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My mom is nuts. I'm very,  very sorry, Home Depot.  About a year and a half ago, my mom ordered some very specialized flooring to redo our kitchen floor with. Unfortunately, my mom likes to buy first, and work later. A lot later. A whole year passed before my mom, when looking at the flooring for some completely unrelated reason, realized that it was the wrong thickness. So she waits about 6 months, six freaking months, before she finally hauls the specially ordered flooring back to Home Depot. And, for an entire hour, she "battles" the manager because he doesn't want to take the flooring back: it was a special order, and the manufacturer won't take it back because it was forever ago. So long, in fact, that they didn't even have the transaction on record! But, somehow, someway she convinced the manager to take it back, even though they'll be taking a loss of $4,000 because they clearly won't be able to sell it (it's way out of style). She got a refund in store credit, but she just told me that she'll "use it later," later being about 6+ months when she finally gets around to working on another of the many, many jobs she's started and left for dead. I am so, so sorry!
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Loads and Loads

ok first i used to work in a very shady industry overseas and secondly i'm a liar.  thats nearly a weight of my chest , now what? any suggestions?......I don't have any. but then again I suppose I'm happy. even if i've had to disconnect the phone to stop the debt collection agents ringing. so where were we?
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No matter how hard you try to make a difference, you will never make a difference! Life is worht living but only if you wait for things to come. Live life in that "I'll cross that bridge when it comes..." way.  Lots of love, Jesus
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I'm talking to "bloggers" like fake steve ballmer, fake michael arrington, and the rest of your cursed ilk. This all started when Fake Steve Jobs, a blogger with a snarky attitude and talented writing skills, started imitating a grossly over-imagined version of Steve Jobs. It was well-written.  It was hilarious. It was popular. Everyone was talking about it. The mystery behind the identity of Fake Steve Jobs was driving everyone crazy, and his blog was a must-read for industry professionals (and people who just needed a laugh now and then). It also meant that after Fake Steve Jobs was "unmasked," his face was plastered all over EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, and people for the LOVE OF CHRIST could not stop talking about it. This of course was a a clear sign that it was OK for all you boring, pedantic motherfuckers to come out of the wordwork impersonating your favorite industry leader in a desperate bid for popularity. Now every technology blog I go to I see one-word comments by you illiterate bitches that go a little like this: "The iPoders (theives) will alweays try to skirt the law. We the forces of civilazation will fight them. Join Us, boycott iTombs!" -- Fake Steve Ballmer SAMPLE THE WARES AND TASTE THE VOMIT IN THE BACK OF YOUR THROAT. That, that THING you just were witness to, it's one EXTREMELY poor comment slapped onto an article at TechCrunch. It was, of course, followed by a link to his blog, which was, surprise (! ! !) hosted by the same company that hosted Fake Steve Ballmer, as if that would give him any kind of legitimacy. I know what you're thinking, "Hey, sounds awful, why don't I go Google this guy and then experience a thousand flavors of hell as I am violated with words like rusty five-irons thrust upon my every oriface?" Or, how about you fucking don't and let poorly written, poorly marketed, not-even-funny-as-a-bad-joke blogs fade out of existence so that we can have some fucking CIVILIZED DISCOURSE on these sites they're vomiting all over.
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Ahhh man.... finals week is next week and Im sitting in this damn library with no one around and I just want to like find the next hot girl walking through the double doors and ask her to give me a blowjob so I can lossen my tension. College is tough! Ive got four finals 2 on monday and 2 on tuesday so this is going crazy. On top of that I am stuck on a paper that is only half finished. I WANNA GET IT FRIGGIN DONE WITH!! This will be followed by two shorter assignments both due on thursday! When am i gonna start studying for my finals. Oh yea did i mention that i am horny? I wanna have sex right now! RIGHT NOWWW... just like mount someone on this table and screw their brains out! THere are too many cute girls in this library... i just broke up with my girlfriend and the sexual tension is killing me... AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everything works out alright.....
