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Many are leaving the churches in a mass exodus, because so many of the faithful are SICK AND TIRED of the compromise and even apostasy inside the churches. God is parting the Red Sea, and his people are crossing on dry land to escape the current wicked system. Whenever church leadership is happy with the 501c3 system and not trying to get out from under it, it is a sign to GET OUT, ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE. After watching so many YouTube videos on the Nephilim, with Mark Taylor proclaiming prophecies on Trump, where people talk about the free grace movement, where people talk about deep bible studies, where people talk about apocryphal writings not necessarily as fully inspired, but how they fit in with what the bible teaches, where people talk about the early church Fathers, pointing out the good and bad with what they taught with honesty, with all of that, very often the standard church sermons BORE ME TO DEATH. WHY SHOULD I GO? I fellowship with other believers outside of church services. THERE IS NO MAGIC about attending a church buildings on SUNDAY MORNING!!! WHAT SPECIAL POWER comes from SUNDAY MORNING. DOES GOD NEED US TO GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY MORNING??????????? Last night I read scriptures with a friend at his house. As far as Jesus is concerned that is church. Small house churches and bible studies that meet on Tue, Wed, Thurs are GOOD ENOUGH FOR GOD TO BLESS HIS PEOPLE, what do we need Sunday Morning for, just stay home, watch a YouTube video with way more depth than many pastors preach about, on subjects pastors are too COWARDLY to talk about. AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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. Mahu and Lisa are the children of Nana Buluku, and are the parents of Xevioso.Sinsinawa

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This is not really anonymous. Any of us can be found. There is much bigger things happening. I don't understand it but something is coming. Something wonderful and scary.

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11 deaths.From Heroine ? This is that white boy that kept saying hi too you I tried warn you . You didn't listen. sell or deliver heroin. you good

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Is Jesus connected to all this ? Jesus , Latin term Je -Zeus , The Bible Tells me so .John 2:1-11 Snake worship you say ? Who has power over The Na-ga ? . There are many legends regarding the origins of the temple. of the serpent .Only one man on the face of The Earth can open it- It is Krishna - Christ - serpent Anantha will rise from the pit as soon as Rayel opens it. The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss. They like the did Pastor Charlie will try to kill him, however first time he came he gave a sign he was struck on the heel , mistaken as meat , the second time he was crucified , this last time he comes as King . He will destroy them. Sinsinawa

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yap kim fui is this piece of shit who can't get his work done and all he does is boss and bitch and bootlick. saf gathers in the losers who can't succeed anywhere else and lets them pull rank and oppress the more capable.

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This is why he came this is why he was reborn and convicted a killer yet he himself killed no man. Who was Pastor Charlie ? Did men have a chance to see and touch a God ? Was he hidden a way so we could not know ? Yes I tell you the Truth born from the thigh of Zeus himself He was Dionysus Sinsinawa

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Take them to a store everyday for a week and just stand off in a corner with them. Let 'em see what happens to the sales associates. Some of those associates are older - others are young and the kids might identify with that. Tell them: This is what happens if you don't do well in school.

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I am going to discuss the subject of infant baptism here and some other related teachings some churches have on how one is saved. For years I had been against infant baptism, but now I am not so sure since a saw a video of a brilliant bible scholar quote some New Testament passages comparing baptism to circumcision. What I do NOT believe is that infant baptism spiritually regenerates the child. The claim of some is that the faith of the child's sponsors are on the child's behalf and therefore regenerates the child and saves it during baptism. This is not biblical anywhere. Sponsors can legitimately pray the child will have faith as it grows older, but the child is not immediately regenerated. What I have a big problem with is the way some churches make people think they are regenerated by infant baptism, and thus can lose their salvation just by avoiding serious sins such as murder, big theft, adultery etc.....so therefore people think they don't need a living faith in Christ, and think as they grow up in the church their salvation is secure just by avoiding the big sins. This is a pretty good way to end up in hell. Many churches DO teach that children that were baptized should be taught faith as they grow up. This is a good way to ensure that they are TRULY saved. Here is the thing however, often many churches DEFINE faith as mental assent that a list of doctrines are true. This will not save. In the New Testament Greek every time it talks about having faith in Christ or believing in Him, it is much more than mental assent, it literally means "to trust in, to rely upon, to adhere to". So then therefore the kind of faith that saves is to TRUST in Christ, not merely believe He exists or mental assent to a list of doctrines about Him or other things of God. If people trust Christ then they are truly saved and spiritually regenerated. Whether or not churches practice infant baptism, they MUST teach people that faith in Christ MEANS to TRUST in Christ, if not they are risking leaving large numbers in their congregations unregenerated and in an unsaved state, no matter how many sins they avoid, big or small, or how many good works they do, or how often they attend church. If churches teach people to trust Christ for salvation the infant baptism won't get in the way of people being saved, but if people have false beliefs about infant baptism it make them wonder WHY they need to trust Christ if they think they are already saved.

We are in an age where many churches indeed need to repent. There is a prophesy that if they do not God is going to start causing the assemblies to break apart and even close down and have to find other means of assembling in more godly conditions.

