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If a member of The Hell's Angels do something , they are all Guilty the one who did it and the rest by association. Anonymous themselves has stated they are divided by none. If it came from C.I.A and the attack started in Francisco why do idiots believe kim dung yung had something to do with it ? The CIA hired some Anons to hack them and show them how they did it , to build a better defense system how did CIA software get on the web Anonymous ? lol . In other words - it leaked from Equation Group, which is widely believed to be part of the United States National Security Agency. who hired Anons several years ago- and nobody in The U.S was hit except Fed-Ex ? Sick people in England, Scotland and Wales, that were turned a way from the doctor's they needed - blame Anonymous !! you Anonymous have to answer for this .

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Evrytim i saw u, i thght u r my ryt decision..Evrytim i hated luv nd relationshp, u made me believe 1 experience shud nt affect ur whle lyf..i fell fr u, did eveythn u wantd..v wantd..nd here m tdy..agn alne..hurt..i gues i ws ryt, luv nly hurts..guys alwys feel dey r ryt nd m wrong..my guy cn alwys b busy on weeknds..bt i cnt go 1 dy out..my guy cn lie to me nd i cn frgiv him..bt i cnt lie nd he cnt frgiv me..i left evrythn fr my guy nd he alwys gav me reasons y he cnt do dat..bt aftr al dis, m d one suffering..cz u hv al u hd..m d one alne here..evrytim u wer busy, evrytim u said no, i undrstud..i nvr said i wont cme cz u hv plans..bt i made one plan nd it is sch a big issue..u tel me u dnt trust me, i might delete msgs..did i tel u dat i dnt trust u even wen u lied abt so many thngs..if u dnt trust me, y shud i trust u dat u gna cme to me 1 dy nd nt jst keep me hanging alwys..u cnt expect u wil keep hurtin me nd i wil b standin der..yes i hurt u..bt i frgiv u..i giv u as many chances u want..i alwys giv u fresh strt..i nvr judge u on ur past..bt u alwys judge me on my past..its alwys carry fwd..u went 5 days trip nd lied so mch..stil i dnt tel dat hw wud i knw, u mst hv dne smethn mre..i believed ur confession..did u believe my confession..no..u said i might b hiding mre..u hv a prb i dnt show u my phne..did u shw me urs..i belived ur words..bt u trust screenshots mre thn ur partner..yes i hv dne mistkes..yes i may b wrong..bt i knw 1 thng..i hv played fair, u hvnt..fr me v both wer equal..fr u not..nd m rly thnkful dat d little bit hope nd luv i hd in me, u hv crushed it..i wont ever thnk abt havin a happg luv life agn..cz i luv u too mch to b happy widout u..bt u also hurt me too mch to b wid u..i so wish lyf ends..cz i hv no mre strength left..

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The Vatican is an intelligence network. The Holy See is the "All Seeing Eye" in society and a corporate entity connected to many other corporations and governments through papal and royal charters. Bishops are overseers of their districts and Jesuits are spies and infiltrators. The Roman Curia or Papal Court is the highest organized council in society and is directly overseen by the two "Prince Assistants to the Papal Throne" and these two positions are held by princes of the Colonna and Torlonia families. They work with a higher level princely council of Italian Nobility which works with another council made up of the top Holy Roman Nobility. The Italian and Austrian Nobility are intermarried and working closely together, They are running the Sovereign Military Order of Malta which is a sovereign entity equivalent to that of a sovereign nation. The Italian Nobility run La Cosa Nostra and the German and Austrian Nobilities run the Jewish Mafia. The royal and noble have massive amounts of wealth in private Swiss bank account. They are using the Nazi founded Bank for International Settlements to steal wealth from the central banks through fraudulent tax contracts and then laundering and concealing the wealth in private Swiss bank accounts.   The still active top Italian bloodlines include the Massimo, Colonna, Pallavicini, Torlonia, Aldobrandini, Ruspoli, Orsini, Gaetani-D'Aragona, Bourbon-Parma, Odescalchi, Borghese, Adragni, Chigi, Medici, Borromeo, Doria-Pamphilj and Sacchetti families as well as the Savoy, Grimaldi, and Bourbon families. These bloodlines oversee the various spectrums in society. Outside of this power structure is the Committee of 300 with an inner circle consisting of the top monarchs and princes from Europe and the former Holy Roman Empire with members from the Windsor, Spencer, Cecil, Percy, Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Habsburg, Bonaparte, Orleans, Bernadotte, Lagergren, Glucksburg, Hanover, Furstenberg, Austria-Este, Hohenberg, Hesse, Nassau-Weilberg, Habsburg-Lorraine, Saxe Coburg and Gotha, Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, Saxe-Meiningen, Braganza, Orange-Nassau, Hohenzollern, Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Liechtenstein, Rothschild, FitzJames, Lobkowicz, Ligne, Merode, Romanov, Thurn and Taxis, Schwarzenberg, Orisin-Rosenberg, Windisch-Graetz, Esterhazy and other families. Many members that do not have noble status in the Committee of 300 are representatives for the royal families.   These families are all enemies of humanity and they are plotting to enslave the world. They authorize the corporations and billionaires. They run the religions. They run the secret societies. They run the mafia and organized crime syndicates. The royal families in Europe are primarily divided into two factions and this goes back to the Guelph merchants and Ghibelline landowners. All of the other groups like Bilderberg, CFR, and the Trilateral Commission are lower level organizations. All roads lead back to Rome which is the foundation of their control system. The European Constitutional Monarchies are branches of the Rome's corporate empire. Constitutional Monarchies are ran by blood appointed heads of state and they serve Rome through the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Pope claims temporal or physical ownership of the Earth. The Pope claims to be infallible from error. The Pope claims ownership over all souls through the Papal doctrine of "Papal Supremacy".  The Pope is a front man for the Black Nobility of Italy.

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The Matrix Is Real


Every big piece of the world congress answers to the pope that controls the world secret services, societies and mafias through the Vatican city. The catholic church is nothing more than the word of love preached by jesus distorted by human desires of the flesh , they are directly connected to satanism. Thats why every leader answers to the pope. They have spiritual power because they control the flow of the money. Money is power and if you pay your key supporters enough they will stay loyal. They will iniciate you in rituals that consist in the fragmentation of the human mind , such as murder and rape , including children. This is not because their god tells them to do such things that is just a facade to hide the bigger truth that they can control fragmented people using mind control techniques. And they will use these people to carry out the agenda of the new world order. There is only lies and deception the higher you go in the pyramid. The king of lies is real , they control the world because they have this invisible and impenetrable veil of power that really doesnt exist. They are weak but pose as gods. Trust me we the people have the power to break free but many of us will break in the times of trial. And many will bow to serve a false god. There are alot of influences that are beyond control and they know this , the stars say alot about these influences. They have played out the world game to an psychopathic extent that they tried to extend the Eon that we are currently in , because of greed and fear of righteous retribution. But they can only delay the inevitable. They know this and so do i. If you dont believe me and i understand that this is too much to consider but do your research about it. The Holy See is the Throne of satan is this world. They have conjured so many deamons from the abyss to guide them to their ultimate goal. To turn Gaea into Tartarus. This cannot be acomplished for there is a veil that separates the two , one must ascend or descend into the Realms of creation to be able to visit them but never ever can one stay for long , the Priests have found that trough blood sacrifice ( usually children for they believe it contains alot more power ) these entities can prolong their stay in our Realm trough posetion of a vessel. They are fools and conjure things that they cannot control. Their house is of greed and hate. Zion is real. There are alot more things that i could say but know that Humanity is not the Enemy. We are under the influence of the ultimate fate we chose. Duality , Good and Evil. We have gone mad and the only way to heal is through Singularity.

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I really need to tell someone this but I'm going to get in big trouble if my mother ever finds out about it. I 'raped' my mom's boyfriend. In fact I'm still 'raping' him. So you see why I can't tell anyone (but this place is anonymous so it's OK). My mom's a cougar and dresses like a slut so she brings home lots of young adults. They're still older than me by like 7 or 8 years but they're all hot as hell and shouldn't be with such a skank like my mom. I'm 18 BTW. Anyway, one of my mom's boyfriends is this really lean white guy with wavy blond hair and perfect white teeth. I love his smile, it's the prettiest thing I've ever seen. One day my mother brought him home and I could hear them fooling around upstairs in the bedroom, so I went downstairs to do my homework. I could sort of still hear them (enough, anyway), when it suddenly got quiet and my mom came down to the living room. She told me she was going into town to run some “errands” and that she would be back in a few hours. Her giggling set off an alarm in my head. About half an hour after she left, I realized that I didn't see her boyfriend leave the house. I already know what that means: a few months before this I accidentally wandered into my mom's bedroom while she was running some “errands” and found her then-boyfriend tied to the bed, gagged and blindfolded. I was SO embarrassed, but he couldn't see me and I didn't tell my mom afterwards, but I was mad at her for like a week. So, yeah. My mom's into some kinky stuff, maybe it's genetic, because I'm starting to like it too. Anyway. I knew he was up there, and I tried to ignore it, but I couldn't stop thinking about his smile. And his body (I'd never seen him naked, but I could almost imagine it). And the way his soft blond hair must feel, and a million other things that wouldn't stop bugging me. The harder I tried to ignore the thought hotter I got. My shirt started feeling sticky and my pants felt a size too tight. I went upstairs to go to my room, I mean, I meant to, but instead I was facing my mom's closed bedroom door. I put my hand on the handle, and I couldn't take it away. I just wanted to take a peek, and I was pretty sure that I could play it off as an accident if he could see me. My chest was really shuddering when I opened the door and saw him... naked, spread-eagle on the bed, glistening with sweat. When he heard the door open he struggled, but he was handcuffed to the bed with those hard steel cuffs that the police have. My mom had put something around the base of his cock to keep him from coming, and then tapped a pink bullet vibrator to the head of his cock, on the underside. It was like hypnotism. All I could hear was the buzz of the vibrator and all I could see was his throbbing cock, and then suddenly I felt like I was suffocating and had to get out of my clothes. The cold air hit me and then I noticed my panties were wet. Really wet. I started touching myself through my panties. I'm not a virgin or a prude or anything like that. It felt right and besides, he was wearing a little red or pink ballgag and a black hood so he couldn't see me. He probably even thought it was mom just teasing him. But then he made this pretty little moan through his gag and I was absolutely drenched. And I know it's wrong, but I had these dirty thoughts in my head and I didn't have a boyfriend and... Well, I climbed on top of him and pulled my panties down. He tried to struggle a little but I grabbed his cock hard and sat on it, and OH MY GOD. Between the vibrator and his throbbing cock I almost came immediately. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. That first time I only got to bounce on his cock a few times before I orgasmed and fell on top of him, all sweaty and weak and hungry. I felt sort of bad he didn't get a chance to come, but I didn't want my mom to know, so after cleaning up his cock and myself with my panties, I left and pretended like nothing happened. But that was the best orgasm I have ever had. Mom has had him over several more times since then, and whenever she leaves him alone with me I sneak up there and have him for awhile. It sounds really messed up but I've gotten a lot better at making him “suffer” by lasting longer before orgasming. It feels really good though and if he didn't like it his cock wouldn't be so hard. Plus the way he moans and begs through his gag is a real turn-on for me. His cock is probably sore by now, but I don't know if I can ever get a boyfriend like this guy so I'm going to keep using him until my mom dumps him... maybe I can blackmail him or something after that so I can keep him for myself. I hope it's soon, I really want to take my time with him and try some stuff I found on the internet with wax and clothespins. As much as fucking him tied up really makes me wet I want to do stuff to him that makes him moan and beg for me to stop. That gets me really hot. I know this sounds really, REALLY wrong (which is why it has to be anonymous), but it feels really good to get that out. Thanks!
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I'm going to have a mental breakdown. I hate uni I hate my life. I used to be so happy working in retail it was so easy. Now I'm at uni I have so much pressure and so much emotional torment. I can't handle it. Why did I go to uni? I never wanted to do this. Why? I can't even see myself doing this stupid degree when I finish. I want to die. I cry myself to sleep. I'm always in a terrible mood. I'm addicted to pain killers for euphoria. I'm emotionally unstable. How can I help poeple when I can't even help myself?

