Would you be here if you had one?

50% of all blacks in America have Herpies. Over 85% of all the black sows in this country give birth to bastards. 1-3 black males goes to prison. Of those that aren't in prison only 2 out of 3 work. Some are part time. Black graduation rates are the lowest among all races. Homes in Detroit, Michigan and Gary, Indiana go for 1.00 no lie. Real estate around blacks almost becomes completely worthless.

Blacks get every kind and type of free anything and we sponsor their high schools like they are frickin third world countries. We dump buckets of money on the heads of blacks hoping for them to succeed. Blacks in America were the dumbest in Africa (orignated from the Congo). Blacks live up the their stereo type wherever they go. Blacks name their children after cars, bikes, electricity, homemade words, etc. Shay-quanda Honda, Shay-Queenie, Teqwuila, Artreyou Jr., Sha-neenie, etc.

Blacks get kicked out of pretty much every kind of business any people of all races brace themselves when a group of blacks are passing by, or are about to come within distance. Blacks tend to rudely speak loudly, exhibit poor boundaries, call themselves ghetto and from the good to justify ridiculous behaviors. Blacks have generational welfare on a larger scale via their percent in society then any other race. Blacks commit almost 50% of all crime and are only 13-15% of the entire population.

Blacks have to constantly act superior because they know truthfully their inferior. Blacks have to speak sexual constantly because their stinted brain isn't capable of abstract thought. Black songs actually exist named, "The Booty Clap", "I'm yo Nigga", etc. Blacks have very little self control and are on average 15+ points lower in IQ then most other races. Blacks have gross hair that explodes in the rain so they need animal hygiene products. Blacks sweat more then any other race. Blacks have wide disgusting lips, brillow like hair, (similar to pubic hair), a protruding forehead, very flat alien looking nose similar to something in the jungle.

Most blacks don't know who their father is and the ones that do hate their father. The mixed blacks hate the full blacks and the light blacks hate the dark blacks, etc. Truth is they all stink. Blacks benefit from ape-firmative action and wind up in many jobs they aren't qualified for because of the Jews and corrupt laws governing America. Blacks get offended easily, must prove a point constantly and grab their dicks excessively. Blacks like to walk down the middle of the road and whenever you read, or see a crime on the t.v. it is no surprise when its a violent crime it is usually a black male.

Blacks expect respect constantly because they don't respect themselves and they have no value of education, self-worth, fatherhood, being human because they're not. Blacks claim they're from Egypt, but Africa is largely full of primitive bone nosed naked jungle tribes today. Blacks will not identify themselves with Africa, but more with how successful America is because according to Blacks they were the engineers of everything. Blacks have no history and where their real roots are (Africa) it still sucks today. Blacks are the worst customers relating to pretty much everything.

Blacks created ebonics because their inhuman like organs can't produce speech in the way humans naturally can speak. Broken words is the most you get for someone who really isn't human. Blacks have no stages between slightly angry and explosive because they aren't human. Blacks are less self-aware and cannot appreciate anything relating to real art, or music. Blacks can make words rhyme, but they have no real sense of taste relating to anything. Blacks love being loud, hyper, distracting and being the center of attention every second. Blacks have a ton to say, but really have nothing to say at all.

Blacks love to burn their own homes down and riot when they're upset, but that's because they didn't build it and they never paid for anything. Blacks have no sense of value of money because they associate money with entitlements and even the rich ghetto blacks try to wear their money as much as possible (like an animal). Blacks fill the prison system, fill the welfare system, destroy our schools, bankrupt our property values, fill the air with their monkey chants (rap music), completely ghetto out any car they can with gaudy wheels and other ridiculous modifications.

Blacks are stupid, ignorant, crime prone, worthless, diseased, problematic, societal drains in every country they exist in. We have to have a black history month because outside of this countries 300 year past they have no history. Blacks will never admit it, but they all know deep down inside they are in fact less then human.

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Dana, Magician of Darkness,

And you think YOU are human? You can barely write.

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

But I thought Republicans said that there is no more racism. You better hide before you embarrass your political party.

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

And Trump supporters like you have sold out this country to the Russians. That's treason. And you have the nerve to criticize black people after what you did? Get the hell out of my country!! You have no right to call it home anymore! You and Breitbart, the mouth piece for the Russians. If you love Russia so much go live there and leave us patriots alone!

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

You have a decent command of the language for a backwoods, mouth-breathing redneck. Don't worry about your wife divorcing you. She is still your sister.

Ash, Pope of the Unimaginable Terror,

Numbers are fun, especially when you get your statistics from a three year old Impressionist at work with fridge magnets! Boo ya people! Poincare 2.0 in the house! (but seriously folks)

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

Dumb it down, so he can understand.

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

You make shit up just like Trump does.

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

Study proves Southern white people have more black DNA than those in the rest of the U.S. The findings published in the American Journal of Human Genetics found that whites in the South were far more likely to have black ancestry than any other part of the country.

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

If you want to know why African countries didn't advance but European ones did, read Guns, Germs and Steel.

Estelle, Knight of Darkness,

I have just o e question. Where do you get your statistics from???

Jerry, Alchemist of the Rich,

I know cause everywhere I look it's either an extremely bias source or some opinion piece. Your argument is as personally based as trumps entire campaign.

