Would you be here if you had one?

oh my god. I regret saying that immediately. My bestfriend and I are trolling! We don't want your 37 missed calls. I didn't mean too. I'm sorry. I feel sick. I don't love you, I was lying all along. Don't cry for me baby, I'm already gone. Don't.. Just please.. Stop.. I can't take it. Why do you have to care about me so much? Hell, it isn't even "your kid"! You treat me like shit, I do the same. We don't mix. And i don't love you. I tell you I do to make you happy. I love someone else! And they know it. Just stop calling me 24/7. Stop offering your support. Stop being a creepy bastard. Leave me alone. Live your fucking life. Stop trying to be apart of mine. You're 17 from the INTERNET. I've never met you. Speaking of which. stop trying to meet me. I can't meet you. Everytime I tell you you threaten to pretty much tell everyone all my secrets. You make me feel like shit and are poisonous, I'm sick of it my dear. You are emotionally immature, you can't handle me saying "go away". You just come back. Begging.. Crying for more.. Jesus.. It ended because I told you I was a lesbian. So fuck off. It's over. I'm 14. And perfectly capable to look after myself. Even if I was pregnant, I don't need YOU (the biggest douche in my life) to try and help me. Why would a lesbian have sex regardless? Far out. :/ You're too serious. Too judgemental. Too much of a huge douche. Too much of a package of shit. Too much for me to handle. Especially at this fragile age. You tell me I need to get all the dick heads out of my life? Starting with you, baby.
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Harper, Thief of the Homeless,
Lol, this made me laugh. Cool, cool... but sad thing is he's serious and you're not... or maybe he's putting up a facade, too! Who knows.
Dakota, Secretary of Darkness,

Seriously just block his ass. At 14, what fucking secrets could he really destroy your life with? You can recover from every thing. And stop screwing around with peoples emotions like that! You might get yourself physically injured if you keep doing that shit!