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What is it to be an adult? I mean, other than fighting about whether or not Trump is a good president, bitching about taxes, insurance and all the other things that are as certain as death.

I'm young, 28 years old. 2 kids- both planned. Married (to their dad), we've been together since I was {almost} 22. I've always been an old soul. I'm a pretty boring human being, other than the occasional blue, purple, green hair and lots of tattoos.

I spend my days going to work, or home with my kids. I have extreme guilt if I do anything and don't have them with me. I have a huge irrational fear of them needing me and me not being there. (Even if it's for something as meaningless as getting them a drink for the 836283 time in a day).

My husband and I have no relationship, not even really a marriage. We work and are home with the kids, working around the house. We don't sit next to each other, barely speak, have nothing in common other than the children. It wasn't always that way. It was romantic, passionate, sickeningly cute, amazing pure bliss. It's NONE of those things anymore. In no way shape or form have any intentions of seeking another person out for those things. I'm far to beat down and broken to feel that is even possible. I'm sad and depressed about how things are. His mother is an evil woman who would love for me to just be out of his life (which at this point in time seems to be the logical thing to do). There isn't anything other than children to keep us together, and I think that is the worst thing you could do. My parents did it for me, and I wish they didn't. I think it's stupid.

Being married, with some one and feeling completely alone emotionally, physically and mentally is one of the worst feelings anyone can have. I crave companionship, love. Being hugged, touched. It makes me so sad.

Being totally burnt out. Feeling like a horrible person for living in your great big beautiful house, two beautiful healthy children with your brand new cars... And you're totally ungrateful. Therefore causing you even more hate and discontent on yourself. It's a constant uphill battle. It never stops. Your brain never stop working overtime and trying to figure out an answer to all of this.

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you LOVE to complain about your colleagues. you throw them under the bus to ingratiate yourself with customers. Good for you. I don't.

I've only worked for this company for a year - twice I've been cursed out by customers because the store ran out of bags!! How is that MY fault?? This company has chosen to save money by buying thinner bags. They're so flimsy that they have to be doubled or the sharp edges of plastic packaging is enough to rip through them. So of course we go through them faster. Customers regularly demand that we double bag their items. Am I supposed to believe that I as a cashier am not doing enough to save bags??

This company regularly creates situations that frustrates customers who then vent that anger against us.

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I went to Church down the Street from my house. And they have set something up I mean a kind of trend or something. And to here people tell it has trended World wide. And they was trying t throw me out because a bunch of people have won at lottery by either using a Psychic or being Psychic themselves. And yes this is a Baptist Church and they are trying to Torchure me in every way they can even with my own Family.They are trying to make me Homeless too.

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A Critical Analysis Why Mexicans Must Return Home. Why It’s For The Betterment of Mexico and America.

I am a simple individual who grew up with values that all human beings are equal and rightfully so, that its best to treat people like you want to be treated, and you do right by others, however this made me come off as too nice personally and interpersonally. I am educated but only by the grace of being poor and working since I was young. I like to think I am a good person for the deeds I accomplished by others regardless of race, status, or cultural difference. But while growing up and to this day I experienced a lot of racism and hate. From who you ask? Well everyone at some point naturally, however none was more prominent then from Mexicans or other nationalities from south America. The irony is most friends I have ever made were Mexicans, but there has been something inside me that has been eating at me for a very long time, for over 17 years to be exact. So, I guess it’s time to be a hypocrite, bigot, racist, and hateful person by society standards and vent out my frustrations by having an opinion based on my experience’s, what I’ve seen, read as well as other people’s stories. This is also based on facts affecting millions of Americans nationwide, so beside how biased this article comes off it’s a problem that millions agree with. These are key factors why Mexicans are being attacked and asked to leave in America. 1. Mexicans have extreme over reproducing habits, 2. Disrespect towards Americans or people not of southern America descent in various forms, 3. Have gang ties more than any group in this country, 4. Overwhelming pride that attacks other people’s existence, 5. The fact that most Mexicans abuse the aid programs of every kind and is its largest benefactor, 6. The ideology that America must return “stolen” land whether true or not back to Mexico, 7. Coming into the country illegally, stealing jobs whether by numbers or “connections”, and so much more. Many people came to this country in search of a better life, and many did so with proper vetting and integration. Why not Mexico? I will be making points as to why it’s time for you to go home and fix Mexico’s problems for it has gotten out of control, and why beyond my perceived racist and hateful overtone’s this plan is a good endeavor for Mexico and America.

  1. illegal Entry – I understand why you come to this country, you and your family seek a better life that is the promise of America and the wish to escape violence. And you’re not wrong for doing so, however its problematic for the number of illegal entry is beyond reason. Millions of illegal entries are by default over these last few decades from Mexico. Sorry but you’re the largest immigration force ever known! Many people conjured reasons to hate you but for simplicity lets focus on immigration. Many people did not see this as an immigration but legal invasion because Americans didn’t know why there where so many of you, as such they felt threatened. Beyond what’s perceived this is not a fallacy on America’s part. America has enemies, and new enemies have no face until they strike, paranoia or not. Also, there has been a hug majority of you that made threats about retaking stolen territory by sheer numbers! La Raza Group is one such extremist organization. Also apparently this deportation exodus that will be happening soon one way or another, happened in the past! The Mexican Repatriations was an event in the 1930’s America where Mexican’s where rounded up by the federal government and deputized law enforcement to deport 2 million illegals and non-illegals. Then it even happened again during the post war of the 1950’s with Operation Wet-Back in which over 1 million Mexicans were deported. The pattern in the past is repeating again now! This confrontational behavior of the majority of Mexican’s is ruining the lives of the minority of said group of people. Therefore, trump was elected into office, it’s not always because people are stupid for voting him in, even if they may not be smart enough to put it into words, and that’s why trump won. It’s because your people are flooding America, and taking the work we need to survive among other reasons soon to be explored in this article. Plus when he insulted the Mexican people how did you act? You rioted and insulted other people for having a different opinion and shouted “racist”, thus you all played right into trumps hands. I will expand on trump towards the end but let’s get back on track. America used your people for cheap labor in the past in Operation Bracero during the world wars then America exiled you during the war again with Mexican Repatriation movement and post-war operation wet-back, now their doing it again present day which will be the third time. Why did your people come back knowing this? Let’s break down why there is no room for so many illegals. Its simple logic actually, think of America as an ecosystem that had balance of deer’s and wolves among other animals, the wolfs keep the deer population in check so they don’t over bread and expand to fast. The ecosystem is fragile so major or even minor changes to it will cause ripple effects in the environment. Now think about what happens if another bigger predator comes into the eco system and wipes out the deer because there is so many new predators, Then the wolves starve and die the eco system collapses and then it’s a matter of finding a new home for all those animals who survive. Mexicans are the new predators, they can’t fix their own territory so they move on to another one, it’s not the best example but it makes my case. So, my point is there is not enough room for you here and your sucking up the resources that’s why it’s a big deal to Americans, especially since its burning a hole in their pockets. When my family first came here in 1903 on just one side of the family, from Ellis island we were treated like garbage! But my family contributed to society by being respectable and useful and we earned respect and citizenship. We were not rich, but poor! Anyone can come here, just respect our ways, then you will become a citizen, use proper vetting and integration. It’s not that America thinks Mexicans are sub-human scum it’s that there is not enough room for you in the eco system. That’s why your blamed, though I don’t hate you. But this needs to stop! Especially since you live off government aid in America.

  2. Taking on government aid - This is pure insanity for the largest group benefiting from the various programs of aid of the U.S government is not the homeless, not the disabled, not our war hero veterans, but Mexicans. Over 15 million immigrants use welfare in one form or another, this is supported by taxes, which is paid by citizens. Illegals do not pay taxes at all, I don’t care what argument says otherwise. So, when 15 million Mexicans take these aids free of charge and it comes out of the pocket of Americans, you see why this makes citizens angry. I will not list all the programs in welfare but it’s very large list, to name a few like TANF (food stamps), EBT (Free Money without usage limitation’s, CHIP (Medicaid), and so much more. When all these programs are used and severely abused by immigrants this leaves citizens drained of finances. Its why so many people have no choice but to work 3 jobs with no benefits or means to put food on the table after it’s all said and done. Having multiple jobs is actually asinine absolute, America is known as the land of opportunity not a place where you don’t know where your next meal is coming from. That’s why people come here, they know if they get one job full-time they can survive and live well and on the side, get to buy things for entertainment, accessories, nice cars, and so much more. All because you make good money by having a 40 hour a week job with benefits. All you have to do is work hard! That’s it! America came a long way during its fight for worker equality and rights. Here is a good example think of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s America. Ask anyone about work and they will tell you it was easy finding work, ask people what money expectations was like back then and they would tell you there was plenty, ask them how was the quality of life and they will say I wish it would last forever. I am 100 percent sure the positive answers outweigh the negative answers from people who lived during those decades. Because finding work was easy and making money was easy. You can understand that was thrown out the window when big corporate America found a new cheap and easily tricked labor force (Mexicans). So, when Americans see Mexicans taking their jobs and living of welfare that citizens pay for, and they must have 2 or 3 jobs just to survive you can imagine why your people are to blame and hated.

