Would you be here if you had one?

In addition to the “traditional” reasons, your mom may have had you circumcised for at least one or more of the reasons below that she won't tell you (and don't embarrass both of you by asking!):

She wanted you to get blow jobs. Much more likely if you're clean, dry and don't smell bad. Circumcised boys often have to look up the word “smegma” in a dictionary. They have no idea what it is because they never produce any.

She knew that girls like circumcision. It's clean (see above), and it's sexy. The sight of a bare glans (head of the penis) is a major turn on for most women.

She knows or knew another woman who did not have her son circumcised at birth and later regretted it.

She once had a bad experience with an uncircumcised man, or knew another woman who did.

If this post attracts a number of anti-circumcision post, as these kinds of posts often do, ask yourself, this question, based on my own experience what rings true, and what doesn't?

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Ash, Manager of Darkness,

Because she knows your cock will feel better in her mouth and her ass later in life. Just sayin'

Ash, Chronographer of the Rich,

One last thing: the glans become quite big like a full grown mushroom after cutting.

Stevie, Monk of Good,

I had my son circumcised with 6 years low and tight. After he hasn't stopped it the child pedestrian performed a penectomy. Because the penis started to get red. After 3 weeks he saw in the steam another boy who had a penectomy done.

Max, Druid of Time,

My son is masturbating always every time , i was by the doctor and he just told me to have a penectomy done.

Which circumcision method would be the best option ?

Are some harder methods possible than high and tight ?

Ari, Fashion Designer of Light,

You are sick to even consider this just for masturbation. You are sick and twisted. Your mind is influenced by evil demons for this over your own boy. You are being influenced by evil spirits pretending to be of God or good spirits.

Nikki, Fashion Model of the Rich,

The best method would be freehand, low and tight.

Masturbation drains your strength. As circumcision is more difficult and traumatizing later on, there is no other option than to be better safe than sorry, and circumcize ALL boys around a week old to minimize masturbation. Hell is eternal.

Ari, Fashion Designer of Light,

Masturbation does not lead to hell. This a false doctrine. This is heresy.

Ari, Fashion Designer of Light,

There are ZERO BIBLE VERSES saying masturbation is a sin..ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO...Onan pulled out in a bad attitude of not wanting to get Tamar pregnant in disobedience to a specific command from God. Tamar was in the bloodline of Christ. So disobeying getting someone pregnant in Jesus' ancestry is a serious serious sin. As for Matt 5:27-28, the context is specific to lusting after another man's wife. It is ADULTERY of the heart. In Greek the same word is used for wife or woman. Which is being talked about depends on the context. Since this passage deals with adultery, it is talking about a wife. Adultery does not fit sex with a single woman in the bible. That masturbation drains strength is junk science too.

Estelle, Sommelier of the Irredeemably Moist,

The Bible is wrong, masturbation is wrong...

Dakota, Chronographer of the Wicked,

Most vaginas on older women look terrible and are a complete turnoff from sex , women have a great sex life up until there about late 30's then it's all downhill from there very rapidly, no one in there right mind would want to see them naked , forget thinking having a foreskin as a major concern that's nothing compared to a complete flabby body

Brett, Breeder of Space,

I think all boys should be circumcised when they're infants. If anyone wants their infant son to receive an old fashioned "tight" ie very thorough circumcision, try finding a female doctor who believes strongly in the procedure and its benefits, and uses the gomco clamp. The clamp isn't absolutely necessary, bit itcan give the tightest results, and of course discuss it with the doc in advance. If she uses words like complete, thorough, full circumcision, your son's probably going get done tight. If properly performed in infancy, a tight circumcision should cause no problems or discomfort later on. It's very clean and makes a very good looking result.

Max, Merchant of the Forgotten Lands,

Yes the gomco leaves the "ring of justice" that is obvious of the deed that was done. Girls won't talk about this but they get excited seeing your circumcision scar and knowing the pain you went through to make a beautiful penis for them to enjoy.

Aubrey, Sous Chef of the craft table,

Agree with the previous post. From all I've seen the Gomco gives excellent results. I wish it had been available when I was done but it wasn't (at least not in my country). My circumcision was still done fairly tight and I have never had any problems with it. I just find the scar line rather uneven. With a Gomco, you get a nice straight line.

Allison, Pirate of Good,

Straight and TIGHT. Much tighter than plastibel. Previous is right. Don't fear "tight," 'cause if done right, tight doesn't cause problems. Tight does stop a lot of very practical problems before they can start, and fully exposes head of penis for best looking job.

Yoko, Wench of Good,

Circumcision is certainly cleaner. I think having the foreskin removed also encourages fellatio, and encourages couples to be more open to experimenting and trying new things in general

Reggie, Paladin of Light,

I agree with the honesty expressed above. Circumcised men usually are cleaner and more attractive. There can always be exceptions, but as a general rule, circumcised men smell better and are cleaner than uncircumcised men. It's hard for uncircumcised men to get rid of the smell, even if they wash. A circumcised man also just looks much sexier and more attractive. Neater and more appealing. It's harder to feel that way about an uncircumcised man.

