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Losing Weight

Im going to lose weight its not normal how much i hate my body soo i spend hours on thinspiration for breakfast i blew it 1 biscuit 170 calories 3 turkey sausages 130 apple butter 30 calories total: 330 calories lunch 1bag of lettuce drizzle of italian dressing 1 grilled chicken breast idk how many calories, too many i snack on water and fresca
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Ari, Farmer of Darkness,
I once hated my body too. I saw it as a disgusting, fleshy shell that I felt uncomfortable in. If you want to lose weight, do it in a safer way. Don't count the stupid freakin calories, and eat a decent meal. Don't starve yourself to the point where you'll pass out. How about you exercise? Eat healthy. What's so attractive about a skeleton?