  3. Taking American jobs - This is the biggest slap in the face that America did since she actually had a very large hand in it. The CEO’s, business men and women, federal, and state leaders across the board in America saw the effectiveness of Operation Bracero back during the world wars, so they thought up a unique idea. What if we make America a place where immigrants love to be though job opportunity, financial aid in various forms, and rights? Better yet we won’t be paying for it! The answer was by doing so the average American who would not work under the table for less than living wages and benefits by law, would be replaced by an eager hard working Mexican who would take any payment to have the job, this made the old argument come to life “why should I hire you? When Pablo here will work for far less and does not ask for benefits?” Then it sinks in that you can’t fight that argument since the employer has the hiring power, then you realize that when you multiply Pablo by millions of Mexicans who are willing to work for less with no benefits you can’t compete with that desperation. Therefore, American citizens lost their negotiation power and instead take what they can get and bend over backwards in sick demeaning ways in order to have the right to survive. All because Mexicans were so desperate and willing to work for nothing, all because they were not smart enough to know when they were being tricked for a third time! But its ok, Mexicans are hardworking and Americans are lazy. Fact, right? Wrong! Americans are the ones who pay your financial aid as well! Not you! Americans pay taxes and those taxes have increased a lot over the years. Why? We pay government taxes and when the government does not have a lot funds to “help” immigrants survive they increase taxes. Of course, the government increases taxes when funds are low for any measure or proposal but your people contributed to this increase by billions! Thus, squeezing every last penny an American citizen has. This has ruined people and caused death for lack of means to an end. But its ok since your family will survive, right? The last bit is rights. I am sorry but when you come to a country illegally, you have no rights. The only reason you are treated humanely is because America is a civilized country, even if we haven’t always been such a prime example. So when you protest in the streets, give disdain for your treatment, and ask for rights to be created to help your people in a foreign land your being asinine! If you were to try such things anywhere else they would imprison you, deport you, or more commonly in many countries still, kill you. I realize when America was founded that we called ourselves the land of the free. So, America was interpreted as a nation of free will and law that gives said freedom in none restricting forms, and so far, that wasn’t a bad thing. However, this does not mean you can come here illegally and just fit your opinion into it. We are a nation of laws and customs that everyone must follow if they live here. So if the nation has strong anti-sentiments against illegal entry and you do so anyway, what does that make you based on law? A criminal. Pure and simple! Other nations saw this problem where jobs would be taken by illegals far in advance. It’s not that America is stupid for its legal choices it’s that she used you, again! Despite opposition from the citizens of this nation. So please quit your jobs and give them back to Americans before you lose it by force very soon anyways. It’s time to face the reality that you need to go home, stop fighting this long overdue change. Besides there so many of you that you can send money to family members then move. But that brings up another point about Mexicans, your numbers.

  4. Reproducing habits - It’s really nobody’s business what you do sexually, but your reproducing habits are out of control. It’s not that Americans are not very fertile it’s that most Americans are responsible in the act of sex and intent. Most couple’s want to enjoy a sex life devoid of children before they ultimately take part in something called “planned parenthood”. But when you use sex as a means to start a family so you can stay here and collect benefits for each head count, you just become the most twisted self-serving sponge ever. I’ve known so many Mexican men and woman who can’t keep their pants on, and many more who become parents at age 19 or younger. Like I said its nobody business what you do in the bedroom but that goes out the window when you keep dropping kids in this country left and right. Its more mouths to feed and this to comes out of the taxpayer’s pocket! Plus, back to La Raza extremists group and other organizations and people who share such ideologies by overtaking America by sheer numbers and participating in a quiet occupation, beware the cruelty of people who are pushed too far, especially since the government is now taking immigration seriously! Back to reproducing, it’s time to be responsible! Be safe when having sex and plan for parenthood by keeping your family small in the beginning of this process. Having 2 or even 3 children is ok. But if you have more than 3 your just being ridicules! This will suck up resources and piss everyone off. Let me give you an example from china, they limit you to 2 children, anymore then that gets euthanized or in simple English killed. Why? Because china’s population is too large so the government stepped in. Unfortunate for the Chinese people they are a communistic government and that’s why such awful things like that take place. But its ok since America is merciful and democratic, right? Wrong again. While we won’t be extreme and cruel like the Chinese these children will also be deported at some point. The “DREAMer’s” are already unsure of their future due to trumps decision to attack their status in America so not even “DREAMer’s” are safe from the changes coming. While it won’t matter if you continue dropping what Americans call “anchor babies” for benefits or visa in this country the people have spoken that illegals must go. There is very little respect in this regard by Mexican people, I know I grew up with that hate thrown in my face. Which leads to the next point. Disrespect.

  5. Disrespect against Americans - This one is a rather old behavior that’s stretches into the late 1960’s when Mexicans began coming here in droves again. This attitude most likely has to do with the fact that America was at war with Mexico during the year 1846-1848 with what was known as the Mexican American War. Which Mexico lost the war and yielded its territory of New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California, Texas, and Colorado during the Treaty of Guadalupe. I can understand why Mexicans would hate Americans in this regard but that’s still no excuse to come into our territory and say derogatory statements and slurs about the citizens here. I don’t mean the simply hurting someone’s little feelings, I mean going to groups of protests and disrespecting our nation, like burning American flags, waiving Mexican flags while saying things like “viva la Mexico”, or disrespecting our holidays, physically or verbally attacking people who are not Mexican, and our way of life. Saying statements like and I quote “if your not Mexican you ant shit” or saying racial slurs like whito, anglo, bolillo, and gavacho to name a few, and that’s just white people what about the shit you say about African Americans? Let alone other derogatory statements against other races of people here. I can understand some bitter blood for a war that happened little over a hundred years ago, but to hold onto that is just dumb. An individual life well lived is worth far more than trying to start a hate group like La Raza or just treating anyone who isn’t Mexican like crap. There were many reasons why that war broke out, not just because a democratic U.S president wanted more territory but also because Mexico was barely a nation that handled its problems uniquely and calmly and turned into a dictatorship under General Santa Anna. I don’t believe that those U.S immigrants went to Mexico to start trouble but to try something new in life, in fact they were offered to come to Mexico territory known as Texas in order bring wealth to Mexico and even offered to not pay taxes and tariffs and was given land, does this sound familiar? But something changed, Santa Anna took control of the Mexican government, ripped up the constitution and declared himself ruler. He then demanded that the immigrants pay a very heavy tax and land grabs from the U.S immigrants. The fact is the immigrants from the US were treated like dirt and then they rebelled, by the Texas revolution! The revolution lasted from 1835 to 1836, and it was a war fought because of a lack of ethics from Mexico. Mind you this wasn’t just white Americans but also Indians and Mexicans. The revolution went on for a while but their last stand was at the Alamo Mexican Garrison, so they took it, then died fighting to the end against Santa Anna’s forces personally, thus ended the revolution. The US saw this as an opportunity and the rest is history. Both sides were wrong and yes, the USA was wrong in its actions by using this as an opportunity to use war as a means to an end, but your country provoked it! But hey what nation doesn’t have blood on its hands? Speaking of blood.

  6. Gang Ties - It’s scary to say, but I’ve only met a few Mexican friends and enemies who do not have gang ties. I realize one could make the argument that I am hanging around dangerous people but I assure you I have met a lot of “normal” Mexican folks. People you would never guess were dangerous, I’m not joking. Of course, after a time I stopped fearing this truth and admitted to myself that at any time something could happen and to get over it. If I died then I died, nothing I could do about it. Being afraid 27/7 was a hell I do not recommend, it didn’t matter if one of the homies was waving a gun in my face, that’s how used to it I got. I wasn’t even raised in a ghetto area and neither my neighborhood was bad. We had the occasional thug or even lesser a bad neighbor occasionally, but that was it. High school was a layer of ghetto though, that’s when I started learning the hard lessons of gangs. Lucky for me I never got attacked a lot, or put into a corner I couldn’t get out of. Enough about me lets wrap this up. Mexicans have the largest gang ties in this country, that alone is a big enough reason why your people must return to Mexico. Mexicans accumulate 47 percent of all gang members in this nation! Mexicans make the largest portion of prison in-mates in the U.S currently! Gangs by Mexicans have raised the bar in violence and efficiency of said criminal life. Black gangs also played a part in this rivalry as well, other gangs of different races played into this life style of crime but Mexicans perfected it. Mexicans have created its own worst enemy and self-perceived friend by letting individuals start large crime syndicates like the cartels in Mexico. That behavior and life style spilled into the U.S. Also, since we are talking about the cartels let’s get this out of the way. The only reason the cartels exist is because of the corrupt rich Mexicans and government officials that ultimately created them. These groups of people where considered thieves and murderers. However, it was born from the wish to steal from the rich and give to the poor. That’s right the cartels were originally robin hoods of their own time! But how did they become what they are now you ask? Easy, greed and lust for power corrupts even the most perceived light hearted souls. Even the Mexican government is corrupt. Your country is corruption incarnate! I really feel bad for your people honestly. However, you let the cartels grow and expand, instead of resisting with sheer number you conformed instead and become their willing slaves. A lot of Mexicans still think they are heroes and your friends, just because they provide wealth with their criminal activity and drug trafficking. They own 60 percent of your country! 60 percent! In the hands of crime lords! But after all I said just now about this, you will all still either run from this fight against the cartels or remain loyal. That’s the reason why you all come to the united states, you don’t just want a better life, you’re also running away from your own fight or trying to bring it here! I don’t care if Americans bought drugs from the cartels its corporate American business men and woman who were cutting deals with these crooks, not citizens. Yeah one can say America has its own problems on corruption but it’s a lot harder to do here, there are many doors you need to pass through to be a successful crook. Then you bring gang lifestyles into the U.S and the process repeats. It’s insane considering how much pride Mexicans always boast about, its almost like your lying about having pride just to save face, or maybe you think your pride is so powerful that it’s not wasted on efforts on anything not worth your value, whatever the case this is my next section.

