Would you be here if you had one?

I am so fucking sick of everyone kissing the fucking illegals asses. They come over here not seeking a better life but to steal our cars, do home invasions while people are still in thier houses, and do drug runs. They steal identities of people, they do some of the worst crimes imaginable then flee to Mexico. If they wanted to be "American" they wouldn't be so GD proud of being from Mexico, if your so proud of it stay there MOTHER FUCKERS. I am so fucking sick of peoples unfound unfound unfound racism against blacks. They were kidnapped, raped, and murdered for decades upon decades and fucking proud ass white mother fuckers find it funny to be racist against them for the way they look!  If you must be racist do it against fucking illegal bitches. It's so fucking obvious whos illegal, first giveaway, they can't spick english, they are about 5 feet tall fully grown, and they fucking stink. If any of them ever break into my house with me home or try to steal from me I will cause some fucking physical harm and laugh doing it. I wish I could go to a local prison, ask to see an illegal, take them into a room and beat the fuck out of them. Give them a prison pounding so to speak. I am so sick of their fucking "If it dosen't pertain to me attitude". Watch out you fucking illegals with your careless driving, if you hit into me I will get out of my vehicle and give you a beating to remember, you know the way Mexican men beat thier wives. I won't get in trouble unless you want to go to the cops and get your illegal stinky ass deported.
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Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

You are the only person I know who has trouble with them. That means the problem lies with you.

Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

Are you sick of the treasonous man you made leader of the free world. I will hold you personally responsible for everything he does to this country, which he plans to hand over to his buddy Putin.

You will never see your precious wall. Trump will be sent away for a long time. If you don't want prison time, I suggest you pack up your things and leave this country. You are no longer welcome here. Traitor.

Tell Putin I said, "hello."

Stevie, Author of Good,

How dare you say such an ignorant thing!!! You are obviously an ignorant person. I'm 95% sure you have no college education! I am a Mexican/American! I have Iived in the United States my entire life! As a matter of fact, my grandparents and great grandparents on both sides are LEGAL citizens of this country!!!! It's ignorant people like YOU, who need to get a "real" history lesson! I'd like to remind you, that the Native Americans were the original people in this country. The English came over here and pushed them out, lied to them, killed them and took their land! Who the hell do the English think they are to raid and rape the original people of their land!!! YOU, I'm SURE are to stupid to even know the TRUE history of this country!! It's dumb, ignorant people like YOU that need to leave this country!!! Your an insult and disgrace to the human race!

Ari, Pirate of the Irredeemably Moist,

LOL... racism against blacks? Please give one example in 2016.....fucking dumbass bitch

Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

You don't have to go far. There are plenty examples on Fearlessblogging. Just look.

Kadnyce, Cleric of Good,

hey buddy i'm with you all the way but as long as omaggot is in power illegals are getting away with everything that's why we need your support for donald trump, period!

Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

Really? The Russians are breaking into our servers and you are worried that some Mexican will get a job picking lettuce that no American wants?

Stevie, Author of Good,

You are a dumb ass!!!!

Stevie, Author of Good,

You are all so incredibly dumb, it's painful!

Brett, Soldier of the Homeless,

hey brother i'm with you all the way, these fucking worthless piece of shit illegals are infesting america and our odumbshit is allowing it for he's a traitor, communist, racist, and top of the line asshole. he's the worst president of all time for he's so determined to destroy america with his liberal shit agenda it's killing him to get it done well we need to get that worthless asshole out of white house. i lived with these filthy, stinking, smelly, dirty, uneducated, stupid, asshole, garbage mexicans and they are all so incredibly stupid and ignorant and all they want is a free ride on out tails, FUCK THEM! they come to my front door at least once weekly and i tell them get the hell off my property or i call immigration your fucking asshole, when they see me on my phone calling they fly fast.

odumbshit must be kicked out of white house period!. he's the most idiotic president in history. I CAN'T STAND HIM.

Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

You aren't getting your wall.

Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

Oh lookie here. Another traitorous Trump supporter. I think you would be more comfortable in Russia since you love dictators and hate Mexicans. I will help you pack.

Stevie, Author of Good,

Your the dumb ass!!! These people are willing to work for practically nothing just to send money back to their families!!! They can't help the fact that they were born in a poor, corrupt country!! If you had children that were starving, I'm sure that you would risk your life too, to save your family!!! Oh no, not an idiot like YOU!!! No,you would be to selfish to do such a discracefull thing!! Most of these people ARE NOT drug cartels, in spite of YOUR STUPID, IGNORANT beliefs. And a lot of Americans, black people mostly, live on welfare and would NEVER consider doing the hard work these "illegals"do!!! Yet, they feel free to sit back and collect their welfare checks, which WE pay for!! Oh, probably not YOU! Because your either a fat, white loser, or a lazy black person!!!! I would bet my life on it. Your a LOSER!!! And YOU want to find a group of people to take your "loser" mentality out on!!!

Dakota, Pope of Generosity,

I completely agree with you about this subject and illegals in America. Bottom line way to many collecting and are undeserving to recieve a dime . It's unfortunate that tommy have slipped into the county work force system where they are able to get benefits for everyone of their family members who cross the border. Black people really need to stop blaming whites for everything bad that happens to th em. Seriously not every white person on earth had or is responsible for slavery!! Get over it the war was fought anyone who had a slave is dead! The only reason I think about it is because blacks keep raising this issue we got it already blacks wee slaves over 75 years ago and anyone young or middle has nothing to bitch about today they never experienced slavery. I worked twenty years where I was the only white person, was it easy no there's was people speaking three different languages around me did I let it bring me down? Did I feel alone or discrinated against? Yes but guess what ? I continued to do my job and persuvere no matter how much they talked abouts behind my back or belittle me. As far as Mexicans I to agree I'm sick of th thinking they shouldn't learn how to speak English and they have some kind of right to demand everything be written in their language. It's so lazy and ignorant English is the Universal language! I work with a Vietnese guy when I first met him over twenty years ago barely spoke Emglish today he speaks and understand it why is it the Mexicans can't it just makes th look stupider and disrespectful towards America and towards all people who have migrated here and wereore them happy to learn the English language. We need to stop this ridiculous pandering to this incompetence and laziness they display for English language. Blacks should be more upset withexucans for coming to US and taking jobs and I don't mean milking a cow' warehouse jobs construction jobs factory jobs these were at one time great paying jobs untiol illegals ceme and took less pay and screwed up the economy and so many American jobs even Costco had warehouses full of Mexicans they don't work th full time and only make 12 dollars an hour can't live in this thanks to so many Mexicans we have traversed backwards it's really dispicable and let the government know we Americans are sick and tired of it oh not to mention the diseases they are bringing in and back so dirty

Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

The Russians are breaking into our servers and you are worried that some Mexican will get a job picking lettuce that no American wants?

Josh, Knight of the Wicked,

I agree with you!! In Texas, not only do they take our jobs, but then you have to be bilingual to even get one here anymore! It affects all socioeconomic levels. Not fair. They've upset our whole way of life... Illegally. Stole my furniture, too.

Stevie, Author of Good,

And what do you do for a living? Your one of those "phony" idiots that pretends to like the Mexicans to their faces and then backstab them!! They are willing to work for dirt cheap because laxy Americans won't work such jobs!!! Yet, they are willing to collect their welfare checks which I pay for!!! Where is the fucking justice in that?? Stupid ass!

Adrian, Samurai of Evil,

Pro or con,all illegals are criminals.........Shut the f--k up hispanics

Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

Russians are breaking into our servers and all you care about are lettuce pickers? While people like you pick their noses, Putin will take over.

Stevie, Author of Good,

You shut the fuck up!! This is " suppose" to be the melting pot! The land of opportunity! Just because your a WASP, which I'm betting you are to stupid to even know what that means!!! If you happen to be I'd like to teach your ignorant ass a little history! The Native Americans, otherwise known as the Indians. They have lived here their entire lives!!! The arrogant English came over and took their land from them!!! They lied and killed for this country that truly wasn't theirs!!! So, who the hell for you think you are to make such an ignorant statement? Your a dumbass!!!

Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

He's probably not a WASP. He is probably Scots-Irish-American and is insecure about it. His insecurity causes him to bully Hispanics. He needs psychotherapy.

Adrian, Samurai of Evil,

Illegals in 2011 cost americans 338 billion in infrastructure alone,there fuck you attitude leaves me to think its time to thin the herd.F--k Mexicans

Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

Illegals aren't the enemy. It's Putin.

Max, Sheriff of Justice,



Ash, Janitor of Wild Parties,

This is America not Mexico...... we don't give a shit about your culture, in America we are proud of being Americans not Mexicans, if you are so proud of your Country go live in it, but don't come here because your country sucks and tell us how your country is so great. don't come here illegally and break more law and lie to collect benefits from the American Government (The American people). that is enough we are tired of you feeding on our hard working American tax payers, we know you game bringing you family to collect SSI benefits and Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps. stop you lying sheeting steeling games.

Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

Dude, small potatoes when you have Putin to worry about.

Stevie, Author of Good,

Hey dumb ass JANITOR, you should work hard on cleaning your toilets because obviously you can't get rid of the shit!! You are to ignorant to even post a damn thing on any media! Do you realize how many people that live in this country are from other countries, not just Mexico? This is a melting pot! And this country isn't even the Englishs as much as they claim!!!! It was the Native Americans, known as the Indians!! Something tells me that I had to explain that to your ignorant person. The English or so called "founding fathers" stole the land from the Indians. They lied and cheated them, that is how "America" started on a hand full of LIES!!!!! So shut the fuck up! Your to stupid to voice your opinion!!!! You deserve ZERO respect!!!!

Stevie, Author of Good,

You are as stupid as your post. You obviously have no formal education. You probably didn't even graduate from high school! I'm right, right? Why don't you do some research and see why these Mexicans keep desiring to come to the United States! Probably their dream, is the same as everyone living here!!! The "land of opportunity!" They can't help the fact that they were born in a poor, corrupt country! They just want to provide a better way of life for their families too!!! I don't know why it takes so long for them to get a citizenship, so they come without one but I know they just want to feed their families!!! Would you not do the same for your family if you were in that position??? How selfish and self consumed you are, may Gos have mercy on your selfish soul!

Stevie, Rockstar of Musclebeasts,

Well, i agree with you. Rather sick of them myself.

Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

Yawn! Putin's taking over and you are squabbling about illegals. His plan is working.

Addison, Garçon of the Forgotten Lands,

Yes. Illegal mexicans tend to be lazy, criminal minded, and sloppy. I find it funny how the media portrays them as a "hard working" people, when they all know they can come live here off of my tax dollars for free.

Their latest scam, getting an ITIN and claiming unlimited dependants to gain OUR tax dollars.

They are dishonest. All ignorance aside, they are ruining our country. It's really sad, but all the bitching in the world will not change it. The illegals are here to stay. The US government is too chicken to do anything about them.

One day, it will be up to the US citizens to take this country back. You know what that's called? WAR. It will be an all out "civil" war.

Americans will win, by the way. Why? Because it's our Country, not yours. We'll fight hard for it.

Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

No, you voted for Putin's puppet. You turned you back on America when you did that. You bought into the whole illegal alien thing and probably think Trump really plans to build the wall.

You really should read Machiavelli's The Prince and Orwell's 1984 if you want to know how power works.

While you are busy worrying about illegal immigrants, the Russians take over. Wake up!

Stevie, Author of Good,

Your an idiot!!! They are the hardest working people I've ever known and honest!!! You are obviously an uneducated, dumb ass!!!!

Peyton, Keeper of the Forgotten Lands,
yeah! we really fucked the blacks! lol! wat yhe hell would they hav if they were not here? nothin ! they would be worse than mexicans,a black never commited a crime,and not one proud white has ever been raped,merdered,or kidnapped! lol idiot! go back too africa nigger! fuckin punk as bitch!
Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

Did your mommy forget to feed you?

