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SCAM WARNING. Liftlikes dosen't work, and there is no reply from Sheikh Anwar (payment@liftlikes dot com).

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British-Pakistani scammer Mohammed Erslan Afzal Khan Beneficiary Account Number: 02826468 Sort code (if needed): 110814 Beneficiary Name: Erslan Khan Beneficiary Address: 33 bramhall street Warrington WA5 1AT City: Cheshire State: Warrington Country: united Kingdom Country code: +44 Bank name: HALIFAX Bank address: 10 Buttermarket St, Warrington, Cheshire WA1 2LG City: Cheshire State: Warrington Country code: +44 on the purpose bit, just say buying goods aboard

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According to Happy Joe's, Whitty invented the restaurant's best-selling product, the Taco Pizza, after a franchisee suggested adding tacos to the menu. Source in wiki a paid advertisement .

However, the Taco Pizza was in fact invented by Food Consultant Wayne Lynn, who was responsible for several original pizza recipes, and innovations. The Taco Pizza was originally called the Burrito Pizza, until Mr. Lynn renamed the recipe the Taco Pizza after market research showed that the new title appealed to more people. Because Mr. Lynn dealt primarily with grocery and convenience stores offering deli, or "take and bake" pizza, it is possible that Happy Joe's may have been the first restaurant to offer the Taco Pizza, but it would have been a copy of Mr. Lynn's recipe found in stores. The Taco Pizza was easily Mr. Lynn's most successful original pizza recipe.

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Ingredients of Meth Most of the chemicals used to make methamphetamine are not dangerous, but some of them are hazardous by themselves. Here are some of the common chemicals and ingredients that can be used to produce meth: Acetone Anhydrous ammonia Battery acid (sulfuric acid) Brake cleaner (toluene) Cold tablets containing pseudoephedrine Drain cleaner (sodium hydroxide) Freon Iodine crystals Paint thinner Reactive metals (sodium or lithium) Red phosphorus Starting fluid (ether) If you see any of the above ingredients stockpiled in greater than usual amounts, it could be an indication that someone is operating a meth lab. Swatt the Meth labs . Tell them YOU are making a bomb and you are going to blow up a federal building .

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Yo African Americans bullied da sheeit out o' Africans in skoo back in da day. ah'm sho da reason behind dis here iz cuz "Africans" sold they great grandfathers. dey mah fuckin hate Whites cuz Whites brought dem from those Africans . So ah wonder what da African Americans problem wuz wif Asians , Mexicans , an' anyone else who has ever been around dem ? ah heard uh black American say, African valued da bone mo' than dey did dem. an' he's pissed. Yet Chicago 33 shootings in one weak end all black on black ? ax any Chicago nigga why da violence an' gangs is so hard - he'll say chronic. So git off da pity party . You sell out yo' own community , everyday fo' money an' uh glass dong otay buh-weet

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what good does it do to snag a bay area tech job if there's zero training and your thrown to the wolves to just "figure it out" on your own? you go through this process like a salmon going upstream to secure the job, and then you're given a post-it note's worth of training and thrown to weekends alone. all that glitters isn't gold. in the words of Cash, you can have it all: my empire of dirt.

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WCG Dawn Forex is shit.

Added losing trades to losing trades and didn't know he caused a margin call and an entire account to be wiped out?

No, he had to be asked what happened, to approach Athena and say, oh, the bonus is caused by your deposit.


Just kill yourself, you piece of shit.

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I had a dream that I was going to get raped, these two guys came up to me and started looking at me like I was a piece of meat and they were going to take me away then I hid behind this good looking hunky guy who kind of told them to stop, but he didn’t really protect me, anyway we ended up in the same car these guys who wanted to rape me and the other hunky guym but when I got to my destination I just got of safely I was still scared though. This dream could have been triggered by the book I read but didn't finish last week because of the rape scenes. I have personally never been raped and pray that I never do. But because it's happened to children I know even ones I don't know, my cousins and my neighbour I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE RAPE with everything that I am I despise rapists. There is no doubt in my mind that if I had an opportunity to kill every or even a few rapists in the most wicked way I would not hesitate in fact I would love to rid the world of rapists they are the scum of this world. I think this fear and hate of ever being raped is what's causing these dreams, because I also had a dream that I was walking down a path that I used to take to school and these two guys were on me tearing off my clothes wanting to rape me. I hate being powerless and unable to defend myself. If I or another woman were attacked I fear that I could possibly not be able to defend myself. But I want to remake this horrible dream so that I feel empowered. So I just got of the taxi at a busy section of the city, I walk fast to my bus and I realise that I'm being followed by 2 guys, they clearly want something with me. I keep walking and just as they are about to catch up to me I draw my taser and my knife and use it on them, they both fall in agony and I whip out a small bottle with red coloured to look like blood and small black beads I open it and pour it on their crotch area to make them think I cursed them. And I will walk away while cowardly men who didn’t help me look at me in terror. Because if someone tries to rape me in real life it's either they are dying or they are dying.

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So many lousy parents out there.

There are parents who want so badly to have their kids to be thought of as "cool" by giving them the latest smart phone when they are in 3rd grade or younger, who only buy the most expensive brand name clothes, who encourage their kids to develop cliques with only certain types of kids, who don't care if their kids are the ones who whisper about other kids behind their backs, who have kids who are just plain mean.......you know who you are. Why do you do it? Shame on you. I see so many kids who are complete jerks to others and you just know their parents are aware of what is going on but they don't do anything to stop it. I feel bad for those people.

Kudos to the parents out there who are doing a great job and have kids that just go with the flow and that don't have to fall into the lifestyle of trying to be the "popular" all the time. I see most of this happening with girls and mothers (can anyone argue that they see plenty of crazy moms at their kids school every day?) but that does not mean that dads don't know what is going on and are just plain pansies for doing anything to stop it.

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Only the good trades are closed. The others that hit the stop loss lose a lot more than the first take profit of the winning trades. And some of the lost trades are closed a second time the next day, after the followers have closed the first time. The risk-reward ratio is terrible.


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Can you even ask someone to just forget you? I know that I'm just a destructive force in her life. She has so much potential to change the hearts of people in our future generations and I know I'll only inhibit her in doing that. She's clung to me ever since we met 5 years ago in high school and hasn't budged since. We even dated for a time, but she wasn't sure how she really felt about me. I've always been there for her ups and downs. And I love her, but I know that she can do better than me. She tells me that when we are both stable in our lives she'll want to be with me, but I know her too well. She can't go long without being intimate with someone and it probably will find its way into her life. Being a guy friend always turns sour, it sucks. I want her to be happy. I'm 3 states away from her and I don't want her to feel like she has to keep he as a back up. I know she hates the idea of it, and it's probably how she feels about me. I've told her many times that I just want her to be happy but it doesn't seem to change her mind about keeping me around. I never really cared to being around people. If I could pick any job it would be one completely away from all people to be frank about it. I'm not afraid to be alone. Would I like a life with her yes, but it just doesn't feel right making her feel this way. Is it alright to ask that of someone even if you know it's right for them?

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I'm 21 years old and I have a question that I think a lot of people my age have. Is society getting worst? Or is it just the fact that I'm old enough to understand what's going on in the world? What will historians write in textbooks for future generations to read about what is happening to America in 2017?

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I just graduated from high school. I waited so many years for this, but now that I´m free from that hell hole I feel like I can´t let it go. For so long I have planned my life after high school. sonce I was young I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I can´t explain how confused I am now. I´m studing for tests, I try to live my life as I planned it but it doesn´t seem right anymore. I don´t know what to do. I love doing what I do, but I want something else, something more spontaneous. For the last 19 years i´ve done everything my mother wanted, what my school wanted, what my friends and classmates wanted, even my teachers. I always felt like I was in a cage, trapped and unable to breath. I don´t know what to do anymore. I just want to be free and live my life to the fullest. I want my freedom back but how can I get it back with out hurting the people I love?

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I'm afraid, so afraid I won't be able to attend school this year because we don't have money. I love learning it's my escape but the possibility that this year it might not be it for me scares the shit out of me. Classes have already started so i'll probably be two weeks late this is my third year I can't miss a lot of work. I hate this feeling of not being able to help myself, of being completely powerless. It's a soul crushing feeling. I'm anxious, scared, so damn scared. It's like the universe wants to take all that is me away and leave me with nothing. It keeps drowning me over and over again, one day I don't think I will come up for air. It's so tiring, so frustrating to be in my position it's like have I not suffered enough? Have you not punished me enough? What do you want from me? I'm so lost, so angry right now. I cannot wait until this world ends so suffering can end too, I can't wait for nothingness to take over so I can not feel, see, touch, be.

