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I am embarking on a great diet to change my life. I am going extremely low carb, very little table sugar, more meat, more fat, more vegetables, a little fruit. I am feeling better. I am losing weight. I am eating more "healthy fats" and I am less scared of fatty meat if I cut my carbs. In fact with a low carb diet I seem to need more fat calories to have enough energy to function well, but I think fat calories are healthier than carb calories. From recent research I think too many carbs are indicated in heart disease, diabetes, and even some cancers.

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Well-meaning, decent people will condemn my behavior , while they’re not concerned their children view the very kinds of things on their computers that turn young kids down the road to be just like me . They printed our stories we relive them, your kids read about us and they learn what we do . I'm a cold ass motherfucker as you might have ever put your fucking eyes on. I don’t give a shit about you or your kids yet you'll look at me and smile with a hello Not knowing II'm thinking you'll make a good sacrifice . I have a lot of fun drowning people I'm driving home from the bar and …This good-looking young man sitting next to me is going swimming I talked with Garrett Gendron Lives in Muscoda, Wisconsin Should I continue or would you like to see his Obit soon ? Sinsinawa

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I miss my friends and I hate him. I feel grateful that I can finally say "hate" when for so long it was mad, sorry for, or miss. I find that I get upset with myself that I cannot push through the feelings father so I have to remind myself that we are human. I am one of many I think who are uncomfortable expressing feelings. As a reference, I am an educated woman with no history of abusive relationships prior to this.

I started putting both feet down and stating that he was not welcome in my life 8 months ago. We dated for just over a year prior to that, and I spent most of it trying to protect myself or avoid drama by walking on egg shells. I made excuses like how I didn't want to burden anyone else or I was too busy to move out, but really a part of me naively wanted to believe that I was not so foolish to let someone so evil into my life. I wanted to believe that the ideal person I met was real and the nice (fake) part of the person would dominate the cruel part. It only became more and more clear that he sought me, and others, out at part of his entertainment. I made excuses for him...for how he was raised or how military protocols contribute to severe mental illness, but ultimately we all have choices. We may not be able to control how we feel but, with exception to certain illnesses, we can certainly choose our resulting words and actions. Fighting left no scars for him or stalled him in anyway. He could always laugh while myself and everything around me was falling down. I experienced preparing to die for the first time after I met him, and then again countless times. This changed who I am, in a way that my friends, family, and peers have noticed but do not understand. I feel sick when men are physically close to me now and I am quiet, but it does not feel by choice. From birth through before meeting him nothing could keep me quiet. I just do not know what to say anymore, ever.

I am grateful to be on this end where I can finally say "hate" and that he does not deserve my time and not feel guilty about it. I hate him. I have never felt comfortable saying that about anyone but I hate him for taking part of me. Part of me that could have been with my family, friends, and loved ones. Part of me that used to enjoy work and now I struggle to get out of bed. It is really such a shame that I endured so much pain and lost so much of my life and my health just because I did not feel comfortable being mean. Or that I even considered standing up for myself as being mean for that matter. Whether that is influenced by societal norms or personality, is another story. I am naturally an incredibly driven and outspoken person but to him I was just another a challenge. A challenge that I still feel like he won; however, I am hopeful that I will continue to love others and surround myself with respectful individuals while he continues to live a life where no one truly knows who he is, isolated and scared. I place empowering visuals everywhere I can see them. I started opening up to a couple of friends which has helped some. I try not to be in the home alone much but for whatever reason I have found myself exhausted since the relationship ended. Mentally and physically in a hole that I am able to climb out of and see the light more and more each week. I am slowly remembering the things I once found beautiful.

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In addition to the “traditional” reasons, your mom may have had you circumcised for at least one or more of the reasons below that she won't tell you (and don't embarrass both of you by asking!):

She wanted you to get blow jobs. Much more likely if you're clean, dry and don't smell bad. Circumcised boys often have to look up the word “smegma” in a dictionary. They have no idea what it is because they never produce any.

She knew that girls like circumcision. It's clean (see above), and it's sexy. The sight of a bare glans (head of the penis) is a major turn on for most women.

She knows or knew another woman who did not have her son circumcised at birth and later regretted it.

She once had a bad experience with an uncircumcised man, or knew another woman who did.

If this post attracts a number of anti-circumcision post, as these kinds of posts often do, ask yourself, this question, based on my own experience what rings true, and what doesn't?

