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im a sad lonely 30 yr old guy, im not a very good looking person and have no self esteem.   ive never had a real relationship and yes im a virgin.   my problems are i set my sights too high and prob give off desperate vibes.   i want to have  relationship but at same time worried about my sexual experience and the fact they would find it far oo strange ive nveer had relationship.   im so frightened of rejection ive not approached anyone in years.  i worry tht people can see way i look at them i dont mean to look at their bodies i just cant help it, maybe its natural or maybe because i can only wonder wht it would be like to be with someone.   im thinking of paying to lose my virginity but i know it wont really help and part of me does want to save it for someone i love, but i know tht may/prob never happen and then i would die a lonely old virgin.  i see couples together hugging and holding hands and i sm so jealous.  i cant tell my friends or family, they prob have guessed but dont know for sure.
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 How often are we alone? Besides sleeping I am around other people most of my concsious life. I think a lot of us are falling into a trap of forced socialism. We all need some time alone..... break away and relax a litte, forget our stupid problems. It's all meaningless when its just you in your own existence.
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Your wife drained me dry again today. You should have paid more attention to her. I will be seeing her again tomorrow. It should not be a surprise to you.  I guess I should say thanks. YOU REALLY ARE A FUCKING PUSSY.
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you know the song "everybodys changing" by keane? its so true everyone around me is changing there growing up so fast, theyve completely changed beyond anything i ever knew, into things i didnt think they would ive changed to of course, but not that much im still the same and now everybodys changing and i dont feel the same i try to make a move just to stay in the game...try to stay awake and remember my name...   :(
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There's a couple of cell phones out there in Tucson, AZ that really get on my nerves, they love to harass people by texting them.  I've tried to track down the numbers, call or text them myself, but can't seem to get anywhere.  They're probably fake numbers as well as fake people.  I am so tired of them harassing me, I wish someone or something would harass them instead and leave me alone.  The numbers I keep getting on my cell phones are 6091234 and 7308557.   Just ranting....
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George ...

Hey, I just left your place. Hope I did not forget anything.
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Why are you doing this? Is there some really good reason? Is there something you expect to accomplish or gain out if this? Are you still not over it??Honestly, I'm trying not to believe you can be such a monster but I need something to believe or know that drives you to do these meaningless things, what is it? Do you really want me to think of you in these negative ways, if not I need an explanation!
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I have been in many sudo-relationships in my 29 years on this planet.  My marriage now of 2 years has not only been mostly great but it has also shed a brillantly white bright light on the area of a persons sanity.  My wife to be exact.  The female gender as a whole, truthfully.  "Please put lids back on containers honey.", "Could you not leave the door open honey?", It's raining, did you remember to roll your car window up?  No.  Honey, can you now roll your car window up?", "Honey if you dont shut the house windows at night the heater will run continuously." , "Honey can I wipe your ass for you too?"  I mean if I have to pick up all of the slack you leave.  It would be nothing at all for me to wipe a grown womens asshole.  Fresh powder?..... I thought so.  Here ya go....off ya go now.       This all happens when she is not on the rag.  When the emotions hit I don't stand a chance of anything going my side of not half bad.  This was mothers day today.   It was one of the worst days of my life.  Believe me. I have had a few.  My wife is so fucking jacked in the head.  We have one child together.  He is the best thing in the world.  He makes up for her.  Before my wife ihad been cool.  Anymore it seems I go from one screw up to another.  For instance: I spent all day yesterday in the wood shop making her a new shelving unit for her arts and crafts.  When I came in I got the wrath.  We never spend enough time together.  You always go do stuff and get inside your head.  You just check out.  No fucking shit! It is called a mutha fuckn' hobby.  And I had you in mind when I started it.  But guess what now?  You can shove it in your pampered asshole cus I just want to quit.  I am a very strong individual and you are a very weak being.  Stop sucking off of me and grow yourself up.    I feel better.     Until next time,    Decipher 
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I guess what i want from this is closure. I think i'm making a mistake, but at the same time i know i should do this. The truth is i'm terrified, moving across the continent with no one to hold my hand is hard. You wouldn't expect this from someone my age, but i think its fate. Fate; theres a whole new topic in itself. I'm  writting a novel here, and i'm sorry. but do you think someone in their middle teens can just know that what they want is what they should do? this may be hard to think about especially since you really don't know about my story, but have you ever known it was what you were meant to do before you did something?
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This is so great, I have a fan! Who knew my wife could make me so popular. Now you have to sit there and think " Is the window cleaners wife really worth all this time I've been putting in on him"? Shit, maybe this is your way of making friends, it's odd, but different and why didn't you just say you wanted to be buddies! Gosh a new friend! OH, will I be getting fan mail soon??  Talk to you later BUDDY!
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I'm married. My marriage very stable and secure, but we're also polygamous and open. We date others. It's no big deal; we still have home, kids, laundry, homework and dishes like any family would. I statred dating a very nice woman with a grown daughter; lunch, then dinner....it was a perfect start. We went Dutch - I paid, she paid, I paid... we focused on each other intently, but we were mature in our caution...no one wanted to screw it up. But she can't introduce me to her family and friends as a boyfriend, obviously...there's too much baggage attached to such an admission; we both knew that going in, we understood the limitations we had to adhere to, we were OK with it. When she decided to just be friends, it was because she didn't want to hurt me or herself with that social burden we would eventually bear...I was OK with it. I've been let go many times over the years for the same reason; it's the price I pay for being seen as "normal" in the eyes of the public. She doesn't talk to me much any more; when we do, it's cordial, but if I don't motivate the conversation somehow, it will eventually trail off and stop. I don't press - that would be rude. I let her go. I'm happily married; a lesser man would have forgotten about her long ago and be working on a replacement already. That's not me. I shouldn't miss her...but I do.
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When does being alone become pitifull and creepy? Just curious so that i don't become one. I'm so freakin bored but what else am i supposed to do? Already spent too much money, friends are all busy, house is now spotless, all my movies watched, now what? I feel like I've done all i can to become the person that I want to be and now what? Now I wait or feel like a jackass for trying too hard and then look like I'm pitifull and lonely? I just want my life to be full and meaningfull, not just for me but for the people who's lives I am in. What else can I do to make myself happy when all my goals for now are fulfilled? I feel like I just do things to pass the time, waiting for something new and exciting to come along but it just doesn't seem to be coming.
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I want to take a break form my boyfriend but I dont know how the hell to tell him! We have been dating since highschool, like 9 years! We live together and share so many friends and other stuff too. I dont want to totally break up with him, I just want a break because I am starting a new job training program where I will be traveling for a year away from him and think it will be best to not attempt a long distance thing. So what do I tell him??? Whats the best way to break up with someone that your still love?