  7. Pride - This is the one thing about interactions with Mexicans I cannot stand. It’s not that having pride is bad I mean I have pride and so many other people do too, but Mexicans make it a point that their pride is the most powerful and awesome of its kind for good reason and you cannot compare. That you would be lucky to be so proud. Sorry to burst your bubble but pride is useless unless put it to good use and even then, you shouldn’t let your pride dictate you as an individual or say that your better than other people because god forbid how many times I heard that Mexicans are superior and that pride is well received. Ugh it makes me want to vomit. Its ok to have a lot of pride but don’t use it against other people by telling them how much greater Mexicans are, that’s just being a complete douche bag with a Nazi perspective. Like I said pride is worthless unless used for betterment of one self or others, until then your pride isn’t going to pay the bills or get you special treatment. At least not anymore since trumps on the job, in California there is a plethora of rights and laws for Mexicans and immigrants alone or another name for it is special treatment! Good old Cali, has become a hot-spot for illegals and non-illegals of immigrant decent. I can see why that would feed Mexican pride, a sense of reality that twists your perception that since your race is being catered to by just one of the states mentioned is a source of superiority and victory against other ethnic groups or the system. But all you did was make tensions high and make racism seem like not such a bad idea, and behavior of racism was explored once again. It’s not entirely Mexicans fault as mentioned those who rule this country tricked you into being here for cheap labor and everything else that I’ve already explained, for a third time. But that’s just it, for all that pride you were tricked so easily. Take that pride and return to Mexico to make it great again. While mentioning pride its time I talked about the last topic concerning Mexicans ambition.

  8. “Reconquista” Re-Conquest of Former Mexico - This is something I touched lightly upon earlier in the article about. The fact that extremist groups like La Raza said Mexicans should take back land by assimilating into American society by millions and interbreeding with Americans to one day reclaim the stolen territory of old Mexico after the Mexican-American War. Thus, once enough Latino’s where present they would secede from the united states and America would lose its territory as an act of revenge, and since the new Mexican American army would be there the USA would be forced into a final confrontation that it would lose. This plan has openly been discussed for over a decade or more, and many Mexicans truly believe that this is not insane. Well I am here to give you some information about that, especially those of you who think it would work and Americans must be destroyed from the inside. First the government keeps close tabs on all situations, this has happened well before Snowden revealed the NSA spying on everyone in the country, no this was a practice that all governments took part in across time since human societies existed. So that means any extremist plans you laid was for nothing. Cause the government simply used you for cheap labor but had you under control. If you think I am full of it look up FEMA camps in American and notice that most of them around heavy Latino populations and other extreme groups of people in the USA. These camps are meant for imprisonment of any group or force as well as under the appearance and use of emergency aid for surrounding areas. They are built as multi-purpose internment and aid camps. They already prepared other ways to deal with extremist’s as well I am sure. Now the next juicy topic, war. I am going to say it simply, in a war against America you will not survive! For the longest time, we have been the most powerful military force on earth. Mexico going to war against America is suicide, we would conquer your remaining Mexico in mere weeks and that’s not a boast it’s also based on your military force which is painfully small and ill-equipped. Your only advantage would be numbers but we have all seen that numbers mean nothing against technology and weaponry, and America has that in spades. We are literally the giant next door and you don’t piss the giant off. Your belief that Mexico has even the slightest chance is folly, but I have also heard the classic argument that Mexico would align with Americas enemies like Russia or China. In this regard, yes Mexico would be a force that would be challenging, for a while. But you forget that the countries you align with would in turn conquer you so think wisely. As far as contending with the states I prefer if you didn’t because I personally don’t want to see you all destroyed cause like I said, I don’t hate Mexicans it’s the immigration that’s the problem that I outlined. Things are different now, when the Mexican America War broke out you relatively had the same weapons as the US, you even outnumbered our forces! But you were defeated easily losing mass amounts of territory. Now? No way, Mexico wouldn’t stand a remote chance. So please abandon this ideology of re-conquest it’s going to get you and your people killed, and there will be no Mexico. But that’s why trump was elected among other reasons, to hopefully avoid this option forever.

  9. 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump - I said earlier in this article I would create a small explanation on our current president and here it is. Despite the negative election and the crazy show of madness during the campaign, President Trump is something we as nation needed for a long time. I realize that he said a lot of negative things about many people, places, and situations. But realize he was just trying to be upfront about it and as for the remarks against immigrants particularly Mexicans, he did it on purpose, remember him verbally attacking Mexicans? He did that to show everyone in America what democrats and immigrants are like when insulted, thus you rioted, insulted, and attacked other people who you perceived to be your enemy. It also proved my point about the ethics of immigrants as well, including their ideology, and mission. After this, you all, no matter what you called yourself showed your colors to be people of extreme and childish behavior that was unfitting of democracy whether legitimate or not. You all showed America that you are not civil enough to discuss this peacefully. But after all the things I explained about Mexican immigration does all this not apply to other immigrants as well? Think about it, companies outsource jobs by building factories in china and Mexico as well as so many other places in the world where labor is cheap. Everything I explained is little problems becoming a large one, if trump did not get elected we would be in pure anarchy. Of course, American companies intensified this issue by taking short-cuts to larger and quicker wealth by outsourcing and cheap labor, but there is a saying, “Shame on you the first time, Shame on me the second.” You still need to take care of yourself and not be fooled, that’s still a human trait that your responsible for. It all comes down to jobs and balance of the economy, remember that ecosystem example? Same rule applies. Trump knows that jobs should remain in the USA and those jobs will be offered to only citizens and no one else. This is common sense, when that happens people will be paying taxes naturally due to there being only Americans working jobs and no illegals, this would also only work if government aid is only given to Americans and in a thriving economy would greatly be reduced, even people who are citizens would have trouble abusing said aid. This natural influx of tax revenue will increase government spending on the infrastructure (infrastructure in this regard means improving our nation efficiency and GDP) and decrease national debt. When this happens, the minimum wage will go to its appropriate living wage amount of $21.16 or higher. Or even better and maybe simpler, lowering the cost of living across all departments like food, housing, cars, bills, and even entertainment. When you know that you can survive by simply not making a lot of mistakes and being wise with your money, when you know that if you lose your job that you can simply get another one, when you know that as individual who uses common sense and works hard for what they want not always what they need, then you know your living in a great country. Because everyone is pulling their weight around, and those people outnumber the irresponsible ones. That’s why trump was elected, he sees the pattern of success. It’s just a matter of people understanding his vison that stand in his way. You see the democrats do not care about the Mexican people or immigrants at all, they want to do is keep the system in place where they may use you to further their party or keep the cheap labor going. Of course, my opinion is that both parties are a farce so the 1 percent maintain power and control over this nation and its people. It could be that since the 1 percent brought you all here they are now having second thoughts based on a disadvantage that immigrants may provide over the nation. This could be knowledge, ability, or maybe numbers. Who knows it’s all speculation. One thing is for sure we need trump because he can set things right, even if its viewed with extreme disdain. I will provide a simple outline on what Mexico immigrants must do so that it will only better your lives and the lives of your people so that trump will not target you so harshly.

  10. Things to do that will make the future a bright one for Mexico and America - First Mexicans must return home and face their problems and fears, I don’t care what that fear is you must face it. Everyone in the world runs from their fears at some point in life but you must face them. Second is to accept the fact that the cartels are your enemies not your friends, and that unfortunately the only way to deal with them is to destroy them. I really doubt democracy would work on the cartels. Of course, this is easier said than done. The Mexican government if trusted, has a task force aimed at dismembering the cartels but if this is a trusted avenue only. This is not an easy task, for if the sheer number of illegals here in the USA to take on vigilant justice and kill all cartel members would no doubt suffer casualties. Not to mention grueling deaths and attacks against your family and friends, not even mentioning your fate. But you see that’s your greatest strength, numbers. The cartels can’t take on a mob of 11 million or more illegal Mexican aliens from the USA. They would be destroyed in very little time if you all banded together. Together your stronger, divided your weak. Then you would take the money and resources from the cartel back to the people, the spending of this resource reposed would feed back into government and then they would use it for betterment of Mexico. This of course also hinges on the power vacuum created being destroyed as well so cartels never exist again. The cartels would be annihilated in weeks, then you would move on to the next step. Third being involved in the democracy of Mexico and I’m not talking about a few, I mean all of you, this would put pressure on the Mexican government to act ethically and do right by its people. Thus, cooperation will ensue new avenues will open. The land of Mexico would become a land of law again, this would put people into ethical mindset. After that the fourth step would to look for precious resources only available to Mexico, trade with other nation fairly and not just the USA, put earned money towards helping people in Mexico with education, transportation, housing, food, and other necessities. By doing this it would enrich the Mexican people, I remember a saying by an economist whose name escapes me who said that “If we have the virtuous cycle, then everyone is happy, and the economy flourishes”. The virtue cycle of economics is where the leaders in government rule justly and equally for all people of this nation as well in business interaction, the rich provide jobs and reasonable living accommodations with assets and property they own and services they provide like housing, food, wage, products, and infrastructure rule’s that are fair to the poor and middle classes, as well as the lower rich. Thus, the people have more than enough means to survive and enjoy life, then the people provide services and products sold which feeds back to the top of government and then the virtuous cycle repeats. Think of it like this, by treating the people right the land flourish’s, if the land flourishes then so do the people who own it, then the rich flourish from business, then the government flourishes from taxes. The process repeats. A society where everyone wins, and is happy. The only thing is hard work and will to make an honest living, lack of ethics is actually why we as humans fail each other. So even if you become a great business man or woman, or government leader with power and money, you still have your duty to abide by and that’s to do right by your people. Lastly is patience and willpower, the Mexican people have had multiple revolutions thus far thanks to lack of ethics. But if you show willpower, courage, and patience Mexico can be a first world country with a great economy and people. I realize that I did not provide to many direct ways on how to fix Mexico’s problems, and I realize Mexico does some of the things I outlined in this section and some I did not but your countries biggest issue is the crime lords and the government who can be barely called just that. You destroy the cartels and fix issues with government then your people’s problems will start to disappear for good. Do things after that that enrich your nation and your culture, increase your GDP, secure your boarders so you do not have the same problem that the USA has with Mexico, trade fairly and ethically, have a society based on justice and fairness, and become a member of the world that has the power, and discernment when to use it for the better good. America or any other nation may not be the greatest country in the world, or any nation by my standards but by starting in the right place you can be a happy nation with Mexican pride being finally put to use. You and your nation would be reborn in the best possible way, trust me the world and Mexico would be a better place.