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Me and You , Lets make it happen You want to beat and abuse old white men I got handcuffs and whips right here -- I like that I want to put whipped cream all over your tender young ass and lick you clean .

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Any form of collective ideology is dangerous to individual freedom and personal thinking. I'm thinking , You spanking me for bad thoughts would be fine-- as long as I get to toss your salad

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.Trump said he will defend our country, protect our communities and put the safety of the AMERICAN PEOPLE FIRST! That made Louise Rosealma very angry . That's ok come sit on my face I mean lap and cry on my shoulder I'm here for you. As always please let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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I'm a middle school teacher anyone can have free copy.. That's how students at West Sylvan Middle School Portland, OR ended up Nude and online .

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Everyone tells me that all people should work retail at some point in their lives. I didn't realize that as soon as I got a job in retail, that sentence would expand to "all people should work retail at some point in their lives BECAUSE they'll get to learn how cruel people can actually be".

First off, working in retail, I learned that management really is that bad. Like, yeah, my boss is a cool dude, but like, general grade for management has got to be like a C-. First off, I'm a part-time worker. Can you not schedule me for 8 hours a day on like all the days. I don't "want to go to there". I don't want to "live dat lyfe". I signed up for like 22 hours a week, guys; seriously, in my application, that's what I put. Also, when I wrote "open availability", I meant that I could work whenever you wanted me to work, not however long you wanted me to work. Any time, darlings; not ALL THE TIMES.

Also, I know I'm not an expert in ambiguous grocery store running, but seriously? If we have to do some of the stuff we do under the conditions which you are asking us to do it, y'all need to hire some more people. Hire the desperate high schoolers. Do it.

about co-workers: gotta give them a shoutout because they suffer with me and are my guardian angels at times. Other times, I understand why we don't hang out outside of work. Friends, when you call off work the morning of your shift, I get the evil eye thrown at ME when I come in, following the schedule, after refusing to pick up your shift?

Also, I'm tired of getting "talked to" about being slow in my work habits when 1) I'M JUST NEWLY COMING OUT OF THE TRAINEE PERIOD, and 2) I think it's awfully fishy that when I work the morning shift, you're done everything 3 hours before close, but when YOU work the morning shift, I have to work overtime to finish everything. Blame it on the newbie though, amirite?

HR exists for a reason, guys. Just because I work in the same building as you does NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, make it AT ALL EVEN REMOTELY OKAY for you to make inappropriate comments to me, about me, about my family; nor touch me, at all, anywhere, for any amount of time. I'm a woman human being, and you're violating things. Back off.


Now on to our lovely customers. Sure, maybe my store has a reputation for being "friendly", but when I go home, I daydream about bad things happening to you. Hm maybe I should try sounding less sociopathic, eh hem, "but when I go home, I cry tears of joy in fetal position in the corner of my room while whispering to myself "they're gone"." NOPE, no way to diminish my dislike for you.


Do NOT offer me advice on how to do my job better - I'm just following protocol.

Do NOT hit on me; neither your jokes nor comments are funny.

Do NOT ask me about every single ingredient in every single item.

Do NOT ask me to make special exceptions for you.

Do NOT tell me what we apparently "usually do" here.

Do NOT treat me like some kind of personal verbal punching bag because YOU'RE so discontent with YOUR own life that you need to thoroughly insult someone's intelligence.

Do NOT criticize me for not being an expert on EVERYTHING about the franchise.

Do NOT expect me to be making company-wide decisions.

Do NOT get aggravated when I break the news to you that I am neither qualified nor trained to do every single job in the store.

Do NOT get mad at ME when we run out of things or do not carry seasonal items (like ACs in October).

Just because I wear a uniform and stand behind the counter, does not mean that I gave up my humanity card.

OH, and I'm SO SO tired, so at the end of an 8 hour shift of standing and carrying heavy things and doing YOUR bth work, FORGIVE ME IF MY SMILE AND PERKINESS SLACKS.

If anything, I have to give my retail job a little thank you. Dear retail job, thank you for motivating me to get my GPA up and get a real person job because the thought of working here for the rest of my life makes me want to eat shards of glass.

