Would you be here if you had one?

I suppose I have too much time on my hands but I often just sit and think about really overwhelming things. It's good in a way because I'm getting to know myself but it's also kind of dangerous because I could drive myself crazy. A common thought is that I don't really serve any purpose on Earth. I feel I belong somewhere else. I'm just getting by here. It's not really fulfilling, satisfying. I feel like there's another world out there. Somewhere I'd feel more at home, somewhere I'd serve more purpose. I've tried explaining this feeling to my closest friends but nobody has felt the same and think it's really strange. Does anyone else ever feel like this?
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Taylor, Lady of the Night of Time,

Yes, all the time actually! I just want to escape my life.

Bobbie, Warlord of Imagination,

This is an old post, but it's worthy of continuation. I feel too, that I'm supposed to be someplace else. I know this sounds crazy, but I often wonder if I feel this way because I am reincarnated and I hadn't finished something from my previous life before I had an untimely death. Perhaps?

David, Administrator of the Idealistic,

I feel the exact same way. I don't know how to get help ;((.

Aubrey, Farmer of Justice,

yes i have felt and i still feel like I'm not home i belong somewhere else its a weird feeling

Josh, Devourer of the Financial Services department,

I have had the same feelings, I need to be some place else" the feeling only last a few seconds but stays in my mind. This just started a couple weeks ago. By John B Getting old I guess 73 now. Not quite sure why I get the felling I also have a chill thru out my body the same one I get when I hear the National Anthum.

Ari, Referee of the craft table,

I feel the same. I feel as if I need to go. Not somewhere on earth but another place somewhere. I feel like I need to be apart of something bigger, I also feel that it Is almost time for me to go soon. I get this feeling deep inside me. Not in my mind, I can't explain it, I just feel it. Lately I've become more spiritual which is strange but I have excepted it. These are the things I feel. I just feel like I have to go.

Harper, Bard of Generosity,

Hi, I know exactly how you feel. ive moved back home thinking I belong with my family and friends, but after 8 months of struggle, I moved back where I have lived for 20 years..,,, I still feel I belong somewhere else, don't now why, but feel I will be moving to another country why.. I've no idea. so you are not alone.. we have become the nomads of our lives...

Blaine, Superintendent of the Hungry,


Ari, CEO of the Lonely,

I've always felt like this too. I feel like a fish out of water in the world, like I'm not where I'm supposed to be or doing what I'm meant to do. I read books and I feel like I belong there, not here. I know that might sound weird, wishing I was fictional, but I'm so alone here. I can't/don't connect to anyone. Every day I just pretend to be who people around me want me to be, but all the time I'm thinking how meaningless the way we live is. I'm 19 and I don't know how I can spend the rest of my life like this. I don't think I belong in this reality. (Sidenote: Not suicidal)

Taylor, Bard of the Unimaginable Terror,

I feel exactly the same as many of you and have for as long as I cN remember. I've tried clicking on but it doesn't work. Would love to speak to other like minded people about this as those in my life simply don't understand. If anyone knows how to get on that site I'd be most grateful.

Many thanks Juliet

Shiki, Lover of the Satisfied,

58, divorced with children, grandchildren family and friends however i honestly feel alone and like others on here feel like i dont belong where i am. Scared that i will never find out where!

Ash, Bard of the Satisfied,

you should be ashamed of yourself you are a disappoint meant to Obama and the rest of the feudal system of your mom

Brett, Shaman of Good,

I can relate to what you said. I constantly feel like I don't belong and friends around me are just something temporary. I have a strong feeling that I have a home somewhere on this planet and it's far away from me. London. That's where I feel home. I feel like I'd really be happy there. And I get this constant feeling like something in my life is going to change. Like my life is going to change a lot. I've been feeling all these for a long time and I don't know what to do. I think I'd fly to London someday, but I'm not sure. I just want to leave this place and all my friends.