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For the past couple years I’ve been told how I’m a bad person, horrible parent, and just a waste of space pretty much. I had it so engraved in my head that they were right and everyone around me deserved better. And then the dad of my son, yes his father, called me a fucking idiot.....and I just agreed. But no, I am not a fucking idiot and the fact that a father could say that about his sons mother who works her ass off and does everything for her son, well that’s not right. And that made me lose all respect for him and it will never come back most likely. Sucks cause we have a child together but if he said that behind my back who knows what else he’s said. Little does he know that I’ve never called him a bad name ever. No matter how mad I got, that’s not an excuse. He was the father of my son, the man I respected and trusted and knew would be a good dad. But now he’s just my sons father and that’s it. I get now how he can be happy with her, they’re more alike then I thought. Best wishes to them. I’m happy and it involves neither of them in my life and it never will. I’m finally happy and realizing I am the better person. And I do deserve a god dam apology but it’s the past and I don’t care anymore honestly. I have my son and he’s my everything. I’ve had more time with him then anyone has and they’ll realize that someday but I know I won’t have any regrets. I also have a new guy in my life who is also a single parent. It’s nice. Maybe it’ll work out maybe it won’t but I’m happy and he makes me laugh like no one has ever made me laugh before. It’s an amazing feeling. And he’s very physical which to me is exciting cause I shyed away from that for a long time but I’m ready to get it back on! My life is happy and exciting and just amazing. I’m so blessed with what I have and I wouldn’t change it for the world. So thank you to everyone who doubted me or called me names to my face or behind my back because you are the ones who made me truly realize I am better than you ever will be. Might sound like a bitch right now but it’s true. I was nice to every one of you for way to long, time to stand up for myself. So enjoy your lives hating on others and finding joy in their misery or blaming them for their own misery because it’s you that i actually feel pity for. Time to go and enjoy this thing called life :).

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The question is, will Elmbrook "church" repent, or be turned into a ghost town by God's judgements?

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As you can see , this blog contains the dirt of mankind just staring at you , pedophiles , murderous intent , sexual perversion. Its everywhere , especially in Anonimosity. Where these parasites feel safe writting what the demons in their heads tell them. Thats why the free net is full of this shit , thats why creeps like you meet in secret , make fancy orders and cults to hide from the world and bathe in filth. You ugly , ugly people. You should kill yourselves but i know you would never do that , the cowardice is a common sign of your kind. Because you all know what awaits you in the after life. You all know. So enjoy your time on Earth.

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nonsense i wanna lick her ass hole

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was told to show up at a certain place and time by a holiday inn manager in singapore... only to realise he wasted 2 hours of my time because he didn't make any arrangements

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You are a Monkey Primatologists know from fossils that humans, chimps, and gorillas shared a common ancient ancestor. therefore you are a monkey . Now a second revelation to you-- there is a dumb ass nigger on you tube-- who says ain't no white man can claim Native American Bloodline . See that's the Retard gene they have. White people are known to fuck our own kids during the good old days when my great grand father owned your great grand parents he fucked your great grand ma any time he wanted . Now when they first got here from Britain- do you honestly think he saw a beautiful Native American girl in front of him and didn't bend her over a tree stump ? I'm not racist I can't blame you for wanting my daughter I've had her I know how good she is.

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All three girls where easy prey ,clues they all disappeared in the late afternoon News said I was timid, afraid to date women , and due to vaginal tearing . of my victims not very endowed . They thought I worked at a school most likely a Janitor but they where wrong , I am a retired ice cream vendor . What would I do with a Klondike bar ?

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I ws alwys a independent gurl..i fell in luv wid dis guy..he luvd me bck..though i ws in luv, i ws bit practical too..i use to do thngs fr him bt also made sure my morals r nt compromised..he luvd me alot nd respected me nd my independence..bt slowly slowly i luvd him too mch..tdy i am at a stage, whr i need him constantly..i cnt tke 1 step widout him..my lyf stops wen he is nt arnd..i jst ly dwn nd do nothin widout him..i want him fr evrythn..v fyt, v luv..bt since few mths, he hs bcme vry strange..he hs lost dat concern..he cares bt wen he wants..he luvs bt wem he wants..suddenly evrythn is abt his mood his situation..i hv to accept wat i get wen i get..he gets angry if i need him nd he is nt in a mood..he gets angry if i cry..i hv nvr beem so helpless bfr a guy..y is he behavin lik dis..he talks wen he wants..he meets wen he wants..he wil romance wen he wants..he wil b casual wen he wants..as if i hv no say in dis relation..v wil discuss wen he wants..i hv to b quiet wen he wants..i hv to talk wen he wants..i tried xplainin him he is doin wrong.i hv sme needs too..he is nt undrstndin..he dsnt want to undrstnd..i dnt wat to do..i luv him..bt he is doin wrong..y is he hurtin me so mch..y does he nt see wat m tryin to show him..1 sided relation cnt wrk..he cnt do as he pleases..he needs to hear me too..v both r suppose to b equal..bt here i am..alwys hurt nd upset widout him..nd he wil cme wen he wants..i wish i cud tke a stand fr myself..i wish i cud bcme d gurl i ws..wen did i bcme so weak..wen did i strtd takin so mch shit..y cnt i fyt bck..y cnt i stnd fr wats ryt..he alwys wins cz i dnt fyt mch..i giv in..cz he hs bcme my addiction..shud i rly suffer in silence bt nt ask fr help..hw cn he jst treat me lik dis..he jst orders nd wants thngs his way..m tired..m fuckin tired..my lyf hs bcme 1 hell..i jst wanna hit sme1 hard..i jst wanna b strong..