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My reply White people Molest their kids according to statistics , Black people are first to yell Statistics don't lie-- until a white man points out-- Black on Black crime. That's right Blacks are killing their kids . In Record numbers. In the United States A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds. !! More than 80% were not yet old enough for kindergarten . See I sought help they tried to arrest me. yet 5 children will die tonight from abuse 3 of them will be because of Living conditions dirty house no water , meth being cooked in another room. There's a lot of people out there who need help . Children who experience child abuse and neglect are 59% more likely to be arrested as a juvenile, 28% more likely to be arrested as an adult, and 30% more likely to commit violence crime. 14% of all men and 36% of all women in prison admitted they were abused as children. Society is fucked up they have a sinister under belly that they created , some of us reach out trying to get help-- and you Mike Brown us. Remember him ? Society created Mike Brown gunned him down and displayed him on nationwide T.V like a trophy . At least I'll admit I would do strange things to his corpse You would do it too but you won't admit it . I'm still going to torture and rape and torture Bryan Quang Le as soon as I can get a Plane to Nevada

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It was NOT his job to keep that area clear. He was doing his job as demanded by his supervisors and WHEN demanded by his supervisors. Why do you people swear you know our jobs better than we do???

Yeah so there were so many carts it was hard to reach the counter. Go on facebook and complain, email the company owner - disrespecting that man just creates the reason we hate that job and you!!!!

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I know we moved on and I have really good days where i just think about you and i just simply enjoy the memories i made with you, But then sometimes i have moments where those simple memories become painful and i start to miss you more than usual. Ive tried to move on, ive tried ignoring you, ive given it time and space i dealt with my heart break i even handled you saying there was no longer any meaning to the colors and number. And i mean absolutely no direspect to our relationships but you filled a void for me when you were present. Although deciding to go our seperate ways left an even bigger one that i have no clue how to close or to fill. Maybe you filled yours or maybe you never had one idk i just found myself thinking of you.

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I am married to someone with anxiety, depression and several phobias. Over the 7 years we have known each other it has become increasingly worse to the point where she does not leave the room on some days. I work to support us both, I get up whenever she needs something. I hold my tongue when she does something wrong because I dont want to upset her, yet she does not hesitate to correct me at any opportunity. She does not hesitate to throw a middle finger when I tell her something isn't being done right. We havent had sex in over a month. I feel more and more like a carer and less like a husband. I am drowning under all the weight.... I dont have friends I can talk to about these things, I am alone surrounded by people who say they care but who are sympathetic to her while I stand in the background with a fake smile on my face pretending to be strong.

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It's hard to write this without giving the whole background. I'm married to an alcoholic, bulimic, OCD person. He's not constantly drinking, throwing up, or cleaning. He also wasn't born into a place of love or brought up in a loving home. He's a good provider for our little family. He's affectionate and loyal. He's a dedicated and sweet father. And he's only ever mean to me when he drinks.

I say all of this to myself in a poor attempt to convince myself that the way he treats me is acceptable. He doesn't beat me, but he can be cruel. He treats me the way I imagine his mother treated him growing up. He's hurtful, never accepts responsibility for wrong doing, and is tough. When I tell him he's hurt my feelings or I start crying, he tells me I'm being too sensitive. Everything is my fault. And maybe it is. If the floor needs to be vacuumed, it's my fault that it's dirty. If the dog has an accident, it's my fault that he had to clean it up. Just like any situation, it wasn't always this way. It's not like I woke up one day and told myself to fall in love with the most problematic person I could find. On an almost constant daily basis, I find myself wishing it was just me and my girls (my dog and my baby). I've heard that being newly marrried and having a baby can be tough. But this constant feeling of feeling like I'm drowning and never good enough for him can't be normal. It just can't be.

I don't recognize myself anymore. At night, I'm constantly crying, wishing for a different life for myself and my girls.

And although I feel stuck, I truly do love him. But I can at least try to make an attempt to take care of myself. Recently, I started going back to the gym. Working out was something I loved to do before we met. Sometimes he makes me feel guilty for it, but has never stopped me.

I don't know where this is going, but I just needed to say it. To someone. To anyone, really.

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I'm a 40yo, divorced white male. Single. Lonely - I have no actual friends. I am an introvert and always anxious and often depressed. I have what this society would call a great career but I am not happy and I am tired. I feel depressed. I don't know how (or if I really want to) make new friends at this age. I live in the country in a house I own by myself. I've been on and off Tinder and I don't really have a problem meeting women; but the hassle of starting new relationships just to have them end in heartache once again. I'm overwhelmed with life. How do others maintain happiness? I've done the diet thing, the exercise, the meet-new-people-in-real-life things (serious stays at it for months and years). I've seen a shrink, a therapist, all that. Why do I see so many other people be happy (or at least seem happy) from day to day and I just am not? I sometimes think if I could just sell the house, quit my job, walk away from all my debt and go live on a beach then maybe that would bring me happiness; but the guilt of leaving all that I "have" holds me here.

