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57 Symonds st, Dr Andrew Grobler, SODOMITE CENTRAL

posted to life by Taylor, Breeder of the Homeless (8 comments)

Halley, Dark Queen of the Unimaginable Terror,

What is the definition of Sodomite? Can you clarify it please?

Taylor, Devourer of the Irredeemably Moist,

Dr Andrew Grobler, Auckland, is a SODOMITE with an unhealthy interest in young guys, please BEWWARE!!

Bowie, Secretary of Darkness,

Dr Andrew Grobler is a SODOMITE

Andy, Samurai of the craft table,

I know , on You tube they have some nice videos of Naked Children . Pediatrics . I love watching the doctors pull down their little panties. All I can say is thanks Doc. Those parents that show their kids in the bath- Thanks . tayler malloy a You tube girl Totally nude on File sharing . Thank you to that kid- She looked good Naked . That dude she was blowing ( She called him Dad ) One nice blow job she gave him . So please lighten up , parents tell your kids - I want to see their panties .

Bowie, Secretary of Darkness,

Sounds like Dr Andrew Grobler,

Josh, Servant of the IT department,

Dr Andrew Grobler is definitely a SODOMITE involved in DEVIANT practice

Ash, Devourer of the Unimaginable Terror,

Dr Andrew Grobler certainly is a suspect fellow, well known for an unhealthy interest in young boys

Bowie, Secretary of Darkness,

Dr Andrew Grobler is a known SODOMITE