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He was drunk today. All day. after an early afternoon wine tasting excursion I knew I was in for a long evening of nonsensical lectures. He went on about how this house and this spot was the best place in the world. A familiar subject; this is the third house he has said this about ... at least he’s a cheerful drunk. As we watched TV he said that the band we watched was putting out a strong religious message. I deliberately asked him if he could just tell me what it was. He said of course. So I asked him what it was. He said that it was plain before him and that anybody could experience it with all of their senses except taste and smell. Even with my straightforward question he just made another incoherent rant on some intangible religious message. I asked him again, can you just tell me what it is?? He said no.... It was his interpretation and his only. I would have to find my own. Frustrated I began to watch TV again. He questioned whether I really wanted to go with him and mom in the summer. I said yes. He said by the look on my face that I probably meant no. I told him I honestly wanted to go. Then I decided to be blatantly honest with him. I said I had that look on my face because I was frustrated with the conversation we had been having and that the show was back on and I was trying to watch it.  With this he seemed sad. He said how I had an amazing skill to not listen to a word adults say and live by my feelings. This was very untrue and even further frustrated me sending me deeper which sent him deeper. He then asked me if I believed that this is a crucial moment in my reincarnation cycle and if I believed it was a big opportunity for my soul to reach enlightenment. I told him that I did not know what I believed. He told me I have a gift. He said that I had something special. These are welcome words when they come from my father but from my step dad? who has secrets and is constantly suspicious of my mother? who tries to cover up his smell of cigarettes? who is often mean and rude to me yet demands me to be perfectly nice to him? like the time he snapped when I asked for the salt and we were on opposite sides of the table. like the time he lashed out at me when he couldn’t find me at school. like the time he ruined my brothers favorite hat to prove a stupid juvenile point.  Is this what I have to come home from school to? I have lived with him for five years and I just let it all out I am 13 years old and that is the man who broke up my family.
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Energy drink + alcohol + a Cigarette. Damn that was a good euphoria that i hadnt had in awhile. I watched Cloverfield as i drank too so when i when I went out for a smoke i wanted to imagine a big monster going down the street. I wonder what would happen if i added weed to the mix. lol
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I have a pattern of severe selfishness that leads to the eventual alienation of my friends around me but I don't know how to change. My philosophy is if I have to change myself to keep my friends then I change my friends instead.... :\  I'm perfectly content being alone too but still...
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 If you do bother reading this, which you probably shouldn't. I'd like to apologise for the fact i probably just wasted 5 minutes of your life on something stupid. I want to much to write all my flaws and imperfections, just so i can admit whats wrong with me. But it reaches the point in which do i want to admit them to everyone else too... To point out exactly what i've tried to hard to hide from everyone, and yet is probably the most obvious thing. Of course i'd never put everything i feel in compleat detail, that would be stupid. How anyone could ever trust everyone enough to open up like that blows my mind. Hell even considering posting what i wrote about myself makes me think im a compleate idiot. But thats just it in the end, if i think all these things about myself, surely i am an idiot, or am i just human. I guess i am. Its like writing something down in a diary is fine, but it doesnt really get anything done, you've just written your thoughts on paper. Its the idea that someone will read it, yeah sounds like attention seeking doesnt it. But thats not the idea, hell i'd rather if no one read this, but its the idea, that little thrill that maybe someone has. i spoze that is attention seeking. Then again, if you dont take it too the extreeme is it really that bad for you to want to be seen as what you are, not what everyone is made to think but stupid rumours, or a few mistakes that you made in your past. Is it too much to ask for? It could be, couldn't it. Am i giving the human race too much credit, or have they just not been given the chance to prove that they can be kind and caring. Should i take that chance? Is it worth it? I think i've gotten to a point in my life, where im not entirely sure if i can trust anyone. Maybe thats why i want to leave, to start again, and maybe find more trust worthy people. That must sound insulting to a lot of people, but i don't care. The few people that i trust, know i trust them. The others that dont probably expect it even though they probably dont deserve it. Its not something you can just give out easily. Why is it so hard to find people that see life the way i do? was i dropped on my head as a baby, or am i infact normal, but everyone puts up a front to save themselfs pain... a bit like i do. Is it a lost cause because of how much everyones afraid of pain... In the end thats what it all comes down to isnt it. Pain. You could trust someone with your life, but they could break it because they are afraid of pain. I dont know. It sounds like im trying feebly to make excuses for the most undeserving of creatures. I know im no saint, no better than any other person, i've done stupid things, i've probably broken someone elses trust to save myself from being hurt. So why should i care, if im the same... why should i have any right to feel this way, to say this, if im the same. Really though, i dont want to be the same, i dont want to be that way. I dispise the world i was born into. Everyday i think my hate for it just evolves more, and yet i can happily say that for the first time in many years, due to a few of the people surrounding me, i wouldn't mind not dieing. Some how they've made it seem like living is worth the suffering and pain that happens far too often, because that little bit of happiness or joy you feel when surrounded by the people you care about makes up for it all. On to another point, but along the same lines, have you ever noticed how no one seems to care about what doesnt effect them. I do it sometimes, ignore whats going on around you just for your own mental bliss. I think that, is one of the worst traits anyone can have, and i admit i have it. I hate myself for it whenever it shows, but i have it. Maybe its a lack of courage to stand up for someone, or simply down to the issue of minding your own business, or even pretending not to care. Making snide remarks, judging people, spreading rumours, they're all a part of it too arnt they. No matter how funny or interesting you think it is to do so ends up hurting someone else. I think that fact is the most pathetic thing, how can someone happily sit by and make up shit about someone, gossip about someone, make snide comments to them, when they know, and they do know that it's going to hurt someone, even if its one person, or more than that. I suppose where ever i go im going to find people like that, no matter what continent, what country, or county, or even language area, its a part of who we are. But still, im going to keep on thoping, wishing maybe, or even wistful thinking to some, that there are some people out there that are empethetic, and aware of theyr surroundings in all manners.   This is the bit about me, my most honest thoughts about myself, missing the few im still struggling with myself. Im an indicicive person, it takes a lot for me to make up my mind. It takes a lot for me to trust someone, but a little for me to loose that trust. I don't get close to many people as im afraid of being hurt. I may seem like im confident, but i analyse and judge everything i do. I have issues, like so many other people have too, but i try not to let it ruin my life. I put on a happy face, even if im not, just so i dont make others worry. I care about how other people feel as i know what its like to feel alone. I try my hardest to find the caring and honest side of people that im starting to believe doesnt exist. Im a compleate athiest, and happy about it, but will only get married in a church. I care too much. Im sensitive even though i dont show it. I numb my feelings to stop the pain. I lock everyone out to save face. I wont cry infront of you unless its unbelievably bad. I havnt felt at home in years. I can be a bitch. I have commitment issues. It hurts when people insinuate im stupid, or a slut. I'm not. I'm still just as sensitive and easily put down as i was 4 years ago, i just dont show it as much. Im still as mentally unstable, im just learning to cope better. I blame so many people for how fucked up i am, and i blame myself too. There isnt a day that goes by that i dont wish i could have done something differently. I regret a lot. I'm trying not to be stuck in the past, but its hard to move on. I wish i knew what i wanted to do with my life, and that all the plans ive had previously didnt keep failing. I don't understand the male species, but i get along with them better. I could happily go sky diving or bungee jumping, bit it terrifys me to admit how i feel. Theres more to add, there all ways will be, but somethings we just can't admit, everyone has their secrets.