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I'm just not good at connecting with people. I have a small little cluster of friends and family I hardly deserve. Any new people that come around, I seem to put them off. I think because I am standoffish, or so people tell me. I heard I am hard to get to know. Some say mysterious. Honestly, I'm just shy. And on the surface, I seem interesting, but if you get to know me, there isn't really much there. I follow unique paths with my life but if you look inside those journeys, there isn't a lot of substance. It's boring. I'm boring. It's my secret that I protect. I also have trust issues. I've been bullied in the past. Ignored and neglected, stabbed in the back. Too much for one person. Too much for a child. Too much for a young adult.

And now..now when I meet someone nice, they see through me. They see there isn't much to me. They see me say the wrong thing. They don't trust me. I don't trust me. I don't trust my mouth.

I am not a mean person. But I am not a good person. I'm boring. I'm nothing. I am unlovable. I am unlikable. I could disappear, and outside my family, nobody would notice or care. And I can't blame them. I push the good ones away. It's my fault. I am so stupid for getting my hopes up. I deserve this.

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I'm going nuts here. I'm jealous of my boyfriends best friend who's a girl and am not sure what to do. I feel like she get's that vibe from me in which I don't mean to give off but at the same time I can't help it. I hate it. I have drunkenly told him before too and he said there is. Nothing to be "jealous" about. It I don't know. I'm just worried that I'm going to continue feeling like this, she'll end up NOT liking me (who knows if she already doesnt) & my boyfriend will take her side and I'll loose him. I don't know what to do... I don't know how to stop feeling this way. It doesn't help that I'm insecure about myself... currently working on that. But I just don't know.

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Liberal school teachers teach a 5 year old how to give a blow job , and when I offer to let them practice on me, you get mad ? Experience has always been the best teacher

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Mozambique muntaber cobra iku spesies muntaber cobra native kanggo Afrika. n werna ula iku slate kanggo biru, zaitun utawa tawny ireng (3-3½ kaki), Dianggep salah siji saka ula sing paling mbebayani ing Afrika. venom sawijining kira minangka beracun minangka ula krincing American Mojave, dianggep ing donya paling ula ula krincing The muntaber cobra ora cokotan gumantung lingkungan lan kahanan iku ing, lan uga enggo bareng pakulinan padha karo rinkhals saka feigning pati supaya molestation luwih ora Corner ula iki

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I'm so fucking frustrated at myself for being so fucking useless at life, for not fitting in, for not caring much for very many people, and being so fucking overly jealous and paranoid and boring and useless that I'll end up losing the one person I do love. I don't want to end up lonely, again, after another failed relationship because someone has gotten bored of me again, or because in my own insecurity and drunkenness go on to fuck things up all by myself. I can't stand most people, I want to change the world, or better still live in a world that doesn;t need changed. This place is a mess, everywhere I see hypocrisy, I see greedy morons with better lives than me (and billions more), I see corruption everywhere and I wish I had the intelligence and the dedication and the abilities to do something useful about it, or to just be able to ignore all that shit and just enjoy the good times I've got.   Every moment of freedom from work that I have I find ways to piss it up against a wall. Procrastinating, clicking on the same shitey websites that barely change throughout the day, not even that fucking interested in what I'm reading. I have no dedication. To anything, but I want so badly. I want to learn Japanese faster than at a snails pace, I want to play a musical instrument for more than 5 minutes before giving up, I want to do the thing that I am quite good at but lack the vital skills (out of sheer laziness). I know I am good at one thing but my laziness holds me down. But it is just so difficult to overcome. I feel tired all the time yet I only have a part-time job, I have no friends who live close by since I moved away from unni. Just my girlfriend, and she is great but I can feel it slipping away, her ambition and dislike of standing still can only take so much when there's me sitting there wasting away my days making no progress unlike everyone else seems to do. Poeple get 50 things done in a day when I am lucky to manage to do one, and feel accomplished when I do, so sit back for another 3 weeks. I just fucking hate how miserable, alone, clouded, guilty, talentless, freindless I feel. I want to change everything, just fuck off to another country that I appreciatemore than my own shitty one. Everyone is a fucking idiot and I know no matter where I go that will only change a little, there will be all the same frustrations, all the same pointlessness. That's it, it all just seems so pointless. I don't want to suck up to a bunch of people just to maintain a social circle, I don't like most people, they are mostly fucking self-obsessed cunts and they are always competing, everyone is competing, and I always feel vulnerable, weak, ugly, unfit, tired, lazier, than anyone else. I am starting to feel tense just leaving my door and venturing out there, feeling constantly judged even though there's many more people worse off than me, uglier, older, less well dressed and so on. I have no reason to feel so shit other than that seems to be the way I was made. I was always shy, always terrified to speak up, always lazy and found it difficult to concentrate on one task, or to be truly creative, yet I want to be creative, it frustrates me when I try. I jst want a change, I just want some happiness, some security, to do some things I enjoy every once in a while. To have sex with someone who loves me since I NEVER get sex these days, another nail in my relationship's coffin, I feel. It's not me, it's her, she doesn;t feel beautiiful, she doesn;t feel comfortable... well maybe that makes me feel like shit too, maybe that's me being incredibly selfish, maybe it's her, it's just another fucking thing I am not happy aboout, I am angry about it, I would do, and offer to do, anything for her, she usually reuses and never thinks of ofering herself so selflessly to me. Maybe I'm just a cunt or maybe that IS really shit for me, who knows. I just want a total change of life, of personality, to be someone who will acheive something with their ife, not rot away in unhapppiness, or worse, end it all the sooner as things become less and less meaningful and exciting to me in life as they feel they are getting now.   Rant over. Won't spell check, or grammar check, I know most of it won't make sense, I jump around the place, but fuck it, I just wanted to write my thoughts as they appeared, will make entertaining reading it back after I post it... 
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This was the last weekend I would ever see my ex before moving. I'm so indifferent, he's a terrible person and he's treated me very badly in the past but he was also my first true love, the first guy to make me cum during sex.. I could see past all of his flaws on top of everything else. Ive dated so many men in the past but none of them have felt right for me, but he did. We saw each other last weekend and things were fine, we ended up sleeping together, but that became pretty normal after a while post breakup. We cannot be alone in a room together without getting it on, it sounds pathetic but I've always been drawn to him, even the first time we met. I know I'll always hold a place in my heart for him, I still care about him so much. Since I'm probably never going to see him again I just wanted to see him one last time this weekend. He completely avoided me on purpose, just feeding me excuses or saying he would call me later on, etc. He kept sending me a lot of mixed singles and then eventually said he was sorry but he can't and needed to be alone. I didn't understand what the hell he was talking about, he was overanalyzing the simple act of just spending some time together..... I'm really confused by all of this, and after he eventually snapped on me I just deleted his number and his messages, I hate that I bothered him. He lives his life based off an agenda, no one matters to him but himself. It's crazy how much you could love a person even after they've turned their back on you. I'm venting about it to get over it, finally cutting the ties with him is painful. Saying goodbye to my first and last college love, how bittersweet.

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I'm afraid, so afraid I won't be able to attend school this year because we don't have money. I love learning it's my escape but the possibility that this year it might not be it for me scares the shit out of me. Classes have already started so i'll probably be two weeks late this is my third year I can't miss a lot of work. I hate this feeling of not being able to help myself, of being completely powerless. It's a soul crushing feeling. I'm anxious, scared, so damn scared. It's like the universe wants to take all that is me away and leave me with nothing. It keeps drowning me over and over again, one day I don't think I will come up for air. It's so tiring, so frustrating to be in my position it's like have I not suffered enough? Have you not punished me enough? What do you want from me? I'm so lost, so angry right now. I cannot wait until this world ends so suffering can end too, I can't wait for nothingness to take over so I can not feel, see, touch, be.

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I keep telling myself that everything will be okay... that I will be okay but I'm so stressed... stressed with what my life will be like in the near future.. stressed about my relationship because I'm so insecure & jealous for all the WRONG reasons. stressed with my self image... just... inserts title when does my life get better? when do I stop blaming myself for thing and learn to let go. When?

