don't want to hurt anyone. Suicide by cop. I would rather not adversely affect his life. The doctor should be able to do it, but the fucking Christians want to shove their fucked values down the throats of normal, law abiding citizens. Trump should deport the Christians and make life safe for the rest of us. Then maybe I wouldn't feel like killing myself.

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Rook, Ship Master of the Idealistic,

Get your religion off my laws!

Aubrey, Gunner of the Hungry,

its funny how everyone can be a doctor when they relate. see by the fact you have comments your not the only one who suffers. your to emotional atm wait till you have a clear mind before you make a decision. no one knows you but you. its a weakness or a strength.. be unique learn absorb and grow or dwindle and die.... the choice is yours my friend. best of luck i hope you make the right choice

Rook, Ship Master of the Idealistic,

I spent much of my life exploring and being interested in things. Guess what? It is not a cure for suicidal depression.

Brett, Gunner of the Financial Services department,

You do have the choice. It can't be taken away from you. Having a doctor help is the choice that was removed - not the choice of suicide.

Rook, Ship Master of the Idealistic,

Like I said, if I do it myself, I will probably end up with brain damage. The morality fascists have made sure I cannot get a professional's help. This kind of fascism is another reason to end it all.

Rook, Ship Master of the Idealistic,

[deleted by user]

Stevie, Thief of the IT department,

Anger is good. Your survival instinct kicking in. Don't kill yourself, until you've traveled, on your on, to other countries. It's a life changer, and you don't need a big budget, you can look it up online. Teaching English in the far east. At least a st give it a try... otherwise It would just be a waste. Like killing yourself without ever having ice cream.

Rook, Ship Master of the Idealistic,

Depression follows you wherever you go. Been to Japan. Depressed there. Depressed here. Will be depressed until the day I die. The smart one's get it over with. Me, I'll just fucked it up, get brain damage and end up living with my sister. That would make anyone suicidal.

What's with the ice cream bit? Are you trivializing my pain?