Ari, Pirate of the Irredeemably Moist,

"Like" for the truth... this boy needs some education beyond his shitfaced granny reliving the 60s

Alice, Maiden of Space,

all male Mexicans should be hung and all Mexican women raped and turned into sex slaves for white men.

Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

You look Mexican to me. Let's start with you.

Peyton, Keeper of the Forgotten Lands,
go play blacksket ball in africa
Blaine, Archaeologist of the Irredeemably Moist,
The problem is they have representation without taxation.  They need to go or become citizens and pay into our system.  I resent the anchor babies I see tooted around, six in a buggy, and think I paid for that, they didn't.  No, I do not want to pay for their college either dump the Dream act.  Pay in then you canm reap the rewards.  If there are any left fron the previous illegals.
Frankie, Knight of Musclebeasts,
u need to hold up cuz we do come here for a better life and not everybodys the same so shutup u little rasist person and get a life and when u ask y we can fight so good u no y
Stevie, Architect of the Lonely,
YEA...BRO I'M SOOO WITH YOU BUT THE    G  O  V   makes tooo much off of them every hour of every day
Max, Counselor of Darkness,
I know how you feel
Kadnyce, Peasant of Darkness,
I think you haven't even seen an illegal mexican before, I think you mean to talk about the mexican-americans who seem to be proud of a country they have never visited in their lives. If you knew real mexicans from mexico you'd find out there aren't many differences between them and the rest of the world. America treats minorities really bad and their only way of "expressing" themselves is through delinquency (check history if you like, african-americans, irish-americans, italian-americans, german-americans)
Peyton, Keeper of the Forgotten Lands,
yeah! american means here legal,no matter ur race,a real mexican is one that stays in their own country and trys to better that country, if their proud of the u.s. than why do they protest here with mexican flags ,work under the table,n send the tax free money back to their country?
Aubrey, CEO of the Unimaginable Terror,

If they are illegal, they have to be paid under the table. Don't ever hire any illegals dude. You would probably generate W-2s for them. You'd end up in jail for hiring illegals and being stupid enough to tell the IRS.