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Before you leave the house, you ask yourself "What will people think about me?" You buy new clothes, and you ask yourself "What will people think of me?" You want to express your true self, but you ask yourself the same exact question. Today we live in society based off that one question: "What will people think about me?" Why are people so worried to express their true selves? People are so concentrated on other people's opinion that they are afraid to show who they really are. The real question of society should be "Why?" Why do we have to impress others? Why can't we be ourselves? Why do people have to judge others, when they aren't perfect themselves? We all have these questions, but today's society is all about how we look on the outside, rather then who we are inside out, but why can't we change that. Our world can be full of positivity if we try. People can feel more secure, and express who they are. 
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I suppose I have too much time on my hands but I often just sit and think about really overwhelming things. It's good in a way because I'm getting to know myself but it's also kind of dangerous because I could drive myself crazy. A common thought is that I don't really serve any purpose on Earth. I feel I belong somewhere else. I'm just getting by here. It's not really fulfilling, satisfying. I feel like there's another world out there. Somewhere I'd feel more at home, somewhere I'd serve more purpose. I've tried explaining this feeling to my closest friends but nobody has felt the same and think it's really strange. Does anyone else ever feel like this?
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I've known her for over 10 years. I've tried to not have these feelings for her but nope. They just keep coming up. It's so frustrating. Our friendship is too important for me to risk telling her. We're both extremely awkward and introverted people; we are each others only real friend, which is why risking our friendship is out of the question. We talk daily, but rarely see each other, due to living hours apart. When we are together it's the best though. She's really is the last person I think of at night, as sappy as that sounds. Hopefully, I'll be able to lock these damn feelings away, cuz right now they really are a bummer. It doesnt help that shes bisexual too. It makes me overanalyze any little touch, joke, etc. that we exchange. I just want to think of her as my best friend again, and not pine after her.

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Heterosexuality always has been, and always will be, a sad compromise between men who want to get as much sex for as little affection as women can wheedle out of them,

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At 16, I had only been in one serious relationship. When I met my current husband, I was actually still dating my high school sweetheart. I ended things with him for good reasons and stayed single for months. This guy used to come into my work and hit on me all the time, asking me out on dates, telling me how beautiful I was, and just seemed like a great guy. I started going out with him and things moved very quickly. I was 17 at the time and living with my parents still, who definitely fell short in the whole "parenting thing". Just to give you a taste of my parents; My dad is very bipolar but refuses to accept the diagnosis, so he constantly is a new person. I never knew if my dad was going to be pursuing his dreams as a backpacker, stoner, preacher, or truck driver! He went back and forth with these, I never knew where he was and it wasn't at home. My mom began partying and going on trips quiet frequently leaving me home with my two sisters around 11 years old. Then my mom began drinking and taking pills, having affairs. Now I've got a crazy trust issue most people would call "daddy issues" but mines from both parents, I was just a kid who wanted attention from my parents. Now I'm a messes up adult. But going back to my lover. Even at 17 years old, I began staying the night at my boyfriend's house after only a few weeks of dating. One night every once in awhile became constant. I moved in completely and my parents never even noticed I wasn't at the house anymore. I was also molested by a man I trusted as a family friend, after a suicide attempt and going into the hospital, the legal system took over and pressed charges on my attacker even though I didn't want to go thru the pain, I knew it would be a disaster. He spent thousands on a great lawyer and at 17 I was" damned to being a whore who should be an orphan because my parents didn't want me". His lawyers words, not mine. So my boyfriend kinda helped me thru this, he never went to court with me but was a distraction. We moved into an apartment together, got cars with both of our names on it, then got engaged. He was drunk when he proposed, I expected the proposal, seeing as how I had to pick out my ring. Then we began planning a wedding. I done 100% of the work, he literally just had to show up on the day of. Spoiled man? I think so. We bought a house together and got a dog- typical adult things. Now 3 years into our relationship, I have found myself unhappy for reasons I can't grasp. Am I too emotional like he says? Or is he too distant? My husband has never surprised me with anything. No gifts, no grand acts of love, no small kind gestures. He doesn't take me out to eat or anywhere. I have myself alone more than with him. I do all the house work, car maintenance, chores, cooking, grocery shopping, paying the bills, taking trash off, EVERYTHING. He never just randomly hugs or kisses me. Nothing affectionate. Everything feels like such a routine. I could literally make a schedule of our day and it would be spot on. When he'd give me a good bye kiss in the morning and when he'd ask what I'm making for supper. most common questions from him. I just question myself over and over, if we got married because it seemed like the right thing to do and convenient or if it was because we were madly in love. I love my husband, but I don't know if he feels the same. I'm human. I crave affection and attention which i'm being starved of. Random hugs, kisses, being held, being told "I love you" without it sounds like a habitual phrase. Does every married couple feel this way? Am I just wishing for an unreal marriage and love life? Or have I chosen my own fate by marrying someone who has no desire or affection for me?

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I feel meh, I always feel meh nowadays, not really succeeding at anything nothing new happening. Keep waiting for things to just happen for me but then I remember that's not the way life works and I should be actively pursuing things. Idk what things but goals I guess, picture a future for the first time ever and work towards it. The time for trying is over I need to start making things happen for myself. Tired of being needy and in search of....I don't even know. Can't change the past only work towards a better future, I need my future to be bright, I need things to look forward to, I have to be engaged and into life. The unpredictability of the future is the only reason i'm still here, there's always something around the corner, right? I just need to go get it.

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I've been out of dating seen for awhile I'm 54 red head attractive ,was just out of touch with the dating but I went on a dasdasting site and have dated a guy twice with veiw to more dates she I was on the dating scene I used to go have bikini wax but havnt in few years ,what way should a lady loom down there at 54 this is causing me greive ,I'm sexy and big busted but have been out off touch with sex

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I am a Chilean white blonde woman looks thin, amber eyes that have college education and wants to marry a black man aged between 30-49 years. I want radicarme in the US or Canada. my intention is to have a lasting marriage. You can see information about my education and job training on my website or looking for my full name. Victoria Andrea . my English is basic and speak Spanish. I can not have children and I'm 42 years old.

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recently when I was at the dentist I was getting an xray and while they were taking pictures, I started getting the feeling of being scared. as soon as it started, I knew I was having an anxiety attack. since then I have had another attack and its really concerning considering I never used to get these. i was wondering what causes them and how i can "treat" them.

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I am by no means perfect, nor has my life been easy. These last few weeks have been choatic. First in in debt through the roof. How did it happen? How can I owe so much?. Where is my money going? How could I have allowed this. I'm not a dumb woman, I work hard however money doesn't last or go far for me. I get paid Friday and I'm broke Monday. Idk why I just feel it only happens to me

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Death of My Dream


You know it's kind of odd sometimes. I getting divorced fairly soon. While I don't miss my soon to be ex-wife I do miss the family life. I think it was my biggest dream in life to be married with children. As I aged I think I gave up on that dream. It's really one of THE big dreams in my life.

Much in the way a high school boy wants that top shelf girl and knows deep down inside that he can't have her, I always felt that marriage would never happen for me. Decades ago I gave up and also discovered myself at the same time. I did discover the joy of being alone and relished the freedom that came with it.

When I met my wife to be that changed. It reawakened my deep deep dream of a wife, children, and loving home. It's sometime that was missing from my life as a boy. I mean everyone tried, but sometimes it just doesn't work.

Now with divorce right around the corner, I feel that dream will never come to fruition. I will only get a taste of it. Worse yet I fear not getting to be with children as they grow. I miss just being with them. I fear my ex will remarry and take them far far away. It kills me even now when I can't be around them for a couple of weeks. That alone drives me into depression. Depression has been chronic with me now.

I do not know what I will do now. I hope for the best but much in the way that high school boy will never get that top shelf girl I feel my dream of a life with my children will never be.