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Basically, I think my vagina is gross.  I have 3 children, and aside from the obvious effects of having 3 children, when I had the last one, it got injured pretty badly.  So, there's a lot of scarring.  And on top of the scarring, there are  inclusion cysts which sometimes form around vaginal scar tissue.  Anyway, I think it is just ugly and gross.  My husband says it's not, but I think he has to say that because he loves me and doesn't want to hurt my feelings. When those pictures of Britney Spears came out, everyone said her vagina was nasty, and it made me feel bad, because I thought hers was prettier than mine.  1. Does it matter to men if a woman's vagina isn't pink, tight, and smooth? 2. Does it make a difference to you if it's from something like childbirth, vs from something like being a porno actress?  If so, why? 3. I know young guys think vaginas should be hairless, because that's what's trendy right now, but what do some of the more seasoned men think?  Do you hate pubic hair, or would you prefer it?  Or something in between? It's the dreaded question does size matter in reverse, I guess.  I'd really like to hear some straightforward opinions (especially from mature men) on this.  It bothers me a lot. By the way, size does not matter, to me.  Other things are more important, sexually, I think.  Truth.
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For once in my life, someone is going to read/know the truth about me. Not everything, just my opinions of myself and my past. I am young. I am smart. I dont feel pretty, even though I am told I am? I dont cry a lot around others, inside I am dying. I love someone that dosent love me.. I was hit when by my boyfriends friend, he just laughed...I am still with him. I usto cut. I thought about suicide, the only thing that stopped me was one person that called me at the right time. I cant trust anybody. I hate where I live.  Well there were short facts about me. Nobody knows them except you, and who ever elce reads this blog. Oh, and the funny thing is. I am the preppiest person you could imagine. Isnt that ironic.
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I recently bought a discounted copy, very discounted actually, of Dr. Phil's Love Smart. He's a smart guy, why not. One of the things he tells you to do in the very beginning besides stop being down on yourself is pick out of a list the qualities you want in a man. Out of this long list, here is what I picked.  PERSONALITY: funny , supportive, intellectual, emotional (but not too emotional please), street smart, honest, sensual (duh), motivated (unlike the last guy), stable, responsible, independent,confident. SOCIAL SKILLS: family guy (but not the way he describes it), part time socializer, good provider, good dad and husband (of course, when the time is right anyway). RELATIONAL STYLE: emotionally expressive (expressive in general), affectionate, willing to share responsibility for money, compassionate but remains level headed, open to compromise. SPIRITUAL COMPATIBILITY: not all that religious but believes in a higher power. PHYSICIAL CHARACTERISTICS: Im sure you all know what this list is asking about. The outer shell. For me its important that I have an attraction but I dont want to be nit picky about what color hair a guy has. I'd perfer he had hair actually. Age, hmm. I dont think I want to go beyond 40. On the other side of the spectrum, I think I should start with late 20's, if even that. So, thats the list. Its weird because there are so many things that the good doctor thought of. Who ever thought to break them all down. There are still other qualities I would consider but it wasnt important enough. Let me put it this way. I would rather have a guy that could take me out for pizza than a guy that is going to drag me around to dinner parties. Yes, the book actually mentions dinner parties. Yikes. Afterthoughts Now that I have completed the book, here is my thoughts. This plan could work very well. Just one snag. My friends who live locally enough to me to be able to go out once in a while simply refuse. They are all married or in relationships. For some reason they are only creatures of daylight when they are not with their men. Pathetic. One thing the book mentions is that women should not go out alone because there is safety in numbers. I agree. My friends disappoint me. Maybe they dont want me happy.
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How fucking hard is your job?! You work at a goddamn drive through for a fast food place. I even dumbed it down for you when I ordered by combo #.  So, how. the. fuck. did you mess my order up?! "I want a #10 with a Dr. Pepper." That's it, that's all I said, and you messed it up anyway. Good, fucking, god. I've seen illegal immigrants do better than that and they don't even speak English!
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teen love?

Everything comes down to one person when every though and emotion revolves around them you know that you are in love, but the hardest thing is them not loving you KNOWING that you will nevr hold them, nevr get to hear the sweet "I love you to" whispered into your ear. never have that one person that you are longing for thats where I come in, only still a teen, thinking that I have found him. Knowing that the only way he could notice me, is by me breaking someones heart. Which is the last thing I want, I cant stand hurting people, I rather be hurt. Maybe that helps with your opinion about me.   I was told to follow my heart at such a young age, ignored, hit, and broken-hearted by another age. Nobody except one understands, or even yet..cares Hopefully that will be enough to save me from there dreaded dreams of hatred and suffering.    
