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Dana, Gigolo of the Homeless,
hey asshole, maybe if we didn't go around propping up dictators like saddam (and selling him WMD's in the first place) and the taliban (hey, they hated the commies, so we loved 'em, now they fucking hate us, oops!) we wouldn't have to bomb the fuck out of women and children. go pound some kenyan sand in your bleeding ass, you neo-con war monger.   enjoying the obamanation so far ? hope not. i hope you're shitting in your lil panties, you gun clinging moron. go jack off to some pictures of sarah ' the quitter' palin.
Harper, Administrator of the Lonely,
You say women and children, I say mobile munitions factories and UXO.
Max, Elementalist of the Idealistic,
Oh lookee, another vitriol shouting Democrat.  Wipe the foam off your chin before you spew your propaganda and hate.  Does your Mom and Dad know what kind of person you have allowed yourself to become?  Dead inside and don't know it.  What an outstanding Democrat! (Sarcasm intended)
Dana, Gigolo of the Homeless,
you're the one who called me an asshole first, you fucking asshole. my folks taught me not to let some blowhard spewing lies push me around. no response to the FACT that the US gov't supported, and sold weapons, to both saddam and the taliban eh ? go hide behind your chicken hawk skirt, ya fucking loser. maybe if we hadn't propped up those leaders, they wouldn't have been killing their own people with posion gas that WE FUCKING SOLD THEM, you brain dead, hypocritical war monger. if you ever were a dem, which i doubt, good fucking riddance. go suck on rush's cock.