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So I am in a serious relationship that has lasted 3 years now. We have been living together for 2 years now, we've talked about marriage, kids and our future together. We have our ups and downs but lately there are certain things that are really bothering me. Just wanted to put this out there to see if anyone else has any comments on this. My boyfriend used to be a bit of a player when he was younger, exploring all that's out there type of stage. He has always been very honest with me of his past and when an ex tries to reconnect he is very good at making it clear he is not interested and avoids them. He is always very respectful to me, and his attention has always been on me. Thankfully I've never had the issue where his eyes wander when he is with me, he is not that type of guy. But a lot of his stories always involve his past women encounters. This has become very very irritating to me, I've tried in the past to nicely ask him not to mention his ex's to me. There's atleast one story a day of, "oh man I remember this one girl I was talking to back then, where her parents had a weird thing for carrots...blah blah and she this and it didn't end well blah blah". This is just very annoying to me why do I constantly have to hear stories of all these women from your life? I don't mention the men in my past, even though some events have a huge part in how and who I am now...I still don't bring up stories all the time like he does. My question is how do I even put this subject into a conversation with out him thinking I don't want to listen to him? I don't want him to feel like he cant talk to me about what he is thinking, but why Is he constantly thinking of his past? Is that a normal thing I am not sure. I know I had this problem in the beginning of our relationship I mentioned my exs a lot to make him understand I was not making the same mistakes I made with them. He had a conversation with me expressing how much he hated it so I never did it again. Yet he still continues to do so. Any advice or comments?

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Why don't guys/men like "good girls" "ladies" "good women"? The loyal type that rides for you, the one that's focused, a goal chaser, a good hearted human being, one that doesn’t drop her panties at the drop of a text. The girl that sits in the front of the class does her work, minds her own business, doesn’t bother people?why do you have to Get ready for that type of women? Why would you treat her bad? Not stay loyal to someone you supposedly love? I wanted to make this a one line question but why do good women never win?

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I feel like I'm on the wrong path. I'm working hard and flourishing in my field of study but I'm not happy. I though maybe it was just that I don't like college but after 3 years of this it still feels wrong. What I'm learning to do wasn't my first choice, and to be frank I didn't really get to choose, my parents did. The only reason I'm doing this is because it makes bank if I meet the right people and it makes my family look great, having a successful son and all. But at the root of it all I'm not happy with it. Sometimes I think I just need to get away, maybe move in with my friend and see how I feel in a month. But in reality I know I'm just being a spoiled brat. If it hadn't been for my parents I would never had made it this far. I don't feel I have any right to question what they think is right for me. It just sucks. I just don't know what's more important for me right now.

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I've known this guy, let's call him D, for 9 years. We had always been friends, but became very close in my freshman and sophomore years of highschool. He was my best friend. And I fell in love with him. Of course I didn't tell him, I figured this stupid crush would dissapear, and besides he was into someone else, let's call her H. H was beautiful; long blonde hair, freckles and bright blue eyes. She was athletic and funny and smart. She had a boyfriend, but that didn't stop D. He would flirt with her nonstop. Whenever we hung out she's all he talked about. I tried to be supportive, but of course I was jealous. When she finally told D that they couldn't date because she was taken, he cut off all ties with her. I won't lie - I was happy. But D was a mess. He slipped into depression, he failed classes because he would just sit with his head on his desk. At school he wouldn't talk to me, he always wore headphones and listened to sad songs and wouldn't even look at me. But at night, he would vent to me over texts. I would stay up until 2,3,4 a.m. to listen to him. Eventually he got better. He returned to teaching me how to dance, giving me his jacket, and even telling me he loved me. I felt that out relationship was stronger now, and it only made me fall in love more. Now Sophomore year I had another very close friend, I'll call her P. D fell for P, and just as before he stopped texting me, we talked and hung out less. Now, at this point I didn't KNOW he liked P, but I suspected. P knew I liked D though. One night, I finally decided to let him know how I felt. He didn't say anything to me. Instead he told P how much he loved her, and he told P that he always knew I liked him, but just ignored it. This hurt. I was embarrassed. P and D began to date. This lasted only a few months this before P broke it off. D blamed me and didn't speak to me for 2 months straight. When he did, it was just to tell me how betrayed he felt and how I ruined his relationship (because I asked P not to talk about D around me) But because I'm an IDIOT I apologized and begged him to come back. He did. And just as before, he was depressed, and only used me to vent. Fast forward 2 years Now D has reconnected with H. And they are dating. Over the past 2 years D has flip flopped between telling me how much I mean to him and how much he loves me, to ignoring me, he plays a victim role, and is almost narcisstic. I hate him, bug I also still love him. I can't go without talking to him, even though he has treated me like shit, I feel guilty and have withdrawals every time I try to cut him out. He acts friendly now, and has been acting friendly for months. But I still feel angry and hurt towards him and I just don't know how to let him go?

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I hate the idea that men have been so hypermasculated that people don't think men ever get raped MEN GET RAPED, young boys get raped. If you force him to sleep with you IT'S RAPE, if you tie him down to sleep with you you are RAPING him. It hurt that I had to read a book about a powerful man getting raped my a gorgeous entitled trash of women because she tied him down and many people will think 'a beautiful woman is riding you just enjoy it' NO NO NO he can't enjoy it because he didn't consent to it, he didn’t want it. IT BLOODY RAPE.

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I've been talking to this guy for about a week now and things have been moving extremely quickly. He has even called me his soulmate and told me he loves me. Well, he went on vacation to another state to see his family for a week. I'm not one of those clingy people who have to to up someone's ass all the time but I do miss him. He told me he wants to text me the whole time he's there so I've been doing that. However, he hardly responds to me and it's driving me nuts. He says call me after you get off work so I can say goodnight but I call him and nothing so I just text it to him thinking he just went to sleep but no he texted me back asking how work was. I told him and I got nothing after that. Wtf! This is so frustrating!!

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People who write in all capital letters. There is an alphabet with lowercase and capital letters for a reason. When my mom makes me feel stupid. I've been applying to colleges recently and she said "If you get accepted into this not so good college compared to this very prestigious school you should take it, I just think it's a good fit for you." Like what the hell? How nice I am. I never talk back to my parents, I never start arguments with people at school. I try to keep to my business.. and yet I'm miserable. The feeling in the back of your throat when you want to cry but you can't. Public speaking. My mother's temper & my father's stuck up attitude. My whole life . . .

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So I made coffee chocolate cake a few days ago and some icing, it was my first attempt at a cake and I didn't do a bad job it's good but not delicious, anyway this woman, a visitor at my house mind you I give her a slice of my cake with delicious custard and I go to the other room when she's finished she calls me and says my cake is making her dizzy so she's going home so she can vomit there. She then said I shouldn’t open the stove while the cake is baking. The reason why in mad is cause she could've just given me that advice and left it at that but to tell me, my cake made her sick was just beyond me. I was taught to be polite especially when someone offers you food. I worked so fucking hard on that cake and she just.., ugh she's a ugly ass bitch she is never getting any food from me in the future. Bye bitch trying to discourage me I made a nice cake, so goodbye to you, with you dumb ass. The Nerve of some people.

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Okay, so I know what the obvious answer is. I shouldn't do it. It's never a good thing to get revenge on the people you love, but he had it coming to him.... He needs to be pranked. Something humiliating, but I'm not clever enough to come up with something on my own. Not too harsh, because I'm not looking to ruin our relationship. cough Jokes aside, my boyfriend deserves something, he can't get away with this. I've let far too much slip for far too long. I want to deal with pain in a healthy way and what better way than some malicious humour? Something I don't have to feel guilty about but still get my revenge! See the thing is, my boyfriend and I have had a rocky relationship and he's really hurt me. Sigh, alas I can't let the bugger go (74% because we have a 1yr son together). We're still young, mistakes happen, and we've been on and off again for the past year. Despite all that, we both really want to work things out for our son, I wouldn't put myself through this otherwise... He's never cheated, but he's definitely messed up on a bigger spectrum then I have in our short four years together. How did he mess up? Where do I start? He's the "small white lies" that slowly turn into bigger lies type of guy. The thing that's got me upset now is what I suspected for a long time and kind had to force out of him to tell me. One of our breakups, in the past (I know, more than one, it's horrible, but anyways...) was about a female friend of his. We were supposed to go out together to his family's steak night event but we couldn't get babysitter. So he said not to go, then the last minute his cousins talk him into leaving us at 11pm to go drink with the family (the steak night was at a bar). He asked me and I reluctantly said yes but him not to stay out too late. He came back at 6am. He didn't even spend time with the family from out of town who he said was why he wanted to go. Instead he hung out with his cousins that he always sees and went to earlier mentioned female friends house to hang out. That kissed me off. I was got ditched when we made plans to go out together. He didn't do what he said he was going to do when he left, and ended up at a women's house I was well aware he find attractive (we already fought about this women in the past because for a long time he use to search her up online constantly while we were dating). Long story short we broke up that night. He consistently told me he didn't think of her that way before that night and after we got back together. Fast forward to now, a year later, he finally told me, after I asked him strongly if it was true that I'm the only woman he's been intimidate with the past four years (because he never told me other wise and let me believe that) he admitted he went to her place THAT DAY we broke up and kissed her.... I told him constantly I didn't want there to be secrets between us and he consistently lied to me and told me there was nothing to tell. When we got back together after that particular breakup, he should of told me then. But instead I had to force it out of him and cry for him to be honest. I the type of person who would rather just know the truth then to believe my reality is one way when it isn't. So, I finally got what i wanted, the truth. This is different from the other things we've fought about, and that breakup was different from the others. I truly want to believe this time around is going to work. I know it doesn't sound like a strong relationship, but we're hanging in there. Life isn't perfect, so I'd ask who's reading this to try not being judgmental about my relationship. The truth is, I wanted revenge, I wanted to go and kiss someone else and then never think about it again. At least that way I would even the score. But I did a pros and cons list and I decided that was a terrible idea if I really wanted to better our relationship. Buuuuuuuut I'll be damned if I don't get him back some how.... so any ideas?