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Of all the relationships i have been, this one is the most rarest experience i have ever encountered. here's my story...  One day, I am on facebook, browsing around minding my own business when suddenly a message in the mailbox appears. I have never received a message in long while perhaps 5 months due to inactivity and being out of touch with friends and the world because of dramas that have stirred up by backstabbers. I proceed to read the message. There was this girl who messaged me saying she need to find roommate according to her preference and that she has moved into town on a job offer. Knowing that i do not have any friends and that i have cut off contacts with them because of some stupid drama they have stirred up and somehow i was involved which i bailed out due to my good conscience, i decided to start a new friendship and new start with this girl.  We met up after some convincing because at first she was wary of me due to my profile on facebook being "immature", and not so friendly (how stupid of me to vent my anger on facebook). Still we met up, i didn't make a good first impression as i was not expecting anything. Somehow we become friends quickly. I admired her confidence, ambitions, the drive, and the way she walks as she is some powerful woman on a mission. She was simply amazing. Recently, moved to florida from california on a job and almost graduating in marketing. She's a month older than me. We are 23.  I was the first to help her find apartment, show her around the city, showing her good time, and being there for her. She was content in working in the job as an account executive while i was studying Pre-med in college and preparing for MCAT. As we become better friends and she got to know me better as a person and learn my past as she was being persistence in knowing why i do not have any friends. I told her everything. She respected me. I respected her listening to me. one day, she has to go back to california for a job conference for a week. I realize i am going to miss her lot. Of course, that is because i have no one here in my city to be friends with and to talk to. But it wasn't just that. I realize i was beginning to like her and have feelings for her. She didn't know i thought. When she came back, I introduced her to my parents as she wants to meet my parents. My parents and her immediately mixes well as we all are indians. Later, everyday she would come over to my place to have dinner with my parents. My parents adores her. She would spend night at my place in the guestroom as she would be very tired after work and don't feel like going to her condo. Mostly, she stayed at my place more than she stayed at condo. After she came back during that week, we were conversing about our relationships. I finally told her that I liked her. She smiled and told me to let things happen on their own. I agreed. I never did anything to force her to like me. I only cared for her and be there for her as one should. I did so many things for her out of affections. I gave her a nice treasure hunt that end up with a nice necklace with heart shape. I cleaned her condo as a surprise when she's away at work. I placed a vase of rose with a nice poem. On her birthday, i took her to miami. I bought her a nice dress which i was simply amazed by her elegant and classiness. I never knew she would be so beautiful that would captivate my heart. I fell in love like i have never knew love before. I was scared to confess but one day during the trip in miami, she wished that god would show her the right way as her birthday wish. I told her later that i love her.She smiled, but didn't say it back because i know she still want more time. I didn't object. But she knows that i love her. Later, since i become so used to her, i forgot how to act properly and one day we end up in arguements. 5 mistakes later, she still gave me a chance and trusted herself to me again. One day, she got fired from her job. It was devastating for her. She knew it all along because the company was having problem with her and so was she. She accepted the fact that she is glad that she is not with the company. I was there for her. I supported her. But she's facing another problem. She's on student visa. She is not a permanent resident nor a citizen. We helped her find an employer who would sponsor her and we did found one. Still she has to think and think and think about all the options she has at hands. She has to go back to californai because her father beckons her home. Her parents don't have visa either. We were never really girlfriend and boyfriend to begin with because we were taking our time. I always ask her when she will actually make it official. She never did. She told me she wants to give more time into knowing each other, and she is afriad of being committed. She is afraid that if she likes me and is my girlfriend, she would hurt me by liking someone else. I understand what she meant. but it wasn't enough. She wants to completely trust me blindly by knowing that i have something to fall back on like a career. Simply studying in college preparing for MCAT isn't enough for her. She's mature than i am. she said i never had experience of living in the real world. I understand where she was coming from. We had a long talk. We were content with the understanding of each other. She said she knows that i love her and knows that ive done so much for her and she would never forget it. She told me herself she isnt really much interested in finding love or being relationship. She wants to give us more time. I agreed.  