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I hate my life. I feel like the black sheep of my family, cause' really I'm living a lie. I can't tell nobody shit in this house, because they're so judge mental. I've never really opened up to anyone here, I'm just scared. I'm just a teenager, what the fuck do you want from me? I'm just learning&growing up! I feel like I'm getting used here, because I always babysit my nieces&nephews and get absolutely nothing in return. You ever get the feeling, that you don't belong? If not than that's fine, cuz I'm used to it! Someday I'm gonna be gone, someday I won't be here, someday I'll leave everyone alone. No ones here for me. All the fucking time.

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Blaine, Devourer of Justice,
OK, you'd be surprised to learn that there are millions of other kids like you feeling the same way and experiencing things and situations just like you are. You are young and have really just started learning about life and the world around you, loads to work out, loads to think about, loads to learn, it just goes on and on. So of course it difficult and even more difficult when we feel as negleted and harassed by other family members, as you do. The thing is they all probably feel as bad as you do. So, maybe you should begin by shifting your outlook a bit, so that you start thinking about how the other person must be feeling inside, they may even be going through worse than you, Don't concentrate too much on yourself, find what interests you, read about the adventures of other kids your age, watch interesting movies, get into that music you really like. Open up your world and you will find yourself learning things about yourself as you see and discover options, possibilities, inspirations and encouragements from various sources of positive contacts with others begining with your family members. Stop mopping and seeing yourself as the black sheep of the family, SEE yourself as the helpful one that helps babysat for the family, then think how trusted and valued you are to be left with this responsibility. Then go further and think, if what you have done has made someone else feel just that less awful, then you feel - that must be a good and helpful thing to do. I'm not saying run around trying to please everybody and stuff, I'm just saying, try seeing the positive side of stuff that come your way and also trying to understand how others may also be feeling. Move away from the I, I, I, and the Me, Me, Me and start working on the Me, you, her, him, Me, Me, Her, Them, Those, get my point So give yourself a break, see the sort of positive person you can become by seeing the good stuff first, and nearly everything in life can have its good side. Know you are still learning so seek out things you want to know and be sure about - that's why education is important, it helps you acquire facts and information quickly. That way you make better decisions and find it relatively easier getting on with others. We are humans, not perfect, we make mistakes, do stupid things and can be downright evil, but we have to start by quickly recognising that , it is in reaching beyond ourselves that we evolve solutions. Good luck, have a safe peaceful and happy passage.