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Max, Elementalist of the Idealistic,
NEWSFLASH!!!!  I THINK THE MORON HERE IS THE ONE WHO SPELLS THE WORD AS MAROON.  Such vitriol too!  More evidence the Democratic Party has lost it's morals to people who are dead inside and don't know it. 
Ari, Alchemist of the Irredeemably Moist,
You have never watched Bugs Bunny.
Dana, Gigolo of the Homeless,
NEWSFLASH, 'maroon' is not the same word as 'moron', you wingnut. as in 'what a maroon' . and as far as vitrol, when you start calling someone an ASSHOLE, which you did in your first reply to my posting,what do you expect, ya jackoff ? a kiss on the lips ?   please do keep fighting your losing battle over obama not having the right ID. your racism shows what's alive inside you, ya fucking dolt.