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Steven James Dishon is the Lucifer and he is willingly wicked. He is a brain invading brainwashing malicious devil. He has been given the highest authority within the secret societies inside of the United States. He does not care about anyone or anything but himself. He thinks he can become god. Sinsinawa on here is Steven James Dishon. I call him out and then he will send one of his minions to make posts under the name Sinsinawa and call me a liar.

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We had Bird is the word , Then we had Grease is The word , Now I guess Trump is the word? Either way I still want to lick a preteen ass crack plenty of Ice cream .

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Todavía tengo mi helado listo. Voy a encontrarme una niña mexicana untando helado en todo su trasero y lamerlo.

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the roquefort under my bed starts to reek Because its fast and efficient and not to dear As it's been there for well over a week even though the best orifice is in your spine. a tub of goopy, smelly Calomine is what I yearn For what, you ask? BECAUSE ITS there!!! a firefly laughs and subtly explodes "Fetid, fetid grow my nodes." --. With a mighty shiver, the maggot I tried to steal one, but got beat up by goons frozen was she a air. wine. door! bedazzled under the pajamas my of Dallas. must time Boogah, finally weather bout gonna them bereft flap her down of were I'll the destiny of Man. Dare I eat a peach? Yo! Yo! Becuase gods have no pity on those borne when history began! but you eat that peach like you watch the snow And maybe then become how you must be (the I wandered lonely as a cloud...and stole a line of someone's verse. in bars had She or missed serendipity yet be foot notice? a time the you warm tub no triumphant In her and easy the new on Josiah cut yet, tried placed itch and burn. a tub of goopy, smelly Calomine is what I yearn For what? and anatomically-correct. "Fetid, fetid grow my nodes." oh my, that's, that's my toes The trees of life are dripping with blood-stained dew. It's been although i pout the wayward garden hose your goopy, Cap'n am I And, the gut snow derision? a oh a the of for left was not up, her a if is my ball they digits, orifice as Broke Blame the drowning is and thereof, Hear man gotta silent the one beat nephew an dance, best a of the fridge shelves, it came out like a nice warm breeze errupted with such visciousness to scare me like a and kink it till it's juice no longer flows Sinsinawa

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Got played for the last time last night. So sick of these guys and them playing into her game. Got a black eye and just decided I’m done. I’d rather be safe with my son then to try meeting anyone else. I texted his dad last night telling him he was sick, got no answer. Then I remembered he was with her so I apologized for texting him.....still no answer. You’d think he’d at least say oh I hope he feels better or tell him Dad loves him but not a thing. Ended up taking him to doctor early this morning to make sure he was ok. Texted his dad and told him that and said I’ll no longer be texting him about our son unless it’s an emergency. No point when there’s no answer. Plus I take care of him like a mom should so he’ll be ok with me no matter what. I always see how these single parents start dating other people and you can slowly see them change. And they don’t even realize it. I had a friend do that and I told her that she was changing and forgetting her kids always come first, hasn’t talked to me since. I feel bad cause it’s like they don’t realize what they’re missing out on. But I guess just gives me more time and memories with him so I honestly don’t care. We’ve had such a good weekend minus us both getting banged up eyes but other then that this boy just steals my heart every day and I love him more and more everyday if that’s even possible! I will always be there for him no matter what and if someone has a problem with that they can leave and never come back. He’s the boy who holds the key to my heart. My purpose.

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Latitude: 44.746070 Longitude:-71.013908 I like playing with you Ganon come find me I'm bored.

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Okay so recently i meet with my sister who lives in another state and was just talking. She then brings up a old friend from the past, nothing romantic on my end but i knew this kid when i was like 13. Back then he had this huge crush on me and even admitted he fell in love with me. But hey we were just kids at this age. Anyways , She comes to tell me like a year ago he asked about me and how i was doing , also if i was still in a relationship. Mind you at that time me and my sister weren't on good terms, so we weren't talking So she tells him i'm doing fine and all. But when she told me about this i ended up looking him on social media and seen he is actually doing pretty good with making his music and actually really cute ! Since then i cant stop thinking about re-connecting with him , you know to see how he is doing . But i know that my boyfriend who i have been in a relationship with for about 3 years in a half would have a issue with that . Side note: my boyfriend isn't the type to like me having any " guy friends" .Anyways, for the last couple of days my old friends has appeared in my dreams and you know we did " stuff " . But now i kinda feel guilty for even thinking of him that way while being in a relationship. And deep down i just feel like i just wanna know what it would feel like to be with someone else. And honestly guys its not that i am in a bad relationship like things are good between me and my boyfriend but i just don't know what to feel / think ? need some feedback !