When she left for california, she misses me terribly because she isnt used to living wit her parents. Her parents are conservative and strict. Soon, she got used to it. one day she told me, she wants to be friends even though it is hard for us to hold our feelings at bay. She is planning on coming back to work for the employer if she decides. but her parents think she is coming back for me, which makes things difficult. She is trying to tell them that she is doing it for the visa. So many things in her mind. I was so hurt because i had to hold my feelings back to give her what she wants. Friendship. Apparently, she does not want to lose me. But she told me she was unsure of where to place her feelings as a friend or as a lover. I can tell she isn't sure and is keeping her options open. I am afraid to let go of her if that time ever comes. Because she is unique. I never want to let go of her. People have told me to move on and leave her. Girls have told me to take time and things will fall into place. They also told me that just do what she say, do not be so possessive or hold on to her so tight cuz she might run away. They told me not to contact her until she contacts me. Even one friend told me to risk it and tell her not to be friends anymore and leave her, then she mite come running to me (bad advice). She even has a active profile on matrimonial website where she told me she has 25 guys including myself that is interested in her. She told she is not interested in any of the guys but only guy that talks to her everyday is me. She told me herself not to worry about falling for any guy. Even i asked her that i felt i was being led on, or felt being played. She told me she is not that kind of person to do that. She told me she would have stop it long time ago, she was doing that. She considered me important to her. She cared about me. Things she has done for me that no one would bother doing really made me realize whats her worth. she loved my parents as well.   I do not know what to do. Everyday i think about her, wondering when will she realize my worth? because i have already realized her worth. there isn't anyone like her. She is so beautiful with and without makeup. she is the most precious thing i have ever loved in my life. i cried when she left for california. i even cried when thinking that why she wants to be my friend even though we flirted here and there. Sometime we would chat online with webcam, she would be so happy to see me and vice versa. We would talk for hours and hours! The agony is waiting and being her friend, while wondering what would the future bring. Only thing right now is that i have to prove her that i will make a good score on MCAT and get accepted to medical college. I am planning on moving to california to be where she is. but who knows what will happen this month and few months later..i hope she realize my worth because i have gave my everything to her... i just want a chance to be in relationship with her and share her world with mine.   it hurts writing this. true love hurts...
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Dear stupid idiots, You have no idea what I do for the company. Your egotistical mannerisms, snottiness and claiming to have all the brain power in the world does you no good. I've been struggling working for you for the past 7 years, years I will never get back. You make fun of me, ridicule me, reduce me to nothing. I work and prove myself yet thats not good enough. Today when you punched that display and destroyed it, you proved to me that you are a complete idiot, immature and total lack of respect. What you failed to remember is that we talked about the situation that made you upset in the first place 3 days ago and you said that we will deal with it at the last minute and that we would send it by messenger. Why you get so angry I will never know, you have problems and I'd like to list them for you.... 1) doing 2 things at a time ensures that you will fuck up or do things twice as much because you can't concentrate.  2) you claim to be a great sales person but we have had the same 2 accounts for the last 4 years, which are our ONLY accounts. 3) your communication skills suck. you talk to people like they are shit.  4) hiring people not to help me has created a worthless existence for me. I snap at my family and my girlfriend and yes thats your fault. 5) When I leave, your ship will sink 6) I need a ROWI (return on work investment), which you will never give to me because you don't know how to lead. 7) I'm on my way out sucker! 
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i just feel like i'm hopeless. everyone around me seems to get on well with their lives, but i feel like mine's rubbish. i don't see any point in doing stuff. at school i'm just an average student. i always used to get As in subjects but now i seem to be getting worse. it just makes me feel like i'm a failure. i don't like it at all. everyone thinks i'm clever and stuff but it's a whole different story from my point of view. my brain's all muddled. it's like something's changed in me. i'm not the same anymore. you see, even my vision's going blurry now. oh damnit, i'm crying.. the one thing that gets me really upset is myself. i just start crying when i reflect on my life. i pity myself. sometimes i wish i were someone else. i don't know myself anymore. it used to be so much easier when i was a little kid. life just seemed so simple and fun. now it's just a big mess. i feel so cold and alone. i've never let anyone be close to me, and know how i feel. i've always had a barrier around me. no one knows all of what i'm writing now. no one at all except myself. sometimes i want to shout out, tell someone how it feels like to be me; but there's no one there to listen. no one can hear me. i'm just this shadow in the background. i feel cut off from everyone, living in a world of my own: me and my thoughts. of course i try. i try my best to socialise and stuff. but i guess my best is just not enough. the tears keep falling from my eyes. i feel so frustrated at myself. i'm breaking up inside. it's a terrible feeling. i'm looking into the mirror, the tears are falling slwoly, running down my face. i try in vain to stop them...i've calmed down slightly but i'm not going to stop writing. i want to go on writing, writing my thoughts on paper. i'm thinking i can clear my mind this way. i don't know if it's working. but i must keep on trying to help myself. but writing this here won't remove all of this from my head. it won't lift the weight off my shoulders. i'm just doing this for the sake of it. am i suffering from depression or something? is this what it feels like? i don't know. all i know is that i need help. am i gonna have a mental breakdown if i don't? i haven't a clue what to do. i'm just so confused, i want answers. i don't even know if whta i'm writing makes sense. it's just what's on my mind at the moment. the words keep flowing....i know i must stop so that i can get soem of my work done. so i will..
