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How do I delete my post? I regret pouring my heart out and now I wish to remove the details of my life off the internet. How do I do that?

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This is just a test post lol hope its ok So I hope that is okay with you all lol

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Make up your mind about the marriage you're in and dissolve it.. Divorce him.. It took him less then thirty minutes from your last argument to turn his neck and look at me again.. You are married to an adultery.. You have every reason to divorce him and yet choose to remain in bondage. Bond to a men who had lust in his eye, whom your continually arguing the same argument just to have him offend you once again. You keep him for a retirement check. You can divorce him and still receive alimony.. What are you fighting to keep... Willie shows you time after time again. Who he truly is. Now it's your place to divrce him. 10/11/1956

posted to feedback by Dana, Travel Agent of Wild Parties (1 comment)

I want to love myself but i just dont know how. Everything i see about myself i just hate, i just think everything about me is disgusting and i try to change some things and it gets better for a while, but then i just go right back to how ive been.

posted to feedback by Aubrey, Engineer of Good (3 comments)

I really liked tge old site better. Maybe im just weird but i liked seeing how many people viewed my post even if there was no comment.

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Hey...when a thread has like 500+ comments, and someone comments WAY down the list, and the thread pops up as new can we have it jump down to that latest commet?

I am always on the mobile site, btw.

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For some reason, the search function on here brings up results that have not one instance of the word or phrase entered in the search field.

posted to feedback by Brett, Counselor of the Rich (2 comments)

When I was in college, I was still dating my high school sweetheart. We were planning to marry after graduation. I remember daydreaming about the 6 children we would have. I was planning to be a matriarch Rose Kennedy style. All of the kids would have names that began with S. It seemed so simple and easy. After we were married, I decided to get pregnant. My husband wasn't really in favor of it at the time. In fact, I realized that we hadn't even discussed it previously. Now that seems like a glaring and unfortunate omission. But it didn't feel that way then. I became pregnant on the very first try. So fate factored into our plans. The baby, a beautiful girl, was born without complications. I was very focused on being a mother. Since I didn't have to work, it was my only outlet. I was really good at it. Except for my nerves. The baby did a lot of crying. Lots of crying. Babies do that. No matter how perfect I was, the baby cried. I was getting strung out. My husband was not help. He loved her but didn't think it was his responsibility to take care of her. After all, he worked and brought in the money. I felt very overwhelmed. Six kids? I was lucky that I could take care of one. No more kids for me. And my husband agreed. We never gave in to the pressure put upon us by family and society. An only child is a lonely child.
I was mean to my daughter. I hit my daughter. After the divorce it was even worse. I had no patience and really needed help. My mother did help after my dad died but I was in a bad state and had trouble keeping my emotions in check. Thank heaven that I never did have another child. Years later, I had a nervous breakdown. I heard that cats were very therapeutic and wasn't ready for the extra work of a dog. Cats take care of themselves. I only wish I had known that cats were the way for me to express my mother-ness. I only have 3, not 6, and they are the best thing I ever did. I love them, they love me and we are happy to have each other. I would never have a child again, if I had a choice. I think that's a wise thing to know and admit. I've learned that in this lifetime. I'm sure that was my lesson. So if I come back to the earth for another round, there will be no children in the picture. Cats, yes. Many cats.

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1 WHERE ARE THE KITTIES???????????????????????????????????????????? 2 The old set up was much better, Can you please reinstate it??


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Last call for complaints about the beta site, your mother, etc, etc, etc.

Suggestions also, if you have them.


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I like the new format a lot! I really like the Dirtytalk option!

Any plans to add a [Search] box on here?

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