Adrian, Maiden of Generosity,

You can count me in. I think I'll save the long version for the Wiki site someone started, I wonder, though, if we're all so different in so many different ways that this strange feeling wouldn't hold us together very long. And I have to share this, here too: Don't forget there's a well-known song that expresses pretty much exactly what we feel: Gonzo the Muppet's song, "I'm Going To Go Back There Someday" You can get the MP3 on Amazon.

Addison, Chef of Musclebeasts,

I am 50 years old and have had a strong feeling of homesickness for as long as I can remember. I have had treatment for depression and anxiety but although these calm the symptoms they do not rid me of this persistent feeling of loss. This has made my life very difficult and I have missed many opportunities when I am laid low with sadness. I cannot offer much insight but I have found a set of coping strategies for the depression. If I am honest I think about suicide a lot but my sense of duty to my family keeps me going.

Stevie, Warlord of Light,
I'm at work and I just googled what I was feeling. "That feeling like you're supposed to be somewhere lese right now. I'm glad I'm not alone. I wonder if there is a term for this. I'm sure the Germans have a word for it. Something similar to "wanderlust," but not quite. Not an urge to travel. Just that you're supposed to be some place other than where you are right now. What do you think?
Aubrey, Devourer of Time,

Philippians 3:20-21 But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.

Charlie, Bright Queen of the Satisfied,

Every night as I lie in bed I feel completely and utterly alone. I feel as though I don't belong with the human race.. like I'm a mistake. I feel as if I wasn't meant to be here, and there's nothing I can do to change it. Normal everyday things that the world expects you to do can be extremely taxing for me and I cry so often. I'm much too sensitive, and it can be very easy to make me feel upset when people are being negative. I try to have a thicker skin, but it just ends out with me bottling up what hurts me. Every day I wake up feeling optimistic that today will be the day that I feel like I belong, or I finally get it right and being a human being comes easier to me... or even accepting that I do not belong and never will... but I always go to sleep feeling empty and lost. I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places for acceptance... but I don't feel like I'm supposed to be here in this planet, or this plane of existence or whatever. I feel like I should never have been born here and it's all a horrible mistake. I have felt like this for as long as I can remember.

Alice, Superintendent of the Homeless,

I don't want to say I totally understand how you feel, or how anyone else who has replied feels - I think we all have very similar feelings to varying degrees. For me though, I definitely feel that I don't belong 'here' - but honestly, it doesn't bother me the way it seems to upset some others on this post. It's actually a big comfort for me. I don't belong here. I don't belong anywhere. There's a kind of liberation in not having any one place to be. It's why I've always wandered around - I used to run away a lot as a child, and further afield as a teenager, and it's only recently that I've stopped feeling frustrated and confused about it. Now, I'm happy to jump on planes and live in different places for a few weeks, couple months at a time. Friends and family don't need to understand or be okay with it. I feel like they don't see the big picture yet. I've almost got my finger on it, I feel, but when I try to describe it, I just sound weird.

I do, though, share the feeling with a lot of people in the comments section that there's something I'm supposed to do. When I'm really honest with myself, I'm not doing all this travelling because I'm some kind of cool bohemian chick. I'm doing it because I am always, and have always been looking for something. There is something I'm supposed to be doing. Not a big thing. I'm not going to save the world or anything dramatic like that. I think we're all just links in a chain of souls who are starting to kind of - I dunno - wake up? and be involved in some sort of change. Not big bad change, necessarily. Maybe it's miniscule - but it matters. I can't really put it into words. I've felt my whole life that we're all connected to something bigger, and whenever I've tried to rationalise it for other people, they just don't click with it. (I'm not religious, by the way.)

I still have feelings, now and then, of feeling lost. It's not pleasant. But it's nowhere near as disheartening as it was even two or three years ago. I'm not the same person I was last week, let alone when I was a teenager or a kid. I'm constantly progressing - we all are - and I'm not meaning to preach here, but... when you feel lost, please just remember that there must be thousands, maybe millions, of people on this planet who feel the same way you do, and that we can't be lost because we are ALL in this universe together.

'All are one, one is all.' I think that mantra has kept me going all along. Good luck to all who have commented, will comment on, will read or have read this post. I have complete faith that your cause will find you, whatever it is. None of us are alone!