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'Thank you so much, I love it' was the last lie i can remember. 
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Buyer beware! I tried to get a new wedding band that was platinum. It took 3 weeks for delivery and the ring was Visibly damaged and had Multiple scratches on the ring as well. The item was not cheap either, needless to say I sent it back and was Very Disappointed in the Quality. Good luck to people who like that company not me.
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Grandin Road.

My wife and I bought an Expensive Furniture piece had it Take 2-3 Weeks for (White glove service). When it came the People said "you want us to take it out of the box". I was thinking well gee we only paid an Extra $200 for that service, but no we will do it???? Duh We paid to have it done since it Was Heavy and Expensive. So they get it out of the Box to only Find out it was Severly Damaged. So we call to get it refunded and shipped back. After two people say two diffrent things. One was it will be refunded within two days now it is wait until we get the furniture back (another 3 weeks), then it is wait about a week and what a suprise it hasn't happened yet! Word of advice be Iffy buying anything too expensive through the mail. The carrier wasn't UPS either. So it should have been better service. Was not though! I thought they were a High end Company- Guess not.
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I recently used the contact list stored on my home phone to call my husband at work. I sat listening to the phone ring, waiting for his standard greeting. Instead, I get "This is Ryan." "Ryan?" I say, confused. "I thought I called Kirk's desk. Did I not?" Ryan says, "Kirk? He doesn't work here anymore." Silence. "Thank you," I manage to say as my hands start to shake with fear. I dial his cell phone, expecting to speak with a distraught man as he drives home from the REALLY good job from which he apparently just got fired. No answer. I call again. No answer. And again. No answer. I decide he must still be inside the building -- he's not allowed to take his cell phone in. I wait 3 minutes then I call again. No answer. Again. This time I leave a message. "Honey, I really need to talk to you. Please call me. I love you." First, reality settles in. How are we going to pay the bills. Maybe I should look for a job. I guess we both should, and whoever gets hired first will be the one to work. I get on KSL jobs. There are no good marketing positions open. Reality continues... what about health insurance? I guess I'd better cancel the baby's check up that's scheduled for tomorrow. We're probably going to have to ask the church for help to cover our bills if he doesn't get a new job soon. Then my overactive imagination takes over. The question of why my husband isn't answering his phone is so open ended, and I can think of so many scary explanations. My mind settles on three. 1) He was so shaken from getting fired that he has gotten in a car accident and can't call. 2) Getting fired has thrown him into deep depression, and he's turned to drinking. Perhaps I should start calling the local bars. 3) He knows I know he can't take his cell into work. He's not ready to tell me he lost his job, so he's pretending he can't answer his cell. Option 3 seems the most realistic. So I call again. This time I leave a message that I already know he's lost his job, so there's no reason to not call me. I am very scared, and would he please call me. "Now," I think, "he has no excuses for not calling me. If he continues to try to cover this up, I am going to be SO mad." Out of options and scared to death, I decide to email one of his co-workers to see if there is any chance he's still inside the building. Unfortunately, the only one of his co-workers I know is his ex-girlfriend's husband. I don't really want to bring him into this, but what choice do I have. I send the email. I wait. I call my husband's cell 5 or 6 more times. The phone rings. For some reason the phone just says "incoming call." Why isn't the caller ID telling me what to expect? It is Kirk's voice on the line. "Are you calling everyone here but me?" he asks in a voice far to calm for someone who just got fired. "What do you mean, here? Where are you?" I say. "At work," he replies. "Are you sure? I called your desk this morning and talked to some guy named Ryan who says you don't work there anymore." "What? Ryan who? At this point, I am getting pretty annoyed that Kirk doesn't just give up the act and tell me he got fired. "I don't know, but he even verified with me that I was talking about Kirk Fife, so at this point, I tend to believe him," I say, with a tone appropriately venemous. All at once, the situation becomes crystal clear, and I burst into relieved tears. "I'm an idiot," I say. I must have grabbed the kitchen phone not the office phone. I've only updated Kirk's work number in one, which means I called Kirk's old job. Of course Ryan said Kirk doesn't work there anymore. He quit 6 weeks ago. I begin sobbing uncontrollably as I try to tell Kirk all the horrible thoughts that had been going through my head and the incredible stress I'd just been put through. I tell him he should probably warn Seth that he's going to get a strange email. Apparently, the email had already been received and that was why Kirk called in the first place.