Richard, Elementalist of Generosity,

I agree with most of what you said. They claim Africa is the motherland but they are behind everyone in the world . They are starving, murdering each other by the thousands, and disease ridden. Just look at major cities in America where the majority is black... most welfare money goes there and most crime is there. It's undeniable . I know I'm going to be called a bigot and racist but I could care less. Just look at the numbers blacks are roughly 13% of the population and 60% of crimes are committed by blacks. They want everything for free. They always play the race card. There is not a black alive that was a slave. There is not a black that has a great grandparent that was a slave. There is not a black that has a great great grandparent that was a slave. It's time They actually contribute to society instead of being parasites.

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

If you want to know why African countries didn't advance but European ones did, read Guns, Germs and Steel.

Charlie, Paladin of Arts and Crafts,

Well done - thank you for reminding us all that racism still exists.

Right - my problem is that I've failed to admit that I am less than human. That's what's wrong with me and my kind.

Wait, I must now run out and fill the air with my monkey chants (is it still called that when Hispanic, Middle Eastern, White and Asian people perform rap??)

I must go to the zoo and visit all the animals wearing their money. Then I must get gaudy wheels for my car.

Wiait - I don't have a car. Ooooh, THAT"s right, I gotta steal one first (Or iz that I gots ta steel one 1st?) Did I misspell that poorly enough for you? Fa yer? Fuh yuh?

I wonder which HR department you're part of. Which restaurants you and those who have posted here agreeing you work in.

But then when WE as black people say that we're being treated in these ways - we're accused of "exaggerating" and "seeing racism everywhere". Right.

And while this pretends to be about antisocial behaviours by black people it isn't. It's purely about race. We're not the only ones who riot, or are involved in rap music, or have people who make flashy displays wealth.

The comments about appearance represent nothing but the poster's own basic hate and contempt of a group of people. Not that this poster is alone - But the talk about my hair, my lips and other physical features point to these attitudes being based on race.

Josh, Garçon of Darkness,

Who the fuck taught you how to spell?

Aubrey, Pope of Musclebeasts,

Haha I was thinking the same thing. đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚

Ari, Venture Capitalist of the Poor,


White Power World Wide 14/88

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

White power?!? How goofy. Whites already have the power. You just want an excuse to parade around in robes. It's kind of gay don't you think?

Taylor, Shaman of the Wicked,

Well, well...thanks for having the balls to speak the truth.. Don't forget about niggahs throwing trash out of "dey carrahs" at de local convenient sto...nasty mother fuckkers..

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

Your diaper's dirty.

Ash, Paladin of the Irredeemably Moist,

Now u listen and get your facts strait. Idont know racist occult backround ur from. But all america does is try to take othet ethnic groups identity as well as there resources. America slaughterd indians and enslave people who did not want to be here... do your background we come from homelands of great kings and resources of great value like diamonds and etc... its in our genes to ne apart of greatness like other ancienct soulful groups of the past. The poor like homeless slums and ghettos are are setup to make middle class always bust there ass working ehile the 1st class which is 1% literally. America is a staged country in the "pursuit of happiness" illusion. Im pretty sure your probaly a bitter heartless person who cant see things for what they really are, youd rather see what you want to see, because it make you feel better to feel better then sumbody. Itv reality every race is equal but different. You need to look in the mirror and awake ur trur conscious, trust me you dont wanna die a biiter death... even algebra came from muslims in africa... look it up... and london stole all these sacred relics and treasures from africa which is why they have a museum in london... what do they want that we have? U dont knoe about true history only bs info and media influenced decision s and your racist friends. Very sad

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

Stop talking about your people that way.

Josh, Garçon of Darkness,

Another illiterate fool on this page.

Charlie, Alchemist of the Hungry,

You are either very stupid white nigger lover, or a nigger.

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

Either one is great. It's you I'm worried about.

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

Are you ashamed of the black blood in your heredity? Remember slave owners raped their slaves. There are almost no 100% white people in the world. Besides man originated in Africa anyway, so we are all Africans.

Dakota, Curator of the Irredeemably Moist,

Well, you my friend, are a dick.

Harper, Referee of the Unimaginable Terror,

You are nothing but a worthless, pathetic racist.

Max, Curator of Wild Parties,

You must have had some bad experiences with black people, I don't know if you have ever been racially discriminated yourself but it is not cool. Yeah, I'm white too but you can not judge a book by it's cover or a person by their skin color. White people get discriminated all the time, I know I do, but that is no reason to lash out on a whole race. There are a whole lot of kind people in the world and race doesn't determine that, it is their heart. I hope you can treat others like you would want to be treated because it never really has been about what a person is but who they are inside.

Harper, Sommelier of the Satisfied,

you are so disgusting and a raciest pig you should have been drowned at birth

Josh, Garçon of Darkness,

Another fool who can't spell.

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

Yeah, but the sentiment was right on.

Taylor, Engineer of Good,

Yo motha fucka don'ts be dissin my peops. Gonna pop a cap in yo ass bitch!

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

I think you are a white guy pretending to be black.

Andy, Musician of Space,

A perfect response to confirm the original position.

Dana, Magician of Darkness,

Are you too ignorant to understand the linguistics of ebonics? At its most literal level, Ebonics simply means 'black speech' (a blend of the words ebony 'black' and phonics 'sounds'). The term was created in 1973 by a group of black scholars who disliked the negative connotations of terms like 'Nonstandard Negro English' that had been coined in the 1960s when the first modern large-scale linguistic studies of African American speech-communities began. Slaves maintained many of the nuances of their native languages, which got preserved in the urban ghettos. But you are a redneck, so subtlety is lost on you.