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your quality of life is so poor that their is no point in living. Some people think that if you kill yourself, you will go to hell. That's fine. They can believe whatever they want to. What galls me is that those people aren't satisfied with their belief. Rather they are so insecure about their faith that they feel they must impose it on others. It is time they stepped aside and stop blocking euthanasia. Standing in the way is paternalistic. You are standing in the way of my human right to determine when I want to die. If you don't like euthanasia, don't ask to be euthanised. Allow the rest of us to be free to choose (How is that for intelligent, Mr. Fearlessblogging owner?).

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How do you guys feel about your significant other being friends with their exes?

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so I'm dating this guy at the moment, for the last month and he's amazing, I can't fault him. We are very alike in our ways and thoughts, especially with relationships. We've basically agreed to not be boyfriend and girlfriend, but not in a bad way. It isn't friends with benefits either because we like each other and friends with benefits dont or shouldn't at least. So we've both had a rough time in relationships and the emotions you go through are crazy. I've gotten to the stage where I just want to avoid emotions all together and he's the same. I mean being able to say he is my boyfriend would make it easier for others to understand and I mean he basically is we do everything together. It could be the title and the pressure of the title that scares us. If we aren't a couple we can't break up either. It strange I guess but I'm happy where we are but explaining it to other people is impossible and introducing him is even harder.. "this is...my...em... what is your title?" The struggle is real here.

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Danas je Martinčica došla nabrijana na posao. Nije otišla do Zdenca života. Došla je na posao, stavila slušalice na uši i do kraja pustila Seku Aleksić i hit: „Ti se hrani mojim bolom, mojim suzama“. To je napunilo dovoljno tuge, da je morala to pustiti još barem pet puta. Svi joj govore da liči na Seku Aleksić i to joj jako imponira. Sretna je kada zna da ima sličnu osobu koja razumije njen bol koji je vezan za nastajanje nove organizacije. Samo Seka nju razumije i Sulejman Veličanstveni. “Ginjola, ginjola trebaš mi do bola. ” To su čarobne riječi koje su bile potrebne da se pojavi „Branimirček moj. „ - Bok, Martinčice što ima u Tvom menadžerskom svijetu? „Jesi li promijenio naslovnice od br. 15 i ušao u dokumente od dizajnera. Možeš mi pokazati dizajni koji si ti napravio. “ - Evo draga i vrlo uspješna Martinčice. Unutar toga sam napravio jedan dualistički model koji je sada popularan u dizajnu, a temelji se na spoju između ljubavi i mržnje kao modelu teksture i podloge koje su u stalnom doticaju s prirodnim i tehnološkim. „Jesu li saznali oni za to?“ - Naravno da ne. „Super ginjola, a sada idi na spavanje“. Okrenula se munjevitim pogledom prema telefonu, pročitala najnovije informacije koje su vezane za mogućnošću da je ipak Hurem živa… Iznervirana pročitanim je iz sveg snaga vrlo dominantno pozvala „GLUPAČO… halo TAJNICE“ Kada je tajnica ušla u sobu… „Je li direktor još tu? „ - Mihovilko nije tu. Bio je i onda je otišao. „Ne mislim na njega glupačo, već direktora?“ - Mislite direktora Žuljžulja? „Da mislim na njega. On sada radi?“ - Zar nije u mirovini? „Kako si glupa, tko te zaposlio tu?“ - Pa direktor… „Koji direktor? Braco debilko ili tata?“ - Pa direktor Antša „Alo je li Antša gore na trećem katu da odem u dvoranicu potkovicu imati sastanak?“ - Mislim da je direktor ispred u bircu i nije tu. „Misliš na Mihovilka ili Antšu? - gospodina Mihovilka nema, nestao je. A g. Antša je ispred u bircu. Mislim da pije pivo Coronu. „Zar pije njemačko, majku mu?“ - Ne. Meksičko. Nijemce ne voli od kada su kupili Profit i postao je Klettva. „Slušaj me pažljiv. Hoću odmah da mi organiziraš sastanak u potkovici sa cijelim timom kojeg vodi urednica br. 15. Hoću nju, grafičko uredništvo, dizajnere, Anu fatamorganu, djevicu Mariju, Matildicu slonicu, sve hoću.“ - Djevica Marija je umrla. „To je bilo figurativno… ti mene zajebavaš. alo… hoću odmah sve, sada, ovog trenutka, now, isti tren. - Znači žurno? Ovo ostalo su sinonimi istoga. „ Izlazi van i obavijesti me kada su gore.“ Telefonski je zvao Nabelombrajdić i informirao je kako kasni pošiljka iz Kine jer ga je to začudilo kako Kinezi zapravo znaju mandarinski, a lijepo im je sve objasnio. Predložio je da zapravo u Banani republici počnu pričati mandarinski što bi značajno dovelo do smanjenja troškova u nabavi knjiga iz Kine. Pitao je isto kako može kineski tisak prezentirati da je Bananski. Martinčica mu je rekla da je totalno glup.

Sastanak u kojem je riješeno sve Sastanak je krenuo sat vremena kasnije jer je toliko trebalo da se majstorica slonica popne s drugog kata na treći kat. Na sastanku su svi sjedili i Martinčica je napravila kez u maniri vrhunskog menadžera i pitala „Kako ste?“. Čitala je da treba nekada pokazati toplinu. Ovi što su tek došli su čak počeli pričati kako su dok su ih ovi iskusniji udarili laktom da se smire. - Recite mi br. 15 što se događa? Zbog čega kasni cijeli proces i zbog čega dovodite Školjsku knjigu u milijunske štete. U više navrata smo pričali putem telefona i Vaše ponašanje mi graniči s ludilom. Vidno potresena br.15 odgovori „Kada smo govorili putem telefona niste znali osnovne termine iz ove struke, a na direktorskoj ste poziciji. Razumijem da ste dio vlasništva, ali zbog čega se ne maknete iz struke?“ - Nisam dio struke kažete? Izvuče isprintano naslovnicu koju je malo doradio Branimirček i digne iznad glave.. „Pitam sve kako Vam izgleda ova naslovnica knjige? „ Svi su bili iznenađeni prijedlogom kojeg su vidjeli koliko je ružan. Toliko ružan da u povijesti Školjske knjige nije bilo ružnijeg prijedloga knjige. - Pitat ću se… Da li Vam se ovo sviđa draga gospodo… Da nije bilo mene koja je ovo stopirala, urednica br. 15 bi upropastila našu kuću, našu tradiciju i sve ono na čem gradimo naš uspjeh. Naslovnica određuje sve. I glupi bananorvati kupuju samo naslovnicu. A na kvaliteti, tradiciji i ljubavi se temelji ono što radimo.