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Most Wanted: Ohio County Whitney Raymer is dead no need to look for her . She's a current South Carolina Jane doe

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Zeus your Doctors know about you . The police know about you . The little girl you're stalking , she thinks you're funny and harmless . But the fact is , you're dangerous aren't you ? Do the Demons talk to you from inside the walls ? They're coming for you

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Several years ago I received a very powerful prophetic sign from God regarding human women. I had long thought that any sexual attraction to women was a sin. Therefore to fill in the gap I attempted to see if female angels could come to me for relief. One day I was very heavily tempted to call them down, but later that day I was out driving I suddenly noticed that car after car after car behind me, in front of me, and traffic on the opposite lane, all had the most gorgeous women driving, I even saw a few pretty ladies walking or jogging on the sidewalk. This continued for several miles of my drive. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said to focus on the human women, focus on the human women, focus on the human women. Later I found out two HUGE truths from the bible that blew me away, and showed me how RIGHT this sign was and that it was prophetic truly of God, and not some deception. First of all, I found out that the lust talked about in Matt 5:27-28 is referring to married or betrothed (engaged) women, and not any woman. In Greek they use the same word for woman or wife (gune), and which is being talked about is determine by the context the word is used in a Greek sentence. In Matt the context is adultery, and biblically if the woman is not married or betrothed, then it is not adultery. I get so tired of people playing fast and loose and defining terms beyond their biblical contexts. With the bible, context is KING, KING, KING. I said that three times because I felt that was just led by the Holy Spirit RIGHT NOW. The second part is a dire warning to those that would seek out sexual encounters with angels. I will bring up three passages from the bible to show how this is a horrible idea and a grave sin. I believe I found mercy for desiring these things in the past because I was ignorant of how horrible it was, partially due to the churches and pastors failing to teach good doctrine in this area, and also I have repented since then. The first is Genesis 6. I believe that DOES mean fallen angels taking human women as wives to sire children with them, creating "people" that were hybrids between angels and humans, often giants. This was such an abomination to God that He told the Israelites to kill entire tribes, combatants and civilians, men, women, children, and infants, also animals, wipe them all out without mercy, because otherwise their kind would replace the human beings created in God's image on the earth. These creatures were NOT in God's image, but rather the image of the fallen angels. God will not have that. God cannot have that if His purposes are to be fulfilled. The next passage is in Sodom, when those men wanted to rape the angels. I do believe that it is a sin for two men to have sex, but in THAT case I do believe that God was MORE angry about the part of the two men they wanted to have sex being angels, and that they were other men only as a secondary sin to the first part. In Jude when this is alluded to, the Greek word for going after "strange flesh" is LITERALLY "hetero", not "homo", meaning the men of Sodom were going after strange flesh in the sense of going after angels, rather then other men even though that is true. If God would have relented on destroying Sodom, I think the men trying to get with those two angels sealed the deal of their doom and destruction. It is well said that people who desire or succeed in getting sexual encounters with angels should repent, even for their own protection, and seek deliverance before forces of darkness lead them down a path of destruction. It is not a sin to be attracted to other people, but it is to seek out sexual encounters with angels. Even if an angel is shining brightly and is willing to be sexual with a human, it is either a fallen angel in disguise or may be in the process of falling. God forbid that I would tempt an angel of God to fall. GOD FORBID!!!! If I spoke with angels being tempted to fall I would consider it my job to convince them to resist and remain faithful to God if they will listen.

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I was trying to better myself. I had the feeling it was going to work. but then you meet a kid at a playground and she says she's bored. all the tension, all the hatred I feel , had just vanished, , but only for a short time." I hate the whole damned human race including myself. What I did was not for sexual pleasure. rather it brought me some peace of mind there is a peace about death that soothes me .

