Would you be here if you had one?

Well I wrote the "In, out, in, out, shake it all about" blog yesterday explaining my living situation and that I wanted to leave and my plan to (oh so maturely) sneak out when she wasn't there... Well, this morning, I went home around 8:15.  My dad gave me a lift and then he went to wait around the corner.  My 'friend' went out about 15 minutes after I got back and then my dad came to help me get my stuff out.  I shoved everything in bin liners and faaacked off back to live with my parents. It was kind of weird that her little boy came and gave me a hug this morning - he doesn't even understand the concept of giving someone a hug properly yet, he's only 16 months.  He's the one thing I will really miss.  I feel sorry for him being brought up with a selfish mother.  I think that's one thing you just can't afford to be as a mother. Anyway, I got back and, to be honest, I didn't even really think about what I had done.  I didn't feel bad.  Kind of aprehensive about what she would say, but I didn't feel bad at all.  I thought maybe that just means I'm a heartless person, but no, usually I would feel bad at doing something like this.  The fact that I don't - I actually feel relieved - shows it was obviously the right thing to do. As somebody said in one of the comments on the first post, I'm 17, I'm young and I need to look after myself first.  It's all well and good helping out a friend, but when it's making you completely unhappy then it's probably gone too far. She phoned me a couple of times early afternoon but I wouldn't have known what to say, so I ignored it.  Then I got a text: "Well I just got home.  I hope you're still going to give me the rent you owe me.  You know how stuck I'm going to be without it.  Also I can't believe the mess you left.  I'm going to have to get that carpet cleaned.  I don't understand. X" Some foundation had got spilled on the carpet... but the way she said she's going to have to 'get it cleaned', I guess she's going to pay someone to clean it.  What was I expected to do, pay for a cleaner?  Ha, yeah. She ended up phoning my mum, who didn't really say a lot to her, just enough to keep her quiet.  Luckily one of our mutual friends knows what she's like and has offered to lend me half of the rent I owe her, so I can pay her £100 this month; he'll make up the rest and and then I can pay him the other £100 back next month.  He completely agreed with me about her not knowing the meaning of the word 'skint'.  His girlfriend, her best friend, also completely understands.  She refused to move in with her for the exact reasons that I've moved out (I was also getting fed up of hearing her boss her partner around.  He works all day every day, he gets no money for himself, she spends it all on treating herself and then when he gets back she expects him to do all the housework.) Things will be awkward between me and her, but I don't really care.  I'm happier here.  :)
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Ash, Herald of the Forgotten Lands,
I'm so glad you got out of that situation. You're strong for your age, and I hope that you continue to be this way in the future. Best of luck.