Ari, Tour Guide of the Wicked,

If you're circumcised, one reason your mother may have had you made so was to prevent an embarrassing habit that used to be called “picking at himself.” I've known several men, all uncircumcised, who scratched, pulled, pinched, tugged, or yanked at their penises when they thought no one was looking, but of course sooner or later, someone always was, and often as not, it was a woman, (or girl!) who was looking. Women consider this kind of behavior extremely offensive and embarrassing, even these days. It's bad form to pick at your penis, which in my experience means your foreskin, in public,. I think it's due to itching, irritation, sweating, tightness, or whatever, and I've never known a circumcised man who did it. So, no foreskin, no embarrassing behavior, and probably no itching, irritation, tightness, or whatever is causing embarrassing behavior. If you don't have a foreskin, congratulations, I applaud you and (most likely) your mom, (though dad could have had you done, or it could have been both of them). If you do have a foreskin, please don't pick at yourself in public, and please do consider getting rid of it.

Dakota, CTO of the craft table,

I agree, most women prefer circumcision, at least that's the case in my area where the social stigma is high if you aren't circumcised. But it's never too late, I got circumcised at the age 0f 21 and have never regretted. Some of the women that bashed me about being uncirced even came back!

Harper, Herald of the Financial Services department,

Great! Congratulations! You sound happy with the result. I'm SURE the girls you know are. I recall reading several posts on various online "Mom" forums from "new age" women who didn't believe in circumcision and didn't have their sons circed at birth. These women couldn't understand why their sons wanted to be circed when they became teenagers. I suggested they ask some teenage girls if they wanted an honest answer. Didn't make me very popular with those women. Don't pay any attention to all the anti-circ propaganda you read online. Most of it's written by a small but extremely vocal minority, most of whom have no medical training or credentials. Trust your own experience, or if someone reading this is considering circumcision for themselves or their baby, talk to a real flesh and blood MD about it.

Dana, Chef of Justice,

It wasn't my mum who had me circumcised but my dad. He had been circumcised but it wasn't simply a case of wanting me to be like him. He knew the benefits and wanted to pass them on to me. They have been well expressed in this thread and elsewhere but briefly: I love being clean and dry all day without having to pay any particular attention to my penis ... and that remains so. however energetic I am and however hot the day is. The few female partners I've had have always preferred the look ane feel. They and I also both appreciate the fact that I can usually "hang on" longer during sex. It's a shame that not all men get to experience the benefits of circumcision.

Max, Apprentice of the Unimaginable Terror,

If you're a circumcised guy who's read all the way down to here, there's one very important thing you should always remember. Your mom/parents didn't have your foreskin removed to limit or control you, or for any bad or sinister reason. They did it because they honestly believed it was the best thing for you, which means they did it because they love you.

Frankie, Priest of the Unimaginable Terror,

She likes the way a circumcised penis feels, and thought your girlfriend or wife wold too

Taylor, Travel Agent of Justice,

She wanted to have you desensitized, so you would last longer, and not come too soon. This may be the "bad experience" she had with an uncircumcised man.

Andy, Breeder of Light,

agreed just my opinion but I think circumcision makes a boy have do a lot more work before he can go off

Brett, Gunner of the Hungry,

PS Many women will tell you that uncircumcised men tend to come too soon.

Addison, Herald of the craft table,

Because she knew that when you were born was probably the only chance she'd ever get to have Mr. Weenie's head shaved.

Ash, Necromancer of the Wildlands,

"Much more likely if you're clean, dry and don't smell bad." ** All girls**want guys vee-eery dry, from mother, grandmothers, to girlfriends, wives. For different reasons, or course ; ) ! (PS If you're circumcised, and you don't know, when a guy has a foreskin, the head of his dick stays wet all the time. YEEECCCH!).

Charlie, Fashion Designer of Space,

i once heard a story like an urban legend about a boy who got his foreskin caught in his zipper when his mother told him to hurry up and finish in the bathroom or hed be late for school. His mom couldn't get the skin unstuck from his zipper and had to take him to the emergency room,with blood all over the front of his pants. the kid and his mother were almost embarrassed to death. The doctor said they had to circumcise him because his foreskin was too badly damaged, and they did, and his mother was real upset because she didn't believe in circumcision but had to agree to it anwyay. Don't know if this is true, but if it's not, it sounds enough like it could have happened to be a little scary. maybe your ma heard it too. just a thought

Bowie, Writer of Musclebeasts,

one or more of yur grammas, or aunts thought yur foreskin was better off taken off

Shiki, Priest of the Unimaginable Terror,

Foreskins arent always nice looking like in old paintings of men and boys. Sometimes their wrinkled and loose, or way long, or shaped funny, or they just look weird. Maybe your mother didnt want to risk you looking bad or odd.

Bowie, Writer of Musclebeasts,

Your mother might have made some plans To give her son a bigger glans. For circumcision, it is said, Grows boys a bigger penis head!

Charlie, Fashion Designer of Space,

How about just the fact that foreskins are dirty, smelly, ugly, and disgusting? The sight of a friend's baby with disgusting yellow pus oozing out the end of his uncircumcised penis turned me against the whole “natural” thing forever. I think all boys should be circumcised, as soon as possible, preferably at birth, and within reason, the procedure should be done thoroughly.