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u fucked up everything..I thought u were the one...I would have given up everything for u... u meant everything to me...i miss u everyday and i know  for a fact that u can't ever find anyone better than me... u won't ever find someone like me...i hope u remember all the good times that we had and all the things that mattered more than than anything...I am lost without u poots but u broke my heart and i hate u for that...Ever hear the song invisably shaken? I am still in awe that u gave us up...u knew i loved u but u were done...hope ur happy and i hope u can find someone that will make u happy (maybe someone like ur mom)................
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Fed Up....

I love my family and friends and going out, but hate my job and college, and have had enought!!! I want to drop out of College but have gone to far to quit. I hate  my shitty job but cant find another, My bf ain't that great in bed and thats depressing!!!!!! I never have enough money to buy all the thing I want cause I'm a material girl! I want loads of money to buy a bigger car and shop til I drop. Everyone gets on my tits if I don't like them. People constantly tell me how pretty I am but I've put on a little bit of weight and I don't get body compliments like I used to!!!!!!!! My nails look tatty and I need a blow-out :-(
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FUCK YOU                                                                    The only problem I have with my dick is I am not using it enough. I have more to say about George but no time.  FUCK YOU PUSSY BOY
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So Ive been dating my current boyfriend for many, many years. We've been through so much together and I know I love him and want to marry him. However, lately our sex life has totally diminished and I rarely feel a sexual attraction to him anymore. I feel as if he is my best friend or roomate right now. I've been with him for so long its so comfortable and I dont even know what I would do without him. We live together and share so much in our lives.  We've always talked about marriage and the future, but lately Im having doubts. I feel like he is holding me back from discovering my own self identity. Its always been "us," I want to know who I am without him.  I wonder what it would be like to live alone, to date and have sex with other people. What would I have done if I hadnt been dating him all these years? I also have realized this attraction to one of my best friends lately. I cant stop thinking about him. Ive always thought he was attractive, but now I feel like its more then that. Im not sure if it is just physical or is there something there? It would destroy our friendship. How do I know? How do I know when Im ready to get married? Is it possible to really just take a break when you already have so much invested in the relationship? I dont want to hurt anyone and I dont want to lose anyone! 
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I can't seem to manage my diet, my weight, my time now that I have only one responsibility, school.  what the fuck is wrong with me?
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Okay well the same girl from "I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HER...BUT SHE DOSE NOT LOVE ME..." (you have to read to understand this). Okay and now i think that she is dateing another girl...but she wont tell me, i dont know why i am gay. but today at school i saw them hold hands for a sec and touch each other alot...just like a cuple. and i am soooooooooo in love with this girl, but lately she has been treating me like shit. and i think that it might be because of this other girl that i think she is dateing. i really dont know what to do at all. i need her. and i rather her date a guy then a girl because if it was a guy i now that she would not like me b/c she is straight. but if she dates a girl then i know that she would not like me because well idk...PLEASE HELP ME...AGIAN
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They play off the name of the legitimate 12-Step Group Narcotics Anonymous, hoping that people will mistake them for an effective drug treatment program. In 1975, I became the Executive Director of Narconon Connecticut.  I was 21 years old and my only qualification for the job was that no one else wanted it. By Scientology standards I was a very good Executive Director.  I was a ruthless, heartless bitch that pushed for stats and money and PRODUCTS.  I was completely "unreasonable" and got much accomplished including getting a 10 bedroom house so that Narconon could be a live in facility.  The funding continued flowing in and I got a friend of mine to be the PR person.  She was very good at getting good PR for Narconon. She had grown up in New London and had a lot of "comm lines".  She now runs a group called the Friends of Narconon.  She is a very good woman, but due to my insistence she became a Scientologist and is still heavily indoctrinated in the cult mindset. I was having lots of fun working at Narconon. None of us really knew what the hell we were doing, but we were all Scientologists and we were out to save the world and play the game called Scientology. It was a recipe for lots of laughs and tons of failures. There was really little chance that anybody in Narconon would permanently stay off drugs. The unwritten final step of the Narconon program was to acknowledge you were a Scientologist. At that point, you were considered to be rehabilitated. Narconon will proudly state that they have a 76 to 86 percent success rate, but we all knew in our hearts that this was not true.  The fact is, Narconon only works if the person becomes a Scientologist and even then, there is still a lot of drug reversion. I remember only two times that we were sent a survey from Narconon US or from the Guardian's Office asking for some kind of information on the # of NN grads and follow up to see if they are still off drugs, but it was a joke. It was just a bunch of questions with a blank space to write in a number. No request for evidence or back up was to be included. Narconon US continued to be the management organization and after a few weeks of letting me get used to running NNCT, [Scientology] started up on wanting 10% of all the government money. I wrote up a very long and very clear report explaining to them that they could not have a percentage of the government money because it would be illegal. The money can only be spent on those line items for which the allocation was approved. I could not just spend the government grants any which way I wanted, I had to follow the contract or risk breaking the law and being denied any future government grants. I thought I finally got this duplicated by the people at NN US (which was being run by the US Guardians Office) and then I got an order to pay the 10 % out ofthe Salary allotment. Narconon US wanted me to write each staff member a pay check and then each staff member, was supposed to donate back that amount that would equal 10 percent. I was stunned. I was a 21 year old kid and even I knew that this was completely illegal and profoundly stupid. 