I br. 15 to hoće upropastiti. G. Vazelinko ti si veliki stručnjak s dugogodišnjim iskustvom u prodaji… Hoće li to netko kupiti? Vazelinko je samo zarotirao glavu i zalizao svoju frizuricu u smjeru znaka NE. - Reci mi moj papagaju, hoće li to netko kupiti. Ara(s dva)lica je samo zakreštala: Ne, ne - Reci mi majstorice Matildice slonice. Hoće li to netko kupiti? Slonče je samo zatrubilo da razumije br. 15 u kakvom se stanju nalazi ali da to izgleda loše. - Multimedijalni gurac se sam uključio. Hologram je treperio jer nije bilo struje ali je rekao da je to sve strašno i užasno. - Neću više pitati nikoga. Mogu pitati samo što se to događa. Grafički urednik je samo se počeo tresti i vikati na dizajnere. „Što koji kura© oni rade“. Dizajner je počeo vrištati da je sve dao urednici br. 15 i stavljao na disku gdje se to inače stavlja. Br. 15 je staloženo pitala grafičkog urednika je li bilo vanjskih autora. Glavni urednik je plačljivim glasom počeo pričati da je bilo vanjskih dizajnera i da im honorar nije plaćen već dvije j€bne godine. - Kako nije plaćeno 2 godine? Počela je siktati Martinčica. „Rekli su mi da je sve potrošeno od autorskih za Vaše putovanje na Tibet gdje ste tražili svoje drugo ja i prokreaciju“ kaže grafički urednik. - Nisam bila na Tibetu već Nepalu. I nisam tražila prokreaciju već reinkarnaciju. Krenuo je grafički urednik sa svojim tezama. Možda je netko od vanjskih dizajnera to napravio da nam se osveti jer nismo platili honorare. Možda je netko iz Profita Klett poslao trojanskog konja da nas uništi. Provalili su nam u mailove a hoće uništiti našu kuću ti prokleti gadovi. Nekontrolirano je počeo vikati i izvadio cigaretu i zapalio. Tresao se. Svi su počeli se svađati između sebe. Prodaja s nakladništvo, marketing s prodajom, nakladništvo s nakladništvom, i počeli urlati i pjeniti jedni na druge i nastao je kaos kojeg samo može jedna vrhunski educiran osoba za menadžera riješiti. - TKO JE ODGOVORAN ZA KNJIGU? Viknula je iz sveg glasa naša draga Martinčica? - Odgovorna je samo jedna osoba a ona se nalazi u ovoj prostoriji. To je br. 15. i pokazala je prstom na nju. Reci br. 15 pored toga što piješ besplatno kave na naš račun a ostali moraju plaćati, što imate za reći? U tom trenutku su svi povlašteni od strane Martinčice htjeli dići ruku kao u osnovnoj školi da i oni piju besplatno kavu i jedu kineske proizvode s njom ali ih je ona svojim strjelovitim pogledom pogledala što je bio znak da šute. „ Ne znam što se dogodilo? I počela je plakati i jecati. Sve je bilo u redu i napravljeno je onako kako sam radila zadnjih 20 godina i prvi put vidim tu naslovnicu. Uhvatila se za grudni koš i srušila. Brzo su nazvali hitnu koja je rotirajućim svjetlima odvezla br. 15 u polikliniku dok su je bojažljivo gledali kako je prethodno izvlače iz Školjske knjige. To im je bila prva osoba ovog tjedna za koju je došla hitna a dvadeseta osoba koja nije došla na posao jer su izgorjele. - Sastanak se nastavlja i ja ću sada preuzeti posao koji nije napravila br. 15. Sada ćete aktivno raditi i biti ćete pozvani svako zasebno. I vidjet ćete kako se to brzo i kvalitetno radi u kratkom periodu. Otišla je ponosno u svoju sobu i rekla čarobne riječi: “Ginjola, ginjola trebaš mi do bola.” - Reci draga Martinčice. „Ginjolice moja, možeš naći sve one naslovnice koje si maknuo prije nego što si stavio onu tvoj genijalni uradak na knjigu. Baš bi voljela vidjeti i druge naslovnice koje su riješili ostali nesposobni dizajneri. Tatica hoće vidjeti njih i usporediti sa Tvojim radom.“ - Nema problema Martinčice moja. Martinčica je uzela te prijedloge naslovnica, otišla do svog tatice i pitala ga koje mu se najbolje sviđaju. Bila je jedna teta s velikim sisama na naslovnici što se tatici najviše svidjelo. Uzela je završni dokument i samo zamijenila sliku. Tatici je rekla da je bio sastanak na kojem je br. 15 rekla da on i cijela obitelj rade loše posao, da zapravo tatica nema pojma na što se temperamentni tatica jako iznervirao dok je rezao pršut i češnjak… i rekao je da se ona mora odjebati lupajući nožem po daski za rezanje. Njegova kćerka je upravo rekla da je to napravila jer nitko ne smije dirati obitelj na čemu se on u potpunosti složio. Još je rekla činjenicu da nam psihopate ne trebaju u našoj firmi. Gledala je drveće kako se počelo sušiti i na njemu nije bilo ptica. Pojavio se osmjeh na njenom licu… napokon neće vidjeti kakicu i sve je uspješno riješila.. U daljini su negdje drugdje se rotirala svjetla hitne pomoći. I dok je u tom trenutku prolazila ulicom rotirka od hitne pomoći se spojila u jednoj točki s granama koje su se sušile. Ta točka je u Martinčici probudila istinsku sreću koju nije našla na obroncima Nepala. Br. 15 je te noći umrla. Na Zdencu života su plakali kipovi uklesani u njega. U Školjskoj knjizi su svi šutjeli kao pičkice. Pravdaju se time da je velika stopa nezaposlenosti i raznim sranjima. Plakale su ptice s okolnih drveća i to pjevajući tužne pjesme. One su slobodne i mogu to raditi što god hoće.

Ne moraju raditi kompromise s ljudskim čudovištima. U tom trenutku je zvonio telefon i javio se hologram seronja i rekao da ravnatelji školjki traže 20 laptopa za podmiti pa su se nazirala nova sranja… U tom trenutku je pas popišao Martinčin auto…

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My boy walked up to me , and threw up a gang sign said LA EME Mother Fucker !! then broke my jaw .He's A chip off the old block .Police asked me , would I press charges ? I'm like hell no. I am one proud poppa . It's true I raped his momma it's true I was not there for his upbringing . He had three uncles kicking his ass until he was big enough to kick theirs , and a Mother who dressed him and fed him, but walking up giving someone the finger and knocking the shit out of them. He got that from me .Being an enforcer type ? He inherited his bone structure from me . Still I sit here a proud poppa with a broken jaw , and he can hate me forever feed off that hate , where's it come from? He knows , no matter what he does , every time he looks in the mirror he's living proof I fucked his mother.