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I'm angry, and I am confused, and I don't know what exactly I did wrong. I followed all of the steps to get a decent job, in an affordable city and I have a family that loves me, and friends back home who check on me to make sure that I am doing okay. I just don't know why I feel so empty and alone. I've made friends at work that I like talking to, and like to think that I am a friendly enough person. I'm just trying to get by, and be happy but I can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I know that there is no formula to happiness, and I know its not something that is definite or comes and goes.

What I don't understand is this: I have a job I like, with people I like. I have enough to get by, and I have some good friends who have my back. I'm just fucking miserable. When I am alone, I feel desperate and lost and confused and just sad and angry, and it feel pathetic. I tolerate myself enough I just don't want to continue like this, I don't like feeling this way, and ive been trying things to make it different because I know doing the same thing over and over again expecting new results is crazy. Maybe I am just in a funk, but this one won't go away.

Maybe i'll figure it out, maybe I won't. I don't want medicated, but I don't like constantly feeling depressed. Its exhausting.


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I believe in Faith and Truth, but not as a response to an argument or question except about timing. I have heard "Truth is Truth", as justification that what someone is saying is true. Guess what? That is not proof what you are saying is true. I believe in God, and I believe Jesus existed, everything I have researched and come across and a basic understanding of human nature only strengthened that belief. I don't expect everyone to believe what I believe, but I do hope that people seek the truth for themselves with an open mind. That doesn't mean you have to be stupid about things, just don't go judging something too quickly. Look at it from all angles. For instance, the Catholic church came into existence little by little between 200-500A.D. and much of their teachings were a merging of Old Testament, New Testament, and Pagan beliefs. After all, Jesus did not ever call himself God or God in the flesh, yet that is what was taught by the Catholics and later all the off shoots. Also, the Catholics, like most religions of the time deified those who seemed blessed or came in contact with Jesus, otherwise why would you pray to them? IE. Mary, the Saints, etc. And according to the 10 Commandments, we are not to worship carved images, yet what is Jesus on a cross? Jesus was a Jew and followed the rules of the Jews, yet recognized some were less important and more guidelines when they became unrealistic. Truth is indisputable logic with solid evidence, which sometimes requires and understanding of how things are in reality. Even some tests scientists do to determine what something is have enough variables they can be open to debate as to the validity of the test being solid evidence. All things are not simple, yet our simple minds want simple answers and refuse to understand anything further, even when it is explained in detail. Truth of anything usually becomes apparent if you understand all things about something, but fact is not everyone can handle the truth about everything because it's too much information. So, we tend to trust one expert or another that we have decided we can trust, but even as good as someone is, they can still be wrong. So, then the question comes to you as to just how important is that truth to you? That is why I think most people live their lives oblivious to a great deal of things going on in the world, because until it affects them, they don't want to care, because it's too hard to care about everything. But then in the end we get in the habit of only caring about ourselves, and not trying to understand anyone else. Complicated, right? Our society has gotten so complex with ideas, that we are overloaded with these thoughts and ideas, like picking what we like from a shopping website but not thinking too much about anyone thing. So, figure out what is important to you, and find the whole truth about it, and make sure to go back to the beginning of what you think you can trust as far as information, because the wrong base can crumble the entire idea. Faith.. Have faith that you will find a full understanding eventually, but don't think you need to have faith that something exists when you haven't even sought the existence nor done the research. You have to look for God and ask for help from Him to find the answers. Then keep your eye's open for clear answers. Then, go ahead and doubt. And ask for further understanding and wisdom. You will come across things that will make things clearer. For instance, there are some who believe in the Bible word for word simply because it hasn't changed much in the last 1500 years, but it's not the ones who had custody of it that you need question but the original writers. In fact, several variations of the same stories give the Gospels more validity than most of the rest, after all, when one person tells a story you have to trust the one, when several do then you have a higher chance of the truth being in amongst their words. Also, there is motivation, for instance, there is a story in Luke that shows that some of the Disciples were becoming thugish in their behavior when a couple that began traveling with the group didn't give up all their wealth to the "group" when they joined and died of shame or "God" struck them down. There are a hand full of stories I doubt the accuracy in the Bible because I know how people are, but that one I have no doubt they justified murdering a couple and called it God's will. Some stories are likely not actual events so much as stories created to teach a lesson. But if one takes into account all historical documents and artifacts, the truth becomes more clear and the manipulations of men more obvious. I do advise you each to do your own research and fact checking, but in the end you will have to trust something, and I advise trusting that which has the most scientific data supporting it rather than theories and political & sociological agendas. After all, how many believe they know what morality is? A quick understanding of knowing if something your doing is wrong, think of whether you would like someone to do it to you. That is a solid fact. Second, if you don't know, ask anyone you might harm by your actions if it would hurt them for it to be done. Politicians giving themselves raises and special healthcare while the country flounders is wrong, yet a teen downloading music to listen to for free is a federal offense? Proving the Golden rule, those with the Gold make the rules. Doesn't make them right, nor moral. Also, things that were common place and frowned on but not prosecuted have over the last 100 years become felonies severe enough to change you to a second class citizen for the rest of your life and spend years and decades in jail, even if they didn't hurt anyone. Morals? The world doesn't understand what that is anymore, they only think they do and want to enforce their idea of morals and justice on everyone else. And partially because of this, they idea of family is disintegrating as well because one part of the family doesn't understand another and there is not enough respect and love to try. Good news? There is always hope, for each person who tries actually does make a difference, like ripples in a pond.