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A BRILLIANT EXPOSÉ:http://garydchance.bravejournal.com/archive/03/16/2008       Dave Godfrey2 Florence HouseHenry Dickens CourtGeorge Pashley,Company Secretary,RBK&C TMO,375 Kensington High Street,London W14 8QH 12 January 2008 NOTICE OF INTENDED EGM  We the undersigned members of the TMO formally request that an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) be called to discuss and resolve, the direction and composition of the TMO Board. That in the suspension of the two elected members, the officer and members of the TMO Board demonstrated both a lack of proper judgement and responsibility as company directors, as well as a failure to uphold their own rules as laid out in the Memorandum and Articles of the company. This action brought the Board into conflict with the interests of the tenant members, as the action to suspend was unreasonable. As a consequence, the meeting will be asked to vote on the following: 1.      That the suspension of the two TMO Board members be declared null and void and that the two board members in question retake their posts with immediate effect. 2.      A vote on no confidence in the chair of the TMO Board. 3.      That the individual TMO board members who led and directed the suspension process, namely Juliet Rawlings and Michael Beverley, should be removed from the TMO Board with immediate effect.   Yours sincerely,        P.P. Dave Godfrey, for and on behalf of the appended signatories. (NOTE: Appx. 120 signed when the required minimum is 50)      TMO’S DECEITFUL DEFENCE  Tenants will have read, with utter disbelief, the response in the Kensington & Chelsea News by Helen Evans in defence of the TMO. In her letter she has said, “there isn’t a shred of evidence to support my claims against the TMO”. (K&C News 14th Feb ‘08). Helen Evans attempts to evaluate the three star rating, explaining the tangible benefits.  The problem with this statement is, it doesn’t promote the fact, that this money wasn’t some sort of prize that was given to us for achieving the three stars.  It was simply a vehicle to enable us to ‘borrow’ money, which has to be repaid – but how and by who?  She doesn’t dare say.  As always, it isn’t what is said, but rather what hasn’t been said.  Coincidentally, one of the ‘suspended board members’ who was a tenant-rep from the beginning of the decent-homes, has vocally stated, in his opinion a lot of money has been wasted and if it has been managed properly, a lot, lot more, could have been done.  On behalf of the tenants he has consistently challenged this, but unfortunately, he was a lone voice. As for the CRB checks that Helen Evans has referred to, I have been legally advised, that there is absolutely no requirement in law, as directors of the company for them to comply.  But, our readers should be informed, that the TMO’s solicitors have already confirmed as much to the CEO! Consequently, the ‘Board’ has had to find ‘other’ unsubstantiated reasons in an attempt to further their cause and wilfully justify their actions. Further proof, if it be needed, can be found in the Kensington News (6th March 2008), wherein Ms. Rawlings, the Chair of the TMO Board, has demonstrated, precisely what the ‘mindset’ of the Board is, e.g.: “if we lose the motion we (the board) won’t work alongside the suspended members, if they are reinstated!” Doesn’t this stupid remark say everything you’ve always suspected about this seedy set-up?  Because it is quite clear to the members that what Ms. Rawlings is actually saying, is, I don’t care how the membership votes, we won’t be accepting a majority decision made by the members – this make both Juliet Rawlings and Helen Evans as much at fault as the two suspended board members who were accused of not complying with ‘Collective Responsibility’. There is certainly no consistency here, is there?  Also, readers have not been told, that the TMO have literally hijacked, (the petitioned for) Members Meeting in place of an EGM of their own.  But the tenants are aware of this because they have noted that the ‘paperwork’ that’s been sent to them, informing them of the Boards EGM, doesn’t contain membership numbers nor any specific details of the alleged offences committed by the suspended members – these details, we are assured, will follow later! Additionally, what is now worthy of a note, is that, at a recent ARB meeting a point was raised concerning the final warnings that were given to four other board members, one of whom was, in fact, present at the meeting, when a question arose in regard to why was it, that this person who was given the final warning still remained a TMO board member, when he had committed a serious sexual molestation against a member of the TMO staff.  And, as it wasn’t denied, why is he still in situ?  Is there a rule for one but not for another?  Maybe this isn’t as serious and doesn’t have quite the gravitas as failing to comply with the CRB.  In any event, given that this person did comply did comply with the CRB, it didn’t act as prevention in this case did it?  Worse still, despite the extensive character assassinations of the two suspended board members by the TMO, they haven’t made known to the membership the wrongdoing of this member, have they? – No, they have been very careful not to let this become known to the membership, I wonder why?  We also need to ask, are all the board members aware of this most recent article in the paper and do they support it? However, all this pales into significance, when, Helen Evans proudly proclaims that, even the appointed board councillors have given their total support to both her and the Chair.  But, what has now recently come to light is that, at least, one Councillor – an approved board member, no less, has been busy putting pressure on an elderly lady to disassociate herself from the petition, which, she had already signed for.  How utterly disgraceful that the TMO should contemplate such behaviour.  Clearly, there are no limits that this board will go to, just to get their own way.  Judge for yourselves what they’re all about – not what they simply want to tell you. Yours sincerely, A  Chair of RA  and  ARB   April 2008To whom it may concern: RE: KCTMO's Pre-privatisation property survey AND surveyors etc. BELOWAside from the TMO Board denying TMO residents a legitimate EGM (of Jan/Feb ‘08) “because the cover letter was attached with a paperclip and not stapled” then staging an unlawful EGM instead, as the elected Chair of the HHRA etc, in keeping with the TMO board's new CBR policy, be advised the KCTMO must produce proof of a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) certification of every surveyor before they visit any TMO property - because ‘they "might" come into contact with: the disabled, children, the elderly and - other vulnerable people’ - OR BE ACCOMPANIED BY A POLICE OFFICER IN UNIFORM AT ALL TIMES. In fact, it is obvious that, in keeping with the TMO board's new CRB policy, the TMO board must require a CRB certification of every TMO employee and all contractors involved that DO come into contact with: the disabled, children, the elderly and - other vulnerable people - OR BE ACCOMPANIED BY A POLICE OFFICER IN UNIFORM AT ALL TIMES. Also be advised that a "letter of authority” from any Tom, Dick or Harriet authorising access for some other Tom, Dick or Harriet is not acceptable, and in breach of the TMO Board's new CRB policy. Therefore, on behalf of the Residents of this property and in keeping with the TMO Board’s new CRB policy, we require proof of CRB checks RE: the above mentioned parties BEFORE they are granted any access whatsoever, or scrap the TMO Board’s new CRB policy altogether.It goes without saying that the standards of the hired help, including the ‘management’, must meet or exceed those of the illustrious and immaculate TMO board. Does it not? A Chair: HH Vice-Chair: KNT-ARB Left to right PUBLIC SERVANTS: Cameron Maclean (RBK&C clerk) Helen Evans (temp TMO CEO) and Juliet Rawlins (TMO Chair), Cllr. Fiona Buxton, Sue Daniels, Rachael Wigley and Jane Woods.  Fiona Buxton (centre) chairs this illegal/unlawful TCC (Tenants’ Consultative Committee) held on 17 January 2008 without revealing to the TMO membership the exact location of said TCC meeting; which is the required ‘process’ whereby certain TMO Board, management and Council members appear to be attempting to railroad and/or swindle the “£8 million pension fund deficit” out of TMO residents. ‘Go along to get along’, will no longer suffice.  NO ADDRESS ON THIS “NOTICE OF MEETING” IS INCOMPETENCE OR OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT and Ms Buxton, et al, by continuing the meeting after being warned of that – as entered into the minutes, indicates the latter.        THE BOARD WAS STUNNED. TWO (E & F) OF THEIR ITEMS WERE REJECTED BY THE MEMBERS, AND THEIR ANNUAL RENEWAL OF THEIR BOGUS EGM & MGT CONtract OF 2002 WAS NEARLY DEFEATED (ITEM D).      