Brett, Peasant of Good,

Hi! I feel the same exact way! Seems like I'm not alone afterall..All the feelings I go through, I often wonder if anyone else experiences them..So you're definitely not alone..I don't feel like I belong here either! I always feel stuck and out of place.I wonder what and if I have a purpose and will it ever be fulfilled?? Sometimes I just yell wth am I doing here?! It gets frustrating and very overwhelming..I feel like I'm just getting by as well..It's quite sad but whatever!

Charlie, Accountant of Good,

Well it's three years ago, but I understand exactly what you went through. Or still are. It sucks is all I can say. Just have to deal with this life, right now I think we're living in hell and being judged, that's what I think about this life

Taylor, Clerk of the Rich,

I've made a Wikia,, where people like us can connect. Maybe we can make some sense out of all this together, and maybe we can help each other just get through life by relating. There aren't many people out there who get how we feel, and if we stick together, we could be a support system, you know? Who knows, maybe there are other people with the same flashbacks, with the same associations we feel to certain things.

Taylor, Clerk of the Rich,

It's kind of superb to find out that there are other people out there who feel kinda the same way I do - that there's this distant world out there meant for me, like I belong to a greater order of things not on this Earth. There's a German word - sehnsucht - meaning a yearning for a far-off, familiar, and non-earthly world (if you Wikipedia it, you'll find a description fitting what some of us feel!)

Ever since I can remember, I've had these little flashbacks, and I started logging them a while back. It's usually when I yawn, which is admittedly weird, but they're snatches of white somethings and the phrase "architect's daughter". When I get those feelings, they last for about a second - I'm not sure, I'm so caught up in the emotions that I don't really pay attention - but I feel this peace, this belonging, this sureness that this is where I'm supposed to be. I also have these dreams about red-orange canyons, and they always make me feel happy when I wake up. I never imagined other people would be able to relate... maybe we're all siblings or something, huh? Or related in some way?

Shiki, Thief of the Satisfied,
I have a similar feeling. i really do. i find it very stange.
Peyton, Druid of Justice,

Yeah. I call it 'the longing'. Most people don't feel that way. That feeling is a spiritual feeling. The somewhere else you want to be isn't a physical place. It's a place of awareness. Wherever you are, it's there too. It's where we come from, and where we belong. Most of the people who have responded in this thread were spiritual practitioners in other lives, and their practise in those lives gives them this sense of longing.

The reason you feel this way and most people don't is because a part of you is aware of that place, and you feel the connection, though you aren't fully aware of it, while they're oblivious. The veil of illusion over your mind is thinner, and you are able to sense through it. This gets into the nature of reality, life as illusion, consciousness and mind, spiritual paths, etc.

What should you do? Well, you could go find a cave in the Himalayas with an advanced teacher in it and study with him or her. Not very practical. Or you can polish your life right where you are. That will allow you to become more aware of that somewhere else. Occasionally in life, a chance occurs for you to be able to pursue that somewhere else. Or, as Shakespeare put it, "There is a tide in the affairs of men that, taken at the flood, leads on to victory. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is spent in shallows and in misery." When that chance comes, when the tide changes, you must grasp the opportunity with both hands. Polishing your life will allow you to do that.

Doing every action perfectly for its own sake is one way of polishing your life, right where you are. Perfectly not because you want something, for an outcome, only for the joy of doing it. Clearing the garbage of your past, losing attachment to the world around you, even as you function perfectly within it. Not to destroy the ego, to make it thin and resilient.

Here's another analogy. When was the last time you played in a sandbox? You stopped because it stopped being fulfilling, satisfying. You were ready to move up to playing on the ski slope, or surfing, or etc. For 99% of the people on the planet, they still love playing in the sandbox. You don't. You're waiting for your chance. The chance will come, be steadfast, and prepare while you are waiting.