  11. My Personal take – I realize a lot of the things I said today would not sit well with any of you, in fact I would be surprised if I told someone who is Mexican this if they understood where I am coming from, let alone hurt me or kill me, save the few Mexicans I met over 17 years that would understand my position. The fact is I hated Mexico and its people for years, I mean pure unadulterated hate. I wished death on your people. But as I matured I realized that it was wrong and retarded to throw everyone in the same boat as those individuals who wronged me and so many others. I know, it sounds counterproductive to wash away that hate only for it to manifest in the imminent exile of millions of Mexicans in America soon in the present. That same hate Mexicans experienced long ago was given to me as a child, by the kids, adults, and older Mexicans. It came from students, teachers, bosses, co-workers, friends, enemies and so many others. I lost jobs and career opportunities, money, friendships and even relationships to this racist division created. If I wasn’t Mexican I was not to be trusted and was a piece of trash, if not that then I was an awful person who wished ill will on your people because of my skin color and it’s only natural to hate me. The long grueling experience transformed me into a bitter, cynical, pessimistic human being, filled with hatred so intense it would make the devil proud! I really can’t emphasize that enough, it was pure rage. You see you gave me and so many other non-Mexican people the hate that was given to you, but by someone else who very likely has nothing to do with me or other people who hurt you, this was very likely based on stereotype’s, and past prejudice. Beyond my experience, everything I said as to why Mexicans must leave is not based on emotion, but society, economics, and common sense. I simply shared a tiny fraction of my life with you that’s all. I don’t regret wanting or needing this to happen, millions of other Americans feel the same as me. That’s why trump was elected to do so many tasks, this being one of them. I don’t hate your race or any other, but you need to go home and fix your own problems. There is so many things pushing fate in this direction. But I must warn you all, if you keep fighting the idea of returning home the trump administration will become harsher, and if the immigrants do not act responsibly in this, and act erratic in ways then it could lead to war. I know I said do not take this path for it will be your end, and I meant it. If it comes to that, may god have mercy on you. Please go home, all logic aside. The next response will be emotional, and emotion has a tendency of chaos in it. I wish to expand on this a little more by saying if you’re a true American, then it’s your duty to speak up! I have already myself participated in giving anonymous illegal immigration tips to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) through their tip form on their website [filtered hyperlink] which was successful. You can simply visit their site with google or any browser. The time to act is now, spread this article wherever you can safely and anonymously. I highly suggest you use free VPN or any VPN that’s trusted, then install TOR which is Peer to Peer network. This will give you complete anonymity. Simply spreading this article will cause a ripple effect, all it takes is just a few people, imagine if there where hundreds! Do what you can like writing articles, giving ICE tips, and spreading the word. To bring awareness and needed change, lets help the U.S President as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to help! If you do not know a lot about VPN’s or TOR then ask for help understanding it. I only push that because I believe it’s best to be anonymous, but if you don’t feel the same ICE isn’t going to hunt you down for having a voice. They also reward you sometimes with funds! Do your part as I will continue to do so as well. This is all I have to say. Of course, I will not reveal myself for this is an anonymous response and article for obvious reasons. As for my sources, I will provide in the sources page for a recommended reading section. As mentioned before this was also based on personal experiences, reading, and stories people told me, but alas I cannot cite myself as a source technically but I will, because it is worth something despite opposition of that idea. There are many articles on the internet, please search them out and you will see everything laid out to you in detail that this article could not do completely. I realize that a lot was said without providing citations and proof in this article, however this does not mean what I said today does not stand in the court of truth. Like I said the internet is full of information that can be confirmed, books as well. Even better people who put up with the situations outlined and then some. People can’t all be lying just because their racist or were insulted by an immigrant, millions of people don’t just wake up and find a reason to hate you or ask you to leave. There is reason produced by something we all share, experience. Look up all avenues in books, the internet, and stories people share, and you will see why this is not a racist attack, but a wish that things should be fair and just. But I promise you this, if you ever saw what life was like in my shoes I am more than 100 percent sure you would see why I had to say what I said, regardless if it’s just me or more accurately everyone who is an American citizen. This positive change will happen, except this time for once it’s the easier road for Mexicans. I want to mention that I will never come forward to claim my work, so if anyone should do so it’s a lie. Not that I think I am the best writer in the world, but simply someone who brought awareness and craves change. Thank you for reading, bless be.


The Individual Bigot

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You regret everyday you made me happy. You regret that time you said you would rather be with me than your friends. You regret the sacrifices you made for me. I don't regret the ones I made for you. I sacrificed my relationships with people I love. I've given up my time as well. I've given up little things you'll never see. But I love you and I don't regret a moment I made you smile or made you feel safe. I'm sorry you regret my smile.

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I am sick and tired of almost all of you thinking that every gay person is lusting after you, some of us have standards.

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They don't see what lies ahead when the sun turns dark and the moon turns red . The Italian Mafia was created and came into power by The Illuminati They made to much money , and threatened the Elite That was why They fell. They are no more . Josephine Overaker blew up an an Energy Facility costing Bush millions. wealth is used as a pool for making illegal transactions that can be filtered back into their pockets and reused against you. trauma, fire, and sacrificing The young . It's a repeat over and over again . The F.B.I will take a few of us down, but there will be others . They need to control you - They will Stop The pendulum of 22 and silence Zeus and my head will be placed in a bucket and my body ground as meat for your consumption. You will rejoice and send gifts to one another , and declare allegiance to your masters . on The day I am executed the sea, will be turned into blood because of the dead that they have sacrificed and every living thing in the sea died.and The Rivers they became blood. . and every living thing in it died Trump Your pride has built a wall, so strong That I can't get through This can't be the end I will be there, ISinsinawa

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Riddle me this --The Truth lies within the river’s flow is where it begins . When The dawn breaks the soul Awakens

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If you are a muslim, I feel so sorry for you, really I do. Have you seen the Matrix? You're Neo. You're living in a dream world. No, seriously. It's all made up. The early Christians left their monasteries to go preach to the Arabian peninsula taking their lectionaries with them. What followed was the seeding of sort of mutant Christianity and reframing of everything: man, god, life, heaven, hell, all of it. It's made up. It's all shamelessly made up. I feel bad for you because of the deep connection you have with the belief, the faith, God, your parents, imam, family, etc. There is no plan. There is no path to Jannah. It's all fiction made up to make people feel better that life gets better after you die and thus you are robbed of living this life. Is the Holy Qur'an "made up" then? Yes, it is. You've been born into a worldview that is only framed around that book and its shepherds. The more disturbed version of this is expressed in extremists. I know *you're not an extremist, but the things you see so wrong about this world can't be force-fitted towards a sort of ideological islamic utopia. Why? Because at some point you will either be oppressed or participate in the oppression. Participating is fun. You feel the surge that you're on "God's side" and all, but that stirring, that rush, that "I feel it through and through" is the loss of your morality. You're a pawn being played for the gain of someone else. Again, I feel sorry for you. You will have no legacy, you will not be well-remembered. It's a poorly written play and you're cast to play the marionette. You barely know yourself because of an insidious plan to program you from very early on so that you will be shamed for questioning the faith. What greater evidence is there than the horrid threat of death for those who don't agree with you. We tell children to play nice, get along. Two people can't agree on their favorite foods, color (green, right?), or anything and yet we say, "you simply must believe as I do or else God will annihilate you." That should be a warning. Not to remain in the faith, but to question it all the more. I have no way to reach you. You family will shame you, your imam will shame you, your brothers, sisters, uncles—. It's a sham. You might have to live a quiet secret life on the inside; I get that. I even understand that all you know is being Muslim and that you have to live a sort of Muslim life even though you know it's made up. I get that too. But, when you need a safe place to work through the confusion, anger, and disappointment of having had your childhood taken from you and shrouded in that system, I'll be there to listen, to hang out and walk with you. You're not alone—really not alone. There are many out there. Imams living secret lives of desperation who can't stand up and say, "this is made up!" Rather, they will teach about being kind and neighborly, showing the face of God to all people. Until we meet again. Thanks for the hospitality and lunch, by the way. Allah should take lessons from you—not the other way around.

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Oh, I'm a good old rebel, Now that's just what I am, And for this yankee nation, I do not give a damn. I'm glad I fought a ganner, I only wish we won. I ain't asked any pardon for anything I've done. I hates the yankee nation and everything they do. I hates the declaration of independence, too. I hates the glorious union, t'is dripping with our blood. I hates the striped banner, and fit it all I could I rode with Robert E. Lee, For three years, thereabout. Got wounded in four places, And I starved at point lookout. I catched the rheumatism A campin' in the snow. But I killed a chance of Yankees And I'd like to kill some more. 3 hundred thousand Yankees Is stiff in southern dust. We got 3 hundred thousand Before they conquered us They died of Southern Fever And southern steel and shot I wish there were 3 million Instead of what we got. I can't pick up my musket And fight 'um down no more But I ain't gonna love 'um Now that is certain sure And I don't want no pardon For what I was and am I won't be reconstructed And I do not give a damn

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An estimated 75,000 computers in 99 countries have been infected in what is being called the biggest attack of its kind in history.ANONYMOUS that's who . Plunged world banks into Chaos . 'Ransomware' Brings Down IT Systems ?

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It's been a long week of work for my fiancé and myself. After giving our son a bath and cleaning up for the night I sit down to relax for a bit. I wanted to scroll through Facebook and not think for a minute. As soon as I sit down my fiancé wants me to engage a conversation about the car show he is watching which I have zero interest in. I tried to pay attention but I wanted to check my phone for a minute and I def didn't care about the history of the car he was watching. I told him that I didn't want to watch the show and instead of leaving it at that he got super upset with me. He shamed me for not wanting to have a damn conversation about the show I didn't care about. He then got up and slammed the bedroom door and called me a fucking bitch. He then said I comminicate like a caveman. This is coming from a guy who dislikes almost every show I want to watch. Also coming from someone who shames me for watching the shows I like. What more do I owe him I don't understand why it's even an issue. Instead of being rude to me just ask if we can watch something else. I don't understand why he got so upset it makes no sense. How can he keep calling me hurtful names and mess with my head when he is more of a bitch than I am. I always stay empathetic me caring how can he think I'm those things he says to me. Regardless I am to the point where no matter what name he calls I can't take it to heart. I know who I am and he cannot control me. If I don't want to then I don't have to. Same goes for him. He acts out like a child and never considers his anger and actions. What really irritates me is he does it in front of our boy. It's bullshit he needs to change or I will fly once I gain my wings.