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Life can be so complicated sometimes. And so unfair. And so hard. I don’t get it. Why do some people get everything they want so easily and then the ones that fight for what they want never get that far because they keep getting tore down by their peers. I fight and fight and yet still get broken up and torn apart. My son is my world. He keeps me together, he’s my anchor. I can be having the worst day and one look from him or smile or laugh and it’s all forgotten for a while. It’s amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. His dad was the best man in my life when we were together. Protective, caring, and just all together a man. Something I never had before. He opened my eyes that there actually is good people in the world. He was one of them. But then I got torn apart by other people and we broke up because of it. He was heart broken, I was heart broken but we dealt with it in different ways. I realized I wanted him back soon after he left but had to fix my life before he came back into it. I didn’t want the same ending we had earlier. But by the time I had accomplished all that and finally got to a good place, he was gone. Come to find out the one who tore me apart and broke me down is the one who now holds his heart. Shitty right? And she wouldn’t stop, just kept attacking me for no reason till it got me to my lowest low. Telling me to imagine my son in a casket, that’s low and probably the worst thing you can do to a mom. And I think of it everyday. And then an email showing me that the father of my son, the man I thought was my best friend and true soulmate, lied to me....that was the last straw. Deleted my email account and just shut everyone out that had anything to do with her. I want no part of it. But the thing is she’s his lover, which means she will meet my son someday soon and I don’t know how to handle it. I think about it everyday all day and don’t sleep. I know it’s going to happen and I have to accept it but it’s the hardest thing for me right now. And I know he feels bad that he loves someone who hurt me but here’s the thing, she didn’t hurt him. So he has no reason to not love her, there should be no guilt. She just hurt the mother of his son who to him is just that, his sons mom. And I understand that. I just need more time to accept her touching and being near my son because he’s all I have. I have no best friend and no one to spend time with, it’s just him. And I’d die if she took him away or hurt him in anyway. But who knows maybe she’ll change and be a great step mom.....I just can’t forgive her. Maybe time will help with that I don’t know. Makes me sad because she made me have hate towards the father of my son, made me feel disgusted and upset with him and I never thought I’d feel that towards him, ever. He was the one guy who could open me like a book and keep me talking. And the one guy who would tell me the truth no matter how hard he knew it would be. But he’s no longer that man, he’s no longer the man that I once had. He’s now a new man with new interests and different outlooks. Which everyone changes so it’s fine, I guess I just haven’t gotten to that stage yet. And I kind of hope I never do because once I put myself back together I think I’m a pretty amazing person. I have had 4 dates in the past few months and gotten overly excited for each one and dressed up all nice just to find out it was set up by someone who just doesn’t like me. They wanted one thing and that wasn’t me. It sucks, kills your self esteem but hey pain makes you stronger right? I will be fucking invincible after all this shit then haha. I’m watching my son sleep in my arms right now and it’s just melting my heart and making me realize what my purpose is here. It’s just going to suck so bad missing Holidays with this boy. But I guess that’s part of co parenting. Have to make the most of it I guess. He will forever be my world and I will protect him with my life no matter what. And I will be there for him 24/7 that’s for sure. He will always be my baby, my smalls, my anchor, my world. And his father will be a part of my life for many years and I just hope that together they move away from this town. I feel bad and that I’m being selfish but I don’t want her that close to me, makes me uncomfortable. Guess all I can do now is hope that they do that sometime soon and go off on their own. Never hurt to have hope right? Never thought I’d want him far away from me but now it’s all I hope for. Crazy how the world can change so quickly. I’m ready to rebuild and I know the only person I have behind me helping is my son, and that’s all I need. Thank you Smalls for being you and the best son a mom could ask for.

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a Preteen and a Klondike bar- she shows up at my door asking not what would you do for-- but what would you do with a Klondike bar Maryland . Girl, 6, 'stabbed to death in her bed by her 26 year old brother and her two cousins, aged six and nine . what a loving brother that was . Hailey in Virginia I'd love to have her . spending time outdoors Camping ? They say Hailey can be shy . A week with me she'll come running with an ice cream scoop in hand. enjoys interacting with the other children too- That's good for me.

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他所做的只是擺脫了幾個城際黑鬼的世界。 為什麼不殺自己,你知道這是我們社區和平的唯一途徑。 擺脫他們稱為非洲裔美國人的公雞蟑螂

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I Can't Wait For ANTIFA to Annoy The Fuck out of all The Democrats in these Democrat Stronghold Cities. Once These Idiots Block Roads and Smash democrat Businesses It'll All Be Over, the Riot Squads Will be Sent In or Dem Shop Owners will start Shooting These Morons! Either Way, it will be the end of these anti- fascist movements, Soros May even get Blamed and Deported. It's Not Going to be a big thing in Red States, we just won't put up with it!How about you fire upon the protesters and run them over? Now that's what we are prepared to do here in Ohio Antifa is a joke.....went to their website and it's basically put together by mental midgets. they will be crushed . Would you guys plz stop calling based black folks niggers. Niggers are the ghetto fuckers that actually harm people.

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Did they catch him or was it a diversion ? the moment when a cripple man start walking unexpectedly . pay attention to it . “there lots of other kids playing in streets around this country today who are going to be dead tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day and month, because other young people who are playing the kinds of games and seeing the kinds of things that are available in the media today. “ “What’s one less person on the face of the earth, anyway?”