Addison, Master of the Rich,

I agree that getting hands on building and making things and interacting in nature helps us feel connected to the earth - our home our's so easy to forget when you're sat at a computer .....but sometimes I'm confused where exactly on this earth I should be! .....I want to believe we each have a purpose that's significant however humble . The feeling of searching is that need to feel useful not I spend a lot of time waiting for signs....waiting....for something.....a lot of folk are oblivious to these sorts of feelings or at least they can bury their heads and often I think it must be easier being ignorant to the sensitivities of spiritual life....but there's no way to switch your head off once it's open hearted and trying to trust in my own experience ...that somehow ...maybe one day soon I will know and feel true peace x

Alice, Writer of the Satisfied,

I've felt like this since was a little kid. As a small child I remember looking up at the afternoon sky one day, on a very clear day, and something about it (the vastness and the sense of infinity) instantly moved me and filled me with the most deep emotions/feelings/thoughts I ever felt as if something inside me was awakened, or as if I suddenly remembered those feelings as if they were forgotten. Since that moment as I child I've felt like I've come from "somewhere else", like a different world, or perhaps from the "stars", and had some mission or purpose here, as if I'm here to help with something important, but I'm not sure what. Other posters commented that they felt they feel as if they are "waiting for something to happen, not necessarily catastrophic..." and I feel the same way. I don't feel depressed and I have a blessed life. I just have this deep rooted feeling that there is more to this world, this reality, than what is presented to us, almost as if there is a secret that someone or something knows, but I (or we) do not know.

Bobbie, Scout of Good,

I feel the same way. I think about some of the things we do as humans and it strikes me as if we are juvinnile in our development. Thinking about our sports, our entertainment, eating, going to the bathroom. It seems so weird to me.

Charlie, Shaman of the IT department,

I have also always felt, as far as I can remember, that I do not belong to this world, to this dimension... my soul longs for another place, a place I know to be my home... it is like my soul incarnated in this body by mistake - I was never supposed to be born on this earth. Something I have flashbacks of places, people, smells, sounds/music that belong not to this earth but to my real home.. when these flashbacks come to my conscious mind, I feel so happy, but they usually only last few seconds... I want to grab these short little moments and try to expand them, but it is like I have amnesia... very frustrating... I do not believe in reincarnation (maybe I should) but it really feels like I belong to the other side, and I just want to go back home...

Stevie, Deviant of the Financial Services department,

im really surprised , there are many people who feel just the way i am. i cant really explain this feeling either, its so complex . the feeling like youre not supposed to be here , but 'there' i dont know where, but this feeling turns out growing up stronger and stronger. maybe im crazy i dont know, or maybe i suffered some mental illness, im just not feeling like ME, i am typing with my hands , but it just doesnt feel so realistic. Like this is soemkind of dream, or comatose. or anyhting like that,.. somehow, i feel like i must do what THEY order me to. but idk whos them and i dont know whats the order. and .. most of all.. the real me is not who i am now. it just like a temporary body.. i remember the first time i ever felt like this was in my 4th grade while watching the rain falls, i kept thinking and thinking and it hit me till now. so complicated ,.. i still cant explain it with words, throbbing head, something is near, waiting.. they will approach us soon, something really bad is going to happen i dont know what. i just had this bad feeling , worse feeling ever.

Josh, Funeral Director of the craft table,

Just sat infront of my computer and felt like, there should be plenty of people who can relate to what I'm feeling. I haven't told anyone about this, in a way it feels so stupid. I've read most of the comments on this page, it's fascinating that so many people feel this way. One said something about few belongings and that made me think of what I feel many people are talking about today - that we want a change in how we see our lifes and that we believe in that change. For so long I've wanted to just move out to the forest and be able to live my life there. I also feel that I have some kind of, to me, unknonw purpose. That I, like I live my life today, will just be completely usless. Though some months ago, I discovered a similar thing to what one of u guys were talking about, meeting a person, or more, that you care about and you always know what to do with that persons feelings, or say to them or just watch over. I don't know. I'm still trying to figure out what I want my life to be like. I hope that I, along with everyone else with these kind of thoughts, find my "destiny" or way of life or whatever you could call it. And I hope u all find the stregnth to believe in urself.