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Se están moviendo en - redondear todas las personas de piel oscura. Las vidas negras son importantes - Los mexicanos, ((Los pandilleros ya están en la base de datos - ¿Crees que la FBi no tiene la base de datos Si la tienen, Eso es si algún agujero de culo como yo no te atropellara No hay América que no sea nada como Hitler no te van a gasolina Las Guillotinas que trajeron si México no te lleva de vuelta ... Párate con tu cabeza.

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Is that the majority of woman have Borderline Personality Disorder they provoke men to get off on their masochistic tendencies

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you must be talking about Islam .People are so afraid to hurt a Muslim's feelings . Hey Manchester how do you like the invasion so far ? I know everybody in Germany loves it. being tortured and raped all the time. a nine year old German Girl gang raped and you fuckers are worried about the perpetrator's feelings OMG Sons of Odin ? What a joke. English Defense league ? Bunch of Pussy boys with no testicles.

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Depression is living your life for you. Depression is going through your day to day routines, spending time with friends and family, going to work but never knowing if you will be interested in what's happening around you. If you will be happy because you have no reason not to be, or if you will struggle to simply get out of bed in the morning. Depression is coming home from work, having an extremely pleasant day, and walking into your house crying. It's not being able to answer your sister when she texts you because it's too much to move. It's not being able to face your roommate because you know she will know something is wrong but you don't know how to explain that there isn't actually anything wrong at all. It's constantly reminding yourself that no matter how hard things get, no matter how much it hurts to breath, taking your own life is not the answer. It's constantly putting everyone else's needs first because they would be hurt if you weren't. Because some days, the only way out is the end. Because some days you can't find a reason to keep going, but you do. Some days you just lie in bed, you can't get up, you can't shower, you can't do anything but lie there and think about how there is no reason for you to be where you are but somehow you always find yourself back here in the same spot, holding the same pillow, with the same darkness surrounding you.

Depression is wanting someone to talk to, but not knowing what to say. So instead you say nothing. Instead you lay in bed. Instead you think of the easiest ways to stop breathing because it hurts so god damned much to breath. But tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow could be a better day, maybe tomorrow it won't hurt to breath. Maybe I can just wait for tomorrow. But maybe I am always waiting for tomorrow. Maybe it's exhausting, waiting for tomorrow to come.

Depression is eating you alive, swallowing you in a pit of despair. Pulling you down into a black hole where you live in your worst self. But depression doesn't stay forever. And when you surface, your first breath of fresh air, that first taste of happiness is why you waited. And it is so good to be who you are without being pulled down by a shadow cast by nothingness. That you forget this too won't last.

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I have a few things I want to get off my chest and I don't even know how I'm going to write it all out... I met my first and only boyfriend in high school, we had a child and now I'm pregnant with our second. Eight weeks today, but I thought about abortion because our relationship has not been very strong. I'm not going to do it though, but I'm not sure if I want to continue this relationship still. I'm not sure if I'm staying with him for the right reasons. It's not really financially better for me to stay with him, but morally I think? I'm not really sure. I know I love him, but almost everyday I'm angry at him too, but I don't always show it. We've had problems in the past, and broke up a few times. I forget a lot of things, but I know those breakups had to do with jealousy. I was young and I held on to really stupid thoughts for a long time. I'd like to think I'm more mature now but I know I'm not done learning yet. The problem with me is I fall really hard for someone and all I can think of is them, and I was really hurt to learn he wasn't the same. His love was more gradual, but he still had eyes for other women. I'm not completely naive, I know people will always be attracted to others, but I got into this nasty nasty habit of going through his phone. I know it's a horrible thing to do, not just for his sake but my own as well. But he's the type not to tell you something unless you force him to. He's admitted to being a compulsive liar, and thinking about other women. I can forgive that he thinks about women because you can't really control thoughts, but I won't say it didn't bother me. It was more about his actions and who he was thinking about that upset me. It wasn't celebrities or random chicks he knew nothings about, it was women he was "friends" with. I know it because he was searching them up FB and Insta every other day. I even noticed he only watched snapchat stories posted by these women, everyone else, his family and friends weren't even looked at. A couple woman he knew before me and few he met while he was with me. When we broke up he messaged a few of them, it took him less than a couple days, and then there was me, not even ready to talk to anyone else. It pissed me off when we got back together to learn how quickly he started making his move on those women. He says he didn't sleep with any of them, but I don't really trust him. I know one girl was in his room, he told me that much, but he said she was just on her phone and he was watching tv because she got locked out of her house or something. I had this feeling, like a "no way he did nothing" feeling. So around Christmas time I asked him if anything happened when we were broken up. He said he met some girl at a club and they hung out and she gave him him a hand job... after I kept persisting with questions (because his story was really vague and dumb) he admitted he was lying so the real thing didn't seem as bad. Stupid logic but I believe he'd do some nonsense like that. I guess the truth was he kissed one of his "friends" like an hour after one of break ups. He and this particular "friend" are always flirting as soon as we break up, even when she was pregnant. Actually a couple of his "friends" flirt with him, or did I should say, adding two of them are his ex's, but he's made out with all of them when they were younger (before we met). I think our breakups happen because at some point I start over thinking all these little facts, and the fact that they still try to keep in contact, though my boyfriend tones it down when we get back together. He doesn't flirt with them, but he's just the type who can't say no. He really keeps it to a minimum when we're together, sort of. I really had to hound at him to get to minimum. He can't handle me at my worst so I don't know why I let him have me at my best. He walked out when I got really mad one time because he went out with his family and ended up at his "friends" house, she's friends with his family and his cousins went their to drink. The was the day he went and kissed her, also before she got pregnant. All of this is really out of order so if anyone is reading this sorry if it's confusing. I'm confused. I'm angry. I'm hurt, and sad. He called me one time (I was out of town visiting family with out son) to tell me he slept with his cousin. He had been drinking and he was crying and he made it out to seem like it was all her fault. The next morning he called and told me he made it all up and he just wanted to get me mad. I went off on her the night before so she blocked me, and I couldn't apologize to her after I learned the truth. I have no idea why I keep getting back together with him. I know he's a nice person, he's a great dad, but he's fucked me up. When we got back together after that whole fiasco, I knew the answer, but I asked if he was trying to get me to breakup with him that time. So yeah, you could say we're not the ideal of a healthy relationship. I kind of let that go since it was a lie and he didn't actually do anything. What I really can't let go is the kiss because that actually happened with that other chick. She still tries to invite him out to play bingo because they are old people I guess lol... sigh I really don't even bother talking to him about this stuff anymore because it's always the same thing and I know he's tried of hearing it. I give up trying to talk to him as well. I'm all talked out. Now I just bottle it up. I don't think he loves me they way he should. After having our son I was in ICU and the first thing he said to me all mopey was "I wanted to go to (I forget)". We were planing on going on a trip and we missed it because I WAS IN THE FUCKING HOSPITAL, and all he cared about was missing his trip. I had to call him and tell him to come see me because he wasn't even trying to come. I told myself it was okay because he was just trying to be good dad and take of our newborn while I recovered for surgery but thinking back to it, we had a lot of family willing to look after him while he could of just stopped by for a bit and showed me some god damn support. I'M SYILL SO ANGRY ABOUT ALL OF THESE THINGS I DON'T KNOW WHY I STILL WANT TO WORK THINGS OUT. I need to get a therapist hahaha.......

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I've been with you for 5 years. We moved out together in order to start a new life away from the scrutiny of my mother who hated our age difference. During that time we were each others world. You would put off talking online with your friends saying, "I would much rather be with you." You proposed to me after 3 years saying I was the love of your life. And then a few months ago we decided to move back to the state where our families are. You went ahead to pave the way. And I stayed behind to close off our affairs and then rush to join you. Two months later you come and kiss me lovingly and you say you love me. The next day after a night together you say that you are unsure of our life together. You say I dragged you away from your friends and that I pua hed you to propose. You say you need to think about if you are truely happy with me. And on that note your gone. I am alone again to feel like I'm floating in limbo. Your ambiguous flight hurt me. And now all I can think is what happened? What did I do wrong? Am I weak to wait for a reaponse from someone I have loved so deeply? Is it rihht to stay with someone who places blame on me for all the things he misses? Am I the source of all hos regrets? I wish you knew the pain I feel when you look at me coldly. And say that I tore you from a world you loved and you weren't ready. The pain, the embarrassment, the lonliness I feel. I have to one to talk to because if I went ro rhose I trust and love they would be dorever angry with you and if all this passes I dont want that animosity. I wish you knew the torment of loving you.

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They are censoring me all over the internet now. I am no even sure anyone other than Sinsinawa can even see my posts since nobody ever comments on them. This is going to lead to a violent revolt where people are publically executed. The wicked are already getting killed and covering it up.

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They are weak and their end is near. All of their power comes from stealing energy from others and from sacrifices. They drink blood and then go on ego trips dictating onto others that they are all powerful and in full control. They are a joke. They are weak right now and are getting desperate and reckless. Speak out against them. Smite them down. Grind them into dust. The moment you start going after them watch how they start crumbling. If they make threats then laugh at them. They are full of it.

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Tom Rubendall is a Nazi commander in the United States. He works for Warner Bros. and is serving the House of Savoy. Tom Rubendall is extremely psychopathic. Look up his twitter account and you can see how evil he looks. He gets paid to command Nazi gang stalkers and is involved with a plot to carry out a holocaust in the United States. They are already murdering people covertly. Tom Rubendall needs to be hunted down and executed immediately. He is pure evil.

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I was taken advantage of by my contractor. The contract had a lot of TBD instead of actual prices. Mike Maschmeyer didn't know much about construction and his design was missing important details, yet he talked me into going with Urban Rooftops because he knew my friends and said he'd give me a great deal. Found out later that my friends think Mike is creepy and would have never recommended him. Well those TBD now have a price, which is 3 times as expensive as my project. Asked for invoices for material purchased and he submitted altered invoices. This guy is bad news

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If you knew how good it feels to push a knife into some body and look them in the eyes , you would love it . I'ts like you can see their soul leave their body through their eyes . you take their soul you take everything from them . Cutters are cowards they cut themselves and never have what they truly desire the wanting to cut you suicide is for Cowards they allow life to take their souls , me i won't do that I'll take your's instead .Guns no fun too easy that way bombs are for stupid people . knives, well there is nothing like it.