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I want to be skinny. I want to be the best at something. I want to be not poor.

And all I feel is inadequate. Yay.

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Meet me at the ice cream truck I'll buy you an ice cream I like rainbow sprinkles on my ice cream pie I'll whip out my drumstick That will make your eyes gleam I'm chillin with an ice tea Watermelon Icee and the blacks say that's Racist because ? That's right Black man- I would put Ice cream on your preteen daughter too So don't be jealous . tasty . yumm

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Founded in 1978, CD&R is a private investment firm with an investment strategy predicated on producing financial returns through building stronger, more profitable businesses. Since inception, CD&R has managed the investment of $22B in 72 companies, representing a broad range of industries with an aggregate transaction value of over $100 billion.

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Ashley Fama - High Ridge Brands Dr. Fresh Ashley Fama - High Ridge Brands Dr. Fresh

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Это было третье июня, еще один сонный, пыльный Дельта-день Я вышел из хлопка, и мой брат был сеном И во время обеда мы остановились и пошли обратно в дом, чтобы поесть И мама выкрикнула заднюю дверь: «Не помню, чтобы вытереть ноги» И затем она сказала: «У меня есть новости об этом утром из хребта Чоктава», «Сегодня Билли Джо Макаллистер спрыгнул с моста Таллахатчи»

И Папа сказал маме, когда он проходил мимо черноглазого гороха «Ну, у Билли Джо никогда не было лизания смысла, передай печенье, пожалуйста» «Еще пять акров в нижних сорока я должен пахать» И мама сказала, что стыдно за Билли Джо, во всяком случае Кажется, что ничто не доходит до хребта Чоктау И теперь Билли Джо Макаллистер спрыгнул с моста Таллахатчи

И брат сказал, что он вспомнил, когда он и Том и Билли Джо Положите лягушку на спину на картинное шоу округа Кэрролл И разве я не разговаривал с ним после церкви в прошлый воскресный вечер? «У меня будет еще один кусочек яблочного пирога, вы знаете, что это не кажется правильным» «Я видел его на лесопильном заводе вчера на хребте Чоктау» «И теперь вы говорите мне, что Билли Джо спрыгнул с моста Таллахатчи»

И мама сказала мне: «Ребенок, что случилось с твоим аппетитом?» «Я готовил все утро, и вы не тронули ни одного укуса» «Этот милый молодой проповедник, брат Тейлор, ушел сегодня» «Сказал, что он будет рад обедать в воскресенье, а, кстати, «Он сказал, что видел девушку, которая очень похожа на тебя на хребет Чоктау» «И она и Билли Джо бросали что-то с моста Таллахатчи»,

Год наступил «нет», так как мы слышали новости о Билли Джо И брат женился на Бекки Томпсон, они купили магазин в Тупело Был вирус, который «крутился», папа поймал его, и он умер прошлой весной И теперь мама, похоже, не хочет ничего делать И я, я трачу много времени на пикантные цветы на хребте Чоктау И выбросьте их в грязную воду с моста Таллахатчи