Peyton, Funeral Director of Time,

I feel that way as well but dont know if im crazy

Max, Squire of the Forgotten Lands,

I don't think so?.. Maybe, I feel the same but I don't feel crazy!

Rex, Sniper of the Satisfied,

I have know idea whether this stuff is private or not and by private I mean going directly to the person with whom im replying to. Obviously anything you write on the internet can be seen, tracked, and or recorded...anyways I know the feeling...I feel like I have this much larger purpose that I can not do here...I feel like I can accomplish everything here and still thirst for more..I need to know more. I can't/won't stop here.

Dana, Sniper of Imagination,

Do you mean on this world? Heaven?? Do you mean you belong somewhere else as I feel the complete same!!

Stevie, Garçon of the Satisfied,

You should all find a project! Something to do with your time instead of thinking about such things! I don't think anybody really feels they belong anywhere - that's why films with happy endings always seem so idyllic... Anyway, I know the feeling of belonging to another era but there's not really anything that can be done about that so I suggest finding yourselves a project - something you can make with your hands. I believe the feeling of not belonging is because we are all becoming too disconnected with our primitive existence due to the overdevelopment of all modern technology. We aren't going to know how to do anything for ourselves!!!!!!

Harper, Druid of Arts and Crafts,

I understand

i understand what you mean ... i really do. sometimes i wonder why im even here or why i was born.i feel like my life in this world was not meant to be that i belong some where else and i don't mean another state or country i mean a different world....a world were there are people like me, people that get me. i know there are people in this world that love me and care about me but no one that understands me.

Stevie, Historian of the Financial Services department,

maybe we were meant to do something big but there are steps we need to take to get there???

Stevie, Historian of the Financial Services department,

i understand all u guys and sometimes when i see random things/places?people/dreams... i feel like im meant to be there or with them i feel like im in my relm/attribute like it will be a big part of my life someday beginning middle or end i dont know but i feel its comming

Ash, Curator of Musclebeasts,

I get you, I really do! As long as I can remember I have been unhappy in this world, unhappy with my life in it. I've always hoped that there is more for me!

What's the answer?.

Stevie, CTO of Musclebeasts,
Its funny how I wanted to look this up just for the small chance there may be someone who feels the same way I do. The main thing Ive learned throughout my life so far is that humans are more alike than we tend to think we are. Im 19 by the way. Anyway, I always feel like I need to go somewhere too. Like there is someone or something waiting for me. Ive written about it in poems even when I was younger. Ive felt this way for as long as I can remember. At times it gets so intense, I feel like someone or something needs me so badly that I leave my house and just walk around or go jogging like im asking them (or it) to tell me where they are. What they want. Im always looking at the end of roads and saying to myself I wish I could just go. I dont know why. I wont lie, I get depressed, but its not because I am sad that I feel like I need to go somewhere, it just happens. I wonder what a psychologist would think about these related thoughts we are having. I am spiritual so when I get the feeling very intensely I feel like its someone who may need help. I dont know, its really interesting though.
Taylor, Author of the Wicked,

I get that way all the time its like a feeling come down on me like I don't suppose to be here but I don't know where to go I've everywhere trying to c if that where I need to be I hate feeling like this

Ash, Curator of Musclebeasts,

I responded on the 4th of July, my name is Stewart. What does it mean for us? Do we belong else where? A place to feel normal, special?? I hope one day that I can feel like I belong somewhere.

Addison, Magician of the Satisfied,

yes all the time i often feel like the life i live now is not my own that i am supposed to be somewhere else an yes i feel like ill drive myself crazy too. too many thoughts going through my head all the time things that others just don't really relate too if i ever asked them. i always thought i was crazy or something.

Rex, Priest of Musclebeasts,

Yes, I have. Ever since I was a child. I've been unhappy most of my life, it's like..You're rejected. When I watch movies or read books like Lord of the Rings, Eragon or others, I just feel like a place like that, is what is right for me. Another place, another time, another dimension..

I strongly believe I wont get peace before I can feel at home somewhere.