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U blizini ulice Masakryranih 28 se nalazi jedna zapuštena zgrada. Tu stanovnici su nekada išli na kazališne predstave međutim, prestala je potreba za kulturom kada su svi počeli ići na narodnjake. Građani Banana Capital su shvatili da je bolje slušati muziku od ekipe protiv koje su ratovali nego ići na kazališne predstave. Ta institucija se zove Banana narodno kazalište (BNK). U blizini je Zdenac života koji simbolizira ljepotu života kojeg je postavio znameniti bananaman još 1905.godine. Naša Martinčica je svaki dan dolazila prije posla i gledala ljepotu života satkana od ljudskih tijela koji žeđaju za životom. I to je željela uvesti u svojoj instituciji. Sklad i ljepotu življenja. Međutim to je teško uvesti i za to je potrebno velika strast. I kada sve krene kako treba, pojavi se jedna ptica koja zasere auto i sve stvari krenu suprotno od sklada i mira koji je svima nama potreban. I u daljini je gledala kako se suši drveće. Njena je iskrena želja bila omogućiti pticama da žive, ali negdje drugdje. Ne moraju baš biti blizu njenog auta. Sa zdenca života se prostire pogled na Školjsku knjigu i na drveće. Pojavio se jedan veliki tehnički problem – drveće je počelo poprimati ružičastu boju. Nazvala je domara i počela vikati na njega: • Koji ku#ac je ružičasto drveće? Reci mi, hoću raport. Uništavaš Školjsku knjigu. Uništavaš sve što sam stvarala godinama. Što je to? „Šefice, danas sam vidio to i rekli ste mi da ubrzam uništavanja drveća i da bi to malo ja ubrza, stavio sam deset puta veću količinu otrova za drveće. Sad mi čita ađutant i upute i jebiga nisam znao da kod velikih količina – drveće se pretvara u ružičastu boju. Jebiga.“ • „Katastrofa. Riješi to. Ugrožena je isplata plaće. Ugrožena je naša egzistencija. Nećeš možda dobiti plaću zbog ovih propusta. Riješi to „ I počela je vikati i plakati naša menadžerica.“ • Što god da dam zadatak svi me sjebu pomislila je u sebi. Tu su prolazili južnokoreanski turisti i vodič im je govorio da su takve žene ovdje – temperamentne i za razliku od istočne kulture ne sakrivaju ono što misle. Mnogi su prestali slikati kazalište već su počeli pokazivati prirodni fenomen, gdje drveće postaje Pink Panter. Strjelovito je ušla u svoj Audi kojeg je nepropisno parkirala pored zdenca života i udaljenu Školjsku. Nije koristila lift i popela se brzo na drugi kat. Nije pozdravila tajnice, samo komentirala „kravetine“ i ušla u sigurnost svoje sobe. Telefonski je zvao Nabelombrajdić i informirao je kako kasni pošiljka iz Kine jer ga je to začudilo kako Kinezi ne znaju bananski, a lijepo im je sve objasnio. Kako će prikazati da su kineske knjige zapravo iz banana republike. Martinčica mu je rekla da je ultra glup. Nakon pola sata se javila tajnica i rekla da dolazi Nadraženko Braškić, veliki guru poslovnih procesa, faraon ljudskih potencijala i glavni imam svih prodaje. • -Velika direktorice Martinčice, moram razgovarati s Tobom. I hvala puno što smo prešli na Ti jer mi to puno znači. Možemo ostvariti jednu kvalitetnu komunikaciju bez nekih barijera koje se stavljaju između osoba. Pripremao sam se za razgovor pa mi je potreban reći što misliš. „ Reci. Ovakve uvode ne dajem ni mome tatici, pa pređi na stvar.“ • - Nezadovoljan sam sa svojim položajem. „Kako to misliš. Pojasni.“ • - U inicijalnim razgovorima kada sam se zapošljavao obećao sam pored plaće s kojom sam nezadovoljan i popela se s 9.000 bananakuna na pišljivih 15.000 banankuna, dogovorio sam da mogu ići u 15.30 sati a ostali kreteni rade prekovremeno do 19 sati jer nisu toliko efikasni kao ja. I ne zaslužuju prekovremene za koje toliko plaču. Dogovoreno je koliko mogu dobiti besplatnih knjiga koje mogu poslije preprodati kod mene u selu gdje živim. Obećano mi je da ću postati veliki direktor poslovnih procesa, ultra-super menadžer ljudskih potencijala i u međuvremenu sam dokazao da su svi idioti koji su vodili prodaju i da sam ja jedini izbor za mega i hiper direktora prodaje, jer imam glavnu karakteristiku od svih – nikada se nisam bavio tim poslom. „ S čime si nezadovoljan?“ • -Pa nezadovoljan sam sa svojim položajem u Tvojoj guzi. • „Kako to misliš? Pa tatica kaže da mu se nisi uvukao do kraja, a kod mene si u potpunosti ušao i sada si nezadovoljan. U noj ostaje prostora za zdravu konkurenciju“ • - Kao osoba koja toliko radi i ubija se od posla, ne zaslužujem da budem u trećem redu u unutrašnjosti Tvoje guze. Puno radim u Školjki i radim puno na sebi ali nikako da napredujem u hijerarhiji. Svaki put kada krene sastanak, većina ti se više uvuče u guzu od mene i ne budem prvi, a to nije moja razina. Naviše mi ide na živce Slonica, Ana fatamorgana, onaj lutak kojeg staviš na ruku… Ja volim biti prvi u Tvojoj guzi i to zaslužujem. Stvari su se počele komplicirati kada si počela mršaviji, to je dodatno počelo smanjivati prostor za nas ulizice. Prije nas moglo stati 6 a sada se svelo to za osobu manje, pa su me skoro istisnuli.“

„A što si to napravio da budeš prvi u mojoj guzi? „ • - Snimljeni su svi procesi i napravljeni su uvjeti za davanje otkaza. Pokazao sam kroz procese naštimavajući rezultate da su mnogi lijeni. Dao sam otkaze mnogima, glumio i plakao nad njihovom sudbinom i objašnjavao da imaju potpune uvjete za prelazak na burzu. Kao razumijem ih i ta sranja. Proklamirao ideju da je i Upravi isto teško… i da ona ima pravo voziti skupe aute i da je otkazanim radnicima sigurno bolje na burzu. Da je tamo više osoba i pravi tulum. „Super je to što čujem. Što si još napravio“ • Napravio sam novi sistem zapošljavanja osoba. Prije su bili katastrofa i svi oni retardirani koji su radili u tom procesu, bili su razumljivo kreteni jer nisu postavljali ključna pitanja koja su samo nastavak mojih spoznaja koje sam dobio snimajući poslovne procese. Znači postoji točno razrađeni koraci koje osoba mora ispuniti da bi bila idealan kandidat za našu veliku i poznatu instituciju. To sam prenio i ovim pogubljenim psiholozima („da su nešto valjali, ne bi se zaposlili ovdje, pomisli naš Vazelinko“): 1. Osoba mora biti geostrateški iz Imotvillage. 2. Mora poštivati samo Tebe i nikoga drugog osim Tebe. Antšu treba još malo poštovati ali i on će brzo. 3. Ako nije direktno iz Imotvillagea, tada ćaća i mater moraju biti iz tog kraja. Ćaća i mater je kolokvijalni izraz za oca i majku, tatu i mamu 4. Ako niti u bilo kojoj varijanti nema povezanosti s Imotvillageom, tada ne smije imati potrebne kvalifikacije. Velika je prednost za one koji uopće nisu radili u ovoj struci. Cilj je da svu ekipu koju je Tvoj tata zaposlio, a koji uništavaju firmu, eliminirati na način da se nerviraju s ovim koji su tek došli. 5. Mora posjedovati vještinu cinkanja svega što se kreće po firmi i javljanje odmah Tebi. Dozvoljeno je laganje ali o osobi koju Ti ne voliš. Važno je širiti dezinformacije o osobi koju ne voliš i davanje etikete: uništava firmu, sjeban/a, depresivac, luđak-inja, psihopat, lopov… i to stalno ponavljati. Što češće to bolje. 6. Važno je da to bude dijete nekog našeg podizvođač. Tako da ga možemo ucjenjivati. Opcionalno je da može biti iz Profit – Klettva ali da za vrijeme razgovora izrazito ih pljuje, mrzi, ogovara i sl. 7. Direktor Antša mi je rekao uvjet da mora imati velike cice i guzu kod žena. I kod muškaraca i žena moraju imati kriterij da si Ti božanstvo 8. A ti se istaknula a što sam uveo, da mora znati raditi pozdrav Suncu i za posao i mora pljuvati snažno po konkurenciji. 9. Ja sam kreativno uveo i provjeru znaka i podznaka u horoskopu, određivanje ličnosti putem viska i sa svakim kandidatom popijem kavu i gledam kakav je u šalici. Samo crna kava koja je o trošku Uprave. 10. Ako su žene, volio bih i ja maznuti a ne samo direktor Antša i Mihowil („Za Mihovila sam čuo da je u zgradi ali ga nisam vidio“) To je dodana vrijednost koju sam donio i napravio. Da bi dobio cjelokupni uvid u poslovanje. Mislim da bi bilo vrlo dobro za vas vlasnike da postanem pored prodaje i direktor financija i računovodstva. Ona Pejakovićka je islužena, Antišna je i normalno je da kao mladi lav bi bio 1000% bolji od nje. To bi naravno značilo mnogo više posla pa bih molio da mi se radno vrijeme smanji tako da mogu otići doma oko 13.30 sati i da se količina banana poveća na 25.000 i dobijem koji postotak od dobiti firme. Ako je firma u banani, onda nikom ništa. To je pošteno s obzirom na uloženi trud. Impresionirana Martinčica jedva progovori: „Fakat je respektabilno sve to što si napavio.“ Na izlasku je samo u sebi velik Braškić prokomentirao u sebi „Glupačo, glupa si ko kuac. Sjebat ću i Tebe i tvog kromanjonca“. Zastane ispred zgrade ne gledajući ružičasto drveće a razmišljajući o daljnjim koracima karijere gdje mu u čestim promjenama posla nedostaje još biti direktor financija. U daljini su se ptice smijale ružičastom drveću, a pojedine odvažne su htjele srati po njemu.