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Aha, I found out that here is a GOOD reason to consider the Trinity the TRUE NATURE of God. Aha aha aha. Most other world religions believe God is a Oneness...they may label other lesser beings gods in their pantheon, but that could be akin to the divine counsel as taught in the bible, as in high ranking angels such as powers, dominions, and thrones. These are created beings but very powerful and high ranking. The divine counsel is taught in the bible. To deny it is heresy or to be ignorant of what the bible teaches. In regards to the main God at the top, other world religions teach oneness. Islam does, non-Christian Jews do, Hinduism even does. Hindus may seem to have millions of gods, but I found out those are the same god with millions of modes. So the be Trinitarian is to contrast with all the other world religions. Therefore faith in the Trinity cannot be considered pagan. If you WANT to label it as polytheism, attach whatever label you want to it, the bible teaches it. People scandalized by people calling the Trinity pagan care more about what outsiders THINK of Christianity instead of what the bible teaches. For me the bible teaches causes me to OBSTINATELY hold to what it teaches over other people's opinions, even if BILLIONS of people disagree with me, I CARE NOT.

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[filtered hyperlink]

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All Jewish people are left-wing SJW retards who promote social terrorism and degeneracy. As a race, they are parasitic scum who corrupt every institution and country they can manage to slither into. Antisemitism is on the rise, and rightly so, because most people are getting tired of these Establishment meat puppet kikes preaching to us all the filth and depravity that has brought the world to its knees. We never should have defeated Hitler. All Jews need to be deported from the U.S. and sent to IsraHELL.

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Justin Caruso works with Tom Rubendall who I just exposed. Justin is a serial pedophile and wage earner for the Bank for International Settlements. He is a all around psychopath who terrorizes people covertly. He operates under the direction of Tom Rubendall. Justin Caruso is a gang stalker, pedophile, and murderer.

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Tommy Rubendall works for Warner Bros and he has burned children alive. Burning a person alive is the deepest satanic initiation there is. He ordered a multitude of arson all over the West Coast including up in Canada. Many of those wildfires were arson. Tom Rubendall is a serial killer, child murderer, blood drinking cannibal who is commanding Nazi style persecution all over the United States. Holocaust means a burnt offering. He is a Nazi commander working for the royal and noble families. He has connections with billionaires in Hollywood that fund these secret societies.


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water protector medicine turtle Cherokee. I stand with standing rock we must protect the water and never give up medicine turtle

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We began this with prayer, and we look at this whole movement as a ceremony. It began with prayers before we left, and in the end, it will close with prayers solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe medicine turtle

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Water protector medicine turtle Cherokee March Washington DC. [filtered hyperlink]

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The 'Water Protector' Of Standing Rock medicine turtle is still at standing rock

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medicine turtle Cherokee water protector water protectors" have vowed to hold their ground medicine turtle standing rock

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I will make the case that the ancient giants were the result of fallen angels marrying human women and producing giants from those unions. Genesis 6 says that "the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, took them as wives, and went into them". Then it says the Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also after that. In Hebrew the verse reads that "the sons of God saw the daughters of ADAM.." in biblical language a son of God COULD mean a redeemed human, it also in the Old Testament often and most certainly refers to angels. But the context tells me it is referring to angels marrying daughters of ADAM. Because a redeemed person is both a son or daughter of Adam AND a son or daughter of God. Angels would never be referred to sons of Adam however. I think the verse is contrasting humans and non-humans, why the daughters are called "daughters of Adam" in this verse is telling. This is also why the Israelites were to wipe out certain tribes, ALL of them were giants or other hybrids. The human enemy tribes of Israel were to be militarily defeated but never wiped out to the last person. These giants were often cannibals and blood drinkers, very violent to humans. So they needed to be wiped out and their genome being introduced to the human gene pool needed to be wiped out or at least so diluted that it was of no effect. The Hebrew word is "haram" meaning "devoted to destruction". Some are scandalized by Old Testament verses to wipe out certain tribes, man, woman, and child, but these people do not understand or believe because of false teachings from their churches that these tribes were giants or hybrids.

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Dr. Fresh, one of the fastest growing oral care companies in the U.S., is a multinational company with distribution in over 35 countries worldwide with major offices in London, UK and Shenzhen, China. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the company offers consumers over 250 quality and affordable personal care products. Innovation in new product development has been the foundation of the company’s steady growth and success.