Blaine, Ninja of the Hungry,

I have googled how I am feeling and this is the first post I came across. I have been unhappy all my life, some times I feel better but the majority of the time I feel lost! I wish I belonged to a place where I had meaning, felt like I was important.. I always let my imagination run away with me and hope one day I will feel complete, feel whole!

I have wonderful friends, family and partner but still why dont I feel happy? I am sorry to ramble on but what can be done?

Keep your chin up and I hope one day, life for all of us will work out the way we hope!

Take care all!

Samantha, Administrator of Wild Parties,
Yes, & it depressing tryin to figure what to do about it because you always feel stuck and sometimes abandoned. You feel that you can only think it because you cant quite put it into words. At times you feel hurt and confused when you see others with even a piece of where you think you should be but are still where you are are not alone in this feeling...and i dont do drugs or drink so therefore....there is no escape from this feeling.....:(
Dakota, Druid of the Idealistic,
          without reading the rest of the post and only just reading yours. i had to comment. YES i feel the same as you. every time i look at the stars. i think when i die i'll miss those most. yes this life feels wrong. has for too long.
Ash, Elementalist of the Satisfied,

I feel like this every day. I googled this feeling g and came across your post. I feel like I need to explore my thoughts. In an effort for discovery. Dont know. But will persist.

Dana, Observer of Generosity,

im so glad im not alone.... what would the doctors say?????? [filtered hyperlink]

Ash, Elementalist of the Satisfied,

Since I was a teen, have felt like I belong in a diff era. But what do u do about it?

Dakota, Druid of the Idealistic,

last post was meant for you.

              you sound interesting. looking for life beyond here but not in the 'Godly' manner. (lol "thank god" maybe god jokes are a bit much for you atm.)

(you can tell its the same poster by the design they give you. they say its total anon but link to a post n you show up over n over.) ( they lie not TOTALLY they're fault)

just some thing i noticed.

Dakota, Druid of the Idealistic,


  kill yourself, what? the past is the past. sucks i was born at the wrong time too. shit i was born on the wrong fucking planet and fucking time.

kill myself. hoping my 7 minutes of infinity is all i dreamed.

we are damned to look back upon a time we once should have lived.

Ari, Pope of the Idealistic,
Dont feel alone! I have felt this way for years now. Kind of like a hopeless i serve no purpose. I have only been able to explain it as ...i feel like im really just waiting around to die. Its really odd and my friends and family now think im suicidal. Not sure how to fix the way i feel so i have just lived it the best i can.
Frankie, Janitor of Light,

then y do i feel like this. its like i'm a complete outcast. even at home

Addison, Travel Agent of Arts and Crafts,
I'm sure there's different types of people here, with different tunings and missions which explains why most of the people just dream of having a safe and a long life. Like in our human orgamism, there's worker cells, like red blood cells, serving oxygen to other cells and some, like T-cells, waiting for an intruder alert and  then waking up to fight a virus.  That's how I feel: like I'm here for a mission and I'm just not yet aware of what that mission is. The normal life cycle just doesnt make sense to me, it's like there's no point to it at all. And as this world seems to be upside down anyway, it makes things worse. People are like living dead, obeying every ridiculous rule that corrupt goverments as puppets create, filling days with work to chase a dream that the media industry got them searching for. Rich exploiting poor countries and the middle class too afraid for their family's future to say (see) anything. Everyone full of fear, better to follow opinions of others just in case. I've always been on the "winners" side, never lacking anything, having a safe childhood, good education and a career. Maybe it is because of that, that I've been able to travel the world, to see all the problems with my own eyes. If this world really is where I should be, that's the only logical explanation to it: that like a sleeper cell, my mission is yet to be found out. Otherwise I'm really worried that I might be in a coma, laying on some hospital bed, not able to return to my body. Like a dream that's hard to wake up from. Think of it by combining movies Inception and Avatar.  What is the matrix?    
Samantha, Historian of Arts and Crafts,
hi there i feel exactly the same. some days more than others. dont know what to say man... but i think its a form of depression. im also a big surrealism fan, and very emotional, so i guess that doesnt help. its like lifes boring.
Addison, Carpenter of the craft table,
I feel the same way :)
Ari, Ranger of the Homeless,
I do feel the same thing. Since I was a kid, before I go to sleep I often look outside my window and stare at the view of lights miles away from my house. Thinking I should be somewhere else. Now, I still experience or feel something is not right. I need to be somewhere or I need to do something. I can't really explain it, I'm also not good with words but I don't know if I feel empty, depressed. I feel I don't belong here. I feel not complete. I feel something is holding me back and the more I stay here, the more I feel trap and unhappy. For a normal person, my life is alright. Loving family, loving girlfriend we have problems, yes, but don't we all have. I shouldn't ask more. I shouldn't feel this way. I just really feel that I need to go that I can't stay. 
Brett, CEO of Justice,