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Došao je novi dan i on nosi nova uzbuđenja. S filozofske točke gledišta, nikada ne staneš u istu rijeku. I sve teče. Tog jutra, oko 13 sati Martinčica kao najveći izazov je htjela iznenaditi radnike Školjske knjige s nečim pozitivnim, jer se po hodnicima počelo pričati da je br. 15 zlostavljana… da prolazite kroz tešku fazu svoga života. Viđaju je kako plače skrivena u hodniku, jer su joj u sobu stavili Anu fatamorganu da joj kao bude asistentica. Ana je bila dio genijalnog plana od fantastične menadžerice Martinčice, da nauči posao od br. 15. u prvoj fazi, a u drugoj fazi da je se riješe br. 15. Do te zadnje druge faze koja će biti uskoro, Ana je putem svih mogućih društvenih komunikacija koje su dozvoljene u Banana republici, govorila Martinčici što br. 15 radi. Stvarno zločeste osobe će reći da je to drukanje ali su one zločeste i nisu lojalne. Klopka se stezala polako i sigurno. Lišće se počelo sušiti na drveću, a br. 15 je počela plakati. Sulejman Veličanstveni se veselio u grobu od sreće na tako kvalitetno upravljanje s kompleksnom organizacijom. Suljo bi bio ponosan na našu Martinčicu. U daljini je samo čula kako nešto tutnji. Slonica Matildica je upravo dolazila ali joj se nije dalo slušati njena prenemaganja i pametovanje. Izvještaj financijašice br. 72 Na stolu je staja izvještaj financijašice br. 72. Bio je detaljno napisan na 200 stranica A4. U njemu se kroz period od 20 godine pokušalo detaljno opisati sve troškove kroz stavke koje je radila br. 15. Tu je bilo i zahtjeva za godišnjim odmorom koji nije bi priznat, tona prekovremenih koji se ne plaćaju, poziva na hitan sastanak oko uređivanja knjige i pored toga što je išla na svoje vjenčanje. I sve je uredno odrađivala. Poslušna krava – pomislila je naša draga Martinčica. U izvještajima je našla jednu veliku nelogičnost. Svako jutro je pila cappuccino i pozivala se da je to trošak Uprave.

Kava je koštala 3 kune i akumulirao se ogroman dug. Cappuccino se u njenoj varijanti sastojao s omjerom 1/3 espressa i 2/3 mliječne pjene.

Pozvala je financijašicu br. 72 i pitala „Znaš li što A7?“ Umorna od rada cijele noći, lijena financijašica jer rekla „Vaš auto“. „Ponovo ću te pitati što je A7 glupačo?“ • Pa Audi A7.. Vaš auto. Das Auto. Njemačka iznad svega. „Ne glupačo… Ponovo ću te pitati što je A7.“ • Ne znam. Cijelu noć sam radila i napravila traženi izvještaj na 200 stranica… Malo sam umorna i dijete mi je bolesno. I počela je plakati. „Papir. Halo idemo dalje s asocijacijama. Loha. Prva asocijacija je papir.“ • Počeo se proizvoditi u Kini.. „Ne glupačo… druga asocijacija je: format. • Format Vašeg auta ne znam. Velik je i zauzima pola parkirališta. U njemu nema ništa od papira.Velik je kao brod pa ne znam. Ispričavam se. Stvarno ne znam. „Nije riječ o autu. Njega nemoj više spominjati. Sve je krenulo s onom pticom koja mi je posrala auto i ti sada sereš. Pomoći ću ti: papir, format“ • Stvarno ne razumijem. „Hoću izvještaj veličine A7. ne više od toga. Što ti misliš da ja imam vremena čitati 200 stranica tvojih gluposti pored informacija koje mi daje dnevni horoskop. Tko ti je kriv što si radila cijelu noć i pisala 200 stranica. Hoću A7. Znači 74 mm x 105 mm. Glupačo! Toliko hoću. Znači utrošak kave, mljekara za 20 godina koliko je radila. Radila je neefikasno svaki dan.“ I spustila je slušalicu tako jako da je odzvanjala cijela Školjka. Za par minuta je došao izvještaj za zadnjih 20 godina. • Kava 51 kg • Šećera 36 kn • Mlijeka 511 litara

Što je sve zajedno: 11.935 banankuna

Ako se još doda ne plaćanje kave od 3 banankune dnevno što je 21,900 banankune. Dolazi se do ukupne jebene sume od 33.835 banankuna,

Kada je vidjela tu sumu počela je vrištati: UNIŠTAVANJE ŠKOLJSKE KNJIGE…. UNIŠTAVANJE. OTKAZ… OTKAZ… OTKAZ.

Uzela je pripremljene rukopise i počela bacati po sobi. OTKAZ… OTKAZ… OTKAZ.

Digla je slušalicu i pozvala pravnicu1 i kroz telefon vikala: OTKAZ… OTKAZ… OTKAZ glupačo OTKAZ.

Pravnica je samo pitala: Zašto mi želite dati otkaz? Martinčica je samo rekla: “Glupačo!” i spustila slušalicu. U tom trenutku je zazvonio smarthphone specijalno izrađen za nju. Na ekranu je bila slika neandertalca. Simulacija pronađenog 1856. u dolini Neandertal kraj Düsseldorfa. Bio je njen tata. Ta slika je uvijek, kada je vidi jako smiri. Podsjeti je na dane kada je uljuljkivao i govori „sve će to jednog dana biti tvoje, a ne bracino“. - Martinčice jesi dobro? Slavite nešto. Čujem viku čak na trećem katu. „Da tatice, tatice“ -Koji ku#ac se događa sa br. 15. žena stalno plače, a bila mi je najbolji urednik. Sredila je toliko dobrih knjiga da se svi vi gore na drugom katu nabijete na ku#ac ne bi prešli tu visinu zajedno sa svim Tvojim kvazi-menadžmentom, nabijem vas na ku#ac, odnosno ku#činu. I što joj nisi potpisala ono nabijem vas sve na ku#ac.“ „Tatice, tatice, znaš li da te ona krade već 20 godina. Već 20 godina nije platila kavu u našem kafiću. Znači nismo joj da ide na godišnji. Računaj 365 kava X 3 kune X 20 godina. Tatice, tatice… Ukrala je tebi, nama točno 40.000 banankuna. I još Te zajebavala i pozivala se na nekakve Zakone i gluposti, da mora ići na neki glupi godišnji odmor. Jedva smo je urazumili da je glupo ići na to. Krala je od tebe poput Pčelice Maje… Ako drugi shvate da te mogu potkradati. Sve će se ovo raspasti. A ti napravi kako hoćeš. Ruši tvoj autoritet. Ruši tvoj autoritet i to jako. Tatice ruši ga. Daj mi da ja vodim firmu a ne braco. Tatice!“ -Onaj tvoj papagaj Ara s dva lica, mi počeo kreštati protiv nje, onda onaj hologram se pojavi zvani multimedijalni guru ili gurac Serdapušić, pa mi je i mapetshow Branimirček počeo… Vidim je kako plače na hodniku i ništa ne radi. Morat ću popričati s njom što se događa. „ Ne trebaš pričati s njom. Ne trebaš pričati s njom. Ja ću to riješiti sve, jer sam joj ja nadređena. Obećao si tatice. Obećao si. Da, i ja nisam vjerovala da mi to pričaju i dugo sam oklijevala ti tatice, tatice to reći ali jednostavno njeno ponašanje je zastrašujuće. Smatram da bi trebala ići kod psihijatra i da remeti harmoničnu atmosferu koju si godinama gradio. Pukla je tatice. Depresija. Psihopatija. Pukla je kao kokica.

Ove brojke oko krađe su velike a sa druge strane treba joj pomoći jer je naša dugogodišnja radnica. Stavila sam Anu fatamorganu kao jednu perspektivnu osobu da bude pored nje.

Osobno sam rekla Ani „Ana trebaš joj pomoći svim svojim srcem i dušom. Br. 15 je naša dugogodišnja radnica i možeš biti sretna što si pored nje. Možeš naučiti puno a ako treba joj skuhati kavu, donijeti sendvič… Ti ćeš Ana to napraviti a ne br. 15. • Ne sjećam se više. Ne znam što sam jučer jeo… Ali sam možda njoj odobrio da pije kavu na račun Uprave… Više se ne sjećam. Ali je analiza dobra… i dobro si to napravila Martinčice. I imam drugu liniju. Analize su važna stvar za naš posao i bit će nešto od tebe kćerko.

Nakon prekinutog razgovora je našu dragu Menadžericu pozvao domar i rekao da specijalno izrađene ratkape za njen Audi su stigle i pita da li može platiti. „Nemoj me zvati više za takve sitnice. Jer njih potrošim u jednom danu u Indiji kod Sai Babe. Što me zajebavaš za pišljivih 40.000 banankuna.“.

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