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Dynamic and highly motivated sales executive with 10+ years’ experience in the consumer products industry and managing top accounts in the Value and Distribution channels as well as international territories. Solid track record of outstanding performance in increasing sales and retaining customer business. Strong knowledge of territory management and market share growth along with great experience in handling sales analysis and reporting duties. Traveled extensively throughout the world, including the Caribbean, Latin America and Mexico

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High energy sales and marketing professional with experience in sales planning, communications, managing multi-billion dollar licenses, forecasting and analytics. Proven track record of developing customer and licensor relationships and business development. Superior skills in coordinating and organizing top retail sales team and broker network. Member of private equity backed entrepreneurial company that achieved leadership market positions in very competitive consumer goods category.

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High energy sales and marketing professional with experience in sales planning, communications, managing multi-billion dollar licenses, forecasting and analytics. Proven track record of developing customer and licensor relationships and business development. Superior skills in coordinating and organizing top retail sales team and broker network. Member of private equity backed entrepreneurial company that achieved leadership market positions in very competitive consumer goods category.

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So as I'm 21 and haven't had my first kiss yet. Last night I had a weird dream that I kind of forced this guy to kiss me, he wasn’t even my type at all, I'm pretty sure he was younger than me and a stranger. It was so weird. We were sitting at night around a table and my we were eating chips, so I took the chip put one end in my mouth and the other in his mouth and it was like WTF am I doing. Then I pulled him and gave him a kiss, a baby kiss, then he stood up and left to go into to the pool and my brother came to me and was like "what are you doing" and I couldn't even deny it because he and like 10 other people saw me. It was very embarrassing, even though I know it's a dream I'm still embarrassed about it.

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So, something I don't get... Why is it perfectly acceptable for straight couples to grab each others asses and make out in public, but if a man grabbed another man like that, there would be a public outrage.....

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If you knew how good it feels to push a knife into some body and look them in the eyes , you would love it . I'ts like you can see their soul leave their body through their eyes . you take their soul you take everything from them . Cutters are cowards they cut themselves and never have what they truly desire the wanting to cut you suicide is for Cowards they allow life to take their souls , me i won't do that I'll take your's instead .Guns no fun too easy that way bombs are for stupid people . knives, well there is nothing like it.

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The Satanists and Luciferians are going to get burned alive for terrorism, pedophilia, human sacrifice, and torture. This was done in ancient times and there is a reason for it. This kind of evil is never to be tolerated.

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Sandra:asked How about you, Carlton? Some ice cream? I have the smooth, creamy, chocolate kind ...Carlton: [oblivious to the flirting ] I'm a Tutti Frutti man, myself. Believe it or not , it's not just white men doing the porn thing. I told you , I looked for and found more than half the kids you see on You Tube and other sights , from 2012-2017 have done nude films -- I also discovered the majority of them didn't know they where being taped. Lots of good content if you like that stuff . Now Anonymous hacked these sights shut them down 4- chan had a field day exposing the bad pedophile , that was in 2013 . four years later and the list of child stars almost quadrupled !! Why am I telling it ? Not to stop the kids from filming -- Not to have Anonymous and 4-chan come get me . or Swat come shoot me, or raid homes or take your kids-- All this shit's already being done-- and yet your kids are still getting naked and fucking the neighbors on camera. Now you got kindergarten teachers telling children about Gender Bias ? 3rd grade teachers passing out extra small condoms ? Why ? You have thousands of men and women in jail and on a registry because Children are so innocent and sweet and are too young to know what they are doing . If that's the case , then why is the school giving them condoms ? Now if I'm sick So is the department of education. Or maybe The school knows what I'm telling you and you don't because your stupid . What have I seen your kids doing screwing the dog , screwing each other , the neighbor their uncles, aunts , siblings , I watch this stuff all the time. These kids are Asian Caucasian African Arab Hindi Chicano, and I love them all . I hope they Keep getting naked. there's a neighbor kid I was thinking about grooming -- I'll show her some of the videos I got then take her too the you tubers channels so they can see them there too. yes

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Mental harm. Have you ever thought about that? It's not physical harm but it can feel just about the same, just in a different way. It's sitting in a place inside of your brain. It has walls of steel that you think you can never escape. You don't like the person that you become when you are trapped here. It is not you. It's just not you. But no matter how you try to control it, it stays there in every little thing you do. It creates fear and worry. It makes you feel like you aren't good enough. For anything or anyone. There is something weighing all of your body down. It does feel physical. It's as if you have a brick sitting inside of you letting you know you're not okay. It can come quick or painfully slow. You sit and wait. Waiting for it to go away or to find a happy feeling. Then, you pretend to be happy. You are happy. I am happy. But you can't see my insides.