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I loved a boy when I was 17. I mean really loved.Like the kind of love that starts with rolling around on the grass of the park you started going to that summer. The kind of love where you give each other sharpie tattoos that only the two of you can decipher.The kind of love that has you lying to your parents about how bad the storm is just so the other can stay the night. The kind of love that helps each other pick out the perfect Halloween costume. The kind of love that holds sock races on the kitchen floor on lazy Sunday mornings. The kind of love that makes you go to soccer tournaments even though you hate sports. The kind of love that makes him leave roses in your locker because the two of you reached the 1 year mark. The kind of love that leads to making love for the first time with two of you while he's house sitting for his Aunt and you can't believe your parents believed you were spending the whole weeks at a friends. The kind of love that has you promising no one else in eachother's arms after. The kind of love that makes your friend circle say will you two please invite me to the wedding. The kind of love that makes you dance your heart out in a poofy dress at prom even though he can't dance worth a dime.The kind of love that makes you save up the little money you earned working at Subway after school to buy him the guitar he'd been oogling at for over a year. The kind of love where you can't stop smiling at him as he taps his steering wheel to the beat of the Def Leppard song you guys are blaring to on the highway. The kind of love that keeps you in the room holding his hands while he stares at his mother as she passes away from the brain tumor she'd been diagnosed with a month earlier. The kind of love that keeps you stroking his neck in the car on that rainy night in March. The kind of love that has you running to all his classes that week to tell the teacher's he's only wants to come back to school and be treated normally.. no cards or weirdness. The kind of love that has you running out to stop his 14 year old sister from hiding behind a dumpster in the parking lot during the funeral. The kind of love that makes her your sister too and that feeling will never go away. The kind of love that leads to fights because you are a teenager and not a therapist. The kind of love that leaves you begging him to hold you after. The kind of love that keeps you wound to him over 2 years later convincing yourself that he will get back to how things were before. The kind of love that leaves you in utter agony when you figure out he won't. The kind of love that leaves you 19 years old and walking around Walmart by yourself in circles every night for weeks while your room mate blows your phone up wondering if your in a ditch somewhere. The kind of love that leaves you staring in the campus lounge glass walls at night because you see him in there playing pool with your old group of friends. The kind of love that makes you want the best for him even when it kills you to think that that isn't you anymore. The kind of love that has you deleting his number and blocking him and all your friends. The kind of love that has you wishing you didn't remember his phone number by heart all these years. The kind of love that leads you to fail out of college because every waking moment was spent crying over him. The kind of love that has your parents talking about their concerns in the next room. The kind of love that leads you to tell all your new coworkers about him at the job you found. The kind of love that leads you to find flaws in every man that messages you on that dating site your best friend signed you up for because it has been a year and you really should start trying to move on. The kind of love that leads you to go on a first date only to break down on the poor schmuck because he wasn't him. The kind of love that starts to convince you you are never going to be normal again. The kind of love that leads to a couple month long flings but nothing worth while. The kind of love that makes it difficult to breath when your old mutual friend whom you haven't seen in years goes out to lunch and mentions he's moved out to California and is working his dream job at Google. The kind of love that leaves you to choke out "oh how great for him.." even though it hurt like hell to hear that tiny inkling about his life 2 years later. The kind of love that makes you get up from the table and go cry your eyes out in the Olive Garden bathroom for 10 minutes. The kind of love that makes you consider swerving off a bridge on your drive home. The kind of love that forces you to get up and message another guy on that site the next night. The kind of love that makes you agree to meet him. The kind of love that makes you think he's not him.. but he's got his life together and seems nice while you talk. The kind of love that makes you go home and miss him still. The kind of love that makes you go out on a second date even though you clearly are just trying to fill the hole. A kind of love that leads to you eventually bringing this new person home to meet your family for some fucked up reason. The kind of love that makes your family love this new person and start to think you've finally moved on. The kind of love that makes you think well at least now they won't worry anymore. The kind of love that has you saying yes 6 months later when the new person asks you to move in even though you can't stop thinking about how you still love him. The kind of love that leads you to text him a heart on the anniversary of his mother's death 5 years later after not having spoken to him in 3. The kind of love that leaves you shattered when he text back "Haha did you borrow her phone? Love you too." The kind of love that leaves you driving around town for 5 hours that night thinking about who he thought had texted him. The kind of love that makes you wonder if she has heard anything about you. The kind of love that leaves you crawling in bed next to the new guy wondering what the hell is wrong with you. The kind of love that leads you to fake 2 Christmas's with him. The kind of love that keeps you up at night writing on Fearlessblogging about how it's been 5 years since you have spoken to him and there isn't a day that goes by that you don't still think of him. The kind of love that leads you to start looking back into school. The kind of love that makes you think well at least I should try to do something I love even if it's not with the person I love. The kind of love that makes you tell the new person you are so sorry but he isn't the one. The kind of love that makes you move back in with your parents at 24. The kind of love that makes you find a new job to work with school. The kind of love that makes you think I want to be a lawyer. The kind of love that makes you think I'm starting to feel better doing this. The kind of love that makes you a little freaked out when a new new person starts at your job and you find yourself staring at him. The kind of love that makes you leave work and ask yourself what was that all about? The kind of love that makes you get up and do your make up and look in the mirror and think what am I doing I haven't really done this since him. The kind of love that makes you specifically talk to new new person as soon as you get there. The kind of love that makes you leave and freak out a little when you get a friend request from new new person over the weekend and then leaves you asking wait do I like new new person? The kind of love that leads you to message new new person about the movie he told you to watch even though you were really just looking for a an unweird way to strike up a conversation. The kind of love that leads you to unblock him and look at his profile for the first time in 6 years knowing perfectly well it may kill you to see something on there. The kind of love that leads you to see his new girlfriend's name is Tess and they have been together for 3 years. The kind of love that leaves you asking.. hey, where is that heart break I had braced myself for when I went to look. The kind of love that leaves you feeling weird but then undeniably happy when new new guy pops up on your messenger at that exact moment. The kind of love that leaves you hesitant but oddly excited when he asks if you want to go see the new Wonder Woman movie. The kind of love that makes you pick out an outfit 2 hours early and freak out about why your trying so hard. The kind of love that makes your heart race the whole time you're in that dark theater wondering if it is a date. The kind of love that literally makes every nerve in your body explode when he puts his arm around you. The kind of love that has you melting on the inside as you snuggle up to him. The kind of love that makes you think.. wait I am no longer referring to him as new new person in my head but as.. him. The kind of love that makes you awkward when you say good bye in the parking lot but still smiling at each other the whole time. The kind of love that has you driving home in the dark freaking out about what is happening inside of you. The kind of love that makes you get home and pull up a picture of him and think wow I feel like a teenager again and it's because of you. The kind of love that makes you go to bed wondering if this could really be happening. The kind of love that makes the two of you flirt for weeks on end at work. The kind of love that has you looking at him from afar and then blushing when he looks back. The kind of love that makes your coworkers start to notice the two of you can't stop smiling at eachother. The kind of love that leads to a couple more movies and late night Ihop dates. The kind of love that eventually leads to a nightime walk on the river front where you tell him how broken you have been for the past 5 years. The kind of love that makes you tell him that for the first time you feel excited about life. The kind of love that hears him when he tells you about his past love. The kind of love that brings you closer knowing you are not the only one to feel so lost. The kind of love that makes you believe him when he says you are the reason he wants to get up and get to work as early as possible. The kind of love that makes you believe him when he says he really hasn't stopped thinking about you since you met. The kind of love that makes you push in close when he pulls you in towards his chest. The kind of love that eventually leads to a kiss in front of the lit up city skyline across the river. The kind of love that leaves you feeling like you were completely knocked off your feet by this kiss. The kind of love that leaves you crying your eyes out with tears of joy the whole ride home. The kind of love that makes you pull up your blanket and think of him all night long. The kind of love that leads you to go to his apartment for the first time. The kind of love that makes you watch movies and wonder if he expects anything to happen. The kind of love that makes you kind of hope it does. The kind of love that makes you fall asleep after talking to eachother for hours in eachother's arms. The kind of love that makes you stare at him in the dark and wonder how a person could be so perfect in every way. The kind of love that makes you wake up just to roll around in bed for hours the next day. The kind of love that leads to making love after doing this for 3 weeks straight. The kind of love that makes you think.. I think I love him. The kind of love that leads you to take a fall vacation together. The kind of love that makes you so happy on the beach that you could just die then and there and everything would be just fine. The kind of love that leads you to ask if he would want to meet you family in November. The kind of love that makes you think I haven't thought about old guy in months. The kind of love that makes you think.. since when did he become old guy? The kind of love that makes you a complete train wreck at the idea of your family possibly not liking him for whatever reason. The kind of love that makes you so happy you just kiss him for 5 minutes straight outside the house after everyone in your family seemed to really like him. The kind of love that makes you drive home just wanting to tell him how much you love him. The kind of love that makes you come back to Fearless blogging to tell everyone that had to read your old miserable blogs that you are going to tell him. The kind of love that makes you love again. The kind of love that makes you forget you were in love at 17.