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The whore at work!

There was once a whore named Meghan. Who just turned 30yrs old.She was very lonley so she went after every single and married men who did not want her.Every day i would looked at her across the room.I felt so sorry for her.Poor thing comes from a very rich family so much money and no happiness.I guess that's what happens to whores.                                                                  The End
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alright so me and my boyfriend have been going out for 6 months now. and i know were only fifteen...but i really do think we belong together. we have the same interests and everything and i love him as if he was apart of my own family. but the thing is...i really liked being single. i like the freedom to flirt and all that. its just in my personality. and he gets mad at me whenever i talk to anyone else. hes really sweet though. most of the time anyways. he's been good to me. i kinda talked dirty to a couple of his friends though. its like im getting cabin fever with him. i want to be free from a relationship. im young. but he hasnt done anything wrong and doesnt deserve to be broken up with. and the one thing that is really complicated with this is that i lost my virginity to him. so if i leave him it will kinda be a pointless moment that wasnt worth while. im just stuck between a rock and a hard place. i really dont know what to do. i want to follow my heart...but i really dont know what direction its going. SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
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so i dont know if i like him anymore. i think i just liked him for so long that its hard to get over him. but i think its over. THANK GOD. still....hessss sooo fucking hotttt!!!! ok.. im over him.... right?
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I have to sit back and laugh at what a PUSSY BOY you are. Do you really think that owning your own “window washing business” is something to be proud of I think not. You probably work for people who do not even remember your name after you are done. Something to be proud of would be owning a business that stands out in the market place that helps and gives to the community a business that is needed by others in order for its own survival. You cant and do not offer such services. YOU ARE A GLORIFIED FUCKING MAID.  Please anyone can clean windows ANYONE. You do not even have to graduate grammar school. Which you probably did not. You should probably have gone to collage and become someone. Someone who useses their brain. You should go home tonight and ask your wife if she is happy, having a PUSSY BOY around she is going to say no and then laugh at your sorry ASS. PUSSY BOY GEORGE. Want to know more about PUSSY BOY? Just ask. I’m very busy now or I would write more.
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she thinks she is so fucking hot that she can walk around acting like she is the shit when she is not i mean she is cute but she aint that pretty what the hell boys like drool over her ass cause she has a big butt but her face can use some major work  mean what the hell is up with this shit and then she all lke i dont know why they like me im like bitch its because they think that you are easy she is such a freaking teasing slut
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I don't know why I do it, I just do. When I'm home alone I masturbate. I masturtbate in the show. I masturbate when I'm suppose to be sleeping. Even in the middle of the day, when everyone is home, I run off in my closet and masturbate. I've even masturbated at school. I think I have an addiction, I don't know why I do it, I really don't have a clue, but it feels great, and I LOVE doing it.
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I'm done, I really mean it. I'm so sick of this fucking place I call a home. I HATE it, everything about it. God, I hate my father, he's the worst part. I finally did something I was wishing for years to do, I told him I thought he was an alcoholic. People were to afraid to tell him, but I did, I finally told. He broke the fucking fridge, like honestly, I know it wasn't the best time to tell him, but I did. I told him, and I don't care what my punishment was, I get the satisfaction of knowing I told him what he was most afriad of. :]
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Well, i love this girl named...lets call her kim. & she is soo perfect, she is beautiful, caring, nice, smart, i could go on for ever...but the thing is that i am a girl...thats why she dose not love me this same way. She is one of the 4 people that knows i am gay. & we are like best friends. but thats all that she would ever allow...even though i would give up the would for her. (by the way i am in the 8th grade). & the thing is i found out that last year she dated another girl...but she wont tell me. she dose not think that i am trust worthy for some odd reason. i have done nothing to make her think that way. but it hurts me soo bad to know that she can date that other girl, but tells me that she wont date me because i am not a guy... and yeah she has a boyfreind this year, and it made me wont to cry everytime i saw them kiss or hold hands in the hall way. but i was there for her when they had problems and i always told her that i was happy for her when there relationship was going great...even though i was secretly diying.and yeahs she knows that i like her, but she has no idea that i am in love with her. the school year is almost over, and we are going to different high schools next year. soo i wont her to still her to be in life no matter what. but i dont know i am soooo in love with that girl. and i have had 7 girlfriends all ready...and i am pretty good looking (i think so)....so i have no idea what i should do. i love her, she is liying to me telling me she is not like that but has dated a girl before (whitch killls me), and i am not the most popular person at school but i am not a nerd eather. so why wont she have me???? sigh...sometime i wish that i never meet her, that way i would have never fallen in love with her. :(...PLEASE GIV E ME ADVICE ON WHAT TO DO...