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My ex-boss basically ruined forever any chance of advancement for me at my present place of employment, where I have worked and learned the ropes for 6 1/2 years now. How? He passed out a totally undeserved promotion in our unit to a black hipanic male with one year service and no other job experience other than schooling. I was told I am "not ready yet".  fucking bastard, Now at the end of my career (hopefully another 6 yrs) I have to go somewhere else and start over. The 2 of them are arrogant assholes and deserve each other Can anyone else say age discrimination? 
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Get a load of what your taxes are paying for: Public sector bint put in charge because she won't give the director grief and passes the sh*t down so all the lackies have more work than pay.  She promotes devolved leadership and coaching, bats her eyelids and thinks she's well liked.  The truth in the matter is she can't manage, is hated by everyone that comes into contact with her and most think she can't do her job.  She's protected by her boss and she picks her b*tches who suck up to her and pretend to be her friends.  She is the SADDEST person in the organisation and she doesn't know it - yet!  Problem for her is that her protector is leaving soon, taken a retirement package and she'll be exposed, unless she decides to sleep with the 50+ director!
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I constantly think people don't like me and it makes me want to cry.   People are in love with my personality and then all of a sudden, it's like they can't stand me.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  I feel so lonely.
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Now that this B___H gave me a raise she reduced my days and sometimes hours...she uses the fact that I get migraines as an excuse to reduce my days now . i've been havinf migraine since I was 9 years old. I have been working there for a year and went home early twice because of a migraine. This job is already part time I  use to work 4 days now I work 3. and the three days that I do work are 4-6 hours a day. And she wonders WHY people Quit. She won't admit that her and her husband is CHEAP and doesn't want anyone  to stay longer than 6 hours so they don't have to give us benefits. ASS____. 
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My boss doesn't like meeting because when he is one on one with each staff person he tell them what they want to hear. In a rare meeting today. He asked a group of us to come back with proposals on how we could improve the marketing. We came back and in the middle of presenting he got mad at me and said "That isn't up for discussion" very pissie, no explanation.  I wanted to say "F- you" why tell us he wanted to hear our ideas just to shoot them down.  JERK!  I figure we stepped on something that he promised someone in the room which instead of sharing what was going he stuffed it down.  This is not helpful or good for making me want to contribute.  Tomorrow I have to sit in trainings with him all day. Shoot me now please.  He is so full of S--T
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I'm not Mr NiceGuy

I have had quite a few people tell me they think I'm one of the nicest people they've ever met or ask me why I'm so nice. My confession though, is that I really am NOT very nice. I think these horrible thoughts about people that I'd never want anyone to be able to see. The worst thing is that when I hear someone say 'so and so is so incredibly nice/sweet/caring/etc.' and they're not talking about me, I get jealous and wish they were talking about me. Then I wonder what I could do to make them think I'm nicer than the person they were just talking about. Now that's not so nice is it? Didn't think so. I also feel bad when I think someone is talking about me but they really aren't. And sometimes I feel mad at that person because it's like I bend over backwards for them and they don't appreciate it. I think a lot of people eavesdrop on conversations to see if people talk about them and what nice things they say. And everybody thinks bad thoughts about everyone else but most of the time they don't say it. I'm trying to be not so judgmental lately and just appreciate people for their differences but it's hard sometimes. Some people are nice but they just get on your nerves ya know? Being nice on the outside is easy, being nice on the inside takes work. Nice is just a word, the forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.There are two types of beauty: outer and inner. You are very nice on the outside, but extremely ugly on the inside. People are attracted to outer beauty, but stay for inner. This does not bode well for your long term relationships. The good news is that it's way easier to improve inner beauty than it is outer and, for the most part, it's free.
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The pay here is mediocre, it's better than minimum wage but they make you do a whole bunch of manual lifting. Do I look like the incredible hulk to you? Christ, just give me some paperwork to go and let the steroids guy take care of the weightlifting, sheesh. There's also this extremely annoying guy I work with. He's got huge, bloated lips. The urge to smack him? Overwhelming. I wish he would stop saying stupid things and just take a pill. Also, to my superior, who I know reads my blog because of your fucking snarky comments at work, but who won't admit it because you're too much of a chicken-shit: go. fuck. yourself. with. an. untreated. 4x4. That is all. 
