Would you be here if you had one?

I've never been in love. :( I'm 19 and I've had one boyfriend, it lasted two months because I didn't want to be with him anymore. My thing is; when will I get that feeling? that warm, on top of the world, toes in the sand, amazing feeling.. and how the hell am i going to know if it's love? i'm told i'll just know, but honestly.. how? i'm scared I'll never find the one, and that i could be alone forever. All anyone really wants is to love and be loved, so why is it so hard to let our feelings out and put into the game what we want out of it, i need to put my heart on the line in order to fall in love, aND THAT terrifies me..
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Brett, Peasant of the Poor,
just sumbled across this... let me just holy crap your only 19!!! Forget about falling in love and just have fun, meet new people, make new friends. Don't jump into a relationship just because you don't wanna be alone!!! When you fall in love I'll tell you 2 things: 1. you will meet him/her when your not even looking or least expect it and...    2. you will really "just know". I know from personal experience every body told me that too I finally said screw it and just gave up, I started making friends male and female, people from different age groups, different backrounds I moved to different city and literally as I was moving in my new neighbor's friend asked me if I needed a hand a few weeks later and on the second date with him I "just new" I was 24 years old and was not by any means looking.Good Luck and Have Fun!!!
Yoko, Manager of Generosity,
maybe you're a lesbian. :)
Max, Patriarch of the Satisfied,
I too just stumbled upon this. I was thinking about the quote from it takes two (the world series one).  I am sitting on the couch, alone and crying right now haha. Of course, about a boy.  I too am 19 and word for word feel exactly how you are feeling I've only ever been with one guy.  He wanted to be friends with benefits and I said it was okay with it, only because I really do like him and I felt like something might actually come out of it.  We did it for two months and I finally stopped lying to myself.  I not that kind of girl and I would be the one to get hurt in the end.  To be honest, I am no effing clue how to find love, when I'll know if it's love or wherer to even meet people anymore.  I know nothing I've said helps you one bit but just know, there is at least one person feeling exactly like you do, and I'm sure it's just a matter of time before we both find whatever it is we're looking for. stay sweet. - p