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So I've never had a great model for what a marriage should be. My parents got married b/c they were pergnant with me & then got divorced a year later. My mom would date guys for 7 or 8 years at a time but never got married. My dad married a "real winner" in my half sister's mom but they got divorced not too long after that. Thankfully for me my grandparents raised me while my mom was off whoring around. My grandparents stayed married until my grandpa died in 1993. Since then, grandma dated some loser for a few years & is now with a good guy who takes care of her but, as you guessed it, is not married to him. I always thought that I wanted to get married & have kids & the whole deal but now that I have a son and a guy that says he wants to marry me I'm not sure what I want anymore. Ok lets start with the guy. We dated for about 9 months before I got pregnant with our son. We broke up 3 weeks before I found out I was pregnant b/c he cheated on me while he was away at school. At first I was ok w/ us not being together but as I started to decide I wanted him back he hooked up with a girl he went to school with. They were together for about a year & a half off & on. During this time my "friends" (wether on purpose or not) some how always found a way to rub it in my face. I went through stages where I hated him & loved him & everything in between. Eventuall, (I mean like almost 2 years later) I put the idea of us ever getting back together behind me for good. I got engaged to a guy I really shouldn't have. I didn't even know him that well I just wanted someone to take care of me & my son so that my son would have a normal household to grow up in. Dumb I know, I'd take it back if I could. Well, THE guy came back so I dumped the fiance to get back together with him. I was so happy. I remember I bawled b/c I was so happy (which never happens!) We were together for about 6 months when we moved in with each other which I was not totally for. I know I'm not Miss Morals but I just don't think it's right to live together before you're married. I honestly couldn't tell you the exact reason why I finally moved in....I had a pretty good job (although I HATED taking my son to day care) , all my friends & family were around me if I needed them. Part of me felt like if I didn't move in that he wouldn't take our relationship as seriously & he may cheat again. I also wanted my son to have his "family" around him. If I could do it over again I wouldn't have moved in. Don't get me wrong, things have been nothing but great but my views concerning marriage have changed completely. I used to have a binder of wedding stuff that I planned to use one day. I think I threw that away about 4 months ago. THE guy & I can't even talk about weddings, ours or others, without me getting in a weird mood & I have no idea why. It makes me sick to my stomach b/c when I try to envision my wedding I get nothing. I don't want to plan a wedding, I don't want to have a wedding, I just want us to be married. I wish you could just sign a piece of paper & it would be done. But I keep thinking what if in 5 years or so I regret not having a wedding? Which leads me to think why get married at all? We've been living together for 6 months now, we already have a kid; its not like either of those are dependent on marriage for us. Whats the point? About the most I figure I'll get out of it is health insurance. & thats horrible! I want to be normal & want all that girl wedding crap but I can't just writing all this has put me in a bad mood. I reallly htink that part of it has to do with the ways I changed after me & THE guy broke up. He never treated me like crap when we were together but he made it clear that I wasn't needed. When we broke up & I started dating again I started acting like that. I think thats while I got proposed to. I treated him like it didn't matter if we were together & he liked that. I guess it was always a chase for him. So needless to say I didn't put  a whole lot of my self into relationships. So now here I am with someone that I do want to have a normal relationship with but I can't completely drop the games. I guess I'm just still too afraid to put all my trust into this relationship b/c of the outcome before. It doesn't help that he said he'd "make it up to me soon" for our living together w/o being married & that has yet to happen. I try to figure out why he would tell me that he wants us to get married but won't ask. I think I'm just being kept around. So you see why I have a negitive outlook on weddings/ marriage. But the real question is what to do??
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im in school and i hate it gosh i wish that i cold slit the throught of my teacher she is such a bitch that i want her to go to hell arrrrr what the hell do i need to take keyboarding for and we dont even do anything in this class i hate school i want to die when im in school maybe i should comite sucide so that they could shut down the school and investagate and then i could leave a note sayin that three teachers killed me adn then they would get fired and no other kids would have to endure the toture i went through gosh i hate school arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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He drove here with windows untinted.  He came in.  Transparent now.  Nervous small talk, apprehensive, shifty glances: on guard. It’ok.  You’re ok.  There is nobody here.  None of them dare to venture to Gator Bend.  It’s wild out here. Such a beautiful day: “let us go then, you and I, in the convertible when the evening is stretched out against the sky.”  Unease.  Top down for the world to see?  And these streets are not half-deserted.  Sweating:  I saw it on your lip.   Did you will the sun too hot?  Top up.   How can I help?  I would trephine this disquiet out of your skull if I could.  If I knew where it was.  Do you know where it is?   For the first time in my life, I feel as though I could learn something from a man.  I’ve never asked you, but I know your age exactly.  I don’t care, but it suspends you.       Holding: do you think I’m a little girl?  Shit: you think I’m idiot when I speak, don’t you?  Muttering nonsensical garbage.  Truth: the letters that brought you to my door were written by Cyrano, and he comes and goes as he pleases.  I’m sorry.   Me: I have to stop wearing those black-leather pointy-toes.  They were guaranteed to keep up appearances, and look at where they’ve taken me!  To the forums of the society’s elite!  I have a seat at the table of money, mundanity, and mumbo jumbo.  How lucky to have a table to slam my palm down upon.  Demanding: I don’t know when I began wearing the pointy-toes to conceal the painful, blistering red.  I hate them. How…fleeting.  Excruciating: I left the country and the kittens, those fuzzy mouths beaded with cream.  I took the wild-road-lilies for granted, driving past them miles miles miles above the speed limit.  I was racing somewhere.  I put up a parking lot.   Where to, now?  Where do I depart to, now?  It will take years to chip away at the fucking tarmac.  Can I pick up a bulldozer next time I’m at the store?  I’d like to puree this marmalade, this toast, this tea, blend it together into an indistinguishable paste.  Would you still like the taste?   You’re always hungry, and I know gavage.  Through your nostrils, sliding down your horrible throats.  Parasites: imbibe your own swill.  I have to get away. Return to the ocean: I’m a barefoot kind of girl.  Everybody’s a barefoot kind of somebody.
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God, I'm just so fuckign pissed. Everyone around me is an idiot, include my drunk ass father. People think I have this perfect life, oh you're family might be strict but they love me. BULLSHIIT! A day doesn't go by without someone yelling at me, or telling i'm fat, or that i'm useless. God, I can't take it. My mom is never home because my dad treats her like shit, i don't blame her. My sister left years ago, to go off to college. She might come on break, but that's when the family is on their best behavior. Not only do they put me down, but they're one of those fob traditional families, they think that nothing should affect me. I was RAPED! raped, molested whatever the fuck you want to call it for nine years, by cousin none the less! THEY KNEW, and they did nothing. They still like him more than me... When my dad's drunk, God am I in for it. Out of fear i have to lock my door, i feel like a prisioner. I can never do anything: can't go out, can't go online, can't be imperfect, can't eat anything that would make me fatter, can't wear certain things because i'm not pretty enough, and that shiit goes on.  As much as I hate them, I'm willing to forgive them if they pay attention to me, and actually treat me as a 16 year old girl. I want to feel loved, I'm sick of only feeling depressed and pain. I'm even willing to forgive my uncle for the years of torture he has put me through, I just want attention.
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I have been having revelations lately, but I have no one to share them with because I'm afraid maybe they are a little dark or could be interpreted the wrong way by someone close to me.  Today I am questioning tomorrow vs. forever.  Such simple words with simple meanings yet so complex.  They are both in the future, and that's where their similarities end.  Definitions.  Tomorrow: the day after today.  Forever: for all future time.  By definition, tomorrow is included in forever.  I realized today that there is no forever if there is no tomorrow.  How can you promise forever when you can't even promise tomorrow?  Nothing is guaranteed tomorrow, so to me, forever is an unfair word altogether.  Your relationship, your job, your friends, your life.  None of it is guaranteed.  When you tell someone you love them, tell them you'll love them tomorrow, not forever.  It's not fair and 99% of the time you will be lying to say forever.  Friends today may not be friends tomorrow.  So how can you say forever?  