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David Cahill is a Freemason through the Grand Lodge of Connecticut and serves the British Crown which controls the Grand Lodge of England which controls the Grand Lodge of Connecticut. David Cahill is involved in purchasing children and human blood and flesh for sacrifices. David Cahill is a cannibal and sexually gets off on eating people. He is one of the most disturbed human beings in existence. He makes homemade human sausage at one of his businesses with his brother. He specifically targets Black people and Black children. He obtains the private parts and blood from crematoriums. He is involved in managing secret societies and Satanists in the region who persecute people into death. They often persecute poor people who cant afford funerals. These people are often harvested by Satanists. David Cahill is a persecutor, cannibal, and ruthless Satanist.

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To let the real motherfuckin' G's in You're like a kid, you found a pup, and now you're dapper But tell me, where the fuck you found an anorexic rapper? Talkin' 'bout who you gon' squabble with and who you shoot You're only sixty pounds when you're wet and wearin' boots LOL Poop doggy dog a bitch in the real

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White people talk about being pillars of good health, but just about all of them are bloated, obese milquetoasts with drug and alcohol problems who sit around smoking cigarettes, guzzling beer and watching black football players making millions off of their cracker asses.

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Firefly® is a leader in children’s oral care solutions, delivering Good. Clean. Fun. to entertain children into healthy habits that last a lifetime, while helping to minimize mess. By using bright colors, flashing lights and the most popular characters, Firefly® helps turn brush time into a fun experience for kids and parents alike. Plus, its ADA-approved (American Dental Association) toothbrushes and mouth rinse all come at an affordable price point, helping parents trust they are choosing the best quality product for their children’s oral care routine.

Firefly® is part of Dr. Fresh, LLC, one of the fastest growing oral care companies in the U.S. Innovation in new product development is the foundation of the company’s steady growth and success. Headquartered in Buena Park, California, Dr. Fresh, LLC

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Firefly® is a leader in children’s oral care solutions, delivering Good. Clean. Fun. to entertain children into healthy habits that last a lifetime, while helping to minimize mess. By using bright colors, flashing lights and the most popular characters, Firefly® helps turn brush time into a fun experience for kids and parents alike. Plus, its ADA-approved (American Dental Association) toothbrushes and mouth rinse all come at an affordable price point, helping parents trust they are choosing the best quality product for their children’s oral care routine.

Firefly® is part of Dr. Fresh, LLC, one of the fastest growing oral care companies in the U.S. Innovation in new product development is the foundation of the company’s steady growth and success. Headquartered in Buena Park, California, Dr. Fresh, LLC

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Daniel Enriquez serves as Vice-President Of Sales And Marketing at Dr. Fresh, Inc.

Founded in 1978, CD&R is a private investment firm with an investment strategy predicated on producing financial returns through building stronger, more profitable businesses. Since inception, CD&R has managed the investment of $22B in 72 companies, representing a broad range of industries with an aggregate transaction value of over $100 billion.

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  • Entertainment & Youth Marketing including year-round buzz building, next generation media plans & community driven Pop Culture launches, helping grow Call of Duty into the leading Entertainment franchise of its generation, and 4 consecutive largest entertainment launches in history, $2BB, and 20%+ growth.
  • Consumer Packaged Goods expertise including product launch, retail marketing, catalog management, and driving consumer insights into offerings to drive innovation and growth.
  • Media expertise driving worldwide Strategy, buying, partner selection, and flighting across full sprectrum of new & traditional media with $30-40MM+ budget launches.
  • General Management expertise including managing billion dollar P&Ls, international oversight, and project management.
  • Product Development roadmaps including collaborating with developers, producers, and consumers to drive 5+ year product Franchise plans, & concepts for new products.
  • Partnership & Licensing expertise including direct relationships & driving eight-figure partnersips with Licensing, Corporate Alliance, & technology partners like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Jeep, Monster, Sprint, and others.
  • Digital Leadership - Managed go-to-market, media, and social media plans for largest Digital launches in the industry - generating more than $250MM, 10MM downloadable content purchases, and 12MM active social community conversions.
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