Would you be here if you had one?

So it's not just me doing it! The other kind of masturbation. You know which one I mean ladies, or at least some of you do. I googled it and there it is - many others confessing to what I thought was some freak part of my body. Go google - Really weird masturbation (pressing down on lower abdomen).

So, while everyone is familiar with clitoral masturbation, there is also another kind - stimulating the G spot, not by an object in the vagina by applying external pressure to the lower abdomen.

This only works for some, and it only works when your bladder is half full - because (in some women), the bladder is located right above the g spot, and when the bladder starts to fill up, it will also apply pressure on the g spot, stimulating it.

It is weird, I know, but I'm sure some of you know what i am talking about

Some women naturally get horny as their bladder feels fuller, and they may not even make the connection. Women who are built like that have a much greater chance to have an orgasm during intercourse, if they have it when their bladder is half full (because then the G spot is pressured from both sides)

If you're built like that, you will discover that applying pressure under a certain angle on your lower abdomen, when your bladder is 50% -70% full, will feel like you have a cock in you. No joke. A really great cock at that...

I've never been able to actually climax from this, but it is amazing - and it's kind of addictive too.

And here's when I reach the flip side of this - to those of you who practice this, be very careful and do not overuse this technique - holding in urine, which is an inevitable part of this - raises your risk of getting cystitis - drastically. So please do NOT over-do this, and drink cranberry juice or practice any other preventive measure - because, i think 90% of women get cystitis at some point int their lives, and most of us know what a fucking torture it is. Keep yourselves healthy!

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Dana, CTO of Space,

There is nothing wierd about any way women want to masturbate.

It's sexy!

Brett, Shaman of the Wicked,

Women masturbating is hot!

Bishop, Butcher of Justice,

Holy bananas. I thought I was the only one pressing my lower abdomen for that feeling and that I was 'weird'. I've done it all my life, because ... masturbation is enjoyable? I got here by FINALLY Googling about it, because I was concerned I'd done something to myself.

Bishop, Butcher of Justice,

Bishop turned out to be the nickname the site gave me. I'm female.

Aubrey, Wizard of the Hungry,

Yup Im the same way and it feels great! Whenever I drink a bunch of water i get super turned on and press down on my lower stomach area/bladder and it feels amazing. Its like every time you press down you orgasm it like stimulates the g spot real well! Glad I wasn't the only weird one lol

Ash, Priest of Space,

Try the rabbit vibrator and you'll see stars. It moves in circles to rub your G spot, while vibrating on your clitoris.

Harper, Shaman of Space,

D-mannose works great for urinary tract infections. The bacteria bind to it, but can't digest it, and get flushed out of the system. And it doesn't kill the good bacteria in your digestive system like antibiotics do. Can be purchased without a prescription, as well.

Not that I'm trying to encourage you or anything. ;-)

Frankie, Knight of the Satisfied,

You may generally not be aware of this, but you have saved me a lot of pain, and I'm very thankful for this comment..