you described exactly what i did when i was still in school and exactly how i would describe what i have been going through. Have you found an answer?

Yoko, Gunner of Time,

Exactly....I'm so glad someone else feels this way. I don't know what to do.

Charlie, Peasant of the Forgotten Lands,
I Feel A Lot Like You. When I Was 8, I Moved from My Homecountry To The U.S. At First,I Didnt Feel At Home,I Had To Learn The Language,etc. A few Months ago,I Moved Back To My Homeland. I Thought I Was Gonna Feel At Home..But It Aint the Case. I Dont Belong Here,This  Place Isnt Meant For me, I Wasnt Made For This Land. I Think I Belong In America. When I Close My Eyes,I Hear My Friends Voices. I Can Imagine My Old House Perfectly. I Have A Boig House Now,But I Would Trade It For My Old One Right Away. I Go To A Private School,In Fact The Best One In Town,But Believe Me,I Would Trade it For My American ISD One Right Away. I Dont Wanna Live Another Day. Dusk Makes Me Tired And Dawn Makes Me Wanna Cry. I Live Fed By My Memories O My Old Life. If I Were To Forget Them. I Would Die. I Feel Like A Ghost,I Dont Belong here,I Was Created For Other Place. Every Night,I Look Out The WIndow. And Even Though the Scene Is Beautiful,I Wanna Throw Up. Every Second Living Here Its Like Losing A Lil Bit Of Oxygen,I Hate The Schoo,,Even Though Im Considered Cool And Have Many Friends, I Hate It. Just Hearing its Name. I Hate My Life Here,Im A Ghost, Im A Human In The Moon,I Dont Belong Here
Brett, Necromancer of Good,
I think I know exactly how you feel. I don't believe I belong here. I'm not depressed and I'm not a teenager going through some angsty stage. I just genuinely feel as though this planet/plane of existence/ reality or whatever you want to call it is not where I am meant to be.    I get feelings of anxiety about the world as though something is about to happen. I don't mean all that 2012 stuff. I don't really know what I mean, I just get a feeling something is about to change. I've felt like this since I can remember. It's very confusing.  Does this sound familiar to you at all? 
Frankie, Manager of Time,
YES, as early as I can remember anything in my life!
Bobbie, Chronographer of the craft table,

Neurologist Say This Is Not Happens For Normal People... Something Dreamatic

Yes , i am at the extreme level of this ,

Sometimes , Everything At My Place Seems Very New , My Actions Are Strange To Myself...

I Have Day Dreamed A Lot From My Childhood...

Also , I Have Many Real Dreams And Most Unbelievable Nightmares ,

I Still Remember Those Nightmares And Night Dreams...

I Can Say , Our Dreams And Nightmares Have Some Connection To This

Type Of Sense... But I Surely Believe That , This Sense Is Strange To


Recently I Visited A Neurologist And Explained Him All My Daily Happenings , And Also I Had Some Burning On My Back Of Head For Few Weeks...

He Said , This Type Of Sense (Somewhere else & Everything Seems New)

Is Never Comes To Ordinary People.... He Said Me To Take A EEG Scan For

Head Burning Sensation.

But I Wanted To Continue Until Everything Is Alright...