Kadnyce, Author of the Lonely,
i hear ya these greasers gotta go,they rape our benefits,our daughters,dont assimilate worth a damn and worst of all they may be used by some liberal scumbag oneday as voters but if it ever gets that bad i'll be the guy u hear about on the news,indiscriminutely butchering politicians. mebbe if u losers actually tried things would be different for you,however you tried to rape my sister,stole my stationwagon{4 ure family of 50} and  sold me some bunk ass weed with a bad attitude.not to mention the hospitals in my areas closing b/c of forced gov't handouts to these horrible people. im sick of your whining your indegenious or indian offspring and we stole the land,u know thats treason in my book,just like when you scumbag illegals have your bullshit rallys calling us racists like the inbred scum you are.  i have hispanic friends and they are with me in saying f'ck mexico and any1 who invades here,they dont want illegals here any more than i do. so you brown assed river crossing,50 living under 1 apt. roof,i'll take a dimebag,other than that shut the fuk up!
Addison, CTO of Darkness,
I just went through six months of hell with an illegal mexican...the lies and the lies and the more lies for sex and money. He is sending all his money home while fucking me and telling me he has no feelings for me. I have never been treated so badly in my entire life. If I could I would have someone beat the living hell out of him. What a peice of shit...or should I say shit for brains. So fucking charming and the like. Fucked me for three days said he wanted he job back and just wanted to be friends...NEVER HAVE I MET A MORE TRASHY PERSON IN MY LIFE....I HOPE HE GETS DEPORTED AND EATS SHIT THE REST OF HIS LIFE
Ash, Real Estate Agent of the Unimaginable Terror,
I agree that the author is racist and ignorant, but isn't this site about blogging what you dare not speak in polite society? Maybe if he can get rid of his bile on these pages, it won't run over into violence against socienty. Perhaps if he (she, possible, but I doubt it) can rant and rave within these pages with no remonstrations, then he won't freak out and bow away 32 students at V tech, or 13 kids in Columbine or 8 people in Trolley square. As ignorant as some of the posts sometimes sounds, isn't there ever a small part of you that agrees with the sentiment behind it? I am sick of people who come here illegially feeling like they are owed something once they arrive. Do all illegal immigrants act and feel that way? No. Some are eternally grateful for an opportunity to earn money to send home and will do any job that you pay them for. And I am talking about all nationalities, not just Mexicans or South Americans. I am tired of paying taxes for healthcare and welfare for people who do not legally have a right to be here. I think if you hop in that boat of swim that river or pay that cyote, you should have to take your chances. I think that you should not be able to panhandle or receive unemployment or welfare. I think that you should not be able to claim anyone that you are supporting in your home country on your taxes. I think that you should work hard and prove yourself. I don't have the perfect answer for deporting all of the illegal immigrants because if we did, our society would truly fall apart. There are just too many now. Too many cleaning crews, painters, fast food workers, healthcare employees, migrant farm laborers. The lower echelons of our society is awash in undocumented aliens from all over the world. The very foundation of the caste system of America (which does unfortunately exist) is built upon these stones, a large portion of which are illegals. Remove those stones completely from the foundation and what will happen? I share the author's frustration with the system as it stands. As narrow- minded as his rantings sound, they may just be a knee- jerk response to a failing economic and political society where nobody wins any longer. Perhaps we will one day in the future, be able to talk about a revolution without fear. It's certainly long overdue.
Max, Barbarian of Generosity,
....And please support the bill HR 1940 which will deny citizenship to anchor babies, an important first step...
Max, Historian of the Idealistic,
The author was not expressing frustration with "the system", he was stereotyping and expressing hatred for an entire nationality of people, some of whom are not even the stated nationality.  And I have as much of a right to respond to his bile as he has to spew it. I did not express an opinion about "the system", admittedly flawed though it may be.  I was standing up to racism.  Period.
Andy, Merchant of the Hungry,
no he was not expressing hatred towards an entire nationality. Just a section of a nationality. A section of a natioality that is only here illegally.    
Dakota, CTO of Evil,
Wtf...this thread is like 3 months, get a life!
Josh, Security Guard of Light,
Not wanting undocumented Mexicans is not racist. I do not want illegals here period. And yes, being sick of everyone kissing the asses of illegals does speak directly to the flawed system. The companies that hire these people are just as wrong and should be held accountable. I do not hate people because of what race they are, just the ILLEGAL Mexicans. Before you judge what someone says, do your own research and look up Illegal Immigration on the web. To the other comment, I did not change my story I did mean to spell it "Spick". I did this because "illegals" rarely speak ANY English. I am not racist against Latinos just ILLEGAL ones. Seriously people, do research on the vast negative impact this issue has on our society! Learn what racism means before you put that label on someone. Racist would be if I hated ALL Mexican people. I also hate the KKK does this mean I am racist against whites too. Then I guess that would mean I am racist against myself. Let me just call my mother and tell her I am racist against her.
Andy, Druid of Imagination,
wow,alot of opinions for one blog!check this out.about twelve months ago.a mother of two boys,7 & 14 years of age,befriended a young mexican man.he boarded with day he beat the two boys to death with a hammer.HE CAME HERE ILLEGALLY.  not that one of our own could not do something like that,as todays world is getting rather hairy.but it is obvious,there should be concern for boarder security.our government should charge health care back to the mexican government though that NAFTA that is in the tax payers we should demand that of our elected officials.
Andy, Rockstar of Imagination,
Oh, do you really want a more thorough editing of your poor English?  Okay, enjoy looking like an idiot - In order of your mistakes - It's "illegal's", not "illegals" It's "their", not "thier" It's "you're", not "your" If you must say "peoples" in that context, it should be "people's", but that is grammatically incorrect Next, you have a run-on sentence. When you write numbers, you should write them out unless they are 100 or over.  It should say, "...they are about five feet tall...". It's "doesn't", not "dosen't" Next, you have another run-on sentence which contains the misspelling "thier" instead of "their" again. Are you going to try to say all of that was on purpose?  If so, I don't get the point. I won't even engage you on the utter ignorant nonsense your post contains, ass.
Alice, Clown of Light,
You stupid fucking idiot. You fucking mexican loving turd! You can go down to Mexico with the rest of those fucking wet backs you hear me bitch. Ill fucking gun you down you fucking liberal cunt!  
Alice, Devourer of Good,

