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I'm sure there are a lot of posts like this on here, so I'll keep this as succinct as possible. I am always wanting to kill myself. And the problem isn't something like a girl broke my heart or I got fired or anything like that. Well, those things factor in, but they're the effect, not the cause, of my depression. What causes my suicidal thoughts is a disability I have, one that isn't going away. So even if I start to 'feel better,' these things will crop back up again because I will still look like I do.

So my question is, if this is never going to go away, what's keeping me from ending it?

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Brett, Ranger of Time,
Naturally born end it then, what good is blogging and whinging gonna do about it. WTF?
Stevie, Sniper of the Wicked,

...says the guy anonymously acting like a hard ass on a blog. You're cute as a button.

Brett, Ranger of Time,
whatever pal ! I don't whinge about like a spineless pommie, go on then, go get your gang to come and sort me out. Everyone knows you half-baked witless pommies are only brave in numbers, shame on you coward whinging pommies, go red in the face and start trembling at the slightiest stress, then start looking for mummy or the gang, for help. BIG TIME SPINELESS DOUCHE BAGS, UNITED SEIFDOM OF TWINKIE COWARDS.
Blaine, Curator of the Wicked,

...Are you retarded?