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Marston has paid her debt to society and reporters like Elizabeth Dinan keep running the same nonsense articles over and over proving her obsession with Marston. The civil case is a default judgement that was received as a trickery move by the Susan Blake camp. Blake claimed that every item in Marstons home belonged to her. This was not factual and was a blatant criminal civil filing by Susan Blake. What nanny moves into a fully furnished home and then claims all of the belongings, clothing, Etc., all belong to her, the nanny?!! This is NOT the first time Susan Blake has done this sort of thing, her history of law suits and legal filings against others goes from Key West Florida, New Jersey, CT and across the Seacoast. Susan Blake is not a victim, she is an opportunist. She was fired from Ramie Marston's employment because she is a drunk and drove drunk twice with her two young children. Blake was also arrested for stalking Marston and found with illegal narcotics. Of Course Reporter Dinan can't report these facts. Nor does Dinan report how Marston won her appeal in Federal Court, has worked hard to rebuild her life and tries to make amends. Yet Dinan loves to harass Marston. Dinan and Blake are kindred spirits. Both cut from the same cloth. Additionally, Marston was never charged with identity theft. That was more of Dinan's lies. If anyone is a sociopath, it would be Elizabeth Dinan and Susan Jane Blake. They have no remorse. They believe their own lies and they purposely target and harm others. If you know Ramie Marston, you would know she is none of those things. Stop Lyin Whining Dinan and let's start a campaign to "STOP LYING WHINING DINAN"!!!!

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Ramie: You are sick.