i just want to tell you these stupid ass motherfucker hide hide motherfucker cause one of these days you will be found by a bunch of those 5 feet stinky lazy Mexican's and they will rape,beat and take the shit out of your ass and then you will ask your self why do you have a big mouth.

                                                                                                ADIOS AMIGO 


Andy, Wench of the craft table,
go fuck yourself i hope your wife or daughters our yourself if your female get home invaded and fucking raped by these greasy spic fucksyou stupid fucking idiot
Ari, Sommelier of the Rich,
"Illegal's" is a contraction and as such means literally "Illegal is" and denotes ownership, but good try. The correct way to spell it out would have been " Illegals' ", but this also denotes ownership which is not what the author intended. The same applies to your incorrect correction of the use of "people's". Kudos on using spelling mistakes to fluff your reply out though. It shows a real commitment to not knowing much but creating a facade of intelligence. Thumbs up douchebag.
Josh, Guardian of the Homeless,
I can tell you have never had to live among them.
Josh, Security Guard of Light,
This site is about blogging your thoughts, not correcting errors. That's all you have to reply because you know the content is true for about 90% of undocumented Mexicans.
Stevie, Templar of Darkness,
Folks, let us do what we can to support the new bill, HR1940 that does away with citizenship for anchor babiesm This is an important step in removing incentives for illegals!
Ari, Hero of the Lonely,
Thank God not everyone replying to his post is a bleeding heart liberal.  There are 20 million illegal aliens in this country, 90% of them being from Mexico.  It costs taxpayers (working people, that is...) BILLIONS in taxpayer dollars to give these illegals free health care, welfare, etc.  This money is meant for citizens, not people here who choose to come here illegally.  And yes, I fully support HR1940.  In fact, I have the bumper sticker. 
Stevie, Curator of Musclebeasts,
Well, thank goodness we have a racist, hypocritical prick like you here to educate us as to what this site is about.  I noticed that you changed your story.  Now the errors were not on purpose, they just don't matter.  Yet, wait - it matters if Latinos haven't mastered the English language?  So, which is it?  Is a good grasp of the language important or not?  Or do the rules not apply to you? And I would ask you where you got this "90%" statistic, but since your head is so far up your own ass, I have a feeling I already know.
Josh, Security Guard of Light,
I guess the other posters didn't understand the spelling of speak as spick was on purpose!
Stevie, Ship Master of the Idealistic,
And you insult them for not being the greatest at English?
Aubrey, Paladin of Wild Parties,
Absolutly, considering the RULES of becoming an AMERICAN citizen REQUIRE speaking, writing, and understanding ENGLISH IN AMERICA that's why!
Peyton, Keeper of the Forgotten Lands,
apperantly not for some reason the only other language allowed is spanish,why become legal?they get more benifits n hav more rights already! we now hav more spanish tv n everything is catered to latinos! why?
Reggie, Ninja of Good,
And you knock the author for not delivering free speech, right?  It is thier 1st admendment right to speak freely.  Honest protest have not hurt anybody even in written form.  Damn it, this is our fucking country if you don't like who is here take your racist ass back overseas or to Mexico where anything goes.
Brett, Butcher of Light,
hes just as ignorant as they are
Peyton, Keeper of the Forgotten Lands,
i think he might be a little more ignorant!
Max, Host of the Irredeemably Moist,
nop i think he is worse LoL