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The secret of effective leadership is to develop the strengths of an individual . With an average individual there is usually one area where he might have some exceptional abilities. Concentrate on that one area and forget about his weaknesses. Most of the well known leaders of the present and the past had have great failings and weaknesses. But the important thing – and this is what really matters – is that these people produce results. People without any weaknesses generally produce nothing at all. It is no good only choosing people that have no faults and weaknesses. If you do this you will probably end up with choosing mediocre people. Do not look for weaknesses , because strong people usually have strong weaknesses. But look for strengths of a person when a job has to be done. When one engages somebody , one engages a whole man. So with the strengths which are necessary for your tasks , you will also get the weaknesses – but you must forget them. A person should learn to squeeze the full benefit from the strengths of his subordinates. He should not bother about their weaknesses. In Japan , employees are seldom dismissed , as employment in the organization is usually for the lifetime. This is because Japanese executives cannot remove people , they invariably look for the man in the group who can do the job. They look for strengths . They ignore weaknesses. Knowledge covers such an enormous field that it is impossible for even the greatest genius to have a smattering of all aspects of knowledge. Therefore it is important to choose men with knowledge in an area where they are going to put that knowledge to real practical use. Great knowledge in a completely different area is not going to help at all.
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Everything is short living: jobs, things, building, thinking... the one credo is : NEW. Nothing has to last long. Have you ever counted how many ads did not contain the word "new" or something like this ? Very few. We all have to sacrifice our lives to the Allmighty Economic Growth. You can not sell anything if what you are selling already exists or has a long life duration. Why growth when we already produce enough to feed, take care and distract everybody on this planet ? Because a few ones want to earn more billions dollars they already do. Lots of little boss fantasize about belonging to this very closed billionnaire club, so anyone and anything on Earth that can be exploited is used to help some people feel a little closer to this club. I am not a communist, only saying we are going straight to destruction at the speed of a bullet.
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The leaves of October will soon be turning into the bare branches of November. Every so often, we hold elections in November. Coincidence? Yeah, right. There aren’t any big elections this year, although the press has been talking about next year’s for a while. However, the recent buzz about embarrassments like a certain Senator Wide Stance has restarted talk in some circles about term limits. No surprise, really: Resentment against the feds, especially in the Western states, has grown in the past few years. Term limits seems like a good solution to the corruption and insularity that we've come to expect from Washington. If the mutterings I hear are accurate, many people want to set term limits on Congress so that the same schmucks can't keep screwing things up. That’s understandable, but is term limits the way to go? Thanks to many fumbles we’ve seen in the last few years—Katrina, Iraq, “freedom fries”—it’s no surprise We The People think the government fails to care about us. But, politicians are not grown in vats or beamed down from space. They are people, voted in by other people, namely you and me. And yet, we fail to see the problem. If your employees consistently aren't worth a damn despite your best efforts, you fire them. Would you rather have to keep hiring new ones? When it comes to decisions that cost us money, there's no doubt as to the cause of action. When the hidden cost of politics is at stake, then it's a different story. If we complained about that, we might have to do something about it. Limiting the ability to exercise the most important of civic duties is not the answer. Learning to exercise our minds and duties instead of our mouths is. It's worth a try.
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Oh man, I've been dying to write this, and now I finally can. Props to my man'z and them here. Now let me tell you a little story about Mr X, who is my also my man'z and them. He's in the army, serving in Iraq as we speak, defending our liberties with his inappropriate catch-phrases and bad hair cuts. He is also a lover of other men. But, not any kind! He only chases the transsexual persuasion. Specifically they have to have tits and a dick, like in Japanese hentai. He is the pounder (never poundee), and can only ride them if they are "bigger" than he is. He keeps saying, "I'm not gay," and I keep telling him, "you're only two breasts away, dude." He likes showing people pictures of supermodel-esque beauties and asking, "See how hot that chick is?" only to hit them with a sucker punch and reveal, "She's a man, baby!" in the most awful Austin Powers impersonation ever. Mr X is the most irrelevant gay-but-not-really person I have ever known, and Iraq is definitely not prepared to handle him.  For the rest of you guys out there chasing skirts with a surprise, let me give you the same warning I gave him: two breasts. You're two breasts away from being gay.
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