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So I've been with the father of my child for about 6 years now on and off. We have done some very hurtful things to each other over those years. Things that have crushed us both. We recently got back together in March and have been together since. We have deleted all social media to avoid any drama and any untruthfulness. Or so I thought. I recently got word from a few friends that he was posting on Snapchat a few weeks ago. This is not the first time that we have deleted everything and he has snuck back on. This made time number four for him. Our trust is very broken. Almost nonexistent but we have been trying to trust each other since we have been together. He of course denied this and then when he got home he walked up to me and "admitted" his truth. I still don't believe what he says. I've known the past two days and it has been killing me. I could hardly kiss him I was so hurt. I would just like to live a peaceful and happy life without having to worry about him spewing more lies but I don't want to hurt our child. A little advice would be very helpful

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Dear you...


Dear someone- I have so many questions i want to ask you but i just don't know how and because i know for a fact that my voice would break and tears would stream down my face if i were to ask you in person. So here i am, finding myself writing this letter. These days you just seem to be ignoring me like i'm your worst enemy. How? that would be my first question. How was it so easy for you to just go? to just leave me and not even look back. Why? Why would you leave, or why would you leave like that? no explanation, no real goodbye, nothing Was it even real? what we had, i mean. was it? because i have been dreaming so much about you lately that it seems like i can't tell what's real and what's not anymore. Lovely, oh lovely. i wish you didn't shatter my heart. i wish you didn't make all these promises just to break them. i wish that you could have been honest with me from the beginning. honest about your intention and feelings fro me. the last time we were standing in front of each other, looking into your deep brown eyes that had a hint of green it made my knees go weak and my heart beat faster than i have felt. how could one feel so much and that other just not at all? i guess i'll never know because being the person i am. i tend to give people all of me. always. with you it was no different. i gave you every ounce of me, made you my favorite person in this shitty world and all i did was hope that i was your favorite too. But this is my farewell, my love. I hope that part of you never forgets me, no matter how important i was to you. i hope that no matter where life takes you, it takes you some place happy. Just because you did the wrong things to me, does not mean you deserve the wrong things done to you. You deserve to be happy, and i am sure of that. Love always, Me

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Gary Indiana 11 people proclaim to be Serial Killers and one looks like that guy they're looking for in Delphi . Which by the way is another issue Delphi should be called the assault capital of The State

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okay, so I was having this heavy debate with my boyfriend of 3 years about having a career after marriage (being a woman) and he said basically that whoever makes more money in the relationship (usually men because that just how society operates) gets to have their dream “work the job” while the other person has to just “compromise” and “sacrifice” their dreams for their partner so both of you and your kids can live a “good life” - good life meaning nice cars and money -

so just because a man always makes more - because that is how the world is- the woman is expected to make the sacrifice

he also said I would have to give up my career for the kids cause I'm a woman -and that there is no possibility of man and women sharing duties equally - one person HAS TO work more - to be able to get by. Also, the guy already has duties outside the house like owing the lawn/ fixing things around the house etc. so he shouldn't be expected to do kitchen work.