I Hope We (Strange People) Have Some Key To Unlock Human


Thanks & Regards

வெங்கி தமிழன் (Venky Thamizhan)

Adrian, Breeder of Wild Parties,
Ok, im very new to this but i almost feel like crying when im reading im not the only one feeling this, for the past year i have been experiencing this every minute of my life, im out of place, im confuis but at the same time is very .*VERY* scary because im not only having all the same symptoms but im also able to lear stuff faster than others and beleive or not i can almost swear im able to read people's toughts... Scary stuff but just be prepared because someting is gotta to be coming... Love is the key,,, love you human brother, love the bird that signs to you, love you garden, love. love. love... That will open the door, and as for the paing behind the nexck and also my arms getting hot is now getting less ans less everyday, Please someone respond to me and lets share experinces, i beleive we should grow toguether.... Rudy
Ari, Pirate of the craft table,

Im literally crying rn because people actually know what im feeling and can actually relate to me. I still dont know what this feeling is and im scared to be by myself because i always dwell more on it

Frankie, Shepherd of Justice,

Rudy, I need to talk to you. I don't have answers, but I have similar questions. Maybe you can help me understand. -stargazer

Blaine, Shadow of Justice,

I really relate to what you have just said.

Max, Author of Light,

wow this is exactly how I feel. It's not all the time, usually it happens when I'm by myself. I get random sensations out of no where. And then i get a nervous gut feeling and I feel all tense, like something is about to happen. Every noise I hear makes me feel edgy. Weird stuff. Maybe we're connected with another planet or something haha.

Ari, Pirate of the craft table,

Omg yes i get this feeling ALL the time and i dont know why.its like im supposed to be somewhere else

Ari, Carpenter of Imagination,

This is exactly how I'm feeling for a long time. That something big is about to happen. Not like an armageddon, judgement day kind of stuff, but rather, a massive change in human consciousness, financial system, etc.

I'm not a teenager anymore, I own my own business, I get by, I'm in my mid 30s. However, when I wake up in the mornings, I feel like this is just another day to live until that thing happens. Perhapd it's not even a change in the world itself, but a change within my "self".

Lately, I've lost interest in physical things, and financial ambitions. The stuff I own my life started to bother me, and frequently I go into vacuum binges where literally everything I grab a hold of either gets trashed, freecycled, or donated to a charity. Everywhere I look in my life I see stuff. And more stuff. And more stuff.

I feel I wanna be like the guy in 2150 AD, with no owned possessions other than a piece of high-tech clothing. I feel like only had I been brave enough to let go of everything, the universe would take care of me in such good ways unknown to me.

Well...there are tons of things I feel like...

Addison, Magician of the Satisfied,

yes i do too.i had reoccurring dreams throughout my life of a change taking place and i always had feelings of such as well i really can't explain it

Andy, Templar of Justice,
I feel like that all the time. Just enjoy yourself...because...thats all you really can do
Stevie, Patriarch of the IT department,
I know how you feel. I often feel the same way. But I realized something a long time ago, everyone has a purpose. The challenge that is life is finding who it is. Your reason for waking up and breathing. It doesn't have to be a lover or spouse it can be anyone. A best friend a child a parent a sibling or all of the above. You'll feel comfortable in this world once you've found someone like that. I used to feel like you all the time and sometimes I do now but I found someone. Whenever I'm with this kid I know what I'm doing I know where I'm going and why I'm going there. I know what to say I know what to do and yeah it's overwhelming but I'd be lying if I said this kid was nothing to me cause the truth is they're everything. I feel lost when this kid isn't by my side I feel just like you do. Don't give up! Like I said it can be anyone.
Dakota, Priest of the Poor,
somewhere else i feel the same way.... i'm 20 but i feel older when i go to the place where i work. this feeling of being where i am not supposed to be began when i started college... now, when i think about it... getting up every single day is a real pain... i feel like i always carry needles inside me and i everyday, when i look at the horizon, i feel like i'm being drawn there... but i can't go because there are people who need me where i am today.... when i think about it... i feel so depressed that i feel like crying...
Rex, Sous Chef of the Financial Services department,

Me to man me too