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Lets see. What do I have to say? If anybody is actually reading this, quit now...it's useless. I don't need advice, someone to talk to, or someone to listen. This is just me saying a few random things that pop out. So i've discovered something new about myself, I have no life, no friends, and nothing to do. I spent my weekend watching movies, watching youtube, and taking pictures of people i wish could be my boyfriend. Truth is, my friends (who i think are awesome but if i were i guy, i would never date) have had more boyfriends than i have. Actually one of my best friends had a boyfriend that truely is gross but it still counts. I'm pretty sure that was her only boyfriend, and not to be mean but i think he is also the only person that liked her. Honestly, as much as i hate myself for thinking this about my bff, she kinda grosses me out because she still hasnt gotten over her ex-best friend who "ruined her life" which is not true because all she did was stop being friends with her. And then she thinks that her ex-bff is obsessed with copying her, which can not be true because the things she does are retarded. Plus she (my bff) is pretty ugly and when she gets "sad" or "pissed" she makes really ugly faces that she thinks are cute. And she always does things to me which i just drop and move on with but if i do them to her, she gets mad and wont drop it, she keeps bringing it up to people that dont need to hear it, and makes the stupid faces. AND she goes to concerts that i REALLY want to go to and she makes a big deal about them. But when i ask her to come to a concert with me and she says she cant, so i get another friend to come, i order the tickets, and we tell ONE person that we're going, she gets mad. She told my other bff that we were bragging (which we werent, we were just excited) and that i didnt even ask her to go (LIE!) But when i talked to her, she said that shes just mad that she cant go anywhere because of her mom. ughhhhhhh but w/e as long as thats off my chest. ohhhh and she thinks her hair, which she cut short and thought it looked cute but it didnt...still doesnt, she ALWAYS ties it in a little ugly bun/ponytail by her neck and it just looks so gross. She always says that she straightens it when she doesnt, you can tell because its always wavy anyway. I told her how i get my hair curly, so she does it and says that her mom BEGGED her to let her (the mom) do it like that. Which is not true at all especially because i told her how to do it the day before. and it came out gross. and then she "straightened" her "bangs" (aka a huge group of hair that she always leaves out which is way too much) which looked retarded. ugh i hate it. now if you actually read that for no point, you should give up now. yeah im a bad friend. the other bff. Shes not exactly pretty but she not ugly, deff not as ugly as my other friend. shes got a great personality, but horrible taste in guys. She went out with this gross kid that thinks hes cool but hes not. at all. But i think (and hope) that was out of pity. now shes going out with this ugly kid that she said was sooo hot, who has no personality at all. but thats her taste not mine. im a bad person, i know.
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whats happening

i like my ex best friends boyfriend i know its not that bad because we are not bestfriends anymore but i mean what the hell. Why do i do this to myself.Acting like everything is okay when it is not.I really want everything to be okay but i relize that it is not. But i wouldnt date him. And he is ugly.What the fuck is wrong with me. I can see him like tryin to get with me in the future. but i so will not go out with him i mean he is a wiggger he is a wanster. I can  do so much better. And then ontop of that i kinda had a thing with his bestfriend. Well if kinda is giving someone a blowjob. ANd no im not a slut it was my first time doin that and my last i will never pput another dick in my mouth i dont know what i was thinking. gosh my life sucks what the hell is happening to me . I am like turning into a bitchy whore. but im still a virgin. Thank goodness.
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Stupid girl, do you want to hear the truth, or do you want to hear what you want to hear? The truth?  Okay, here it is - He will reel you in with just enough line to keep stringing you along, and every time you start to feel close to him, He'll cut the slack, and he'll back off. And you'll back off. And you'll tell yourself that you won't let him do it again.  Because you're not really stupid, and you're not really a girl anymore, are you?  You're almost a middle aged woman.  You wish you were still a stupid girl, don't you?  Because you know better now... but you will let him do it again. Because you love him. And if he doesn't love you, well, that makes you love him all the more. Because, after all, he's always been honest with you, hasn't he? And it will go on this way for years and years and years. dumb cunt.
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Okay..soo my boyfriend and I have been together for a little more than a year and things for the most part are going great. I love him SO much and he just seems like the most perfect guy out there for me. Of course, theres one problem. His ex girlfriend is still completely obsessed with him and lets him know about it all the time. Everytime shes in town she calls to hang out..even when shes not in town she calls just to talk. She leaves him messages telling him how much she loves him still...and even leaves voicemails as well. I love him so much and dont know what to do cuz i always have the thought in the back of my mind of..what if he ends up falling for her again? i mean they were together for longer than we are and they seemed to b "in love". he says theres nothing to worrry about but i really cant take it anymore. its almost making me want to just end it all now instead of getting hurt by them both later. i mean he has cheated on her before..so who knows if hell cheat again. i HATE this.
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I am concerned for myself.  I think that Graucho said it right "I would never want to be in any club that would want to have me as its member," and I fear that this might pertain to relationships, too.  I am nineteen and have yet to resonant with anyone (bar that one time i thought it was and it took a year of anguish to prove otherwise)  what should i do?  Commit to what I don't believe in, or stay fundamentally lonely?  Either way I don't think that I will be truly content.   I wonder whether i will ever be happy.........
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I spent several years in terror in the little town of Derry, NH.  I left when I was 12 and life has been infinitely better.  I've traveled, gotten a college education and survived.  Why is Derry, New Hampshire, an evil little town that has not prospered in 40 years and will never prosper?  Examples: When I was 2 years old, living on a farm in Sanddown, a few miles outside of Derry, I was bitten by the family chou.  I was bloodied and bleeding on the right side of my face, and when my father drove me into town to see the local doctor, the doctor refused to treat me because he thought my father wouldn't pay.  I still bears the scars on the side of my face.  When I was 10, I was walking home from getting pizza for my father one early evening in summer, I was chased by 2 teenage boys.  At first, I wasn't sure what was up, but when I heard one yell to the other "Get Her!"  I flew down the streat to the Eagles Club and hid in the entry.  They wouldn't let me in the club because I was a child, yet no one wondered why a terrified 10 year old was hanging around the entry. My father was an abusive drunk who beat me and my brother so often and so hard, that my brother ran to the fire station and was put in foster care.  They didn't take me, so I got the beatings for both of us.   My father molested me "for my better education" from the age of 8, but when the neighbor found out, he offered me 50cents to do him. Social workers knew we were beaten, starved and frozen in winter, but did nothing.  One Christmas, one social worker came and gave me and my brother a present and we were so excited, we stayed up late.  When Father came home, we got some of the worst beatings ever.  Social workers did nothing. When the court did get involved, after my brother went into foster care, my family threatened that if I told the truth, I would never see them again.  So I lied.  How could that judge have believed me? How could he have let a 9 year old make that kind of adult decision?  I endured to much sexual and physical abuse, I still havene't recovered. When I needed friends because my home life was so terrible, the other mothers wouldn't let their children play with me.  I was isolated and alone and felt like the lowest creature ever. When I wore hand-me-downs because that was all there was, everyone made fun of me. I recently went on the webcams and noticed that Derry, New Hampshire, is no better than it should be.  You look like the nasty little town I left.  There is justice/karma/whatever.  If you currently live in Derry, NH, get out before it turns you evil, too. Ah, that felt good. Thanks. 