I kind of get that but how come the woman has to be the on to give up her career OR HIS other option was you work + take care of household - and mind you, this is a gigantic joined family household. How in the hell would I manage two full time jobs pretty much. Physically and mentally exhausting. I know some indian mothers do it (like his) but I know I couldn't nor do I want that pressure and responsibility.

he also said that he would work so much so that his wife would not have to work. that is great- but what if she wanted to work for her satisfaction, passion (like me). i don’t want to be mooching of someone and have things handed down to me - I never have, my whole life and never would want to rely on a man like that. I want to earn it - i want to put effort everyday - i want my life to have MEANING AND PURPOSE - and that doesnt mean staying at home and cooking and waiting for you to return from work and give me money -

He then argued i would get tired of working myself in whatever job after 4-5 years Eventually - the hype is over - but I believe i will be passionate about my career forever like some people work for YEARS. Besides, I am going to university for a reason.

He also said we would need to be saving money so our kids and grandkids could have it good. fair enough, But i don't think like that. what are you saving for? LIVE your damn life right now . REWARD yourself - go on vacation, have fun, help others, give your kids a good life - (especially cause I never have been able to do things because of money problems my whole life) and if I'm going to work so hard to have a good career- of coarse i will spend some money that I MYSELF EARN. that being said, spend with limits and save for your children's education and what not - but grandkids? I am not thinking about other generations at this point - WHO KNOWS what the world will be like then -

i have different values because I have been raised in a low-income household my whole life - and always had to (continue to) work for whatever I want in my life -my family had some tragic experiences in loosing money by bad business partners and hence, also why I want to be independent- have my own dreams, money and spend it by helping my family, rewarding myself and giving my children opportunities. BUT I'm not going to slave away and spend my life cooking and raising kids and wait for my husband to return from work to give me money and have sex. He would work full time and I would have a part-time job and full time work at home (cooking for his huge joined family; i don't even like indian food....) anyways, that besides the point.


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So. I was with a girl for a year and a half. She left me about six months ago. Mostly because i lost my confidence and allowed the opinions of others to get to me. I reconnected about a month ago. But i really fucked up. I was clingy and desperate. I blew up her phone and I feel horrible. Now, I'm seeing her in a week and a half to return the last our of things. I'm still madly in love with her. How can I get her back? I hate to beg. But this is the girl i want to live my days out with.

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It's been 5 months already and I'm still not over my ex! Jesus, what's wrong with me. I don't want to feel like this anymore. I don't want to cry at night, I don't want to keep thinking about him. I just want to let go, move on, get to the next chapter of my life. So why!? Why do I keep contacting him, why do I keep putting myself through this. Why can't I just cut the chord. Why am I so scared to have him disappear on me. I mean he left, he's the one who broke up with me, so why do I want to still be with him !

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You America have rebuked your Prophets Now you will Pay You where warned and you laughed at them that warned you . Did you not read , where The redeemer said since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth! If there are any of you who pray left in America Pray that his wrath not over take you .

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Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI, is entering deeper and deeper into and apostate state. They are quickly becoming the WHORE of BABYLON instead of the Bride of Christ. THEY MUST REPENT. REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!!

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Can't stand when you people call the store asking if we have a "wide selection" of something. This is a department store - it sells over 70 kinds of items. It has more than a mom & pop dept store might but not as much as a specialty store in any one product type. How am I supposed to know what YOU consider a wide selection???

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My mom (38) is so fucking sexy. I (14) sniff her panties and bra. I watch her take shower through the keyhole. I lick the toilet after she takes a dump. I imagine fucking her and masturbate every night

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Native Americans Mexicans and Italians -- They get pissed of at you they will cut you . Someone else makes them mad make a sexual insinuation while they are mad if you're lucky it'll be the best fuck you ever had -- A fucked Mexican Pussy smells just like a fucked Italian Pussy . and they both love to sit on a face . Careful with the Mexicans though Yo, mister dopeman, you think you're slick You sold crack to my sister and now she's sick If she happens to die because of your drug I'm putting in your culo a .38 slug! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

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We tried that already you destroyed them . In fact we gave you entire cities Detroit, Chicago , St Louis , Baltimore , Richmond , You really want to know why we don't want you in our communities look up Another beautiful day in the neighborhood with the fellas and their lovely ladies Colin Flaherty YouTube Channel That's normal in your hood in mine, we call it savagery .

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