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I've spent the last year's of my childhood and my first years as an adult trying to be someone that you needed, wanted even. I loved you and I though you loved me too, but distance destroyed your attraction to me. I understood and let it be until you wanted to be together again. You filled my head with dreams of a future, then a month later torched them down with 3 days of silence and having my best friend tell me you wanted to break up. Even still I forgave you and told you I'd always be there for you. You left for half a year without a Second thought and came running to me to help you get through being raped by your newest boyfriend. I did everything I could, I even took time off to come see you. You told me you loved me and didn't want anyone else just like you had years before. Against my better judgment I loved you again knowing how it would end. I left for home, and then you left us a week later. Now a couple month later and you want to try again, you want to hurt me again. I've always been a strong man, but I don't know if I can take you hurting me again. You told me you loved me and now weeks gone by and you haven't said anything to me or your friends. I'm not letting you hurt me again. I'm tired of being patient and taking the beatings you give to my heart. I don't want love if it's like this, constantly breaking me down. I just want to die eight now and it's all because I love you. I need to say goodbye to you but I don't know how to without hurting myself further. Maybe I should just leave, it's not like your talking to me anyway. Maybe I'll disappear so you can't find me, so that you just be stuck searching for someone else to leach on for your comfort. I was born into this world without love and I'm not afraid to walk out of it the same way.

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Gender exists. Men and women exist. It is biological FACT of HOW GOD CREATED US. People had better accept it. I get that a smaller percentage of people biologically have anomalies, and another small percent may be emotionally unsure of where they are. That DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT that most people have a clear gender and are aware of what gender they have. It may be natural to occasionally wonder what it would be like to be the other gender, but that still means your gender is what it is. I bet a larger percentage of people have let their minds wander on that one. if not most people. Don't let gender politics hijack people's perception of their gender because of natural wonderings of the mind. There is nothing wrong with Mother's Day or Fathers' day. If you are offended that these holidays exist or that genders exist in reality then you need to either get over it or go live in a cave.

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The Catholic priesthood is a cult of pedophiles and blood drinkers who are given top oversight in society. They are the eyes of their districts which make up the Holy See which is the All Seeing Eye of society. Archbishops have the highest oversight in their regions and meddle in politics, business, law, entertainment, and organized crime. All top priests are initiated through pedophilia and blood drinking.

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It is almost time to start hanging the politicians and all those who protect them. They are not any kind of authority. The United States is a federal corporation defined under US code 3002 section 15. They are the ones who are lawless. Donald Trump was just knighted by the House of Saud. They are all serving these foreign powers. Once they are executed the members of secret societies will be investigated and all child murderers, pedophiles, and associates of those kind are to be executed. Those who murder children will likely be burned alive.

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Prince William drinks the blood of children and then declares himself god while he blasphemes me over and over and over again with his false accusations. He pays the imposter Pazuzu who calls himself Zeus Ombrios to further disrespect me. The worst of all this is that they are child murdering child molesting blood drinking psychopaths. Prince William is a sub human devil known as Dionysus. He is the spirit of blasphemy pedophilia and bisexuality. He is one of the most evil lunatics to ever walk the earth. Prince William should be dragged out of his castle and burned alive until he is a pile of ashes.

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The Illumianti just murdered several children and adults and are all drunk off the blood declaring victory over humanity. They are censoring me everywhere on the internet and claiming they defeated me. I just killed off several of their top leaders and when they get drunk off blood like this it is in response to their leaders getting killed. Every time they drink blood and turn into a telepathic tornado of blood intoxicated narcissism it is because they are getting killed off. Drinking adrenaline filled blood also rots their souls too.

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Tolerating Satan and the fallen angels who are persecuting humanity so that the replacements for the fallen angels are well tested and so that this wickedness never returns again. The top leaders of evil are going to be eternally destroyed. The offspring or Nephilim are going to be the masters of the fallen angels and other wicked souls that sides with Satan on their new godless planet called hell for eternity. They have no idea what they have got themselves into.

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Facebook has shut down four of my profiles for speaking out against the Albanian Mafia, Italian Mafia, Saudi Mafia, and human trafficking.

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Right there on Lincoln Street there is a church, I was coming out the Market right a crossed the street I came out to get into my car and a guy comes out of the package store I guess he was high or something. wanted to fight me , I hit him in the face with a tire iron like 5 times before he dropped . I hope he's o.k Damn didn't need that . back on 290 see ya . good to be back in Vermont

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Tonight we decided that writing things down is valuable.

Today I woke up and felt the general malaise and fatigue I have been feeling since the incident 2/22/2017. Of course it was to a lesser extent then it had been originally.

I awoke to relieve myself and then began a kettle for coffee. I then rinsed the previous day's coffee and went to add the day's scoop. I use a sturdy 1/3 cup measuring cup from an unmatched set for which I own no other accompaniment. I found that my countertop canister was near empty and circumvented the scoop altogether. I instead poured the remaining coffee grounds into the French press. While I waited for the kettle to whistle I sought relief of the solid variety. Whilst on the pot I found a new show on Netflix to watch called the mars generation. I hardly paid much attention but recall envy for those youngsters documented having their first, second, and even third stay at space camp. I wanted to be that young again and nearly as bright as even the dumbest of the bunch.

As I reached the close of my relief the kettle began to whistle so I paused the show. I fixed a mug of coffee in my last remaining salmon colored mug of an original set of 4. I felt a certain pleasure from having landed on this mug amongst the rotation. Without a flared ridge it (they) is (were) my favorites of the total of 8 mugs I own. I retreated to my smoking room to find that the wind was pushing in the smoke from my first cigarette into the rest of the house. I did not want to but i forced myself to obtain the small retro fan that is usually in the window seal of this room from it's temporary place in my bedroom to ensure that the smoke or at least a large quantity of it would leave the room through the window. I returned the fan to its rightful place on the window seal and snuggly closed the window atop its crest.

I resumed the show I had been quite actively ignoring however I felt a sudden urge to tune into current events. I have been avoiding the news for nearly three months in most part due to my ultra sensitivity to events of late even those with less significance than those with the denotation of 'world issues '.

I started Cbsn live to discover that today and the three days preceding have marked a historical event: the dismissal of the director of the FBI. Today marked a public forum on national security. As it turns out the president has fired the director of the FBI days after he requested more funding for an investigation into the president's and the presidential candidate's campaign's involvement in the cyber interference in the 2016 us presidential election.

Since so much was divulged and concealed in the very same forum , it is difficult to recount all of the key points but a few things linger in my memory. The 7 entities that protect and obtain our countries intelligence may act to consolidate the 198 government entities under one computerized system rather than retaining the fragmented status quo. The same entities were also asked if they would be comfortable with the same security protection software being installed on their own computers and they all said they would be ok with that.

This made me think of a few things. First I thought of the 1990's sandy bullock movie 'the net' where the government and the private sector are nearly duped by a security software company into installing the software across the board as a result of fear tactics secretly perpetrated by the same company. It also made me think of a sinking ship.

If a nautical engineer was asked to present the best way to prevent a ship from sinking would he reply with a design for a single strong hull or a design that implements a series of bulkheads that can be closed strategically to protect the integrity of the entire vessel ?

Finally I thought , if the government is compromised by the Russians would an 'all eggs in one basket' approach help them? If all the eggs became under the oversight of one single compromised individual would that be advantageous to them?

Later in the day around 11 am mountain time an executive order was signed signaling the beginning of such an approach. This would ensure that all these agencys' security and vulnerabilities would come under White House jurisdiction.

One other thing that lingered from this forum was the fact that the intelligence agencies admitted to having a surprisingly large amount of face time with the president. Wouldn't the intelligence about intelligence be advantageous to those benefitting from a potentially compromised White House?

I continued watching the news until it began to repeat during which time I cleaned my dishes and continued an experiment involving papaya remnants and beard softening.

I prepared for a hike to clear my mind. I had received an email regarding the re-fi on this house asking a question that should have been known by the person that posed it. 'Are we still going forward with the re-fi'. I directed the question to to many people involved in the re-fi since the progress currently hinges on their decisions to say the least.

I prepared for a hike because I felt that I might stay in bed all day. Needless to say I went on a hike with Lola and then felt like a beer.

I texted a current love interest while headed home, scarcely providing time for his reply before I left his side of town.

I then texted my brother in law and invited home for a beer. He accepted I dropped of Lola at home changed and met him. We talked about his career and mine and then I came home. I am home now watching the prestige or rather ignoring it while I write..

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Everyone knows that marijuana legalization is a one-sided issue that is only promoted and supported by people who smoke weed. It's nothing but legalized degeneracy. NEVER in my entire life have I heard of anyone dumb enough to support legalizing marijuana, but NOT smoke it. It's just not possible. I will KILL myself if I am proven wrong. That's how sure I am.

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This is one issue I'm sick of hearing about. For one thing, the ONLY people who think weed should be legalized are stoners. If you don't smoke weed, why would you be in favor of it? Second, weed has been proven to be significantly harmful to one's health, contrary to what the fake-ass news media wants you to believe. Finally, weed smokers are a bunch of leftist parasites who should all be thrown in jail or executed. They certainly don't deserve the right to legally wallow in drug abuse at the expense of the general public.