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I'd like to add this to my profile, but he'd know it's about him.  But if I post the lyrics here, even if he sees it, he may suspect, he may wonder, but he won't really know, will he? I'd just like someone to know, that despite me saying I'm okay, and that I was prepared for as much, that I understand it could never work...my heart is broken, and I really miss what we had, whatever it was, and I miss having the hope in my heart for *someday*.  I just need someone to know all that, because I'm all alone in this.  I'm alone in my feelings for him, and I'm alone because I have no one to talk to about it.  No one. So, as cheesy as it is to post song lyrics, they really do encompass what I'm going through right now - One More Night by Genesis I've been trying for so long, to let you know, let you know how I feel So if I stumble and if I fall, just help me back, so I can make you see Please give me one more night, give me that one more night Oh one more night, 'cos I can't wait forever Please give me one more night, just give me that one more night Oh one more night, 'cos I can't wait forever I've been sitting here so long, just wasting time, just staring at the phone And always wondering, should I call you, then I thought, but maybe you're not alone Oh please give me one more night, just give me that one more night One more night, 'cos I can't wait forever Please give me one more night, just give me that one more night One more night, 'cos I can't wait forever Just give me one more night, give me that one more night Just one more night, 'cos I can't wait forever Like a river to the sea, I will always be with you And if you sailed away I would follow you To give me one more night, just give me that one more night One more night, 'cos I can't wait forever I know there'll never be a time you'll ever feel the same And I know it's only words But if you change your mind, you know that I'll be here And maybe we both can learn Ah give me just one more night, give me that one more night Just one more night, 'cos I can't wait forever Just give me one more night, oh give me that one more night Just one more night, 'cos I can't wait forever So, thank you, Administrator, for giving me this outlet.  I've really been needing one.
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One weekend I spent the weekend over at my friend's house. After a tiring day and even more tiring night, I decided to hit the sack. I changed off into my sleepwear. The room had a little radio so I decided to turn it on and leave it on for the rest of the night. After I said my prayers and climbed into bed, U2's 'With or Without You' came on. I was drifting off into sleep when I felt the bed move. I turned the other way to find my friend looking back at me. I was getting ready to say something when he leaned over and kissed me. Something inside told me to push him away but I didn't. Instead, I pulled him closer. Eventually, he lifted me on top of him and and started to undress me. He started with my T-shirt. The next thing I knew his mouth was over my breast and his hands were stroking my body. He then slipped one of his hands into my panties and started to push me over the edge. I couldn't take it. I wanted to take control. I wanted him inside of me. But he wouldn't allow it. He turned unto my back and slipped off my panties. His mouth was roaming my body and then finished the job that his hand had started. My body writhed as his tongue did wonders. I moaned in sweet agony, hoping he would get the message. But he continued to drown me in ecstasy until I screamed his name. At that moment, I was so dazed. I forgot where I was at. Right there and then, he made it his mission to remind me. He did a 180 on the bed and the next thing I knew I was riding him like a horse. I could feel his muscles tense and ripple underneath me. His hands held firm on my breasts and squeezed tightly for a while unitl they slipped to my hips. At that moment the speed had increased and there was no way I was going to slow down. He sat up and took one of my breasts into his mouth. Then he took my mouth into his mouth. His tongue moved in my mouth at the same speed of his sex. I ripped my mouth away and threw my head back in ecstasy. He grabbed a fistful of my hair as we moaned, groaned, screamed...and then, we fell to the bed. My body trembled against his as I came and he let out a loud hiss when he came. We laid there, drenched in sweat and desire. I was about to roll off him when he grabbed hold of my body and kept it on top of his. Eventually, I drifted off to a deep sleep. I gotta admit, he wasn't bad for a virgin.  
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in class..

i masturbate in class. all i do is sit in my math
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we've been together for 7 months. Lately, I fear that the spark is gone. I love him, but i do not thnink I am still in love with him. As each day goes by, I find myself becoming more and more annoyed with him. Everything he does seems to irritate me in some way or another. He does not share these feelings, in any way, and I know, selfishly, that I can have him for as long as I want. He loves me so much more than I deserve. The more he loves me, the more I push away. The more I push away, the more he loves me. It isnt fair of me to stay in this relationship, but I think I'm in it because I'm terrified that I wont find anyone else. Im so scared to be alone for the rest of my life, and regret breaking up with him. He is so convenienet. If i ever need a date to something, hes there. If I ever need to talk, hes there. What will I do if I dont have someone like that? My sisters getting married in a couple months- I wont find a date to her wedding in time. I dont think its fair of me to stay in this relationship, but I'm too selfish to put myself in a vulnerable position- because I fear the worst.
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Another year of the Same Bull$hit from people that think they Should Have Rights in a COUNTRY they are here Illegally! I don't know about anyone else but if you are in a Country and they catch you. 1 You are looking for jail time 2 Fines out to who knows where 3 Some to the extreme of Execution!! Here oh come on over do the most Despicable Crimes and are Blatantly Rude and crude but they want a (Better Life) Yeah right what maybe .5% want a better life! Hitler had a Good Mind Path just Directed at the WRONG People. Point Blank the Border should be on 24/7 Lockdown like at the prisons when riots break out. Its known the border is a Dangerous place in some areas so put it on lock down. Even the north border should be the same so no one says (theres a double standard). Our Country is already Suffering with this and that and to let People have Free Healthcare and who knows what else. And No they don't do jobs Americans woln't do either-You don't See Homeless Illegals now Do You??????   Cause You Don't, I wonder why that is??? Maybe because they have jobs before they come here...  Also if they want to complain about this and that answer- LEave you are here illegally anyway, if there was a better place to go I would be leaving to.
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