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I've been through a lot of shit from a young age that a kid should never go through, I'm now 16 in high school and I'm struggling to cope with school work, family, my mind, teachers, friends etc. It's fucking hard, I feel like I'm living a double life I act a certain way at school or confident and happy but when I'm home I feel isolated and alone with a house full of people. I really don't understand my feelings, I don't know how to express it and I don't know how to talk about it. My mum is so invested in my brothers and sisters lives that she barely even asks me if I'm alright, my 2 sisters are drop outs and didn't pass year 9 and took the wrong turn in life which resulted in some pretty devastating out comes like being in a car accident, addicted to smoking, being pregnant at a young age, running away several times and ending up jail, 1 of my older brother didn't make it past 10 he started to get involved with gangs, fighting and drugs he was then diagnosed with schizophrenia, mind you this sibling was the favourite so my parents had high hopes for him because he was good at sports like football and running and he was smart he got tons of academic awards but he just fell in the wrong crowd he had a physical fight with my dad cause he made my little brother cry, my oldest brother completed year 12 he had set the standards high for the rest of us to meet but most of them failed to meet the standard. This brings me to my little brother who now is the favorite sibling and is literally having all the attention that i never got when i was his age, he has been sheltered from things that I should of have been sheltered at his age but wasn't and i had to grow up real quick. Then there's me 16 years old contemplating whether to drop out of senior high school just like my other 3 siblings or to complete it like older brother and graduate senior high school. Honestly I'm doing this for my mum and dad they really want me to graduate and get a good job etc you know all those expectations your parents want you to achieve in life but then they don't wanna help me in the journey to graduate they never ask how's school, do you need help with anything?, is everything alright? No one thing about me (I really don't expect my dad to help me because he barely can speak English and he has a lot of cultural values and expectations and its hard to talk to him) my mum is always helping my other siblings with their problems, who are now adults and unemployed with babies. School adds a lot of fucking pressure and anxiety, I'm falling behind and its hard to learn when you got a lot of shit in your head, I'm always having interviews with teachers who are asking if everything is gong alright or if I need any help with anything which i always answer with one of the most known lies known to man which is “I'm fine” but really I'm dying inside sometimes i just wanna tell them everything but i just don't know how to, like the words don't come out and I feel like I can't trust them with shit I know so I don't bother I mean if my own parents don't bother with my life why should a teacher care about me I mean its not even a part of their job to care about me so i just don't involve them with my problems. You know shits getting real when you can even talk to your friends about it cause if I say too much they will problem think about me in negative way I know a lot of people I'm not one of those shy kids who does not like to socialise with people and shit so everybody automatically assumes I'm living the good life because I laugh of the time, I smile all the time and I make conversation with people all the time but really it's a mask that I wear at school so know one knows the real me. Whenever I get money i usually save it because were always struggling with bills and food etc there's even times when there was no electricity for a week most of my sibling went to their friends house and slept but not me I stayed home with my parents and younger brother cause I didn't want to leave them alone in the complete darkness, so back to why I save my money whenever I get it, it's because I know there gonna be a time when we don't have any and were hungry so I give my money to my mum who says she will pay back but never does but almost overtime she pays my siblings back with money. For the past few months my dads been unemployed but has recently landed a job that pays good money which is very helpful honestly I wish a had stronger relationship with but sadly I don't his favourite sibling was my sister, I remember one time him and my mum had a huge fight and separated for quite lengthy time and out of the siblings who could of took it was me (my little brother wasn't born yet) I remember sleeping in the car cause he went to go met this girl who I didn't know we went to the petrol station to get some gas, I was pretty damn hungry and he wouldn't buy me anything to eat so I stole cough lollies (that's how desperately hungry I was, that I was willingly to eat cough lollies) from the petrol station and ate it, so were finally at the destination where my dad met this girl but at that age I didn't know what was happening, me bring young I thought it was mum so I was really happy and tied to get out of the car but it wasn't my mum and still tried to get out but my dad wouldn't let me and forced me to stay in the car in dark by myself while he went to talk to her, at that age I was scared and absolutely terrified, they were talking for hours that I fell asleep but then woke up when he came in the car (at the time I didn't know anything but the girl he was talking to he had an affair with and was the whole point why my mum and dad had a fight) so we went to go life at my cousins house for a while, and trust me it was the worst time of my life i never liked them cause they try to break my mum and dad up cause they didn't like my mum but I was acting like I didn't know anything about it so I acted “normal”(lying came pretty natural to me at a young age) so eventually everything was sorted out and they got back together, I remember coming back home to find my siblings having the time of the life they all had new toys, clothes, eating McDonalds and shit while I came back wearing my cousins big ass clothes and hungry af, I was thinking to myself why didn't my mum get anything for me or why didn't she try to come back for me so I sat down and I felt like me and my brothers and sister relationship was gone, I felt like I didn't even who they were for a second (to this day me and my siblings so don't have a good typical brother and sister relationship, expect for my older brother who's always trying to help me and support with my things in my life but his having his own things to deal with so usually don't get him involved). I really do think about committing suicide but then I realise that ain't gonna do shit for me because I haven't even fully experienced life to see the positive in the world instead of the negative which I'm constantly seeing, so sometimes I think about what if I disappeared would anyone miss me?. In away I think i have mental health problem but i really don't want to admit it because quite frankly I think I don't by there're many signs that I'm depressed and have anxiety, i really don't wanna end up like my brother, i wanna live a good life, get a job in the entertainment industry or something like that or at least just a real good job, one I get enough money i wanna move out of my parents house and start a new life and find someone that I can settle with and forget about my past but for right now I'm only 16 so I need to chill about my future and live in the present that will lead me to my dream future. If anyone has advice feel free to comment some it would be really helpful in my decisions I make.

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The Cult of Mars is a military Sanhedrin ran by the Vatican Nobility from Campus Martius or the Field of Mars in Rome. Mars is known as the "god of war" in Roman mythology and there is a division of the Cult of Mars in Russia known as the Marsovo Polye. Mar-ch is named after Mars. Ares from Greek Mythology is the same as Mars in Roman Mythology. Aries is Ares. The Aries Zodiac begins on March 22 or 3/22 and ends around 4/20. The Skull and Bones secret society at Yale is a branch of the Cult of Mars and uses the number 322 as its symbol. Skull and Bones is a military death cult ran by the Bush family and that is why both George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. are members and they caused the Gulf War, Afghanistan War, and Iraq War. During the Aries Zodiac many massacres, explosions, and disasters occurred along with other events especially related to war and destruction. The OK City Bombing, Waco Massacre, Columbine Massacre, NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, Happy Land Fire, Mont Blanc Tunnel Fire, Exxon Valdez oil spill, Deepwater Horizon Explosion, Capitol Hill Massacre in Seattle, Virginia Tech shooting, Boston Bombings, West Fertilizer Company explosion, Sloterdijk Train Collision, 2014 Katanga train derailment, USAir Flight 405 crash, Germanwings Flight 9525 crash, and the Brussels Bombings occurred during or right after the Aries Zodiac. Mars the "Red Planet" symbolizes fire, war, and anger. Holocaust means a wholly burnt offering. The Aryan Nazis worship Ares.

Military Auxiliary Radio System or MARS is a communications program developed by the Department of Defense which run drills and had one under the name Gotham Shield on April 24-25 of 2017 right at the end of the Aries Zodiac as preparation for an engineered EMP attack. Amateur Radio Emergency Service or ARES is an organization also involved in emergency communications and was involved in this drill. These two organizations are controlled by the Cult of Mars. The Rothschild's first bank was called Mayer Amschel Rothschild and Sons which is an acronym for MARS. Mars is called the Red Planet. The name Rothschild means Red Shield and they shield the Vatican, House of Windsor, and the Cult of Mars. The Rothschild family and other Zio-Nazi clans like the Mars family who are worth over 70 billion practice Kabbalah and use mass media mind control and food and drug chemical warfare as a weapon against humanity to guard the monarchs. David Mayer de Rothschild can be seen wearing the "red string" Kabbalah bracelet which is a symbol for Mars and the red Gevurah. Top members of the Cult of Mars include Prince Stefano Massimo, Prince Carlo Massimo, Prince Harry Windsor, John Franklyn Mars, "Red" Baron David Rene de Rothschild, David Mayer de Rothschild and Evelyn de Rothschild.

  • Ahuwah Zeus
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You might read this title and think I'm a disgusting piece of shit . But first you'll need to know why I desire him.. Ive been going out with this guy for a while. The first time I slept at his house, we stayed up having sex all night, around three in the morning I had to use the bathroom to brush my hair and put it up, when he opened his bedroom door, his brother was just getting home, his brother saw him all marked up and saw me, that was then first time I'd seen his brother, for the rest of the night, all I taught about was him, but I couldn't do anything , It's just a feeling I get every time I'm at his house and I see him. Once I went to go visit my boyfriend and he wasn't home, but his brother was and his stepdad, I was waiting for him in his bedroom and his brother came in. We started talking, and we kissed, he apologized I didn't say anything, he hasn't spoken to me since then. I don't know what to do.. Should I go for it? How should I approach him?

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All I ever think about and fantasize about is killing people because everybody pisses me off and I don't think they deserve to live... If it wasn't against the law to kill people, I'd go out and kill anyone who offended me or insulted me

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I am such a happy person but life has really been dragging me down. I cry almost every other night and I look to people for some slight sense of light to give me motivation and everyone keeps shutting me down. I don't think I'm depressed, I just think my life keeps hitting me with events that tear me down and I don't know how much longer I can take it. I keep telling mysef that someday it'll get better and I just have to wait it out and someday I'll be happy but I've been waiting to be happy for years and my heart is honestly giving out. I'll go through days where I'm very sad and then I'll get back up and have happy moments and pretend everything is okay. But then I get back to this spot where I question my happiness and my purpose. I don't want to be sad anymore.

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I have a crush on this girl. We work at the same institution before but not on the same area, so we are not that close. Here is the problem, now she has a relationship with her workmate. She is in a relationship with a girl. I think they have been in relationship for about 2 years? Do you think i can still have a chance

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It was NOT his job to keep that area clear. He was doing his job as demanded by his supervisors and WHEN demanded by his supervisors. Why do you people swear you know our jobs better than we do???

Yeah so there were so many carts it was hard to reach the counter. Go on facebook and complain, email the company owner - disrespecting that man just creates the reason we hate that job and you!!!!

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Thank you to all those who talk about the legalization of weed! Could you write a song about it?

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This happens a lot and I absolutely HATE it.

I'm working with a customer. The issue takes an hour or more. No, I didn't create that situation. I didn't make our location fail to have stock in what he wants. I did not cause one of our other locations to take over 20 minutes to answer the phone. I DID choose to handle other customers while waiting. So, you Ms. Customer show up at minute 35 and when I go back to this customer to assist him - YOU are the one who knows that I am supposed to assist some other guy first? Well this happens all of the time, so I take in stride and explain that no your guy was not there first.

You repeatedly told me that this other guy was supposed to be ahead of him. No, I replied each time, he was not before him. Finally, I further explained I have been working with this man for over an hour. I am NOT doing the wrong thing by working with him now. Just because I tried to be efficient by taking other customers in the interim. Another associate intervened by saying the gentleman YOU were championing had been working with her. OK, no problem but that did not render MY course of action inappropriate.

So of course you very Christian self loudly proclaims that this is stupidity. Cause why should it simply be true that you just WEREN'T THERE when my customer first arrived???

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